Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1738

Chapter 1738 Mental Recoil

All these illusions cannot trick me!

Li Yaos mind was as clear as ice and as tough as a diamond. He stayed where he was calmly despite the scourge of all the evils that were coming at him!

There were two ways to break the illusionary worlds created by mental attacks. The first way was to find the flaws in the illusionary worlds. For example, it was impossible for an abyss of such enormity to exist in a space station, or it was biochemically unnecessary for an octopus monster to grow a thousand eyes on its head although the creature did look more intimidating this way. If one could see through the logical mistakes, the illusions would fall apart by themselves.

However, this was a way of pure defense, which was not suitable to resist the mental attacks of super high intensity.

Although the illusions were false, the mental attacks that consisted of tremendous spiritual energy were real. Even though one could see through the illusions, it was still possible that the mental attacks would stimulate and even wreck their brains.

It was just like somebody could pass out or be scared to death when watching horror movies even if they knew that the movies were not real.

Li Yao preferred the other way to break the illusionary worlds, which was to summon his own mental power and build a stronger, more violent, and more majestic illusion to fight back!

The worlds of illusions were battlefields where mental combat ability was all that mattered. Powerful imagination was the best weapon!

Argh! Li Yao roared furiously like a primeval beast. Flames of spiritual energy darted out of the gaps of the abnormal tentacles like thousands of light swords, before they revolved crazily and absorbed all the tentacles that were packed with sucking discs.

For a moment, broken limbs were flying everywhere, and stinky blood and pus were spluttering. The thousand terrifying eyeballs on the octopus monster in the dark abyss were trembling crazily, too, as the creature screamed in such ear-splitting noises that the entire abyss was shaking. The monsters in all the shrines on the wall left their shelters and flew in midair anxiously!

Li Yao regained his freedom. The crystal suit on his body that had already been shattered fell apart into black butterflies before they dispersed into nothingness.

What replaced the old gear was a bright gold, translucent crystal suit that seemed to be made of the purest diamonds and never existed in the real world.

The bright gold, translucent crystal suit flowed out of his every pore and blossomed like flowers, covering his entire body instantly. The implementation was complete!

It was the ultimate battlesuit that Li Yao had craved to produce day and night based on the string-light crystal suits of the Imperium of True Human Beings, the primeval armors on Kunlun, and the essence of the various suits on the Nuwa warship. He had pictured it in his head more than ten thousand times before.

However, there were still too many technological conundrums in terms of material science, structural studies, studies of spiritual energy, and mechanics. It was barely possible to combine the essence of various sorts of suits that had been invented over hundreds of thousands of years.

So, he could do nothing more than picture it. Such a suit could never be produced in reality.

But this was a world of illusions. Imagination plus vision would be ones combat ability!

Looking at the monsters down below that were flying crazily, Li Yao put on a smile of satisfaction. He opened his arms, making his arms and his chest look like a bow that had been drawn to the maximum. The plate armor on the bright gold crystal suit was opened, revealing the arrays of super tiny crystal cannons, honeycomb-type flying sword launchers, and activation arrays of destructive mystic rays. All kinds of aggressive magical equipment that could never be combined in the real world turned the crystal suit into the craziest arsenal!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Zi! Zi! Zi!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Before Li Yao, almost a thousand streaks of colorful brilliance surged out like a flood that had overwhelmed a dam, turning into torrents of destruction. Wherever they landed, all the monsters were immediately dispersed before they were completely burnt to ash by the crystal cannons, the scorching fire, and the high-frequency vibrating mystic rays. The only thing left was mottled smoke that was lingering in midair like a swirl, but the remains were gone in a second, too!

In just one moment, almost all the little monsters were blown into smithereens by Li Yao. The few lucky dogs that survived the slaughter were trembling in fear in the shrines, unable to charge forward at all under the intimidation of his magnificent mental power!

Zhi! Zhi, Zhi, Zhi, Zhi!

In the swamp of darkness, the enormous octopus monster with a thousand dead eyes shrieked at the top of its voice. For regular Cultivators whose souls were relatively weak, the shrieks alone were probably enough to collapse their mind and wreath them in the utmost horror.

However, for Li Yao, who had completely seen through the truth of the illusionary world and possessed a solid soul, he clearly heard the confusion and dread hidden in the shrieks.

He glanced around, only to discover that Long Yangjun had been freed from stupefaction and horror. Although she was still wearing the crystal suit that had fallen apart, clusters of new crystals were growing in front of her arms nonstop, like the protective crystal suit that had once covered her entire body deep inside the bridge of the Nuwa warship.

But this time, the clusters of crystals were extended before her arms, interweaving what appeared to be a crystal railgun!

