Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1595

Chapter 1595 Another Hunter

When Li Yao was going to hide himself, he was never fond of the best observation points. In many cases, he even abandoned the second-best observation points.

The reason was simple. There could only be one or two best observation points in a complicated area. It was very possible that the place that he had got his eyes on was somebody else’s favorite, too. Would it not be quite awkward if the two parties ran into each other at the same observation point?

Therefore, not only did he abandon the best observation point, he had also left a few ‘gadgets’ in the place, building what could almost be called a trap.

He had not been certain that a third force would come other than Tang Xiaoxing and those who attacked her.

However, logically, since such a complicated place as the Dragon Snake Space Zone was probably the rendezvous point that the Star Glory Federation had specifically prepared for the ‘anti-federation’ rogues, the special agents of the Secret Sword Bureau should be everywhere in Fish Dragon City.

In the meantime, since Tang Xiaoxing was going to contact the leadership of the federation as a member of the so-called ‘Election Observation Delegation’, the federation must have been more or less prepared for such an important event.

There was no reason that the special agents of the Secret Sword Bureau did not react at all after Tang Xiaoxing was attacked.

If they did, Guo Chunfeng and Jin Xinyue would certain regret not training them harder in the past hundred years.

Then, if a third force did exist, the best observation point was probably the place where they would be lurking.

Li Yao’s guess was correct.

It was a ‘battlefield’ that Li Yao had carefully selected. Before the enemy came to themselves and arrived, he had three minutes to make all the necessary preparations. For Li Yao, three minutes was more than enough to spread out his eyes and ears and to turn the slum completely into his own ‘home field’!

Although the two hidden observers were communicating with each other privately, such a technique was merely a trick to constrict and control the soundwaves after all. As long as their position was basically fixed, and special surveillance magical equipment was installed from different perspectives in advance, it was still possible to eavesdrop on their conversation.

Li Yao pressed his left ear softly, quickly filtering the noises that were vibrating his eardrum, while he listened to the two hidden observers quietly.

The two hidden observers were trying to keep their voices calm, but the slightly accelerated speed of their speech implied the anxiety deep inside their hearts.

“Seven fully-armed Cultivators from the center of the cosmos, at least above the Core Formation Stage, with very impressive teamwork. They are also wearing the high-level crystal suits that have been modified specially. They look like the secret police of the Internal Affairs Division of their parliament!”

“There are also thirty-six Exos from the Four Sectors Chamber of Commerce, whose capabilities vary from each other, but more than ten of them are in the Core Formation Stage. Also, since the Chamber of Commerce is involved, they can summon more Exos to the place anytime. This city is the Chamber of Commerce’s territory. We are in big trouble now!”

“What the heck have those guys of the intelligence group been doing? They failed to predict such a great event where the ‘Election Observation Delegation’ is attacked. How is the observation group going to wipe their ass for them now?”

“In any case, Tang Xiaoxing must not fall into the hands of any other force. Her father is the leader of the faction in favor of the federation, which is of paramount importance to us. We have to rescue Tang Xiaoxing and protect her!”

“Wait a moment. I’m already uploading the information, calling for reinforcements, and receiving the plans of the next step…”

“What’s wrong?”

Li Yao heard one of the observers, whose voice was rather rough and sounded to be in a higher position, curse softly before concluding his sentence. Then, the guy fell silent.

The other observer, whose voice was gentler and sounded younger and hastier, prodded him many times. Finally, the first observer gnashed his teeth. “No reinforcements. No plans. We have been asked to keep observing!”

“What! What do they mean by ‘keep observing’? They’re going to take Tang Xiaoxing away if we keep on observing! Should the daughter of Firefly’s captain fall into the hands of the malicious guys who have ill intentions, there will be major trouble! What are the leaders thinking exactly?”

“The half-public office of the Secret Sword Bureau has received a message from Firefly just now,” the rough voice replied. “The government-in-exile of the Star Ocean Republic has officially issued warrants targeting a hundred figures including Tang Dingyuan, the ‘former captain’. Their crimes include high treason, spying, breach of confidence, and corruption. Thirty-three of the wanted criminals are the high-level members of the ‘Election Observation Delegation’. What happens in Fish Dragon City tonight is a completely legal operation of arrest!”

“Well…” The gentle voice was dazed for a long time before he remarked, “Legal? Legal where?”

“Legal everywhere,” the rough voice said. “Unless we decide to instigate a coup on Firefly right now or attack Firefly to annihilate the ‘government-in-exile of the Star Ocean Republic’, which happens to also be a civilization of the Cultivators, we are in absolutely no position to meddle in their internal affairs!

“After all, however small the country is, they still have a population of more than a hundred million and an amalgamation of hundreds of super starships, not to mention the techniques and technologies that are far more advanced than ours! Theoretically speaking, even if it is not a ‘country’, it will still be a political entity that is on equal terms to the federation. What can we do about the highest warrants issued by their parliament? Disregard the rules, fight them hard, and steal the criminals that they want?

