Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1653

Chapter 1653 Mystical Question

FFFather of the nation? Li Yao?

Li Yao was utterly dumbfounded. He examined the statue carefully, only to discover that, although the statues face had been covered by a virtual helmet, there was indeed a small plaque below it that read:

It is not enough for human beings to have the earth below their feet; they should also have a more brilliant future.

Li Yao

It was like running into a ghost!

Blinking hard, Li Yao mumbled, Wait. Lets confirm this first. This Li Yao cant be the legendary Vulture Li Yao, the dominator of the three Sectors, right?

Yes, of course! Ling Xiaole nodded. Batting her watery eyes, she looked at the statue full of admiration. From the Old Federation to the New Federation, we have only one Li Yao, Vulture Li Yao!

Li Yao coughed aloud again and again. I havent read many history books about the federation, but dont try to fool me! I know that the earliest Civilization was co-created by a lot of sects and people. While Vulture Li Yao indeed proposed the original idea, it was Professor Su Changfa, dean of the Sociology Department of the Grand Desolate War Institution, who really put the design into practice! As I recall, Su Changfa was praised as the Father of Civilization at that time. How on earth did it become Li Yao? However awesome and marvelous Li Yao is, you cant just let him steal all the credit!

Ling Xiaole opened her hands and said, Special Representative, you are too smart to be fooled. Yes. When it comes to the earliest Father of Civilization, Im afraid that Professor Su Changfa is more qualified than Vulture Li Yao. However, Su Changfa is an Immortal Cultivator, and not just any Immortal Cultivator but the master of the most wanted criminal in the federation. While the federation values freedom of thought, it is inappropriate for us to worship an Immortal Cultivator every day, right?

We also have our reasons for saying that Li Yao is Father of Civilization.

I dont know how much history youve read about the development of Civilization, but it should be noted that the grand-unified virtual world originated from the brainwashing delusion of the Imperium of True Human Beings that Su Changfa provided for Li Yao.

During the delusions, Su Changfa showed Li Yao the rise and decline of multiple Sectors in the past as well as the self-boasting rise of Blackstar the Great Wuying Qi. He intended to transform Li Yao into an Immortal Cultivator, but how could the dominator of the three Sectors be brainwashed so easily?

Li Yao was not tricked at all. Instead, when Kunlun was later developed, the idea suddenly occurred to him that the brainwashing delusions could be turned into tools to educate the people and listen to their voices!

It was only after he proposed the idea that other specialists such as Su Changfa implemented it specifically.

Had Li Yao not weathered through the brainwashing of the Immortal Cultivators on Kunlun, and had he not raised the groundbreaking idea later, it would be too much to say that a grand-unified virtual world of a different form would never have been developed, but the time we took to invent it couldve been delayed by decades.

After a delay of decades, without the connection of a grand-unified Spiritual Nexus, the seven Sectors wouldnt be as closely integrated as today, and seven ununited Sectors would stand absolutely no chance of winning when faced with the expedition army of the Imperium. This is the well-acknowledged result that countless players of Civilization deduced on their own.

Besides, Li Yao did not just raise the idea. He also supported the production team of Civilization with his unparalleled wealth and influence in the Old Federation!

It must be noted that even for a game, Civilization in the early phase was still enormous in scale and had an almost infinite production cycle. It was designed to allow everybody in the world to play together from the beginning! Think about it. How much initial capital was required to create such a game?

In the meantime, faced with the threat of the expedition army of the Imperium, the federation activated a lot of bizarre, whimsical projects in anxiety. There was also the development on Kunlun. Every field demanded money.

Compared to the projects whose results were readily visiblesuch as repairing the Colossi, crafting new crystal suits, or building solar warriorsthe game Civilization barely entailed any practical benefits other than the unsubstantial aim of educating the people. It was essentially a bottomless hole that one had to throw money into nonstop but one that could never be filled.

Had it not been for Li Yaos great support, and the Glorious Sunlight Group, Skyfire, and some other friends who were also investing for his sake, Civilization would have starved long before today.

Professor Su Changfa was indeed a very honorable enemy, but however wise and great he was, he was merely a powerless captive at that time. Without Li Yaos wealth and influence, would he have had a chance to complete the earliest version of Civilization?

In short, God Li Yao was indeed a visionary and judicious sage who saw far ahead of his time! Although he is called the dominator of three Sectors, his influence on the New Federation hasnt been fully studied at all. In the future, as the federation marches forward and the grand-unified Spiritual Nexus is fully unfolded in the universe, he will definitely be studied by people!

Ling Xiaole enthusiastically shared her true feelings.

Li Yao had goosebumps all over his body. He noticed that the two pointy fox ears above the little girls head turned pink, implying that she was truly too excited to control herself.

