Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1716

Chapter 1716 The Hope Of Absolute Peace

The Spiriters, a branch of mankind, were going to escape to millions of lightyears away!

Li Yao was utterly dumbfounded.

His professor was truly his professor. Such a magnificent goal and such unwavering resolution!

In the illusion behind Professor Mo Xuan, the small fish were still struggling in the dirty river where mud was rolling.

They crawled from water to the shore, failing and trying time and time again. They grew new, feeble limbs during their attempts.

But Professor Mo Xuan suddenly raised his hands and picked up one of the fish from the illusion, putting it on a dry rock next to the river.

The small fish struggled hard, bubbling, only to be stiffened a moment later.

Look at the fish, Professor Mo Xuan said. I believe that the Spiriters are the future of the civilization of mankind, that they are more perfect new human beings. But it does not mean that the time of the Spiriters will arrive any time soon.

Evolution has its own pattern. Even the tiniest change must be adapted to and stabilized after hundreds of thousands of years or even longer. I cannot just tell the fish that mammals are the future of your evolution, go now, to the shore and then throw it to the shore without considering the law of evolution. The fish will certainly die!

Such an over-enthusiastic way is a complete distortion of the true meaning of evolution. Only idiotic schemers would try to deceive people with such folly. As for me personally, however optimistic I am, I dont think that the prosperity of the Spiriters will come in the next ten thousand years.

However, as soon as the Spiriters begin to let out their voices, however feeble the voices are, some people among humans and demons will be scared. Fear will lead to misunderstanding, misunderstanding will lead to prejudice, prejudice will lead to conflict, and conflict will escalate to war. It is the tragedy that has happened countless times in the history of mankind and will happen countless times in the future!

I dont want such a tragedy to happen between the Spiriters and humans and demons. Just like I firmed believed in the eventual birth of the virtual life, I have no doubt that the Spiriters will definitely be born and prosper. The trend cannot be stopped by anyones will. It is not going to help even if they destroy a Spiriter pioneer such as myself.

As long as human beings do not abandon the crystal processors and the Spiritual Nexus, the Spiriters will eventually be born. We should not turn a blind eye to the new life form like ostriches, nor should we try to suffocate it in fear and wariness stupidly and futilely. Instead, we should open our arms to welcome it and find a way to live in peace with it!

Or rather, even if we are stupid enough to suffocate it, we should get to know it well first through communication, right?

Therefore, I mainly did two things.

Firstly, I reported my theory to the government and reached out to the major academic institutions. Then, I invited the specialists of the federal army, the Secret Sword Bureau, parliament, and the major universities to discuss the cutting-edge theories together.

We gathered to talk about various possibilities. We predicted the future development of the Spiriters and their unexpected threats, flaws, and disadvantages. Gradually, we made everyone in the federation, the humans, demons, and Spiriters, realize that a new era was really coming.

Secondly, I acquired the Monument Plan with all my belongings and modified it into the Tinder Plan, hoping that a tiny proportion of the Spiriters could flee from here.

Most of the Spiriters are as rational and calm as I am. They believe that evolution is a natural process and that we can only observe in silence and offer slight guidance if we must. All beautiful things will happen by themselves.

However, if some of the Spiriters cannot wait any longer, they can set sail for the distant future and the other side of the sea of stars!

In millions of years, if the civilization of mankind is not destroyed yet, it will certainly have developed into a brand-new form. By then, different branches of mankind can grow, prosper, and blossom in different parts of the universe without affecting each other.

Even if they meet again, Im sure that the humans at that time will certainly have wisdom and morals much higher than ours, and they can settle the problem of peaceful coexistence perfectly.

After hearing that, Li Yaos suspicions at the beginning were almost entirely turned into shock and admiration. Professor, your ideals are so great!

Professor Mo Xuan smiled and casually said, I once had a disciple named Li Yao, who was a famous hero in the federation. But his fame did not solely come from his strength. In terms of strength, a lot of people in the federation were better than him. But only he brought peace to the Heavens Origin Sector, the Blood Demon Sector, and the Flying Star Sector with his strength.

Peace. How precious and vulnerable. After the Pangu Civilization and the Nuwa Civilization faded out, humanity has developed alone for a hundred thousand years. How many years in them were absolutely peaceful? Perhaps, not even one, right?

Enough blood has been shed when human beings attacked each other. We have just resolved the long grudge between humans and demons. I truly dont want the Spiriters to have new contradictions with their brothers. Is the forty thousand years of war between humans and demons not enough for the offspring to draw a lesson and grow the tiniest wisdom on peace?

So, since the very beginning decades ago, I never hid my thoughts and plans. All my arrangements had only one purpose, which is to make the Spiriters grow, prosper, and blossom in absolute peace with humans and demons as a functional part of mankind!

Li Yao took a deep breath and said, I believe that if your disciple Li Yao heard what you said, he would definitely have supported you!

Professor Mo Xuan sighed and said, Yes, I believe he would. But not everybody wants peace. At the very least, the Imperium of True Human Beings doesnt.

