Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1567

Chapter 1567 Grand Entrance Of Ding Lingdang

While the atmosphere in the picture was more heated than ever, the host was commenting. “Dear audience, as we can see, when Su Chenzhou, the candidate of the Alliance of Nine Sects, announced his withdrawal and his support for Jin Xinyue, almost a million of Jin Xinyue’s supporters gathered at the Federal Square in the capital city to form an ocean of passion. The light banners that they projected into the sky are also displaying ‘Glory and Dream’, Jin Xinyue’s campaign slogan. They are shouting Jin Xinyue’s name aloud.

“Wait. Wait. They are shouting neither Jin Xinyue nor Minister Ji, but… Speaker Jin!

“Listen to the voice from the supporters in the capital city. Speaker Jin! Speaker Jin! Speaker Jin! It seems that Jin Xinyue and her supporters are very confident about her final victory!

“Then, on the other hand, let’s contact my colleagues in the Forest Ocean Sector right now. Ding Lingdang, the other candidate of the election and the leader of the Patriots Front, known as the ‘God of War’ and ‘Blazing Tyrannosaur’, is attending the opening ceremony of a large training stadium that has been built with her aid. She will also give a speech to her supporters. Let’s see how Ding Lingdang and her supporters will respond to Su Chenzhou’s withdrawal!”

The picture on the light beam trembled for a moment, like a peaceful lake into which a stone had been tossed. After the ripples spread out for a moment, it soon steadied.

However, the content of the picture had greatly changed. It was no longer a modern metropolis with crowded, coruscating skyscrapers but a boundless ocean of primitive trees that covered the entire planet.

As far as one’s eyes could reach, under the green background, the whole planet was brimming with vivid, passionate colors.

There was occasionally vacant ground like ‘lone islands’ in the ocean of trees. Man-made architecture could only be found on those lone islands.

But it did not mean that Ding Lingdang had few supporters, because amid the ocean of trees, in and out of the ‘nests’ made of crowns, branches, and twigs, people were standing next to each other, cheering for Ding Lingdang’s arrival.

Li Yao stared at the enormous light beam so hard that his eyeballs were almost darting into it.

No words could describe his excitement hidden under the tranquility on the surface at that moment.

He had not seen his wife for a hundred years. How exactly would she show up this time?

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

On the picture, deep inside the forests, ear-splitting explosions were echoing. The trees that towered dozens of meters tall were all uttering weird noises and falling to the ground.

The natives of the Forest Ocean Sector, who had been living in the jungles, cheered even more passionately.

Boom! Boom, boom! Boom, boom, boom! Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The deafening noises grew louder and hastier. As they drew closer, they were not just deafening but essentially world-blighting.

It could be seen clearly from the picture shot by shuttles in midair that the enormous trees deep inside the forest were leaning to the two sides like grasses that had been divided. A certain magnificent being was obviously crushing everything in its way.

It was—

Li Yao could not help but stand on his toes and slightly open his mouth. There was nothing but expectation and affection in his eyes.


A super large velociraptor that was at least fifty meters tall, with iron armor and bone spurs all over the body and six rows of tusks densely grown inside the bloody mouth, leapt out of the forest of trees and crashed like a shooting star from the sky!

Centered at the landing point of the super large velociraptor, the airwaves caused by the blast spread out quickly. As if thunder had broken out on the ground, a superstorm was rising!

“Ohhhh!” Even the reporters were exclaiming in shock.

“Hooray!” The natives of the Forest Ocean Sector were dancing so excitedly that they could barely control themselves.

“…” Li Yao.

“If you want to vomit blood,” the mental devil said, “do me a favor and help me vomit mine.”

Li Yao gulped hard. As the picture zoomed in, he observed carefully and finally discovered that his wife was sitting steadily on a wrinkle on the back of the head of the super large velociraptor!

Like him, Ding Lingdang had been among the first participants of the Heavenly Road Plan. She had spent most of the last hundred years in hibernation and exploration.

Although she had woken up three times and been active for about twenty years, for the Cultivators close to the Divinity Transformation Stage, such a short period of time mattered little because they could mostly live up to five hundred years old if they paid attention to their health.

Even Jin Xinyue had barely changed after living for a hundred years. Naturally, Ding Lingdang had even fewer changes herself. She was exactly the same as the night they had departed.

However, it was only her appearance.

Although she was on the light beam and thousands of stars away from him, Li Yao could sense the daunting aura around his wife, as if they were back to the younger days when they first met each other. The feeling that made his blood boil and made him want to defeat and conquer her without bothering about anything was back!

Li Yao licked his burning lips, feeling that his mouth was dry and his heart was pounding.

Ding Lingdang at that moment looked more like a queen, albeit uncivilized, than Jin Xinyue.

She was wearing a seven-colored crown in the style of rainbow parrots on her head and a bright golden skirt made of best hide that was emitting hundreds of faint colors in different shades. Her healthy and powerful arms and her long, healthy legs were exposed to the air, caramel in color.

She was glittering like a sun. She was a sun that was on the neck of a velociraptor!

