Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581 Marvelous Refiner

“Master Xie Anan is not a refiner who can build a piece of ultimate treasure that will amaze everyone who sees it. She is not very suitable for cutting-edge, groundbreaking projects, either.

“However, for every piece of magical equipment that she crafts, she has certainly devoted one thousand percent of her attention and hard work. Even the most common components will be polished to the most perfect level. She never shows off any spectacular skills, she never uses the techniques that have been invented recently, and she does not have extraordinary speed or handicraft. Her magical equipment is not astonishing. It might even look plain when you first see it. However, only after you touch it carefully with both hands will you understand how flawless, smooth, and appropriate her magical equipment is. The more you feel it, the more you can feel the sweat and time that she has dedicated to every piece of common magical equipment!

“If I wanted to develop a piece of brand-new magical equipment, I wouldn’t go to Master Xie Anan for cooperation. However, if my family was going to the battlefield and they needed a piece of sturdy, reliable magical equipment, I would most likely pick Master Xie Anan if I was asked to choose between Master Jiang Shaoyang and Master Xie Anan!

“Wu Yaxuan is Master Xie Anan’s eldest son who revealed his talent in refining at a young age. At first, he certainly learned from her mother, but as he slowly grew up, Master Xie Anan realized that not only was he extremely gifted and imaginative, he was also very aggressive and radical. Knowing that she could not teach the kid, she sent him to ‘Solar Eclipse’ Jiang Shaoyang, another top-tier refiner.

“‘Solar Eclipse’ Jiang Shaoyang is of the same generation as Fiend Star Li Yao. Since Wu Yaxuan is Xie Anan’s son, it means that he is Fiend Star Li Yao’s grand disciple. Naturally, Jiang Shaoyang can’t recruit him as a disciple. Otherwise, he’ll become one generation lower than Li Yao for no good reason.

“It was exactly for that reason that Wu Yaxuan was merely Jiang Shaoyang’s ‘first assistant’ instead of his true disciple.

“But in fact, Wu Yaxuan is a rare genius who has inherited the knowledge of both Jiang Shaoyang’s school and Xie Anan’s school, which are vastly different!

“Specifically speaking, Jiang Shaoyang’s style is on the surface, while Xie Anan’s style is inside. But the style on the surface is so brilliant and dazzling that the flawlessness and trafficability inside the magical equipment are eclipsed. In my opinion, the feeling of flawlessness and trafficability are exactly the key for Wu Yaxuan to grow into a master of refining one day who walks even further than Jiang Shaoyang!

“Sha, when you maintained the ‘Azure Thunder’, you must’ve simulated the radical and aggressive approaches that are typical for Jiang Shaoyang and Wu Yaxuan’s school, right? I can tell that you are gifted enough to make no mistakes in the simulation. However, you did overlook the flawlessness, trafficability, and appropriateness hidden in the deepest part of the components. It’s no wonder that the crystal suit you repaired does not satisfy the customer.”

Chu Chongjiu’s explanation dumbfounded everyone listening, who felt that they were like deaf people that had heard voices for the first time.

Those who showed up in the test field of crystal suits, other than refiners, were all the Exos who had profound experience with crystal suits.

Everybody was in the circle of refining. That was why they were even more astounded. It was true that Wu Yaxuan was a genius in refining who had risen to fame recently in the Star Glory Federation. But was this experienced Chu Chongjiu not even better than him?

Otherwise, how could he have analyzed Wu Yaxuan’s style in such great detail?

As if struck by lightning, Sha Yongming was looking at Chu Chongjiu with such admiration that he was almost kneeling on the ground.

As expected of a high-level Cultivator from the heartland of the civilization of mankind, his eyes were truly keen!

Li Yao, however, scratched his hair. After pondering for a moment, he asked the mysterious girl who had almost run into him just now. “If I may ask, the father of Wu Yaxuan, the super genius of refining who rose to fame in the federation recently, isn’t Wu Mayan, the legendary, strongest qi-trainer in the federation, known as God Yan, is it?”

“He is. Fellow Cultivator, have you never heard the name of Wu Yaxuan before?”

The mysterious girl looked at Li Yao curiously. She seemed rather confused over how the guy did not know of as famous a celebrity as ‘Wu Yaxuan’ when he was wearing a reasonably good crystal suit.

“That explains a lot.” Li Yao was rather embarrassed. He felt that his face was burning below the mask.

He was a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator but not a god. Over the past few days, he had been studying the development of the arts of refining and the historic events in the federation over the past hundred years in the ocean of jade chips.

Despite the computational ability and the deduction ability of the Nascent Soul Stage, it was an impossible mission for him to swallow all the technological progress in the past hundred years within three days.

Too busy familiarizing himself with the national affairs, he had overlooked the personal lives of his disciples. He was truly an incompetent master!

However, knowing that his disciples had found their own happiness, Li Yao was delighted for them!

Li Yao smiled genuinely, which was quite out of the place when other people around him were all wearing bewildered expressions. The mysterious girl could not help but glance at him.

Got it!

Li Yao could not have cared less about how other people viewed him. After all, everybody was using a template face right now. His real identity was definitely safe!

Suddenly, Li Yao thought of a way that he might be able to reach out to his most trusted family and friends.

