Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690 Jin Xinyues Solution

In the Heavens Origin Sector, a hundred and fifty kilometers to the southeast of the capital city, there was a tiny, quiet satellite city. It was one of the main demon communities in the metropolis circle around the capital city.

At the center of the tiny city were two tall, splendid skyscrapers. One of them was the Blood Demon Natives Association, and the other was the Comprehensive Building for the Offices of the Groups of the Blood Demon Sector.

Between the two skyscrapers, there was also a small square. At the end of the square was a tall wall made of obsidian, depicting the scene where countless miners of the demon race were slogging deep inside the mines to collect resources.

Regardless of who was right and who was wrong a thousand years ago, at least, in the past hundred years, for the rise of the New Federation, countless demons had shed their blood, sweat, and tears in the resource planets in all seven Sectors. Their flesh and bones were buried deep in the earth of the New Federation and melded with the name Star Glory Federation, endowing the traditional country of pure human beings a different sense.

The statue was established in memory of all the miners of the demon race who were killed in accidents during the rise of the New Federation.

Next to the statue was a small museum, in which the names and deeds of all the sacrificed could be found out.

Descendants of the demon race that were scattered in the seven Sectors, some of whom had no features of demons at all after drinking the Chaos Serum and generations of marriage with human beings, often went there after a long journey to offer flowers to their ancestors.

Beyond the two skyscrapers and the small square for miners, to the north of the city, in the beautiful suburb, a seemingly ordinary villa lay.

In the past few decades, the seemingly unattractive villa was one of the centers of the swirls to some extent, or rather, a center to make swirls.

The leadership in the capital city and the experts in the circle of Cultivators all address the villa as Moon Palace.

It was Jin Xinyues personal residence.

The Ministry of Equality and Development was a government agency, not Jin Xinyues property. The Dim Moon Fund, as the federations second intelligence agency, was highly associated with the nation, too, despite its inconspicuousness and independence. It could not be entirely considered Jin Xinyues private troop.

Both the minister and the president of the Dim Moon Fund were positions and power that the federal government endowed her with and could be retreated anytime.

But the title Dark Lady of the Nine Heavens was different.

Jin Xinyues responsibility, obligation, and power for the demons were not granted by the federation but earned through her fathers prestige and her own methods. Therefore, it was impossible for the federation to deprive her of the power.

The Moon Palace was both Jin Xinyues home in the capital and the command center for her to control the Blood Demon Sector and the issues of the demons large and small. It was her real nest and the source of her power.

However, her nest was in apparent danger after the storm swept for half a month.

It could be seen from the number of shuttles landing and taking off in the private parking lots near the Moon Palace.

In the past few decades, the private parking lots near the Moon Palace had always been jam-packed by the luxury shuttles from all over the seven Sectors.

Not only were there guests from the demon race, some of them also came from the renowned sects that had been famous in the federation for hundreds of years.

When the scandal first broke out, the number of the luxury shuttles did not drop at all.

At that time, nobody believed that Jin Xinyue, a giant who had the support of most of the traditional conglomerates in the core worlds, would be crushed by an insignificant scandal.

However, the situation escalated each day, especially after Moonfalls sister was exposed and heavily protected by the Secret Sword Bureau. In only a few days, abrupt changes were taking place. Jin Xinyues fall and the reshuffle of the Dim Moon Fund seemed to have become predictable facts. Therefore, the parking lots immediately turned empty.

Jin Xinyue, mired in countless scandals, seemed to have really turned into a bomb that could explode anytime. None of the big shots were willing to keep in touch with her, fearing that they might be blown into pieces because of her.

Only the bold and determined reporters were arriving at the place like dung beetles that had sensed the stench. They concealed themselves in the corners of the satellite city and played hide-and-seek with Jin Xinyues ferocious bodyguards from the demon race.

Naturally, they were there to shoot the precious picture where Jin Xinyue was caught.

As a senior member of parliament, the leader of the Ministry of Equality and Development, and one of the two candidates running for the Supreme Speaker, Jin Xinyue was naturally protected by the federal law and could not be caught without good reason.

Three weeks after the scandal was exposed, she still had her basic freedom, and she could still commute between the plaza of her ministry and the Moon Palace, maintaining the functions of the two agencies.

However, she did not leave the Heavens Origin Sector for other worlds to give speeches and call for votes anymore. Perhaps the independent investigators had restrained her from doing so. Or perhaps it was because she had foreseen that she could do nothing to change the situation and that her struggles would be futile.

Faced with the snowballing scandals and pressure of the case, her high position and special identity could not help her much anymore. Multiple demonstrations targeting her had been held in many places in the seven Sectors, demanding that she be relieved of her duties and even sentenced to prison immediately.

The sources and the seasoned reporters familiar with political affairs all concluded that, even by the most optimistic estimation, Jin Xinyue would have to resign in cooperation with the investigation in one week.

