Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1733

Chapter 1733 Total War

Because of the blockades of the federal army, the Secret Sword Bureau, and other departments, and because Li Yao was setting up presents while he was on the way to Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital, it took them three hours before they finally reached the top of another hospital that was five kilometers away from the target.

The hospital had nothing to do with either Professor Mo Xuan or Lei Yuqin. It was not as confidential as Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital and was still open. Therefore, the two of them snuck to the commanding height that they desired more than easily.

Zi! Zi! Zi!

The two of them were wearing penetrative telescopes crafted by Li Yao. Their eyes immediately turned into two green, fluorescent spots.

The telescope was made of nineteen layers of transparent lenses as a piece of high-level magical equipment designed for the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators. Together with the amazing eyesight of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, they would be able to clearly see a fly thousands of meters away. After switching to different lens modes, the telescope could even break optical illusions and directly sense the changes of heat and spiritual waves, allowing it to see through what was really behind the surface.

The two of them were crouching on a balcony on the top of the building. The optical camouflage cloth that they covered themselves in blended them with the bright gray environment perfectly.

Concentrating their attention, they carefully searched the parts of Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital that were exposed to the ground inch by inch.

The hospital five kilometers away seemed quiet and peaceful. Most of the buildings were hidden in the deeper parts. On the ground that was full of green, vigorous plants, a few gardeners were maintaining the artificial lawn. It seemed to be just another usual day.


Somethings wrong with those people.

Holding his breath, Li Yao kept his hands almost perfectly still, but he was actually adjusting the lens carefully for a better focal length. Captured by his lens, the gardeners were all magnified to the extent that every pore on their bodies were clearly visible.

The gardeners were too strong.

No. They were not strong because they had a lot of muscles. The Star Glory Federation had always attached great importance to fighting. Training facilities and strengthening drugs were popular nowadays, too. Even the most common workers were able to build themselves into brawny bears.

However, the bodies of the gardeners that were hidden below the sloppy work suits were in the most perfect inverted triangle. Their muscles were evenly distributed and forceful, and their bones were tough and concrete, like springs and machines that had been filled with strength. Even their veins and nerves were distributed in the most even, smooth, and perfect way!

It was the special body quality that could only be achieved after decades of hard training, when the internal organs and the limbs were repeatedly cleansed and nurtured by the spiritual energy. With the eyes of a professional, Li Yao could tell that, although they did not release a lot of spiritual waves, those gardeners were likely very strong battle-type Cultivators!

Even if a private hospital did need to require a few tough security guards, did they really have to hire battle-type Cultivators as their gardeners?

Also, when Li Yao observed the gardeners carefully, he felt that they were somewhat weird or even creepy.

Although they were working and communicating normally, with laughter every now and then, their eyes were rigid and lifeless. Undisguisable black fog seemed to be spreading out of their eyes, making them look like

Hey. Do you feel that those guys are like a bunch of dead people? Long Yangjun asked in a low voice.

Exactly. Although they also breathe, their hearts beat, and their body temperature is no different from normal, I also feel like they are a bunch of dead people who have just crawled out of a grave.

Pondering for a moment, Li Yao frowned. Or maybe, they are not dead people but puppets. Some sort of weird puppets

While they were talking, they sensed a chilly glare at the same time.

On the law five kilometers away, one of the gardeners suddenly put down the mower. Bulging his black and empty eyes, he coldly stared straight in their direction.

With him as the lead, all the other gardeners seemed to be attracted by a certain weird force and raised their heads simultaneously, too, gazing at the building five kilometers away.

It never occurred to Li Yao and Long Yangjun that their senses would be keen enough for them to detect the spying of two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators so quickly.

Weve been caught, Long Yangjun said. Those guys must not be underestimated. Are your arrangements all good? They wont go wrong, will they?

Absolutely not! Narrowing his eyes, Li Yao raised his right hand slowly, while the cold and gloomy eyes were still focused on him from five kilometers away. He announced, one word after another, Dont forget that other than being the Lord of Ventilation Tubes, I am also the legendary Prince of Crystal Bombs!


Li Yao snapped his finger.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The snap of his fingers was like an amazing order. Dozens of ear-splitting explosions echoed in a certain corner near Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital. Bright fireballs burst out and turned from orange fire into smoke that was as dark as ink in the next moment. Extending the limbs and claws, the smoke enshrouded the entire hospital quickly!