In fact, the Tinder Plan isnt ready for the first launch yet because we havent resolved the most critical reproduction problem.

Right now, people are saying that the war will break out very soon. The predictions of the intelligence agencies of the federation are not optimistic, either. Thats why we are making the first launch in a hurry.

Should the federation fail, the Imperium probably wont tolerate the existence and development of the Spiriters. Even if they do, they will certainly force the Spiriters to do dreadful things, like the star child who manipulated Xiao Xuance to sabotage the Flying Star Sector in the old days.

Therefore, this is a piece of tinder that has a low chance of success and may die out. Nobody will know its fate in the boundless universe, but lets just hope that life can find a way out for itself!

It surely will. Li Yao could not help but remark, SMiss Wei and her companions will certainly find a new out for humanity in the distant future on the other side of the sea of stars!

Alright. Professor Mo Xuan smiled gently. For a moment, the sharpness and aggressiveness in him that felt like a saber were entirely gone. He seemed to become the firm and generous professor of a hundred years ago again. You must be thirsty after such a long talk. Do you want to have a cup of wine in Carefree Town? We have the most delicious wine of the Forest Ocean Sector. It took us quite a long time to create the flavor. It is identical to the wine in the real world.

Li Yao pondered for a moment. He would not mind going to the town to further discuss with his professor or even reveal his identity under the right circumstances.

However, since Long Yangjun was still around, he might as well consult the heir of the Nuwa Clan first.

No, Im afraid I cant, Li Yao said. Theres some business in our delegation that I must attend to since we must jump to the Heavens Origin Sector this afternoon. Well further discuss this with you after we return from the Heavens Origin Sector. Right, Ill definitely ask you the way to enter the Divinity Transformation Stage without much trouble!

Hahahaha. Its a deal! Professor Mo Xuan laughed sunnily. He did not insist that Li Yao must stay but simply waved his hands at Li Yao and Ling Xiaole. Ill have to greet the guests who have come to attend the ceremony. You must excuse me. See you next time!

Li Yao was pushed out by a gentle force and sat up from the scarlet nerval interaction liquids.

Wei Qingqing and Long Yangjun were still waiting nearby. Ling Xiaole sat up from the virtual cabin next to him, too.

The two of them looked at each other in confusion and shock.

Miss Wei Li Yao felt different when he looked at Wei Qingqing. I didnt know that the Tinder Plan had such deep significance!

Wei Qingqing immediately understood. She frankly acknowledged, As an illusionist, I prefer to create spectacular and colorful worlds. But in reality, all some people in the Imperium, the Covenant Alliance, and the federation want is to destroy the world.

I do not like such reality. So, I might as well run to millions of years in the future and find a new world without destruction, oppression, and slavery. If I cant find one, I will create one myself. Would it be marvelous?

Li Yao felt that his throat was choked by two nuts. Taking a long breath, he sincerely said, Safe journey!

Wei Qingqing smiled. Thank you.

See you!

Haha. It will be difficult for you to see me again. But who knows? Life is so wonderful that any amazing thing can happen. See you! Wei Qingqing waved at Li Yao, exactly in the same posture when she said goodbye on the anonymous train station deep inside the Grand Desolate Plateau.

When Li Yao, Long Yangjun, and Ling Xiaole returned through the time channel again in the silver shuttle, the vulnerable and yet resolute shadow was still flashing before Li Yaos eyes and glittering like an orchid flower.

I must thank you for such an amazing trip, Ling Xiaole said from the cockpit. The journey to the Spiriters Realm was truly incredible!

Captain, Long Yangjun said, what does the Spiriters Realm look like? What did Professor Mo Xuan say to you? I shouldve joined you on the trip in the beginning.

You will have your chance to do so, Vice-Captain Long. Li Yao was more or less relieved now. He picked some of his experiences just now and his professors theories and explained them to Long Yangjun, complimenting them in great amazement.

Then, he began talking about the things that he would rather Ling Xiaole did not know.

Through the private talking technique, Li Yao said in a low voice, Long Yangjun, I need your advice

Long Yangjun looked at the time channel outside. Because it was a return journey, the whole world seemed to be retrograding from modern times to prehistoric era.

Whats up, captain? she replied in private talk.

Do you think Li Yao said.

He suddenly shuddered, as if a cold wind was blowing at him, and felt that something was wrong.

The mental devil was shrieking in his head. Wait. Dont ask her. She is not Long Yangjun!

Li Yao realized what had happened, too.

When Ling Xiaole was present, it was not a problem that Long Yangjun addressed him as captain. But when they were alone or talking in private, she always called him Li Yao or Monster Li mockingly!

Something was wrong!

It was not Long Yangjuns style in private conversations. She was not Long Yangjun!


It was impossible. Long Yangjun would definitely not leave his virtual cabin.

She was an expert at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage, supported by a Colossus and countless secrets from the age of Nuwa. Who could have replaced her with a counterfeit?

Li Yao thought quickly and soon realized what was going on.

The woman sitting next to him was indeed not Long Yangjun. It was not even a real person.

This place was not the real world, either.

They were still in the virtual world!