Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1717

Chapter 1717 The Way To Break The Illusion

The silver shuttle continued rushing forward without a sound in the reversed time channel, so quiet that it almost felt abnormal.

The continent projected by the 3D light beams nearby gradually sank into oceans. The animals on the continent retrograded into fish, and fish returned to nautili and trilobites. In the end, it was a desolate, lifeless primitive ocean again.

A drop of cold sweat slowly leaked out of Li Yaos forehead. For a moment, countless thoughts rolled over in his mind.

He was not worried about how to recognize or break the illusionary world. He was simply confused by one thing. If it was Professor Mo Xuan who constructed the second illusionary, what was his goal?

The virtual worldor in the terminology of the Cultivators, the Grand Illusionary Landcould easily be seen through even if it was theoretically a perfect simulation of reality.

It was because the virtual world could not simulate the things that it did not know, even if its real-time computational and rendering abilities were powerful enough to depict everything and everyone as vividly as real life.

Everything in the Grand Illusionary Land had been set in advance. Even the real-time computations and rendering that seemed random had to abide by certain laws. They could only be conducted by retrieving materials from an information database.

Even the best cook could not make food without ingredients. If there were no materials, it would be impossible to simulate anything.

The simplest example would be the woman sitting next to Li Yao who looked like Long Yangjun. It was quite easy to simulate the appearance of such a person. As long as someone shot her with a crystal camera in secret the moment Long Yangjun entered the Tinder Base and scanned her from multiple perspectives, they would naturally get the materials of her appearance without any trouble.

Based on the public relationship between her and Li Yao, and perhaps the conversation that the two of them had in reality, it was also possible for them to grasp Long Yangjuns speaking habits and the way she addressed Li Yao.

However, it was impossible for the people who created the Grand Illusionary Land to learn Long Yangjuns hidden identity. They could not have learned that Long Yangjun called Li Yao Monster Li in private, either!

Those were secrets that could not be deduced even if the computational abilities of all the crystal processors in the federation were made use of.

In fact, distinguishing the illusion was not so complicated. There was an even easier solution. The appearance, or rather, the skin, in which Li Yao showed in the Grand Illusionary Land, was his appearance when he entered the Tinder Base. But it was only the surface, too. It was impossible for them to scan how many Cosmos Rings he had on his body or know what exactly was stored in the Cosmos Rings. If so, how could they simulate the Cosmos Rings?

Therefore, if he was not certain, all he needed to do was to pick up one of his Cosmos Rings and retrieve a random item as a test.

Li Yao had brought a lot of rare materials back from the Ancient Sages Sector, which did not exist in the entire federation. So, it was even less likely that the database of the Grand Illusionary Land had those entries.

Or rather, he did not even need to activate his Cosmos Ring. He only needed to summon his spiritual energy and trigger a flame with it. It was absolutely impossible for the creator of the Grand Illusionary Land to learn the color, shape, and changes of the fire of spiritual energy that he raised with his special secret arts.

In short, the Grand Illusionary Land of the so-called perfect simulation of reality was only immaculate at first glance. It could only run perfectly within the boundary of the rules of the game. Once the boundary was crossed, there would be nothing it could do, and the players would immediately notice the flaws and loopholes that were hidden by the delicate appearance.


Unless the creator and controller of the Grand Illusionary Land were powerful enough to invade the brains of the players and read all the information to generate a real-time database. Then, all the computations and deductions would be finished before the neurons in the brain realized what was going on.

It meant that as long as Li Yao thought of a certain specific concept in his head, it would immediately be captured by the Grand Illusionary Land, which would then run a series of complicated computations quickly to make sure that the results exactly matched what he had in mind.

Or maybe, the Grand Illusionary Land could perform very brilliant mental attacks toward the brains of the players so that the players would enter a certain mysterious hypnotization state as if they were dreaming.

When people were dreaming, the world in the dream that they perceived was also broken, bizarre, and in violation of common sense and natural laws.

In the dream, they could fly, dead people could reappear, animals could talk, different places could be joined to each other perfectly any unbelievable thing could happen.

If they were awake, they would inevitably feel that such a world was hilarious and ridiculous and that it could not have been faker.

However, for the people who were trapped in nightmares, few could realize that they were in a dream.

But was it easy to achieve the two purposes at the same time?

Li Yao sneered at the bottom of his heart.

Both invading the brain to read memories and mind and paralyzing certain parts in the brain for hypnotization would consume a lot of computational abilities.

Besides, he was not an ordinary person at all but a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator with a strong soul, a determined mind, and a profound brain. He was not even a random Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator but one of the best of them!

Li Yao did not want to brag about himself. In terms of absolute combat ability, it was true that he was not the best in the federation. He had ranked between third and fifth a hundred years ago, and after a hundred years of sleep, without a crystal suit and a Colossus, it might be barely possible for him to defeat Ding Lingdang.

However, when it came to brain warfare or mental Cultivation, he was probably the most magnificent existence in the entire federation that surpassed the Divinity Transformation Stage!