He did not want to expose his real identity to public right now, but it did not mean that he was unwilling to contact Ding Lingdang, Jin Xinyue, Wu Mayan, Xie Anan, Professor Mo Xuan, and other people whom he trusted.

It was just that he did not want to deliver the message through the possibly infiltrated Spiritual Nexus or the agents of the Secret Sword Bureau whose loyalty was questionable.

However, if there was a way in which he could directly speak to his family and friends, or at least, say hello to them…

Li Yao smiled. Crossing his arms, he narrowed his eyes. Without alarming anyone, he unleashed a vague thread of spiritual energy along his spine, which jumped as quickly as lightning among his nerve endings before it escaped from his feet and slithered toward the ‘Azure Thunder’ like an invisible viper.

“Master Chu!” ‘Thunder Lion’ Zhao Tongtian, the owner of the ‘Azure Thunder Battlesuit’, was rather excited. “Your eyes are truly sharp to see through the problem at first glance. Please do help me fix the problem. I can pay you however much—”

“I’m going to stop you there.” Chu Chongjiu’s face turned gloomy again as he snorted. “Zhao Tongtian, how much money do you think you can pay for my service? Let me tell you. Today, I’m not doing this as a favor for you. This is partly because the crystal suit is one of the best products in the world that I felt too tempted to resist and partly because Sha Yongming is a junior that I have high hopes for. With this crystal suit of yours, I can teach him a thing or two. This is only your lucky day!”

“Of course! Of course! I didn’t know what I was saying! Master Chu, you are too honorable and renowned for the Thunderbolt Exo Society to pay anything. Even if it is sold, the price is not enough for you to lift your little finger!” Zhao Tongtian was overjoyed after he realized Chu Chongjiu’s meaning between the lines. “Thank you for your help, Master Chu!”

His hands in his back, Chu Chongjiu casually said, “No thanks necessary. Go on and have a try. Spare the ground as quickly as possible after you’re done. Don’t waste my time!”

“But—but—you haven’t done anything…”

Zhao Tongtian and Sha Yongming looked at each other in bewilderment. Everybody else except Li Yao and the mysterious girl was confused, too.

“While I was appreciating the masterpiece just now, I soaked my spiritual energy into the crystal suit and helped you readjust it,” Chu Chongjiu said unhurriedly. “In fact, Sha’s techniques are already good enough. Ninety-nine percent of his work was immaculate. I merely helped him slightly adjust a few critical points. Have a try!”

Zhao Tongtian looked at Sha Yongming and put on the crystal suit again, not entirely convinced.

Most of the bystanders closed their eyes and held their breath, not having the courage to cause any noise.

A streak of blue rushed on the test field. Shadows of blue lightning occupied the entire field. The crystal suit was truly like a majestic lion made of lightning!

A moment later, the ‘lion’ returned to Chu Chongjiu. The helmet was unfolded, revealing a face that was packed with disbelief. Zhao Tongtian was barely able to finish a whole sentence. “It’s—it’s—it’s exactly the same as before. Master Chu, that’s truly marvelous of you!”

“How is that possible!” all the bystanders exclaimed in disbelief.

“Did you see, Sha?” Not sparing a glance for Zhao Tongtian or the bystanders, Chu Chongjiu smiled and turned to Sha Yongming. “You have the potential to be something great. However, just like a new piece of magical equipment, you need a little bit of polishing. Today, I’ll offer you a piece of advice, which is that you must understand what really matters in a piece of magical equipment. Try to reflect on it once you are home. It may sound simple, but I’ve only managed to figure out the logic behind the words after decades of practice!”

“Thank you, Master Chu!” Sha Yongming was so excited that he could barely control himself. His tears were almost flowing down.

“It’s alright.” Chu Chongjiu looked around casually. “Time to go, fellow Cultivators. There’s nothing to see here anymore!”

“Yes. It’s time to go. Let’s clear the test lanes and stop wasting Master Chu’s precious time!”

“Extraordinary. This is indeed extraordinary! I didn’t even notice when Master Chu performed the adjustment!”

“Naturally. That’s a refiner from Firefly who has come to the rural area from the heartland of the civilization of mankind. It would be a miracle if you and I could see through his techniques and approaches!”

“How I wish my crystal suit could be adjusted by Chu Chongjiu.”

“You? In your dream! To have the chance to witness such unbelievable refining arts in person and hear such clear interpretations, today is already our lucky day!”

The bystanders all dispersed in amazement.

With the help of Sha Yongming and Zhao Tongtian, Chu Chongjiu warmed up his body unhurriedly, making preparations for the test of his own magical equipment.

Right then, he glanced at Li Yao’s direction incidentally. His eyes, hands, and feet immediately froze, utterly unable to be moved anymore.

“You…” Chu Chongjiu’s dominating aura from a moment ago entirely vanished. His shoulder collapsed without him knowing, and he seemed one size smaller than before. His voice that had been confident and unchallengeable a while back was now mixed with intense embarrassment. “I didn’t know that you were here!”

Li Yao coughed. Knowing that the guy was not referring to him, he quickly stepped out of the way, making room for the mysterious girl behind him.

“Uncle Chu.” The mysterious girl stuck her tongue out and greeted Chu Chongjiu in a somewhat embarrassed manner.