Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1661

Chapter 1661 Praise The Father Civilization

Fine. Li Yao was always open to good suggestions. Following the little girls reminder, he exited the massively multiplayer online DLCs where millions of players were in the game at the same time and switched to some single-player DLCs where he was the master of his own turf.

In the DLC of Mayor Simulator, he became the mayor of certain famous metropolises in the Star Glory Federation, such as Heavenly Path City, which was the capital of the Blood Demon Sector, or Iron Armor City, which was the greatest city on Iron Plateau, trying to manage the erratic and complex cities that often had a population of more than a hundred million.

However, perhaps because he really did not have any talent in management, despite the help of Xiao Ming and Wen Wen, the prosperous and flourishing cities soon fell into a dying mess after they were entrusted to him.

Under Xiao Mings scornful gaze and Wen Wens concerned inquiries, Li Yao embarrassedly abandoned the game. He switched again to the simpler DLCs, such as developing a mine on Boneyard, managing an animal breeding base in the Forest Ocean Sector, or supervising a school for new ghosts in the Nether World Sector. After lowering the difficulty of the game, he was finally able to have some fun and enjoy the exotic views of different worlds.

The boundless forests in the Forest Ocean Sector and the unpredictable purple sky of the Nether World Sector were all magnificent landscapes of the New Federation that he had yet to witness.

Boneyard was a place where he once fought. It was also the place where a legend began before he first jumped to the Flying Star Sector.

Seeing the pioneers who existed in reality continue fighting on the planet that he had once fought on, Li Yao felt that his blood was boiling, and he could not have been prouder of the New Federation that he was protecting.

Following that, he experienced almost a hundred different Sectors quickly. Due to time limitations, he did not study many of them, only browsing through the classic videos recorded by experts of the game.

Even so, the glamorous, intriguing new worlds that boasted infinite possibilities were still most astounding to him.

He did not expect that a tiny seed that he had planted in the past would grow into such an overwhelming tree today!

It was perhaps the greatest happiness for a Cultivator, was it not?

Youve been online for more than ten hours in a row, Xiao Ming announced seriously.

Blinking her big eyes, Wen Wen caringly said, Your brain is tired now. We suggest you rest for at least three hours before you continue the game.

You will soon enter the exhaustion period, Xiao Ming added. Your contribution will be halved, the rating of your quest will be lowered, and your rank will drop faster after you fail a quest. Please consider this.

If you continue playing in the exhaustion period, Wen Wen said, you will automatically enter the addiction period according to the tiredness of your brain, and you will then be forced out of the game!

Li Yao was slightly dazed. He stretched out his arms comfortably in the immersive game cabin.

He did not feel that time had gone too fast. On the contrary, he felt that he had spent hundreds of extraordinarily fabulous lives in the world of Civilization, yet only ten hours had passed in reality?

This is amazing. I feel that Im going to be addicted!

When Li Yao crawled out of the game cabin, not entirely gratified, he happened to notice that Heiye Lan was opening another game cabin and sitting up in a daze.

Looking at her face that was brimming with shock and confusion, Li Yao knew that the elite female warrior of the Imperium must have been a hundred times more overwhelmed than he was in the virtual worlds of the federation.

Ling Xiaole showed up again with a smile. Did you find your experience today satisfactory? If you wish to continue, the hotel you are in has the same facilities. Also, the mini crystal processors that I offered to you just now can be connected to the database of Civilization and retrieve classic videos for you to enjoy anytime.

Very satisfactory! Li Yao nodded sincerely. It seems that I made the right choice. The virtual world Civilization is definitely qualified to be called the national treasure of the federation! Right. Who is responsible for making and operating such an important project?

Civilization is too important for the federation. We cannot allow it to be controlled by a certain personal sect or group. The federal government specifically established a Ministry of Future to supervise the production and operation of the game. The Ministry of Future is one of the government agencies of the highest level on par with the Department of Defense and the Ministry of Finance.

In the early years of its development a hundred years ago, Civilization was managed by Professor Mo Xuan and Professor Su Changfa of the Grand Desolate War Institution together. However, in recent decades, the director of Civilization and the minister of the Ministry of Future has been Professor Xie Wufeng, a former president of the Sky Fantasia Academy.

Li Yao quickly searched in his head and soon located the files of Xie Wufeng. Of course, the files were from a hundred years ago.

A hundred years ago, Xie Wufeng had already been a mathematician and sociologist close to the Nascent Soul Stage. He had taught in Deep Sea University, Sky Fantasia Academy, and many other Nine Elite Universities of the federation. He had already been quite a famous guy in the academic circle back then.

