Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1734

Chapter 1734 Neither Dead Nor Alive

Naturally, his head did not really explode. However, when Li Yao perceived with the spiritual root above the epiphysis at the center of his eyebrow, a colorful and glamorous volcano was really erupting from the mans eyes, forehead, and skull. It immediately condensed into surging tides of a mental attack and poured into Li Yaos brain!


Despite the solidity of his soul in the Nascent Soul Stage, Li Yao still felt that ten thousand crystal bombs were detonated inside his brain at the same time. His brain was turned into a swirl, and ten thousand bells were tolling and shaking nonstop at the deepest part of the swirl!

Even the mental devil was ripped apart by the unexpected attack. It was screaming in a loud voice and was unable to be condensed again for a long time!

Such a powerful mental attack!

Li Yao was somehow stunned by the attack. He fell to one knee and breathed heavily. Then, his head expanded like a balloon that was being blown until the helmet of his crystal suit was cracking.

The attack also consumed all the soul power of the gardener on his opposite side. In Li Yaos perception, the forehead that was hidden below the helmet had collapsed to the bottom, and the brain cells inside all withered. His soul, spirit, and even self-awareness were all gone, leaving nothing.

Like a marionette whose strings had been severed, he fell to the ground, unable to move anymore, without even a single cramp.

It was a suicidal attack, like the detonation of the core for Core Formation Stage Cultivators, except that the man had detonated his own brain.

He had activated all the power of his soul through a certain weird secret art and transformed it into the fiercest mental attack!

Although the man was already dead, the twenty or so gardeners and numerous battle puppets were all lunging forward and launching attacks at Li Yao fearlessly with no consideration for their own lives.

Those battle puppets were vastly different from the Grand Illusionary Soldiers that had given Li Yao quite a hard time before in the Flying Star Sector. They seemed to be even more advanced than the Grand Illusionary Soldiers!

The Grand Illusionary Soldiers could only filter and choose tactics and movements from the combat data stored in the crystal processors according to the situation in a battle. Therefore, their movements were limited, rigid, and delayed, and they were vulnerable to the interference of the network. They were merely puppets.

However, the battle puppets here were fighting fluently with the most immaculate teamwork. They were even performing a lot of terribly ugly but absolutely effective movements that were highly irregular. They gave Li Yao a feeling that they were not puppets but inhabited by real souls.

So, it meant that they were spectral Cultivators and real human beings.

But why were there so many expert spectral Cultivators in this place? And what was the weird, suicidal mental attack all about?

Li Yao slashed a battle puppet in half from the waist with his hand, only to discover that the gardener next to it launched the most excruciating suicidal mental attack again. The man burnt his entire brain just for a single moment of brilliance, which was then struck Li Yaos brain!

Li Yao grunted. He could almost hear his brain vessels and nerves exploding nonstop.

The two gardeners that had detonated themselves were at least in the Core Formation Stage. Their souls seemed to have been specifically polished, too, and were much more powerful than what was expected of the Core Formation Stage. Together with the enhancement magical equipment on the helmet of their crystal suits, their suicidal attack was definitely not something to be underestimated!

Li Yao glanced around and noticed that Long Yangjun had finished more than ten battle puppets in a streak of brightness within a moment, too. But she had also suffered two suicidal mental attacks, and her movements were more or less slowed down.

Thankfully, after four gardeners died from suicidal attacks and three were killed by Li Yao and Long Yangjun before they had the chance to, there were only a few gardeners left.

While Li Yao and Long Yangjun were slightly surprised by the toughness and fierceness of the gardeners, the gardeners and those behind them must have been even more startled.

Judging from the intensity of the suicidal mental attacks of the gardeners, it should be the most powerful and ultimate approach. Even if their enemy was at the beginning level of the Nascent Soul Stage, it was possible that the enemys soul would have been shattered or at least confused for a couple of seconds, in which case they would still have been killed under the collective attack of the puppets.

But never could those behind the puppets have foreseen that the intruders were super experts at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage with particularly weird and tough souls!


Li Yao and Long Yangjun looked at each other and both sneered. Their competitiveness was raised by the uncanny gardeners and the battle puppets, and they raised their combat ability to eighty percent simultaneously!


Flames of spiritual energy erupted from their bodies and surged into the sky like a tree almost ten meters tall before it exploded in midair.

Even the air could not bear the compression and tearing of their auras anymore. Thunder and lightning spread out in ripples that were almost substantial objects.

The daunting auras alone were enough to freeze plenty of battle puppets to where they are. The rune arrays and chips inside their bodies were cracking and breaking amid dazzling sparks.