“Black Panther, calm down. You are now in the observation group, not in the assault group as you used to be. This is not a place to run wild!

“Keep observing and tracking and wait for more instructions!”

The valuable part of the conversation between the two special agents of the Secret Sword Bureau came to an end.

But it was enough for Li Yao to partly understand the chaotic situation right now.

The special agent who was relatively old and considerate was not wrong. Since the government-in-exile had issued warrants against its own people, it was indeed inappropriate for the Secret Sword Bureau to meddle in without a good reason.

After all, the government-in-exile and the Star Glory Federation were in a very subtle relationship, and the Imperium of True Human Beings was due to arrive anytime. If the two civilizations of Cultivators of different sizes were to have a civil war, there might be dire consequences!

Should I take action?

Naturally, Li Yao would not stand by and do nothing. Both for the national interests of the Star Glory Federation and to save Tang Xiaoxing’s life, he was certainly obliged to take action. It was only a matter of when.


While he narrowed his eyes to observe the surroundings and calculated different rescue plans, Li Yao suddenly sensed extremely feeble waves coming from the air, which were as unattractive as the sighs of ghosts.

If it was anyone else, they would perhaps have mistaken them for an illusion caused by their paranoia.

However, Li Yao, as a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, clearly saw that when the deep blue moonlight blew past the collapsed walls, it occasionally twisted slightly, like the ripples reflecting the setting sun!

Somebody was hiding in the air!

There was not one but almost twenty experts who were adept at covering their tracks and concealing their spiritual energy. Wearing high-level crystal suits that boasted mimetic and stealth abilities, they snuck into the collapsed walls without alarming anyone and chose the best angle of attack!

Other than Firefly, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Secret Sword Bureau, there was a fourth force in this place, which had bared the sharpest fangs the moment it showed up!

It was an elite combat squad made of well-trained Cultivators with high Cultivation and extremely advanced gear!

Li Yao complimented them in amazement while he observed the elite combat squad sneak into the depths of the slum like a gentle breeze without causing any sound. They took down at least seven Exos of the Chamber of Commerce who were guarding at the periphery quietly. It was not until they ran into the eighth person, who was a sleazy Cultivator from Firefly that pretended to be a local, that they met trouble.

When the neck of the eighth Cultivator was cut—or rather, ‘crushed’—by a liquid, high-pressure saber, he let out a scream that was particularly ear-splitting in the dead silence of the night.

A brief but violent skirmish immediately broke out.

The Cultivators from Firefly and the locals of the Chamber of Commerce still had the advantage in number, but their capabilities varied greatly. Only the secret police of the government-in-exile boasted teamwork and tactical performance that were above average. The locals of Fish Dragon City, on the other hand, had been cast into a daze in the first round under the unexpected assault.

The elite combat squad from the fourth force had already finished their tactical arrangement before they took care of all the sentries. They occupied most of the commanding heights and locked onto their respective targets. After the battle began, mottled rays of light were immediately popping up in the air, outlining the cold and yet highly efficient slaughtering machines. In only three seconds, more than ten locals had been killed by their crossfire.

The mysterious elite combat squad was even led by a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator!

Although he appeared to only be in the beginning level of the Nascent Soul Stage, he boasted the most violent aura. Together with the high-level Cultivator that had obviously been modified and strengthened by specialists, he went on such a killing spree that nobody was left standing!

Wow! Li Yao exclaimed in his heart. Even an epic Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator had been deployed!

As the Star Glory Federation rose quickly and all kinds of new training techniques and facilities showed up, the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators nowadays were no longer as rare and precious as a hundred years ago.

However, a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator was still a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Such a battle-type Cultivator in the Nascent Soul Stage who was good at infiltration and assassination missions in secret was a very important professional in any time!

After the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator took action, there was simply no stopping him. The secret police of the government-in-exile who had come to arrest Tang Xiaoxing never thought that a third force would be bold enough to steal their target so blatantly. In their dizziness, they tried to resist. The secret police in the lead shouted, “Are you the special agents of the Secret Sword Bureau? This is our wanted criminal. You cannot…”

He was kicked away by the mysterious Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Judging from the clusters of lightning and thunder bursting out of his chest, the kick was no less heavy than a bombardment of the warship cannon.

The mysterious Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator jumped up and down and soon reached Tang Xiaoxing. He picked her up and expanded the range of his spiritual shield, thoroughly protecting Tang Xiaoxing.

His movement forced Li Yao to abandon his ambush plan for now.

The purpose of the elite combat squad was obviously to rescue the target. After they had Tang Xiaoxing, they immediately retreated in the middle of a series of intense explosions. Like an unpredictable, fiendish saber, they disappeared into the darkness as quickly as they appeared!