Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1565

Chapter 1565 Bosses Do You Need Smuggling?

As the leader of all the Cultivators, Qi Zhongdao had experienced countless fierce battles, large and small, in his life, but he had never been through such a dangerous scene before. Or rather, he had never dreamt that it could happen!

“This woman… is so erotic and amatory, bordering on shameless. She must belong to a certain cult that performs evil arts!” Ba Xiaoyu the Beggar said solemnly next to ‘Iron Saint’ Qi Zhongdao.

As the two of them focused their eyes on her, the lady on the commercial was smiling more and more mysteriously. Her sensual red lips were shivering, sending secret information into their brains softly.

Ba Xiaoyu’s body trembled. He bulged his eyes and exclaimed, “What an amazing technique to send the telepathic thoughts directly to us when it senses the rolling eyes and the expansion and constriction of the pupils! Only those who are fully focused on this enormous… light beam will receive the message. The people around them will not be affected at all!

“The modern Cultivation civilization is truly astoundingly advanced!

“However, what exactly is the message that the sorceress of the cult delivered to us? The Cat, Waterfall, One Up, the Cowgirl, the Hot Seat… The names sound rather sophisticated. Are they some sort of uncanny techniques of the cult that the woman is using to tempt passers-by into joining the cult?

“In any case, to think that she is walking in broad daylight blatantly, the local cult is too arrogant!”

Including Qi Zhongdao and Ba Xiaoyu, and even including Meng Chixin and Wu Suiyun, all the experts from the Ancient Sages Sector were dazzled and dumbfounded under the illumination of hundreds of enormous light beams, feeling that they were about to drown in the torrent of information.

“Is this the first time you have come to Fish Dragon City, bosses? If so, you will certainly need a tour guide!”

While everybody was at a loss, a sneaky voice suddenly echoed near them.

A ghost, wearing a rusted, ragged artificial body that had a sharp-edged head, was rubbing his hands and greeting them.

The spectral Cultivator bowed to everyone smarmily and smiled. “Greetings, bosses. If you happen to be in need of a tour guide, I, Screwhead, am the most famous one in the local area. I’m best known for my warm service, well-informed sources, and fair charges. Most importantly of all, my service is absolutely safe!”

There were indeed two huge bumps on the iron shell of the spectral Cultivator’s artificial body. It looked like two screws had been drilled into his head by brute force.

They were probably some sort of special antennas so that he could release the power of the soul and communicate with the outside world with telepathic thoughts more easily.

Screwhead held his chest proudly and jabbed the emblem that had been branded on the iron plate on his chest with his metal fingers, which were uttering cracking noises. He then pointed at a bunch of bystanders who were watching them from afar like hungry hyenas and said, “Bosses, please take a look. This is the symbol of the Chamber of Commerce. I am a legitimate tour guide registered in the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce has appointed us to provide our service to people like you. I am not one of those wild guides who don’t even have a license!

“Are you thinking of turning to those guys, bosses? Yes, they may charge less, but who knows where they will take you? You’ll be lucky if they take you to certain illegal stores where you will be forced to buy some counterfeit magical equipment at a great price. In the worst cases, when they find that you have loads of cash with you, they might develop ill intentions and take you to an unvisited alley. Then, they will cut you apart and swallow you with your skin and your bones! That’s nothing unusual at all!

“Hehe. You all look healthy and majestic. I can tell that you are destined for great things and tremendous wealth. There is no need to risk your lives just to save a few coins, is there? We are all legitimate tour guides under the Chamber of Commerce. All our services have been priced clearly. Nobody will trick a client. Also, if you are in our company, normal gangsters will not dare ask for your trouble. A lot of unnecessary adventures will be saved. Won’t it be much better than employing those unlicensed guides?”

“Even the magical equipment has…” Ba Xiaoyu was slightly dazed. He was meaning to ask Screwhead how a piece of magical equipment could be fabricated

However, Long Yangjun shook her hands at him slightly. She eyed Screwhead up and down for a moment, giving neither consent nor disapproval. “Tour guide? What can you help us do?”

“You can do whatever you want in Fish Dragon City as long as you have money!”

Seeing that he had hooked potential customers, Screwhead grew so excited that the four crystal cameras on his face were glittering and rolling at the same time like four colliding marbles. He spoke enthusiastically, waving his hands and feet.

“If you have come to Fish Dragon City with a lot of money just to enjoy life comfortably, I can take you to the few most famous money-burning places in town, where you can get all the thrilling entertainment that you want!

“Naturally, even without me leading the way, you can find such places on your own with the guidance of the map, bosses.