For a moment, fire was soaring into the sky, and black smoke was spreading everywhere. Alarms were ringing nonstop. The whole of District 109 and even the few districts nearby all sensed the unprecedented great explosion!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The illusions of the beautiful landscape around were first riddled with twisted ripples. Then, they became tinted and mottled in different colors. One light beam after another perished, revealing the silver wall of the cabin and the cold truth that they were in fact in the middle of an enormous metal ball.

Li Yao grinned and looked at the result of his sabotage with great satisfaction. We monitored the situation while we were on our way here. At least three groups are stationed near District 109. They will soon arrive after hearing such violent explosions.

Look! Long Yangjun said. They have given themselves away.

Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital was the focus of the serial explosions.

The bombs that Li Yao adopted were mostly smoke grenades and stun grenades, which might not boast much damage but certainly looked very intimidating. The sound was echoing even to this moment, as if thousands of soldiers were attacking the hospital.

The smoke grenades that he had specifically prepared were added with venomous fog from the Southland of Sorcerers of the Ancient Sages Sector. They consumed the ground part of the hospital and disrupted all the probe magical equipment that could possibly exist on the ground.

Under the unexpected sudden assault, the gardeners all summoned their crystal suits at the earliest chance due to their natural intuition, turning themselves into fully-armed, awesome-looking warriors!

Li Yao analyzed the model of their crystal suits immediately. The crystal suits were all heavy crystal suits developed in the last ten to twenty years, with very professional upgrades and modifications based on their personal features.

Even regular low-level Cultivators could barely afford that, not to mention gardeners!

Besides, two round parts on the green man-made lawn sank abruptly and retreated helically, revealing two dark giant holes.

Countless silver puppets that looked like the Grand Illusionary Soldiers swarmed out like bees and landed near the gardeners after a few giant leaps.

One gardener, plus eight to seven puppets, made a battle unit.

More than twenty battle units controlled every corner of the ground part of Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital.

The establishment of the whole tactical defense system only took less than ten seconds.

Even the gardeners of your household cant be as tough as them, right? Long Yangjun asked.


Then what are we waiting for? Long Yangjun said. This is the place. Ive been holding it back for a long time. Lets make it big!



Li Yao and Long Yangjun both removed the stealth camouflage cloth and rose up abruptly. Two seemingly ordinary crystal suits immediately covered them without a gap. One on the left and the other on the right, they fell on one of their knees and prepared to run. Then, they sprinted forward!


Flames of spiritual energy that resembled a volcanic eruption burst out of their backs and their feet. Although their crystal suits were ordinary with mediocre performance, boosted by the spiritual energy of two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, the crystal suits limits were soon surpassed. The five kilometers was swallowed in no time. The two of them smashed into the garden of Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital like two shooting stars. The few silver puppets that were bold enough to stand in their way were all blown into scrap metal!

The other hundreds of puppets, as well as the twenty or so Exos who were pretending to be gardeners, lunged at them without a sound.

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Li Yao straightened his left arm. An ivory ball of light was quickly condensed in the middle of his palm and turned into a dazzling pillar of light in the next moment. It pierced through two battle puppets in the front immediately but was then blocked by the spiritual shield released by the third battle puppet. Li Yao slightly frowned. Those are no ordinary puppets. Their spiritual shield is very powerful, even with some sort of ability to twist the force field!

Those guys are no ordinary gardeners, either! Long Yangjuns body was twisted into a weird curve before she blinked out of the siege of five puppets in a seemingly impossibly way. Then, her longsword turned into a colorful arc as she pierced at the gap between the skull and the torso of the crystal suit of a gardener. Outside her expectations, the gardener was strong enough to see through the trajectory of Long Yangjuns attack and raise his saber in time, clashing with Long Yangjuns weapon head on!

Although the enemys saber was shattered after the clash, and he was blown away, Long Yangjun was still slightly dazed.

She was a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Although the previous attack was not carried out with the maximum strength of the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage, it was in the beginning level of the Nascent Soul Stage at least. And yet, the enemy was able to resist the attack without getting killed?

Let me see what you are exactly! Li Yao sniffed. The bright green fire of spiritual energy around his body was expanding nonstop, pushing him to dash toward where the enemies were densest. The three or four battle puppets on his way were all blown up together with their spiritual shields by him. He flashed to the front of one of the gardeners instantly.


Li Yao extended his right hand and opened his fingers. His spiritual energy surged out like torrents and a ferocious beast, completely suppressing the enemy and making it impossible for him to move. Even the crystal suit on the enemys body was spluttering and breaking apart!


Completely overwhelmed by Li Yao, the gardener suddenly shrieked in a way that did not sound like a human being. The next second, his entire head seemed to be exploding!