In short, Jin Xinyue had lost everything. She was doomed!

On the surface, that was indeed the case.

But a secret meeting was being held in an area beneath the Moon Palace that was as complicated as a maze.

The attendants did not enter the Moon Palace through luxury shuttles; they were directly teleported to the most critical chamber in the Moon Palace through a secret teleportation array. Naturally, no reporters, agents, or independent investigators discovered them.

The secret teleportation system had been buried beneath the building when the Moon Palace was first established. It had never been used even once in the past few decades. So, it was impossible for the federal government to have learned the frequency and features of the system. At the very least, in the few days after it was activated for the first time, nobody would notice its existence at all.

The attendants who went deep into the Moon Palace through the secret teleportation array were still the three leaders who had met Jin Xinyue last time, the real big shots hiding behind the parliament of the federation.

This time, they were not just representing their own sects but also speaking for all the traditional conglomerates that had been affected by the scandals and struck hard!

Therefore, despite the calmness and resolution from being Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, the three big shots were displaying obvious anxiety and fury!

Jin Xinyue, what exactly have you been doing? Half a month ago, you promised me that you would take care of everything!

We believed you and offered you so many resources, but the more you did, the messier it became!

Right now, so many sects have gotten involved in this. The renowned sects with a history of hundreds of years have been pushed to the brink of collapse because of your own recklessness!

The independent investigators, the Secret Sword Bureau, and a dozen other departments have established a joint taskforce. A lot of our leadership has already been taken away. Nobody can tell what they will confess!

Even the few of us, as Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, will have to be investigated at designated times in designated locations in a few days. This is the greatest humiliation!

Leader Pang, Leader Zhao, and Leader Tong, three big shots of the traditional conglomerates, vented their anger, hatred, and fear like three volcanoes.

Jin Xinyue was still wearing the most delicate and perfect black suit. She seemed to be standing opposite them calmly, lowering her head to acknowledge her mistake.

However, the uncontrollable twitches of her lips, the slightly disordered brow line, and the tiny fracture on her black silk stockings all revealed the fear in her heart.

At first glance, even Jin Xinyue had lost control of herself faced with the immense pressure and the irreversible failure.

With everything coming to this point, what are you hoping to achieve by saying all that?

Taking a deep breath, she lit up a cigarette with her trembling hands. Then she said gloomily, Leaders, you are free to burst into fury and curse me however you want, but can you save your sects and family by doing that?

You All three bigshots were well-respected celebrities. It had been hundreds of years since they last heard such shameless talks. They were all exasperated. If that is the case, why did you beg us to come here to discuss a great plan with you? With everything coming to this point, we are but meat on a chopping block waiting to be cut. Is there any plan that can reverse our doom at all?

Jin Xinyue smiled miserably.

What appeared on her face was perhaps the most miserable, complicated, and vicious expression that the three big shots had ever seen in their entire lives.

Kill me. Jin Xinyue smoked the cigarette and spurted the erratic mist toward the three big shots slowly. Everything will be ended.

The three big shots were dazed at the same time. A moment later, they were even more angry than before. What did you say? Are you insane? You screwed everything up and caused such a huge mess that everybody is trapped in it. Theres no telling how many people are going to die because of you, and youre hoping that we can give you a clean, easy death? Not so fast!

Kill you? If killing you could solve our troubles, we would mince you into pieces without any hesitation! But is your life really so valuable? Are you qualified to drag so many noble families to die together with you?

Youyouyou! Why didnt we discover sooner that you are such a lunatic?

Jin Xinyue smoked the cigarette in silence, only this time swallowing all the smoke. Listening to the beratement of the three big shots patiently, she suddenly raised her head. With craziness beaming out of her eyes, she said with a smile, Or maybe, I can kill you first. I promise that you will leave this world easily and comfortably. You will not taste the pain of witnessing your ancestors enterprises being ruined by you!

The three big shots were stunned again. Then, sensing the undisguisable killing intent from Jin Xinyue, they finally recalled what had happened during their last meeting.

CCr*p. The woman is crazy. Why did we make the same mistake as last time?

Relax. Its just a joke. Jin Xinyue smiled. Her killing intent vanished into thin air like a glass of water spilled in the desert. Snapping the ash at the end of the cigarette that was as smooth as jade, she crossed her legs comfortably and said, It appears that you do not want me, yourselves, or your sects and family to die, and you want to counterattack to get a chance of survival, right?

The three big shots looked at each other in shock. Do you have any solution?

The entire federation has learned of what we did. Even the three seniors here cant figure anything out to deal with the situation. What can I propose? Looking at the three leaders through the orange brilliance at the butt of the cigarette, Jin Xinyue seemed to be targeting her prey in a rifle scope. Right, speaking of which, would you like to surrender to the Imperium with me, leaders?