Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656 From Ghosts To Humans

Li Yao.

To be more exact, Ling Xiaole said, they are former soldiers of the Imperium. They were all captives from the Battle of Firefly ten years ago. During that battle, not only did our God of War Ding Lingdang rescue Firefly from the claw fleet of the Imperium, she also captured a lot of Imperium warships. Of course, many soldiers on the starships were taken captive.

In the ten years that followed, the soldiers of the Imperium have been educated in captive camps. Those few uncles were the soldiers at the bottom level in the Black Wind Fleet in the first place who had been oppressed and exploited. They did not have a chance to owe any blood debt to the federation, either, when their starships were blown up by us in the very first battle. Also, they were all active members during the education, and they have repented and decided to live their lives different. Therefore, they have been set free in advance and begun their new life in the federation.

The few of them are the firmest supporters of the path of the Cultivators. When they saw that our game experts were riding the high horse in the uniform of the Imperiums army over there, they couldnt help but recall their old lives that they would rather forget. In their fury, they committed such folly. Please do forgive them.

That explains a lot. Li Yao patted Heiye Lans shoulder heavily and said to Ling Xiaole, somewhat embarrassed, My secretary has always hoped to seek revenge from the Imperium for her fathers death. Thats why she was a bit excited after learning that authentic soldiers of the Imperium are here. Speaking of which, you are even capable of educating the Immortal Cultivators of the Imperium?

Of course. If Cultivators can be transformed into Immortal Cultivators, why cant Immortal Cultivators be transformed into Cultivators? Ling Xiaole said. Theres no need to mention the slave soldiers at the bottom level of the Black Wind Fleet that the so-called hominoids work as. Even the bottom-level officers, namely the Immortal Cultivators in the Refinement Stage and the Building Foundation Stage, are also victims of the true path of immortality and the oppressed class in the Imperium of True Human Beings in our eyes. They are also blinded, enslaved, and demoralized by the Immortal Cultivators of higher levels until they die.

If you are interested, I will have some records on the education of the war captives delivered in a minute. In the past ten years, through communication with the captives, we have grown a profound understanding about the system and lifestyle of the Black Wind Fleet as well as the many facets of the bottom-level Immortal Cultivators lives on board.

You may not know this, but the life of the bottom-level Immortal Cultivators on board was quite miserable. For the needs of the aggression, most of the assets in the Black Wind Fleet were sealed during the hundred-year voyage. The bottom-level Immortal Cultivators had to explore the unknown, highly-dangerous space zones in the universe, and they couldve died at any second. On the other hand, they had to be highly wary of each other and keep one eye open when they were sleeping at night in case somebody plunged a poisoned dagger into their stomach.

Before, when they didnt have a choice, they thought that the true path of immortality was the sole, self-justified truth in the universe. They had no notion of the darkness and misery of their life. So, they did not know how to reflect or resist.

After they were captured by the federation, they learned a lot of theories on the true path of immortality in the captive camp. It was also arranged for them to participate in debates between Cultivators and Immortal Cultivators. We had the bottom-level Immortal Cultivators form pairs with the hominoid slave soldiers, the ordinary people in the Imperium, forcing them to help each other on equal terms. We even appointed the hominoid slave soldiers to be the captains of the squads in the camp to manage the other Immortal Cultivators. There were many kinds of meetings and get-togethers where everybody discovered the atrocities of the Black Wind Fleet.

Although they were war captives, the federal government never tortured them. Except for the few inhumane, unpardonable fellows who were sentenced to death after being revealed during the meetings, we tried our best to rescue the regular soldiers and the bottom-level officers who used to be Immortal Cultivators.

Of course, the living environment in the captive camp was quite rough, but everybody was purely equal. Even their mentors who were Cultivators did not enjoy any more privileges than the captives. Everybody ate together and lived together. They worked, learned, and practiced techniques with each other. Through the meticulous care that the mentors showed to the captives, the captives finally realized for the first time in their life that dignity was not necessarily decided by strength and that two people could actually absolutely trust each other without being vigilant all the time.

Just like that, almost all the soldiers who used to be ordinary people were awakened in only half a year and joined the federation, completely opposing the Imperium.

Even most of the Immortal Cultivators in the Refinement Stage and the Building Foundation Stage, who were mostly bottom-level officers or captains in the Black Wind Fleet, were reborn after three to five years.