As for her mount…

It was obvious that the animal was not a domesticated one but a wild animal that was brutal, bad-tempered, and fearless of everything.

Judging from the size, it was possibly the king of the demon beasts in the forest nearby. Otherwise, it would not have been qualified to grow so huge.

The behemoth was covered in wounds. Dozens of the thick bone spurs had been broken apart. Even the mouthful of tusks had been half blown away.

There was no need to mention the poignant expression on the face of the animal, the discontent, helplessness, and fear, which obvious told everyone that it had only just been suppressed by Ding Lingdang!

Li Yao saw that Ding Lingdang curled one of her fingers and snapped on the head of the super large velociraptor hard.

The super large velociraptor screamed in excruciating pain before it lowered its head obediently and delivered Ding Lingdang to her supporters in an extremely uncomfortable position.

“Ohhhhh,” the commenter exclaimed. “It is the most dangerous predator on the continent in the Forest Ocean Sector, the terrifying existence at the top of the food chain, the Purple-Crowned Large Velociraptor!

“No. Judging from the violent horns on its head that are rising into the sky, this is a Purple-Crowned Ultra Velociraptor that has transformed twice and evolved to maturity!

“Ding Lingdang has beaten and suppressed a Purple-Crowned Ultra Velociraptor in only half an hour barehandedly without even using a crystal suit, much less a Colossus! This is truly—truly unbelievable. As expected of the God of War in the federation and the Blazing Tyrannosaur!

“As we can see, all the citizens in the Forest Ocean Sector are deeply awed by Ding Lingdang’s shocking performance. They have gone completely crazy!

“Dear audience, it is well-known that the planet of the Forest Ocean Sector, covered by primitive forests that extend from the continent to the ocean, is the most underdeveloped area in the seven Sectors of the federation.

“The forests are boundless, and the oceans are deep. There are no bountiful crystals. The underground mother lodes are hard to develop on a large scale, too!

“The one thing that the Forest Ocean Sector is not short of is demon beast. The overwhelming, ubiquitous demon beasts!

“The brave and hardworking ancestors of the Forest Ocean Sector started learning to make use of ‘demon beasts’, the only resource available, thousands of years ago. After thousands of years of trial and error, they have gradually developed a unique animal-taming civilization. Everything in their life and in the development of the civilization be done by taming, hunting, domesticating, and driving the demon beasts.

“Valor and courage are highly valued by the natives of the Forest Ocean Sector. The higher the level of one’s prey, and the more brutal and ruthless the prey, the more respected and complimented the hunter will be!

“Ding Lingdang has suppressed a Purple-Crowned Ultra Velociraptor, which is certainly of the highest level, barehanded in only half an hour. This is probably the best gift for the people of the Forest Ocean Sector and the best response for Su Chenzhou’s withdrawal and his support for Jin Xinyue!

“Well, we have received a lot of messages from the audience, questioning if Ding Lingdang’s attire and actions today have exceeded what befits a candidate for Supreme Speaker.

“Yes. In the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector, many may find such a… shock unacceptable. However, I believe that Ding Lingdang must’ve left a very deep impression on the people of the Forest Ocean Sector and made them realize that Ding Lingdang is one of them and will fight to the end for their interests!

“Alright. According to the dynamic, real-time poll system we have implemented, after Su Chenzhou announced his withdrawal and his support for Jin Xinyue, and after Ding Lingdang showed up in public in such a ‘dramatic’ style, interesting changes have happened to their approval rating in the poll!

“With Su Chenzhou’s endorsement, Jin Xinyue’s approval rating in the Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector has witnessed a significant rise. Ding Lingdang, in comparison, perhaps because of her ‘unconventional’ performance today, has failed to keep her approval rating. Many people we interviewed suggested that they couldn’t imagine the Supreme Speaker of the Federation riding a velociraptor!

“However, in the Uranian Ring Sector, the Forest Ocean Sector, the Water Crystal Sector, and the Nether World Sector, Su Chenzhou’s endorsement achieved the opposite effect. Ding Lingdang’s advantage here remains, especially in the Forest Ocean Sector. Her striking show today has conquered the hearts of the people of the Forest Ocean Sector, helping her secure a significant advantage! An interviewee of the Forest Ocean Sector claimed that Ding Lingdang would be the perfect Speaker of the Federation for the people of the Forest Ocean Sector and that she would be a symbol for the courage, resolution, and strength of all the citizens of the federation!

“It seems that everything is just as we predicted yesterday. The Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector—the three old worlds—are the home camp for Jin Xinyue, whereas the Uranian Ring Sector, the Water Crystal Sector, the Nether World Sector and the Forest Ocean Sector—the four new worlds—are the vote banks for Ding Lingdang. The competition of two has been formed now! It remains to be seen who will have the last laugh in three months’ time!”

Li Yao blinked and pricked his ears hard.

He thought that either the commenter had misspoken or that his ears were not functioning normally.

The Heaven’s Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector—the three old worlds—were the base for Jin Xinyue, and the four worlds which joined the federation recently backed Ding Lingdang.

What had happened in the past hundred years exactly?