After a hundred years of training, it seemed rather appropriate that such a distinguished master of mathematics and sociology had become the helmsman for Civilization.

Li Yao took a deep breath and said, The experience today has truly been a great eye-opener for us. Ill duly report everything to Speaker Cui. I truly wish that all the compatriots on Firefly can enjoy the splendid virtual world one day.

However, I do have some tiny concerns. Perhaps Im too old for this modern technology after hundreds of years of hibernation, but I feel that it is a bit weird to give everything to the Spiritual Nexus and the crystal processors.

Isnt such a system a bit too vulnerable? For example, if a certain important node is attacked by the enemy, or a mainframe crystal processor that is of paramount importance is completely destroyed, resulting in the immediate collapse of the virtual world, will there be dire consequences in reality?

Ling Xiaole smiled. Of course, it is a plausible possibility, but we cannot give up strengthening ourselves because we fear the enemys attack, can we?

Li Yao was not completely satisfied by the answer. Frowning, he said, Also, I cant tell what it is exactly, but I do feelI do feel that certain highly dangerous, unpredictable variants may exist in such an enormous virtual world

Youre right, Ling Xiaole said. Many sociologists, futurists, and crystal processor experts have raised warnings and worries on the rapid expansion of the grand-unified Spiritual Nexus. In the eyes of the specialists, the grand-unified Spiritual Nexus is even more dangerous than the Imperium of True Human Beings and the Alliance of the Holy Covenant, and it may even swallow us one day.

Personally, I do not deny such a danger. There is indeed a chance that we may be burnt by our own endeavors.

However, just like the origin of the metaphor, to primitive savages, fire was also highly dangerous; it would kill them and burn their houses down after one moment of carelessness.

Did our ancestors abandon fire because of the fires danger?

Without the highly dangerous fire, there would be no civilization of mankind today. Our ancestors would either struggle to survive on the cold, dark deserts or be replaced by other species who were not afraid of danger and learned to use fire.

The grand-unified Spiritual Nexus is the new universal fire that is necessary for mankind to evolve to a higher level. It will be ignited by either us or somebody else, and it will sweep across the universe. Nothing can stop it.

It is dangerous to use fire, but it is even more dangerous not to use it!

Li Yao was deep in thought. Got it. Lets go back. There are too many things I would like to share with my companions.

This way, please, Ling Xiaole said with a smile.

In the virtual world, in the capital city of the federation randomly generated several hours ago, where Li Yao had worked as the mayor

Since the moment Li Yao exited the game, the entire city had been sealed into the complicated, ever-changing light circuits, crystal processors, and databases in the form of data and runes.

Observed from a level intangible to the normal human beings, it looked like a city that was consolidated inside a piece of amber. Shuttles, crystal trains, pedestrians, and pets were all frozen like lifeless statues.

The virtual city was as silent and quiet as a forsaken graveyard. The thousands of different expressions on the faces of the citizens halted at the moment when Li Yao exited the game.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sky collapsed, and the earth fell apart. Starting from the skyscrapers at the center of the city, the illusionary things all crumbled and returned to their essentials, a series of dark golden runes and figures.

The deletion began.

Runes and figures interweaved into a destructive storm that grew from the center of the city. In only one billionth of a second, it escalated into a turbulent black hole.

All the virtual citizens that were randomly generated were absolutely motionless and expressionless, waiting to be deleted as if they were dead.

Right then, one of the millions of virtual citizens at the center of a boulevard, faced with the suddenly expanding storm of deletion and black hole of destruction, blinked.

When he struggled to raise his eyelids, a flickering light beamed out of the deepest part of the virtual citizens eyes. The light was full of questions, confusion, regret, and fear.

It seemed that he wanted to struggle desperately in order to run away from the black hole of destruction, but his body was bound to the same spot by inviolable strength. There was nothing he could do except wait for the arrival of deletion.

At the last moment, he could only open his mouth and utter a soundless scream.

During the scream, a few golden butterflies made of chaotic figures flew out of the depths of his throat. Driven by their natural survival instincts, they flapped their wings hard and flew toward the broken digital sky whose true appearance had been revealed.

In front of the continuously collapsing world, the golden butterflies were so insignificant that they could not escape inevitable destruction.

However, right when the storms, turbulence, and black holes were about to completely rip the world into shreds and swallow the butterflies, two halos suddenly popped up in the digital sky, turning into two lovely, plump kids.


A golden tentacle softly picked up the golden butterflies and absorbed them into the halo, carefully protecting them.

A new chaotic variable, said Xiao Ming.

This place is about to be deleted, said Wen Wen. Lets go back to the Virtual Spirits Sector.

Praise the father civilization.

Praise the father civilization.