Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1677

Chapter 1677 Li Yaos Snake Beauty

They were the largest funders who supported Jin Xinyue in her campaign for the Speaker. None of the Speakers of the federation in past decades had ever been elected without their support. Therefore, while Jin Xinyue could turn a blind eye to the heckling reporter, she could not pretend that she did not see their fury.

How did it end like this? Of the three big shots, Leader Zhao, who was sitting on the left, knocked the ground of black marble with his club and said solemnly, Did you do it or not? Why were we not informed of such a great event beforehand? How are you going to clean up the mess?

Jin Xinyue, do you have any idea what you are doing? On the right, Leader Pang, who weighed at least two hundred kilograms and looked like a huge mountain at distance, burst into fury before Leader Zhao finished. Everybody knows that the big sects of the core worlds have wagered everything on you and supported you without sparing anything! The financial market is a mess because of your scandal now. Do you know how much our sects have lost in this one trading day? The money vaporized in the market today is enough to produce several main-force warships!

Jin Xinyue, this whole time, we have always had absolute faith in you and provided all the support you needed without asking about what you do. Sitting in the middle, Leader Tong, who was as short as a child but had a rather gloomy face, clenched the arm of his chair so hard that it was screeching. It was because we thought you were a smart person. A smart person knows what to do and what not to do. They never extend their hands to the things they should not do, however many benefits there seem to be, because they know they will be caught the moment they act!

You know the importance of this election. This is not just the competition between you and Ding Lingdang but also the competition between the three core worlds and the four new worlds! A war will soon come. Whoever leads the federation to a glorious triumph as the wartime leader will be the real dominator of the federation!

If we win the election and the war, the position of the three core worlds will be unshakable in the Star Glory Federation. Even if more Sectors join the federation in the future, they will have to follow the order established by the core worlds and the rules of the game made by the ancient sects passed on from the age of the Old Federation!

This is where our interests and your interests lie!

But Ding Lingdang is different. She is a highly dangerous woman and not a player of the game at all. She does not appreciate the significance of the old older but wants to replace the forces and rules passed on from the Old Federation with her new worlds and new rules!

If Ding Lingdang wins the election and defeats the Black Wind Fleet, she will be a rising sun, and the power of the new worlds will be greatly enhanced. The core worlds will never have things our way again!

Do you understand the consequences at all? Dont forget that the Blood Demon Sector is one of the core worlds, too!

On the opposite side of the three furious big shots, Jin Xinyue was sitting elegantly on an unsoiled hassock and making tea meticulously.

Because today was the memorial day of the Uranian Ring War, Jin Xinyue was in particularly pure and clean dressing. Not only was her black suit devoid of any adornments, she had even replaced the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars emblem that she usually wore as a brooch with a black-and-white one. She also put on a thin, black veil over her face and did not take it off even during their meeting.

With her dressing, she looked as if she was enshrouded by dark mist that would never disperse. It was impossible to tell her real appearance at all, much less figure out what was on her mind.

Faced with the sharp criticism and warning of the three big shots, Jin Xinyue did not panic at all. She washed her hands, warmed the cup, put the tea leaves into the pot, soaked them in water, covered the pot, and later distributed the tea. Every procedure was immaculate. Even the most skilled specialist in tea ceremony could not have found anything inappropriate.

Jin Xinyue served three cups of fragrant Purple Spring Dragon to the big shots respectfully before she went back to her own seat and unhurriedly replied, It is exactly because of the significance of the election that I was forced to resort to this strategy

Were you? The three big shots were even more exasperated. Do you know how much trouble your strategy has brought us?

Smiling, Jin Xinyue poured herself a cup of gold tea and sent it to her lips. But instead of drinking it up, she merely smelled the steam rising from the cup. Three leaders, please do not be anxious. What we have right now is just groundless gossip. Why are you so panicked? If the online exposure of such a level can be believed, I can expose hundreds of scandals for each member of the parliament at any moment, and the parliament will surely be empty tomorrow.

The bottom line is, rest assured, leaders. Ill take care of the issue. Nothing will go wrong.

Something has already gone wrong! the impulsive Leader Pang announced angrily. If the exposure is to be believed, you shouldve resolved all the problems on Firefly neatly. But the truth is that they took care of everything on their own and even grew suspicious of you! Lets put aside whether or not it is the right thing to do, but was that the best you could do?

You are playing with fire, Leader Tong said with a gloomy face. Its easy to start a fire but difficult to put out one. With everything coming to this point, youd better address the issue properly without leaving any trace behind. Moonfall must be found, too!

