Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1724

Chapter 1724 Confrontation

At the same time, in the Star Glory Federation, in a suburb of the capital city, deep inside the Moon Palace

When Jin Xinyue slowly stepped out of the door of the secret chamber, Xueer, her loyal disciple, and the tough warriors of the Dim Moon Fund who were waiting outside were all stunned.

In the past few decades, they had already gotten used to Jin Xinyues calm, neat, elegant style in a black suit.

But today, at the most important moment since a hundred years ago, Jin Xinyue abandoned her black tights and changed into a moon white robe.

She was not wearing any adornments from head to toe, except for a bright gold chain that softly bound the robe as a belt, which outlined her thin waist and made her look like a feeble but tensile willow.

On her feet was a pair of thorn shoes, a specialty of the Blood Demon Sector. Her ten delicate toes had healthy, attractive colors, as if ten small pink shells had been covered on her feet.

There was no additional magical equipment on her pure hands except for the Cosmos Ring that her master had given her a hundred years ago.

She was not wearing any makeup on her face, either. It was clean, unsoiled, and dustless. Her black hair dangled to her waist like a waterfall, further highlighting her fair face that was astoundingly beautiful.

She was like an angel that was walking on the earth and saving everyone in need. It was quite difficult to associate her with the Venomous Witch who did not blink after killing someone.

Therefore, even the members of the Dim Moon Squad, who had been through life and death situations with her for decades and witnessed too much of her brutality and ruthlessness, were also stunned. They all looked at each other in bewilderment, not knowing what was going on.

Master Xueer walked forward and emboldened herself to ask, Why did you

This is the robe that I often wore when I fought against the plague caused by the spore virus with my master a hundred years ago.

Jin Xinyue smiled casually. There was both pity and trance on her face. Touching the linen robe, which felt a bit rough, she was caught by the memories a long, long time ago. She mumbled, Let me wear the pure, sacred, and bright robe one last time, because after the battle, I will spend a long time, or even the rest of my life, in complete darkness.

Also, if I put on the white robe, wherever my master Vulture Li Yao is, he will certainly bless the success of our plan and the real rise of the Star Glory Federation, wont he?

Xueer understood it now. Putting on a charming smile, she sincerely said, Master, you are actually much prettier in white than in black.

You do have a sweet tongue, dont you? Jin Xinyue scratched the nose of Xueer softly. Then, she turned solemn and strode toward the core members of the Dim Moon Fund as well as her most loyal subordinates of the demon race who were scattered in various trades and only gathered recently.

When she reached the front of the strong, hideous, and intimidating warriors of the demon race, the smile on her face had entirely vanished, replaced by calmness and ambitions that were full of convincing power.

Warriors of the demon race, we have been lost in the darkness for a hundred years. We have lurked and held ourselves back for a hundred years! Jin Xinyue opened her mouth slowly and spoke to her soldiers in a charming and firm tone. The hundred years of humiliation, sacrifice, and silence were all for today, for this moment, and for the war to come!

A hundred years ago, I swore an oath to my father and all the demon compatriots at that time that I would complete the Red Tide Plan and lead the demons who were suffering to new glory!

During the hundred years, many people doubted me, objected to me, and even jumped out to fight against me!

But you only you have always had faith in me. You supported me loyally in the most troubled times and pushed the Red Tide Plan forward silently together with me. We interweaved the brand-new Dim Moon Plan and a dream of the demons rise!

Today is the day that I, Jin Xinyue, fulfil my promise. Today is the day when we fulfil our promise to all our demon compatriots!

Obliteration, rebirth, immortality!

Perhaps, our bodies will be completely wrecked in the battle. Perhaps, even demons will no longer exist as a real entity one day. However, our spirits, the spirits of demons, will be brought back to life in the battle and granted eternity. It will surely expand to the entire universe as the Star Glory Federation embarks on the conquest of the entire universe!

Obliteration! Rebirth! Immortality!

The warriors of demons whose blood was boiling all screamed at the top of their voices deep inside the Moon Palace. Their roars that had been suppressed for a hundred years were about to turn into torrents of magma and sweep across the entire world!

Hehe. Narrowing her eyes, Jin Xinyue smiled. She looked at a lot of gray-haired demons and said, A lot of us actually come from the age of the Old Federation, when we were still against the Old Federation and fought bloody battles with each other. Tell me, do you hate the soldiers and experts of the Old Federation?

The gray-haired demons looked at each other and nodded.