At this time, we took the captives to visit all the seven Sectors. We showed them the great achievements that the Star Glory Federation had accomplished in the path of the Cultivators. They saw that all the people in the New Federation were sweating and striving for a better future, regardless of whether they were ordinary people or Cultivators. Of course, the captives saw the national treasure that was Civilization, too!

After everything they went through, most of the captives were completely enlightened. They were set free after three special pardons and would build a future for each other with a hundred billion compatriots of the federation as regular members of the country!

Ling Xiaoles speech gave Li Yao mixed feelings.

There was no need to mention Heiye Lan, who would have grabbed her hair and screamed out if Li Yao had not transmitted a stream of spiritual energy into her body to hold her back just now.

Calming himself down, Li Yao asked, Then, what are the captives doing right now?

Living on their own in our society, of course, Ling Xiaole said. They mostly take one of two jobs. Those who are more open-minded often work as professionals of the Imperium and play the role of the Imperium in Civilization. They sometimes work as consultants or coaches for the villain teams like the Storm Assault Team, helping them to better every detail and ensure the realism of every simulated battle. The best people in this field are all thriving.

However, few people are as open-minded as that. Most of the captives, just like the few old veterans just now, hate the guts of the Imperium of True Human Beings.

After training, they go to local schools and work as special history teachers. They teach the teenagers of the federation with their life experience, detailing how horrible the Imperium is and how beautiful and hard-earned the teenagers happy lives today are!

Such history teachers are very popular. After all, there are only a few of them but so many schools in the seven Sectors of the federation. Do any of the schools not want to get a real-life native of the Imperium to teach their disobedient students a lesson? So, all in all, the new life of the former soldiers of the Imperium in the federation is not bad!

Li Yao felt stunned again. He looked at Heiye Lan again and said, This is a lot different from what we imagined on Firefly!

Ling Xiaole stuck her tongue out and boldly said, You must blame your Speaker Cui for that. It is because he blocked all the messages about the federation, fearing that the federation would corrupt your rightful government, that we were so alien to each other. Thankfully, he has thought it through now. It isnt too late!

I can basically figure out what is on your mind. Not a second goes by without you thinking of marching back to the center of the cosmos.

March to the Empyreal Terminus Sector and recover the entire universe. It is a dream for the Star Glory Federation, too. However, since the Imperium of True Human Beings has more than a hundred Sectors and so does the Alliance of the Holy Covenant, how many Immortal Cultivators and how many demi-humans who obey Pangus Covenant are out there?

It is impossible for us to kill all the Immortal Cultivators and demi-humans. Are we really going to ignite the fire of war at the center of the cosmos and burn hundreds of Sectors to the ground until blood runs dry? Lets put aside whether or not it is achievable. Even if it is, it will still be an irreversible disaster for the entire civilization of mankind!

Compared with killing all the Immortal Cultivators and soldiers of the Imperium, we hope that we can transform them and even awaken them instantly in a certain way so that the Imperium of True Human Beings will collapse internally within the shortest amount of time and be drowned by the fury of the people and the bottom-level Cultivators who are awakened!

Li Yao pondered for a long time. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and said, Somethings not right. You mustve arranged everything in advance on purpose so that we could see it, didnt you? Otherwise, there cant be such a coincidence!

Ling Xiaole grimaced and frankly acknowledged, Yes. The former soldiers of the Imperium were indeed arranged to come to this place so that they would run into the Storm Assault Team. But we did not write a script. Their reactions and what they did after the two parties ran into each other were completely beyond our control.

The arrangement is not just intended for you. It is in fact a part of another enormous test program.

They are captives from the Imperium after all. Right now, a lot of Immortal Cultivators are still lurking within the federation, not to mention evil organizations such as the CFIA. We cannot allow the captives to run about in our society without being monitored at all, which will be irresponsible for both them and the federation.

Therefore, test procedures like the one we went through just now are necessary to measure their mental state through their reactions, in order to decide whether or not they have been fully reformed and if they are suitable to stay with kids in school.

You will realize that we would not ask them to act at all if you think about it more carefully. We went through all the trouble of reforming them. Wouldnt we be shaking their belief if we asked them to act in front of you in order to deceive you?

The test application targeting the few old veterans was issued a few months ago. We merely changed the route so that we would run into them today, which would be a living example to introduce our policies for the captives of the Immortal Cultivators to you and Speaker Cui.