“However, without the introduction of a middleman, certain special VIP areas will not be open to you guys! Also, I can apply for the most favorable discount for you. Then, you will essentially be saving the fees you pay me for my service. Essentially, I will be at your service for quite a few days for free. Could there be a better bargain in the world?”

“Thrilling entertainment?” Long Yangjun snorted. “What else?”

“What else?” The four ‘eyes’ of Screwhead were rolling all the time, and his smile grew more and more delightful. “Where should I begin? If you bosses are looking for greater entertainment and are confident in your skills, I can take you to the arenas or the casinos for fun. If you are here to hire subordinates, I can show you to an appropriate place that I guarantee is frequented by tough, ruthless experts. If you have come to the Dragon Snake Space Zone because you want to make a name for yourselves, I can help you get a list of all the contracts that you may wish to work on!


The red crystal cameras on Screwhead were rolling again and again. He put on an even weirder expression and said in a low voice but intentionally for everyone to hear him, “If you are planning to enter the Star Glory Federation with the Dragon Snake Space Zone as a platform, I can also arrange for the perfect identities for you!”

“What?” Long Yangjun’s pupils constricted violently.

All the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators narrowed their eyes, scanning the environment and the passers-by emotionlessly.

Everything was under their control, including the fastest way to destroy Fish Dragon City!

Not having the vaguest idea that a great disaster was coming, Screwhead was still smirking. He was even bold enough to pat Long Yangjun’s shoulder. “Why are you so nervous, bosses? This isn’t a top secret nowadays. I recognized it the moment you stepped out of the port. You came from ‘there’, and this is the first time that you have seen such a metropolis ablaze with lights and liveliness, isn’t it?”

Long Yangjun slightly frowned. “There?”

“Hehe. Aren’t you from Firefly?” Screwhead waved his arms and pressed them down. “Easy. Easy. I have been through similar cases hundreds of times! You are citizens of the Star Ocean Republic, are you not? You are crew members from Firefly who can’t stand the rough, monotonous life on the starship and have decided to move to the Star Glory Federation with the Dragon Snake Space Zone as a platform in order to taste the feeling of a steady life with your feet on a planet, which your ancestors haven’t tasted for a thousand years, right?”

“Well…” Long Yangjun was slightly dazed. Thinking quickly, she immediately put on an embarrassed and furious expression, as if her secret had been seen through and she did not know how to respond.

“It’s alright. It’s alright. That’s totally understandable. Anybody will feel the same!” Screwhead said very comfortingly. “To be honest, it is already incredible enough that you have persisted in the sea of stars for a thousand years! The Imperium of True Human Beings is made of the Immortal Cultivators who have different ideology from yours. Naturally, it is impossible for you to surrender to them! However, the Star Ocean Republic and the Star Glory Federation are both governed by Cultivators. You are like two brothers in one family. What’s the big deal about migrating to a different country?

“Besides, don’t many officials in your ‘rightful government’ support joining the Star Glory Federation? I’m told that they have caused quite a fuss over the last couple of years. Chances are that in a year and a half, Firefly will completely join the federation, and everybody will be a federal citizen. In that case, you will only be one step ahead of everybody else. There’s absolutely no need for you to feel ashamed or worried!

“All in all, if that’s your purpose here, bosses, you can entrust everything to me. I can take care of your false identities, the vehicles that carry you to the federation, and your future life after you arrive at the federation! Allow me to repeat myself. The price may be slightly higher than you expect, but it is absolutely safe and reliable!”

Long Yangjun and Li Yao looked at each other in bewilderment. They did not realize that the seemingly most troublesome identity issue could be resolved so easily. Something must be wrong with the guy’s promise!

After pondering for a moment, Long Yangjun asked, “You said just now that you have smuggled hundreds of our people to the federation already, didn’t you?”

“Exactly!” Screwhead replied. “Also, it is not ‘smuggle’ at all. In fact, the activity is ‘half legal’.”

“What do you mean by ‘half legal’?” Long Yangjun asked.

Screwhead coughed pretentiously and looked around for a moment before explaining mysteriously, “Although this is the first time I’ve seen you bosses here, I feel that you are my old friends. The more I talk to you, the more I like you. So, I’m just going to tell you the truth. However, you must keep what I’m about to say to yourselves. If you tell anybody else, I will be kicked out of the business forever!

“In fact, I am just an insignificant tour guide in Fish Dragon City who makes his living with his mouth. How am I capable of moving you guys to the Star Glory Federation?

“However, I do know a few bosses who come from the federation. They can get absolutely legal and authentic identities for you guys so that you can walk into the federation in broad daylight. The federal government will turn a blind eye to you without investigating you at all!”