Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1692

Chapter 1692 Complete Suppression

Four wine cups made of skulls of demon beasts in a hideous and twisted shape slowly ascended from behind Jin Xinyue. Boosted by her spiritual energy, the most eccentric air was flowing out from the utensils.

Three of the cups flew toward the three big shots, like three ghostly lanterns.

The skull cups were filled with the Red Guts Dragon Blood Wine, which was as thick and intense as real blood. It could also be seen that a gallbladder of a demonic dragon that looked like a heart was floating inside each cup.

The wine was as dark as blood and as thick as oil. One would feel that their goosebumps rising when they saw it first. Then, they would feel that their blood was boiling, and all their emotions were stimulated to the maximum.

The three big shots looked at each other in bewilderment, their fingers shivering. None of them were willing to be the first one to drink the wine whose flavor and consequences were unknown.

The three cups of wind, however, were drawing closer and closer to their mouths, as if six invisible people were standing behind them, forcing them to drink the wine.

Jin Xinyues voice grew colder and colder. Drink it now. Why dont you drink it up?

Jin Xinyue! Leader Tong, who had a baby face, bulged his eyes and slapped his thigh. We didnt come here alone. A lot of our men are waiting for us outside. Dont be too outrageous!

Oh. So to speak, Leader Tong, you would rather not show me enough respect. You do not consider the helpless, vulnerable woman that is me a friend, and you do not want to drink that wine that I specially brewed?

Jin Xinyue smiled casually and gestured at the door. People of different beliefs should go different ways. I dont like forcing people to do anything. If that is the case, you may leave now, Leader Tong! You should know that the job of leading the way for the army is not a complicated one. I dont think that it really requires so many hands.

You Leader Tong rose up abruptly and stared at Jin Xinyue for a long time. Then, he glanced at the other two big shots who were sitting next to him.

The two big shots lowered their eyes, as if they were two meditating monks who did not hear a word that he or Jin Xinyue said.

With a gloomy face, Leader Tong solemnly said, Jin Xinyue, since you have told me such a clandestine plan, if we dont cooperate with you, I fear that we will never walk out of your Moon Palace even if we get out of this chamber, right?

Jin Xinyue smiled and said, What do you think, Leader Tong!

Leader Tongs eyes were twitching violently, and he gnashed his teeth. Jin Xinyue, dont you dare!

With everything coming to this point, is there anything that I dare not do? Jin Xinyue laughed miserably, sorrowfully, and crazily. She picked up the cup of Red Guts Dragon Blood Wine floating in midair that belonged to her and put it next to her lips. She paused for a moment to smell the intense stink of blood before she raised her neck and drank the entire cup of wine.

She did not wipe the crimson wine that was dripping from the corner of her mouth at all but simply allowed it to sprinkle on her black suit and even her thigh that was enshrouded in the black silk stockings.

The gallbladder of the demon beast soaked in the wine was directly devoured by her, too, who chewed it slowly and carefully to squeeze more juice out of it.

The wine was as red as blood, and her skin was as fair as jade. They were a shocking contrast.

In the past hundred years, my sole dream was to become Speaker of the Federation. Leaders, you of all people should know how much I have paid for the dream and how many painful and dangerous things I have done.

Jin Xinyue swallowed the gallbladder that she had chewed up. Then she chuckled. But after only half a month, my dream has been entirely shattered I am universally condemned, and I will never rise again!

Even if Ding Lingdang and the rest of them do not send me to prison because of the support of so many demons behind me, for someone like me, the feeling of losing power forever is a hundred times more insufferable than being imprisoned!

Hehe. With that in mind, what makes you think that I dare not do this, Leader Tong? We have cooperated for a hundred years. Do you not know what kind of person I am? Do I impress you as someone who will just accept what fate has to offer?

Alright. Enough of the nonsense. Im going to ask you one last time, Leader Tong, Leader Pang and Leader Zhao. Are you going to drink my wine or not?

Whoever drinks the wine today will be my life-and-death brethren. We are going to team up and negotiate with the Black Wind Fleet. I believe that we can get a good price for your disciples and family members!

If you would rather not, the door is right over there. Be on your way and lets die together!

Jin Xinyue finally wiped her lips with the back of her hand, but the crimson leftover of the wine was smeared even wider, as if she had just devoured a beast alive.

She smashed the skull cup to the floor hard, breaking it into pieces. Then, she bulged her eyes and glowered at the three big shots!

For a moment, the countless demon kings, demon emperors, and even demon gods of the Blood Demon Sector from the past thousand years seemed to appear behind Jin Xinyue.

Her aura was truly overwhelming!

Under her scorching eyes and her irrefutable persuasion, the big shots were all shaking before they made up their minds again soon.