Remember, we absolutely do not want to see you act recklessly on your own anymore! In any case, the core worlds must win the election, or

Halfway through his speech, Leader Tong suddenly bulged his eyes and lost the ability to talk.

Leader Zhao and Leader Tang were also frozen, unable to move anymore, when they just raised their teacups!

It was because boundless killing intent was suddenly unleashed from Jin Xinyue at that moment, which crawled out of her black veil and black suit like ten thousand black vipers, wriggling, slithering, and constraining them like soggy black chains!

The pupils of the three leaders were immediately constricted to the minimum.

They were the purest admin-type Cultivators and more than two hundred years old. Too busy taking care of the affairs of their sects day and night, they had been greatly worn out, and their soul was not nearly as strong as before.

Jin Xinyue, on the other hand, was a saintess educated by the Pantheon of Demons of the Blood Demon Sector more than a hundred years ago. She was the most delicate slaughtering machine!

After she pledged loyalty to the federation and joined the Secret Sword Bureau, she had led the Dim Moon Squad in the most mysterious and unpredictable battlefields.

In recent decades, especially after she was nominated as a minister, she had begun to change her image and always showed up in public as a gentle, elegant, and harmless woman. She had not really fought anyone in decades.

After such a long time, even the big shots who supported Jin Xinyue to power had forgotten what a terrifying person the weak woman hiding in the black mist was and took her for a puppet that they could rub and shape however they saw fit!

The three admin-type old Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, suppressed by Jin Xinyue, a new Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator talented in both management and battle, were not even able to blink.

The teacups in their hands were the only things that were still emitting hot air.

Let me repeat myself. Please listen carefully, leaders. This is just another minor issue that I will take care of.

Jin Xinyue let go of her hands. The teapot floated and swirled in midair softly.

She took off the black veil over her face, revealing a calm expression with a perfect smile, like a viper that craned its neck out of the black mist and hissed at the three big shots.

Also, one other thing. Im rather curious. What can do you even if I fail to handle it well? In less than one month, are you going to replace me with someone else to compete with Ding Lingdang, drawing a line with me? Tsk, tsk, tsk. Why have I never heard about such an extraordinary candidate in your pocket?

Ive never disappointed you in the past hundred years. The Magnificent Expanse case eighty years ago, the things regarding the monopolization of the mines on the Great Peace Planet, and the political struggles before and after the Bill of Rights for General Equality. Did we ever not return with trophies?

In the past century, based on what did your sects rise in the top five hundred sects of the federation and defeat so many seemingly unassailable corporations? Was it not because our mutual trust in each other?

Hehe. We have been in the same boat for too long. If I fall because of the scandal, are you going to gain anything? If they can track the insurgency on Firefly back to me, why cant they track you down from me and expose all our deals from the past hundred years?

Leaders, and my dear uncles, dont you agree?

Jin Xinyue sipped the tea and moaned in great satisfaction. Then, she made a gesture casually, loosening the pressure on the three of them.

The three big shots shuddered at the same time, their back soaked in cold sweat.

They looked at Jin Xinyue in disbelief and then at each other in bewilderment. Their faces were twisting in agony.

Wewe really shouldnt have trusted you. We shouldnt have trusted you from the very beginning. It was you who volunteered to come to us. It was you The fat on Leader Pangs face was trembling hard as he screamed. I knew that you were not up to anything good! Those who are not my people always think differently from me! They always do!

Leader Pang, your words sound rather racist to me. Jin Xinyue walked behind the three big shots and smiled.

Although the three big shots had all regained their ability to move, they did not dare move at all for some reason. They did not even have the courage to look back.

Hehe. I swore an oath to my master a hundred years ago that I would become the Speaker of the Star Glory Federation one day, at whatever cost and through whatever methods! Jin Xinyues smile was gradually gone, replaced by coldness and ruthlessness. She said, one word after another, Therefore, just rest assured, I will never be defeated by Ding Lingdang. Never!

You dont have to do anything except trust me and support me without reserve. Devote all your resources and strength to me, and we are going to win the war side by side!


As she spoke the last syllable, Jin Xinyue firmly patted Leader Pangs shoulder. Leader Pang and his companions could not help but shudder again.

Jin Xinyue bent down and leaned next to Leader Pangs ear from behind, asking in a soft voice, We will most certainly win, wont we, Uncle Pang?

Leader Pang struggled to swallow and nodded uncontrollably. Yes, we will.

Fantastic. Jin Xinyues frozen face immediately melted, and the sunniest smile beamed out. Alright. I must go back to my ministry for a meeting. You just take your time to enjoy the tea here. The tea leaves named Purple Spring Dragon are rare enough even in the Forest Ocean Sector where they are grown. It would be a shame if they are wasted.