Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682 Monster Li Bravo

His remark raised a round of whispers among the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators and the Divinity Transformation Stage Cultivators.

However, other than Yan Liren, Ba Xiaoyu, and Master Bitter Cicada, who were not interested in political struggles at all, the rest of the experts were not surprised very much.

Obviously, with a better view on the big picture because they were not involved in the game, and having observed the performance of the girl who claimed to be Moonfalls sister, they more or less drew the same conclusion.

Han Baling clicked on the list of the top hundred sects of the federation softly and unfolded the detailed introduction to the sects under Li Yaos group. Why are the new powers barely affected? There are two plausible explanations.

Firstly, a hundred years ago, when Jin Xinyue and the demons were most in dire need of help and support, the new powers had only just been established, too, and did not boast much influence. At that time, the federation was a world dominated by the traditional major sects. It would have been pointless for Jin Xinyue to have asked for the help of the newly established sects.

Secondly, Li Yao had only just left at that time, and for old times sake, those new sects such as the Glorious Sunlight Group and the Double Dragon Union couldnt have nitpicked or extorted her if she really asked them for help. They certainly helped her if they could.

Therefore, the new powers do not have any material that Jin Xinyue can blackmail them with.

On the surface, the two reasons are quite valid. However, if we examine the changes that have taken place in the Star Glory Federation in the past hundred years while regarding the new powers such as the Glorious Sunlight Group and the Double Dragon Union as a whole, the conclusion will be vastly different!

Han Baling truly was a great monarch who united the strength of all the clans on the entire Dark Cloud Prairies, destroyed all the sects on the prairie in only decades, and established the Eight Units of Dark Cloud, hoping to swallow the entire world.

His eyes were glowing like those of a hungry wolf. He seemed to have seen the scheme of whoever was behind the curtain.

Impressed by the splendidness and wonderfulness of the whole scheme, Han Baling continued with a voice of appreciation. In the past hundred years, there have always been struggles for power within the Star Glory Federation. It is perfectly normal. All human beings have their desires and ambitions. When each others desires and ambitions joined, they will turn into different parties and sides.

In the Great Qian Dynasty, there are the Eunuchs gang and the emperors gang, and there is also the rivalry between the local sects and the central court. Naturally, in Ghost Qin, there are various sorts of opposition, too.

However upright and bright the Star Glory Federation claims to be, it is a country made of human beings after all. How can it be as united as one piece?

Besides, the explosive development of the Star Glory Federation in the past hundred years is an unprecedented change at the edge of the cosmos. New techniques, technology and discoveries are bound to bring new sects, new experts, new social classes and new interest groups, which will eventually have a fierce conflict with the traditional forces who have dominated the world for hundreds of years!

Therefore, the election in the Star Glory Federation today seems to be a regional conflict between the core worlds and the new worlds.

But in fact, it is a fierce fight between the old sects that represent the traditional interest groups and Li Yaos group, which stands for the interests of the new powers!

A regional conflict can be resolved, but a fight between the old and the new will rarely reach a compromise!

Clap, clap, clap!

Long Yangjun was the first to applaud. Fantastic! Your analysis is too marvelous. What do you think, Fellow Cultivator Spiritual Vulture!

She jabbed Li Yao, who was sitting next to her, with her elbow.

Indeed. It is logical, thorough, and thought-provoking! Li Yao nodded carefully. Spectacular! Truly spectacular!

Lord Wang, Fellow Cultivator Spiritual Vulture, you are flattering me!

Han Baling shook his hair in great satisfaction, and there was not the slightest you are flattering me on his face but full of there is only one truth, and I have found it. Clearing his throat, he went on. In the last two weeks, I studied the history of the various forces in Li Yaos group and gained a shallow understanding about the birth, development, and expansion of Li Yaos group. I would like to share it with the Cultivators here. Due to the limited time, there may seem to be a lot of flaws. Please feel free to point them out for me.

You are too polite, Fellow Cultivator Han, Li Yao said. As the great monarch of Cloud Qin, your vision and strategies are certainly the most distinguished among us. Your opinions will certainly be insightful. We are all ears!

Han Baling smiled and said unhurriedly, A hundred years, Vulture Li Yao, known as the dominator of three Sectors, resolved the ten-thousand-year contradiction between humans and demons almost entirely on his own through both battles and diplomatic approaches. He connected the Heavens Origin Sector, the Flying Star Sector, and the Blood Demon Sector, accomplishing a feat that no one else at the edge of the cosmos had ever accomplished in history. As for himself, he turned into a well-respected superhero that everybody in the federation knew. These are historical facts that everybody knows.