Leader Pang, the mountain of meat, was the first to reach for the cup.

Leader Zhao, however, was the first to pour the wine into his mouth.

But after he drank the spicy wine, he discovered that Leader Tong, who seemed to be the most unwavering one of them all, had already turned the cup upside down to show that he had finished the wine.

Haha. Hahahahahahaha! Her hair in a mess, Jin Xinyue laughed crazily and opened her arms, shouting, A smart bird knows which tree it should build its nest on. With the help of the three leaders here, our great cause will certainly be completed in no time!

Alright. We have finished the wine. Lets get back to business! Leader Tong wiped every last bit of the wine that was lingering on his lips. He regained his calmness and said, If if we are really going to do this thing, it will be much more complicated than shouting slogans. Have you communicated with the other side? Whats your specific plan? I think that you can tell us now, right?

Jin Xinyue smiled mysteriously. Of course. Ill ask someone to introduce the real Dim Moon Plan to you.

She clapped her hands three times unhurriedly.

The three big shots all changed their face color. They were still a bit ill at ease and did not want other people to learn of their defection so early.

Rest assured. Observing their faces, Jin Xinyue smiled casually. The few guys to come are the liaisons that I carefully chose for you. I believe that you will definitely find them trustworthy.

Before the three big shots could object, the door of the secret chamber opened.

The three faces that popped up from the darkness outside of the chamber, however, flabbergasted the three big shots inside!



Senior Uncle!

Three middle-aged men in their prime years walked in and bowed to the three big shots respectfully.

Their casual countenance was a vivid contrast to the astonishment on the three big shots faces.

Yes. Those appearing in front of them were the son and the true disciples of their respective family, whom they had always trusted and liked most. They were almost the pillars of their sects and families!

As it turned out, they had long been converted by Jin Xinyue.

The three big shots felt that their heads were dizzy, as if a hundred thousand volcanoes were erupting at the same time. There was no telling whether it was because of the shock or the attack of the wine.

Jin Xinyue. Youyou are so wicked!

Youve wrong me again. Why has everyone been wronging me recently? Come here. You will explain to them what happened by yourselves.

FFather, this is not what it looks like. President Jin did not sway us. It wasit was the spies of the Imperium of True Human Beings who persuaded us to serve the Imperium. We made a poor choice back then and got caught by President Jin.

Yes, master. At that time, we were all frustrated and thought that we were going to die in disgrace, but President Jin was lenient enough to spare us and help us to cover it up. Otherwise, we wouldve been sentenced to prison!

Senior Uncle, you must listen to our explanation. President Jin was truly loyal to the federation at that time. She let us go because she wanted to know more inside information about the expedition army. So, she gave us an opportunity of repentance. We were asked to keep in touch with the spies of the Imperium, partly to gather intelligence and partly to give false information to them to mislead the Black Wind Fleet.

Just like that, President Jin gradually reached out to the Black Wind Fleet through us.

We didnt know that such things would happen. President Jin is such a great hero, and yet she has been betrayed by the federation! Even we believe that she deserves better! If the federation is so ungrateful and shortsighted, we might as well rise up for real!

The Black Wind Fleet has long discovered the coordinates of the federation, but it is difficult for the main troops to jump over instantly without star beacons, Jin Xinyue said. Therefore, some spies were sent first to convert important figures.

People like you and me were too eye-catching to be their primary targets. As for your sons and disciples, they were certainly the best prey.

Why were they bewildered by the Imperium? Hehe. The competition between the federation and the Imperium is like hitting a rock with an egg. Faced with the overwhelming pressure, it is only normal to be bewildered, and it is actually abnormal to stay awake, isnt it?

Besides, everybody has weaknesses, even including the pillars and the heirs of the major families and sects.

For example, they may happen to be found in the bed of the mistress of an elder in their sect, or they may have stolen the precious resources in the treasury to break into a higher level.

If the spies of the Imperium learn the information, can those people not follow their instructions?

As for me, I happen to be the president of the Dim Moon Fun. It is my responsibility to capture the spies of the Imperium. Isnt it perfectly normal that I traced back to the filthy and smelly matters?

However, forget it. Just let bygones be bygones. I believe that you mustve done a lot of similar things when you were young, leaders. So, why dont you keep an open mind for the juniors?

Come on. Lets look forward. A future of infinite brightness awaits us, your sects, your families, and all your offspring!

The brilliance in Jin Xinyues eyes became more and more intense. Her lips curved into a charming but wicked smile. Straightening her arm and clenching her fist, she made the gesture of the highest courtesy of the Imperium of True Human Beings. Do you want to give it a try? You will know that it is not difficult at all after you do.

Long live the Immortal Cultivators! Long live the true path of immortality! Long live the Imperium of True Human Beings!