After a breath, the flames of spiritual energy that had been released to the maximum were absorbed into their bodies again. Their bodies seemed utterly unchanged compared to before, but when perceived by the spiritual root, their bodies had expanded by more than ten times into two ferocious primeval beasts!

Shua! Shua!

One on the left and the other on the right, Li Yao and Long Yangjun turned into two flashes of destruction. They accelerated to three times, five times, and ten times their original speed. As if they were living in a world where time flowed ten times faster, other people were all stuck by invisible glue and were unable to react at all until their veins, nerves, bones, and metal architecture were blown apart!

A moment later, the whole ground was scattered with debris.

However, battle puppets were still emerging incessantly from the two enormous holes on the lawn, occasionally mixed with one or two perfectly-shaped, lifeless weirdos whose eyes looked like black holes.

Those weirdos had already put on their crystal suits before they flew out of the ground. Despite knowing that they would certainly be killed, they were still lunging at Li Yao and Long Yangjun relentlessly.

Those guys are at least in the Core Formation Stage!

Li Yao kicked one of the gardeners back into the hole after blowing up the mans crystal suit together with his ribs, which seemed as thin as paper under his attack.

Also, their souls have been specially modified, allowing them to increase their mental combat ability to the Nascent Soul Stage when they are launching that suicidal attack!

Long Yangjun swung her sword unpredictably. The auras of the blade split into nine whips of light instantly, penetrating through at least twenty battle puppets. Then, she shook her wrist and turned the sword around. Waves were immediately raised from the whips, blowing the twenty battle puppets into dazzling fireballs simultaneously!

Its impossible. Where did my professor find so many lifeless Core Formation Stage experts? There seems to be an infinite number of them!

Simple. Lets just go down there and check!

Right then, from the silver dome behind them, hundreds of Exos popped up from the entrances of the channels to quite a few different locations. They formed a grave battle formation in midair.

Judging from the paint and emblems on their crystal suits, they belonged to the federal army!


The soldiers of the federal army who had been sent there because of the abrupt explosions were somewhat confused.

According to their intelligence, only two spies of the Imperium of True Human Beings had snuck into Hundred Flowers City. But the battlefield at the periphery of the Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital seemed to suggest that two elite legions had just had a huge fight in this place!

If one side was the spies of the Imperium, who was the other side?

How could a private hospital boast such immense forces for defense?

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Almost all the soldiers detected tremendous powerful spiritual waves with their crystal suits.

Their attention was particularly attracted by the two waves that were surrounded by the battle puppets at the center of the law. It was almost

Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators?

Thats impossible!

Exclamations of shock and confusion were echoing in the federal armys communication channel.

You cant cover fire with paper. Soldiers of the federal army have arrived here. I would like to know how Director Lei Yuqin of the Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital will explain her particularly strong gardeners!

Smirking, Li Yao and Long Yangjun sprinted at the same time. Like two raging crystal trains that were running at the highest speed, they blew away the few battle puppets that were on their way and jumped into the two channels leading underground as fast as tornadoes.


The moment he entered the hole, Li Yao raised his hands. Dozens of crystal bombs darted into the underworld before he did. The crystal cannons on the shoulders of his crystal suit, the honeycomb-like launcher of flying swords, and other remote attack magical equipment opened fire at the same time, raising a storm of furious fire in the entire channel.

Li Yao descended to the bottom of the channel majestically in the middle of the storm. The battle puppets that were affected by the explosions but not killed yet were all shattered by the auras of his saber!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Identical explosions were echoing behind him. When he turned around, Long Yangjun had already broken through the other channel and appeared in front of him.

Judging from the structure of the two channels above their heads and the joints with the underground buildings, the channels could not have been opened easily. They must have been emergency exits.

The underground buildings were of a much grander scale than they had anticipated. Li Yao released more than ten scanning grenades and feedback grenades that rolled quickly in midair. But the preliminary result of the reconnaissance implied that the place was as complicated as a maze.

The defender seemed to have run out of available soldiers. After blowing up dozens of battle puppets along the way, they did not meet any new resistance.

Naturally, the two of them did not demean themselves by looking for stairs or an elevator. They simply blew through the floors and jumped down. As a matter of fact, there were probably few floors in the entire universe that could withstand the collective bombardment of two experts at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage.

After blowing through five floors in a row and reaching the minus sixth floor, they were already surrounded by silence. Long Yangjun suddenly pointed at the glass window on one side of the pathway and said, Whats that?

Li Yao peered through the glass window, only to discover that it was a rather spacious hall in which almost a hundred medical cabins that looked like cocoons were placed. The cabins were filled with green nutrition liquids, and soaked in the nutrition liquids were a lot of people whose eyes were closed and who appeared to be neither dead nor alive!