For as long as he could remember, he had always been haunted by an uncanny dream. The uncanny dream about Earth that he was born with was definitely not a regular dream but some sort of Grand Illusionary Land. It polished his brain without him knowing it and prepared him for the crazy and harsh training later.

Later, Ou Yezi possessed him. In the Flying Star Sector, the star child tried to invade and control his brain through the star brain. When he left the Flying Star Sector, the Blood Stripe Virus also intended to occupy his body while he was breaking the void. After three perilous, breathtaking battles in the brain, his brain and his soul were further cleansed and hardened. There was even a mental devil, a weird second soul residing inside his brain now.

His experience was unique and uncopyable in the federation. Therefore, if somebody performed a mental attack on him, they would be fighting a battle that he was best at. It was exactly what he wanted!

But naturally, if his professor was truly up to something, the threat must not be underestimated, either.

As a star spirit, Professor Mo Xuans soul had been through mutations of a certain degree, too, in a weird and enigmatic way. Also, in the battle against the star child, Professor Mo Xuan also absorbed tremendous soul strength and computational ability from the star child. Perhaps he had gained even more than Li Yao did from the battle.

After that, Professor Mo Xuan managed the Glorious Sunlight Magical Equipment Center and supervised the repair work of the hundred super crystal processors from the Star Ocean Imperium in the Star Priers House on Spider Den. With his secret techniques as the star spirit, he had accumulated even more immense computational abilities.

Li Yao had once had a match with his professor, half for fun and half for real. His conclusion was that Professor Mo Xuans mental abilities and soul were truly immeasurable!

And that was a hundred years ago.

In the past hundred years, Professor Mo Xuan had not been idling by. He was a human-shaped crystal processor. The production, assembly, and debugging of all the super crystal processors in the federation were supervised by him or done with his personal help. He must have reached a higher level!

Since he was now living as a piece of liquid metal, it would be difficult to gauge his Cultivation by the regular levels such as the Nascent Soul Stage or the Divinity Transformation Stage. However, the intelligence that Li Yao had gathered from various sources suggested that in terms of computational ability, Professor Mo Xuan far exceeded the regular Divinity Transformation Stage!

His professors computational ability was definitely the highest in the entire federation.

Why else would he be qualified to be the presidents of the Refiners Association and the Association of the Spectral Cultivators?

Generally speaking, computational ability did not equal combat ability.

However, in the Grand Illusionary Land

To this moment, Li Yao still did not believe that Professor Mo Xuan was capable of invading his brain, reading his memory pieces, and paralyzing his central nerves without him feeling anything wrong.

Also, it was not difficult for a big player on Li Yaos level to crack such a Grand Illusionary Land.

As long as he continued burning his soul and breaking his limits, releasing infinite telepathic thoughts and techniques that surpassed the speed of real-time computation and rendering of the Grand Illusionary Land, the information streams that constituted the Grand Illusionary Land would be cast into a certain overflow state, which would lead to the collapse of the Grand Illusionary Land and even the super crystal processors and controllers behind it.

The star child had crashed in exactly such a way.

Ou Yezi was the same. With the last remains of his computational ability and mental ability, Ou Yezi had constructed a vivid illusionary world, trying to slowly corrupt Li Yaos soul in the illusions.

But he had never expected Li Yaos soul to be so strong. As it turned out, although Li Yao did not fight back at all, Ou Yezi simply crashed because he could not bear the enormous workload of computation and rendering.

Mental attacks were a double-edged sword in the first place. If the defenders mind was weaker, the defender would be hit, but if the defenders mind was too tough, the attacker might suffer from their own attack.

Narrowing his eyes, Li Yao stared at the blue sky, white clouds, and vast prairie that seemed quiet and peaceful on the horizon. He seemed to notice the green figures and runes pouring down like a waterfall behind the sky and the clouds.

If it was really Professor Mo Xuan, why was he doing this?

On the surface, he was an honorable guest from Firefly, who had come on behalf of the Speaker of the rightful government of the Star Ocean Republic. So many federal soldiers and Secret Sword Agents were around, closely monitoring everything. Was it necessary for Professor Mo Xuan to attack him with so many eyewitnesses?

Besides, although he was Speaker Cui Lingfengs representative, Firefly was just a bunch of refugees. In the war between the Black Wind Fleet and the federation to come, his identity on the surface would be a supporting role.

If his professor truly had any schemes, would he risk it just because of such an insignificant person?

The shuttle would soon return to the space port. The Grand Illusionary Land could not be too huge, and the characters being commuted in real time could not be too many. Not every member of Team Red Lotus could be simulated.

Therefore, whatever the purpose of the game was, it would be revealed soon!

Li Yaos pupils constricted after he had that thought.

Perhaps because he had been deep in thought for too long and stopped talking to Long Yangjun, the Long Yangjun before him turned rigid.

In the meantime, Li Yao sensed that an overwhelming, destructive killing intent had locked onto him!