However, hehe, there is still a major difference between the so-called superhero and a real great leader.

Everybody, we have seen too many heroes and warriors in the Ancient Sages Sector, havent we? But are all the heroes and warriors capable of establishing a magnificent organization whose glory can endure a thousand years? Of course not!

Heroes have all the fame and prestige, but it has always been the greatest question to translate the fame and prestige into real power and to make the power expand and last hundreds or even thousands of years.

Hehe. In the Ancient Sages Sector, whenever a new hero shows up, the traditional conglomerates and the decayed forces have too many ways to deal with him.

They perhaps wont attack him in real life but enshrine him through adulations. In the end, he will become an idol that is full of fame and prestige, but the real benefits flowing out of the fame and prestige will still belong to the traditional conglomerates and decayed forces!

Compared to Emperor Phoenixs Great Qian Dynasty, Han Balings own Ghost Qin was also an ambitious new power.

Therefore, he naturally took the side of Li Yaos group in the war of old versus new. The more he talked about it, the more he was unable to control the appreciation in his tone. A hundred years ago, after Li Yaos great feat, Li Yaos group was only just born and inevitably raised too much unnecessary attention. Before long, the traditional powers wouldve crowded close to confine and drain him!

If it was any other hero, Im afraid that they wouldnt have survived such a situation. The best outcome they couldve expected was to compromise and enter the circle of the traditional powers, becoming one of them.

Hehe. If it were anybody else, becoming one of them could have been the ultimate goal worth fighting for with their entire life, but who was Vulture Li Yao? How could he bear to be restrained by the old order after making such a great achievement as uniting the three Sectors?

Break the old order and monopolize the New Federation! Im afraid that this is the ultimate goal of Monster Li!


Li Yao could not help but slap his thigh hard and shout, It does make sense. What didnt I come up with it earlier?

It is perfectly understandable that Master Spiritual Vulture did not think of that before because you were born in a remote land and too focused on refining. Even I wouldnt have believed that this monster had such a huge appetite if it werent for the series of events that happened recently! Han Baling exclaimed in mixed feelings, with both admiration and fear on his face.

Monster Li is too farsighted, sophisticated, and ruthlessly. He is truly a fiend that even the twelve of us must be wary of even when we join hands! Fellow Cultivator Spiritual Vulture, why do you think he vanished into thin air a hundred years ago when his fame and prestige were at the highest point and has been missing for the entire century since?

Blinking hard, Li Yao had to give up after thinking for a long time. He shook his head hard. I really cant think of any reason. Why did he do that?

Its simple. He was making a move by retreating, Han Baling said solemnly. At that time, Li Yaos group had already shown its sharpness. With Li Yaos growing fame and prestige, it would absolutely have conflicts of interests with the conservative forces of the traditional conglomerates.

It must be noted that the federation had already lost the external enemy that was the Blood Demon Sector, and it would take another hundred years for the expedition army of the Imperium to arrive. Therefore, with no external trouble for more than a hundred years, did they have anything they could do other than fighting each other internally?

If Li Yao had stayed in the federation and continued leading Li Yaos group to develop so rapidly, he wouldve had a head-on clash with the traditional conglomerates.

At that time, Li Yaos group was not fully grown. Despite the ostensible splendidness, it was not well-founded, if it had any foundation at all. How could it have been a match for the renowned sects that had operated for hundreds of years?

They would not deal with him openly at all but would restrain, confine, and suffocate him like a boa. They would certainly not allow Li Yaos group to expand. Or rather, it was allowed to expand, provided that it followed the rules of the game of the old days!

New things often decline as abruptly as they arise. Have we not seen enough such examples in the Ancient Sages Sector?

Faced with such a disadvantageous situation, Monster Li Yao played two very smart moves!

First of all, he offered to disappear, claiming that he was out to explore the sea of stars!

This move achieved two purposes. On one hand, it was a concession for his enemy, a gesture that showed he was not interested in fame, fortune, or power and had no plans to compete with them at all so that the traditional conglomerates could rest assured about the forces that were not still not fully developed yet under his name!

On the other hand, it was also a warning. I am going out to travel and train myself, but youd better watch what you do to my supporters and subordinates. Otherwise, you may regret it years later when I announce my return in a certain way together with certain other forces!

Delicate. That was indeed a delicate move!

As for the second move, it was even more delicate, which was carried out by Jin Xinyue, Monster Lis favorite disciple. It is also the most critical step in the game!