Li Yao thought for a moment and realized that there was no need for her to act in such an insignificant detail. So, she must actually have been a huge fan of Li Yao.

This made Li Yao feel even more amused. Was he really so great? Then, lets just agree that he is the Father of Civilization. But what is Father of the Nation all about? Isnt that exaggerating too much?

It is not. Ling Xiaole shook her head and solemnly said, Think about it. The expansion of the Star Glory Federation, different from the Imperium and the Covenant Alliance, does not rely on conquests with brute force. Although we have assimilated four new worlds, we only fought one war in the Uranian Ring Sector.

During the integration of the four new Sectors, the grand-unified Spiritual Nexus represented by Civilization was the greatest contributor. Only when you are integrated into Civilization will you really be integrated into the federation!

One day, we will march to the center of the cosmos, but it is impossible for us to conquer all the worlds with armed forces. Civilization will be the most powerful leverage for us to attract, assimilate, and govern the new worlds. It is also the greatest reliance for us to resist the Imperium and the Covenant Alliance.

Therefore, like I said just now, Civilization is the bedrock of the federation. It is even the New Federation itself!

If, one day, the glow of the Star Glory Federation truly radiates to the three thousand Sectors and all the human worlds are included in the system of Civilization, is there any problem at all for Li Yao to be called the father of such a federation?

Tilting his head, Li Yao opened his mouth and thought for a long time. There doesnt seem to be a problem.

Ling Xiaole smiled delightedly. Your mind is quite up-to-date despite your hundreds of years of hibernation! Even most people within the federation do not accept such a theory. Only the avid players such as us put it that way. But it doesnt matter. The future will prove everything. Praise God Li Yao!

Waitwait a moment! Li Yao felt that sweat was pouring out of his forehead. Lets saywell, lets say that Li Yao happens to be the father of the new federation, I dont think that he needs to be addressed as god. And what are all those people doing here? All the rituals and worship, isnt this a blatant personal cult? I dont think it is the best example for the spirit of equality in the federation, right?

Oh. Im afraid that youre mistaken, Ling Xiaole explained patiently. This is not personal cult, and they do not necessarily regard Li Yao as the new federations father. However, there are benefits if you pay tribute to God Li Yao before you enter the game.

Li Yao frowned. What benefits?

Better luck in Civilization, Ling Xiaole stated. After all, he is the Father of Civilization. Who else can you worship?

Bbetter luck? What do you mean?

Many factors in the game are random. For example, when you play the war DLC The Imperiums Frustration, whether or not your force can build main-force warships after one try, the crucial accuracy during engagement, the endurance after the warships are damaged it is both luck and some sort of mystical question.

As the predecessors tell us, if you pay tribute to God Li Yao before you enter the game, your luck will soar. You can build super main-force warships in one try or blow up the enemys arsenal with one shot in battle. If you are playing a DLC of daily operations, there will be fewer natural disasters and more positive random events.

On the other hand, if you forget to pay tribute to God Li Yao, it will be bad. Even if you focus a lot of your resources on the production of starships, they will often explode before they are produced for uncanny reasons. When they do reach the battlefield, their engine compartments may fall apart after they are hit for the first time. Or maybe their attacks will miss the enemy hundreds of times If it is a daily-operation quest, the workers may go on strike all the time, the natural disasters will occur, the carriers will be hijacked by the space pirates, and all the other unfortunate incidents will happen to you!

Everybody wants to be luckier and to accumulate more contribution points and a better completion rate. It doesnt hurt at all to pay tribute to God Li Yao!

Wait. Li Yao was stunned. Didnt you claim that the game is a perfect simulation of reality? Are there so many random factors that involve luck in the game?

A perfect simulation of reality is possible, but it doesnt mean that it has to be so complicated every time, Ling Xiaole said matter-of-factly. Most people choose to set the difficulty at the medium level, especially during single quests.

Besides, does luck not matter in the world of reality? A generals fame means the death of thousands of soldiers. In many cases, one success or failure, life or death, depends a lot on luck!

Li Yao failed to come up with any rebuttal. He looked at another few guys who were worshipping his statue and even throwing coins at the head of the statue. But even if luck does play such an important role, isnt it absurd that paying tributes to Li Yao will double your luck? This is superstition!

This is occultism. Ling Xiaole smiled delightedly. How can you call it superstition? It is more of a tradition of the people! You said that you would like to feel the local life as a regular person of the federation. Thats why Ive brought you to God Li Yao to see what the local people do. Right. Theres also Li Yaos heart-protection gold card on sale. It is said that they are built by recycling the debris of the crystal suits that Li Yao used to use and sold to better promote The Imperiums Frustration. If you put such a card in your pocket, the accuracy of your starships will be doubled. Do you want to give it a shot?