When Li Yao cleared all the little monsters around, the crystal railgun that had grown out of Long Yangjuns arms was already fully charged with spiritual energy. Triggering arcs of light that were ten thousand times more brilliant than lightning and releasing the spiritual waves that were more immense than the main guns of a crystal warship, she locked onto the octopus monster in the abyss and opened fire!


Li Yao saw the ripples of spiritual that felt like real entities spreading to every corner of the entire abyss. Even he was almost awed by the storm of spiritual energy that was sweeping right above his soul. The next moment, a small sun rushed out from the crystal railgun from Long Yangjuns body and lunged at the head of the octopus monster in the abyss, burning the thousand dead eyes into a thousand holes!

Looking at Long Yangjuns crystal railgun, Li Yao was amazed. So, this is your real strength. I didnt know that your mental power was so high!

Monster Li, likewise! Long Yangjun glanced at the bright gold battlesuit that Li Yao had imagined and smiled.

The two of them launched attacks at the same time. Streaks of brilliance that entailed explosive forces rained upon the octopus monster overwhelmingly, not only blowing the hideous creature apart but also ripping apart the black smoke that looked like a swamp.

The abyss and the caves were shaking more and more violently. Thick gaps appeared on the crags around, which joined each other and spread quickly. However, behind the gaps were not dark rock stratums but ivory light. When the ivory light filled all the walls, nothing could stop the illusionary world from collapsing anymore. Li Yao and Long Yangjun heard the scream of a woman loud and clear before they returned to the real world after a flash!

The excruciating pain all over their body was gone. They only felt that their heads were extremely tired. Their crystal suits were still intact, exactly the same as when they opened the gate at the end of the laboratory.

The big gate was right behind them. Below their feet was an airborne platform that extended forward. There was indeed a deep space below the platform, but it was nowhere near as impressive as a bottomless abyss. The elevation difference was only about fifty meters. Counting the distance from their heads to the ceiling, the height of the entire room could not have been more than a hundred meters.

Right in front of their eyes was a cylindrical room that looked like a vertical silo to launch starships. A lot of shrines had indeed been dug out in the mottled wall of the silo. But it was not monsters that had lumps all over their bodies and reeked of pus that were stored in the shrines but brains.

More precisely speaking, judging from their size, form, and colorful nerve clusters, they were the new crystal processors that were 3D printed after molecular scanning and slicing.

All the new crystal processors were at least half a meter in diameter. They were soaked in dark red, unknown liquids. Most of them were hibernating as if they were dead, but a tiny proportion of them were emanating dazzling brilliance that flowed quickly from the hippocampus like rainbows. Those brains were apparently calculating and thinking quickly.

A few thick crystal cables extended out of every new crystal processor and spread to the bottom of the entire room. After they were connected with each other, they rose into the air like a spring and were channeled into a virtual cabin in midair that looked like a bud.

The cover of the virtual cabin had been shattered. The ports of crystal cables were sparkling with spiritual energy, too. A woman with a pale face was lying on the cover of the virtual cabin, still cramping softly.

Help me watch her closely, Li Yao said. Blow her up if there is any anomaly!

While speaking, he extended part of his spiritual energy toward the woman with his remote manipulation technique before he picked her up and dragged her to midair.

The woman looked drained. Wrinkles were growing at a visible speed on her face. A moment ago, her hair had still been pure black, but it was turning white quickly at this second, as if vitality was flushing out of her body incessantly.

Black blood was flowing out of her nose, ears, eyes, and mouth at the same time. Her breath was feeble. Her eyes were turning pure white, too. She was apparently only one step away from death.

Li Yao injected some faint spiritual energy into her body, managing to protect her internal organs and her brain. Then, he looked at Long Yangjun in confusion.

She should be Lei Yuqin, Long Yangjun said, not entirely certain. Although she looks a hundred years older than she actually is, the bone structure is unchanged. I estimate it is because she suffered recoil during the mental warfare, which burnt up her soul power.

Li Yao immediately understood it.

Just now, it was Lei Yuqin, the director of Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital, who had hidden in this place and launched terrifying mental attacks toward the two of them with the enhancement of so many weird new crystal processors.

The mental attacks in the terrifying illusionary world just now were indeed overwhelming. Even if two regular Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators had arrived, they might have been completely controlled by Lei Yuqin.

But as it turned out, it was Li Yao and Long Yangjun, two weirdos who boasted unusual souls, that had come. Lei Yuqins ambush had failed, and she had suffered recoil because of the fierce exchange of fire. That was why she had ended up like this.

Lei Yuqin, speak now. Where is Professor Mo Xuan? What are you up to exactly?

Li Yao widened his eyes. His inquiries that contained tremendous mental power slashed into Lei Yuqins brain brutally like axes.

Lei Yuqin, who was suffering from the recoil in the mental warfare, was on the brink of a meltdown. She was utterly undefended. This was the best opportunity for an interrogation!