Of course, they hated them. How could they not? Although they had been integrated into a whole now, the great humiliation of a conditional surrender when they still had an advantage in national strength was not something that they could forget even in their entire lifetime!

If you hate them, just win the battle for us! Jin Xinyue smiled. If the deceased heroes of the Old Federation learn in their graves that the Star Glory Federation that they sacrificed themselves for had to be protected by a bunch of demons and monsters in the end, how indignant will they be? Im afraid that they will certainly be kicking their graves in fury, wont they?

Jin Xinyues words soothed the solemn and intense atmosphere in the room. A lot of demons laughed in great amusement.

Master. Xueer walked forward and said, The liaisons of the major sects and families are waiting outside.

Excellent. Jin Xinyue focused her eyes and picked up the dark gold scepter that represented the commandership of the coalition army of demons in the time of the Pantheon of Demons. Waving the scepter softly, she said, Warriors of the demon race, lets move forward!

Right when Jin Xinyue activated the last procedure of the Dim Moon Plan deep inside the Moon Palace, behind the brown dwarf eighty lightyears away from the Star Glory Federation, after five days of waking, unfolding, and deployment, the Black Wind Fleet had finally transformed into its battle formation from the cruise state that had lasted a hundred years!

The dense crystal starships constituted an enormous, precise black cube without the slightest error.

On the eight corners of the cube, the space teleportation arrays had been established. They were transmitting and exploiting spiritual energy in almost an extravagant way.

Such precious spiritual energy was never used even in the most dangerous emergencies during the hundred years of cruising, just so that the fleet would be able to launch a critical strike at the prey when it was close enough!

Zi, zi! Zi, zi, zi, zi!

The black electric arcs hundreds of thousands of kilometers long flowed among hundreds of main-force warships and even more ancillary warships without a sound. A black hole that could consume everything seemed to be taking shape!

On the bridge of Black Swirl, the flagship of the Black Wind Fleet, Heiye Ming stared at the thousands of light beams displayed by the mainframe crystal processors, with his hands behind his back. His thousands of telepathic thoughts interweaved with the streams of information that were surging like a storm, allowing him to control every detail in the entire fleet precisely.

The crystal processors of the Imperium of True Human Beings were more advanced than their counterparts in the Star Glory Federation. The Black Wind Fleet was highly automated. Eighty percent of the work could be accomplished through the crystal processors. The exchange of data, information, and commands could also be completed within a moment through the tactic network, compressing the thousands of starships into an inseparable whole like an overwhelming giant in the middle of the space!

Heiye Mingor rather, the mainframe crystal processors of Black Swirlwas the brain of the giant.

Heiye Mings decisions and telepathic thoughts could reach every corner of Black Swirl through the crystal processor and the tactic network and even every critical post in every starship of the fleet. He could control the entire fleet as conveniently as he controlled his arm and hand!

Commander, the fleet has been unfolded. All the Immortal Cultivators are ready for battle. As long as the navigation of a large-scale space gate is available, we will be able to jump over at any point and launch a destructive strike!

The Chief of Staff of the Black Wind Fleet next to him said, However, is that guy really trustworthy?

Rest assured, Su Changfa is an Immortal Cultivator and a member of the Imperium of True Human Beings in any case, Heiye Ming said slowly. According to the intelligence sent back by our spies that are still lurking inside the federation, the presents that he gave us are all real. It never occurred to me that the old man Su Changfa is not entirely dead yet. He can still control the Spiritual Nexus of the Star Glory Federation, or at least the key nodes of it, in a rather amazing way!

Jin Xinyue believes that she will be a certain winner by drawing half of our troops into the Heavens Origin Sector and then defeating the troops after the space gate is turned off? Hehe. That is so nave of her. She couldnt have foreseen that we had such a backup move named Su Changfa at all!

Of course, I will not completely trust Su Changfa or his disciple Lu Qingchen. After all, they do not belong to the Black Wind Fleet, and they may be up to their own schemes.

Therefore, in regard to their plan, I have made a tiny micro adjustment. As long as the enormous forces of the Black Wind Fleet tear a hole in the sky of the Heavens Origin Sector, who will ever be able to stop us?

Thats really brilliant of you, commander! the Chief of Staff praised.

Let the warriors wait a little longer. Heiye Ming smiled casually. I know that they are all restless because they havent warmed up their bones for a hundred years. However, the hungrier they are, the more delicious the blood of victory will taste!

Everything is under my control. In twelve hours, the Heavens Origin Sector, as well as the entire Star Glory Federation, will be the territory of the Black Wind people!