Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 175

Chapter 175: Heavy Artillery and Insane Saber!

The Armored Snapping Turtle had its thick defensive skin and flesh to rely on, the cannon it Chen Xiangs arm was simply nothing in its eyes. According to its opinion, how could such a weak and young low-level Refinement Stage cultivator control that cannon and have a fierce firepower? At most, it would feel ticklish; that's all!

Therefore, it didn't try to move or dodge and continue to move forward at a high speed; it would rather suffer a few bullets to cut through Li Yao's waist with a sweep of its tail!

However, never had it imagined that the onslaught of firepower would be as aggressive as a meteor rain, as though hammers weighing tens of thousands of pounds ruthlessly smashing into its stomach, making it stagger as it was covered in a blood-red violent spiritual energy in the blink of an eye!


A burning pain struck the Armored Snapping Turtle; it was incomparably terrified to discover that multitudes of cracks had actually appeared on its solid chest armor. In perhaps just ten seconds, the armor would be blasted away.

"Ding! Ding! Ding!"

The Armored Snapping Turtle was scared as well as angry. It was a demon beast whose defense was tougher than the Gold Armored Saber Mantis, yet it had actually been suppressed by Li Yao's heavy fire. Lowering its hideous head, it helplessly chose to lie flat on the ground and use its sharp and protruding hard turtle shell to somehow block the matchless fire of Six Barrel Rotary Cannon!

Its four limbs were shaking, just like a stray dog. It awkwardly tried to move left and right to dodge.

Li Yao contemptuously smiled.

After three days of combat shooting training, he had a deeper understanding of the performance of Six Barrel Rotary Cannon; his control had improved greatly. At present, he could continuously fire for an entire minute, where all of the rounds were distributed over an area the size of the watermelon!

The Armored Snapping Turtle wasn't a demon beast which was hailed for its speed; how could its dodging speed compare with the speed of the bullets. It was difficult for its hard turtle shell to withstand the rainstorm-like, ruthless bombardment of the Spiritual Explosive Shells for a minute.

Even if its turtle shell had not completely cracked, its internal organs weren't able to withstand the fire and suffered grievous injuries.


The Armored Snapping Turtle let out a heart-wrenching cry as it slammed its iron tail on the ground before raising its entire body giving the impression of a steel-cast giant wheel as it resisted the fierce fire head-on and forcibly rushed over.

It had been infuriated to the extreme. At the hazard of grievously injuring itself, it wanted to ruthlessly smash Li Yao into pieces!

Tilting his body towards the back, Li Yao suddenly exerted strength in his legs; as though his calves were filled with air, they expanded to three times their size in the blink of an eye and burst forth with astonishing strength. As he ferociously stomped on the ground, crisscross cracks appeared on the ground within a radius of fifty meters!

With the recoil force, Li Yao retreated ten meters at high speed. He closely dodged the dangerous collision with the Armored Snapping Turtle's shell, while making full use of this opportunity to fire a series of bullets, shooting a fist-sized hole in its stomach.

Both sides were quite close, making it no longer suitable to use heavy firepower. With a low roar, two array glyphs on the strap flashed as the shoulder strap was cut off and the Six Barrel Rotary Cannon, as well as the ammunition box, automatically broke away from Li Yao's body. Quickly moving his right hand, Li Yao clutched a Heavy Vibrosaber, which was wide at the top and narrow at the bottom like the leg of an ox, with its tip pointing at the sky. Meanwhile, under the vibration of spiritual energy, its blade edge vibrated at high frequency, emitting a "Chi Chi" sound, as though the stomach of a hungry, prehistoric giant beast was grumbling!

Under the excruciating pain, the Armored Snapping Turtle became mad. Regardless of how its body was torn apart, its speed increased to a whole new level. A strike coming from above suddenly changed its direction, as its iron tail pierced through the air like a meteor, raising fierce gales along the way!

In the blink of an eye, Li Yao's hair had been messed up by the wind, while his pupils turned as sharp as a needle; he was unable to open his eyes.

Narrowing his eyes, rather than drawing back, he stepped forward. As a result of sparring countless times with Ding Lingdang, spiritual energy air bubbles instinctively and frantically gushed out from his pores, forming an "airbag armor" consisting of over thousands of small air bubbles in front of him.

"Pop Pop Pop Pop!" Countless sounds burst forth, as the heavy iron tail of Armored Snapping Turtle struck upon the air bubbles, bursting over a thousand bubbles at the same time.

Meanwhile, Li Yao, with the help of cushion provided by the bubbles, strangely dodged as the iron tail brushed past him.


The tip of the iron tail drew a blood line on Li Yao's cheek.

Without batting an eyelid, when the Armored Snapping Turtle's chest was wide open, Li Yao's left hand moved in a very concealed manner, as the flexible fingers honed with [Thousand Fingers Supple Bone Exercise] lightly threw a sticky bomb at the Armored Snapping Turtle's chest where the armor was cracked.

The Armored Snapping Turtle was more vigilant than the Gold Armored Saber Mantis. Li Yao's small action was caught in the blink of an eye.

Unfortunately, because of its shorter limbs, no matter what it did, it was unable to reach his chest and the mucus on the sticky bomb, which came from the Bullet Dart Frog and had strong adhesive properties, so that no matter how it scurried, it was unable to fling the sticky bomb.


The Armored Snapping Turtle was well aware that it must be a sinister magical equipment.

Stretching its iron tail to the limit, the Armored Snapping Turtle tried to poke its heart to sweep the sticky bomb away. Whereupon, it noticed that the human happened to have sucked his cheeks and blew a whistle.

During the combat, Li Yao discovered that detonating the sticky bomb with remote control was too troublesome. Some quicker demon beasts simply won't give him the opportunity to use the remote control.

Therefore, Li Yao just added a voice control array glyph to the sticky bomb, which was infused with a weak spiritual energy in advance, which when received Li Yao's whistle, would detonate.


A blood fountain shot out from the chest of the Armored Snapping Turtle.

Although the sticky bomb had a very small volume, didn't have much crystal, and its power was not strong...

However, as it was stuck upon the cracked turtle shell over the Armored Snapping Turtle's chest, just a step away from the heart, it caused a massive amount of damage.

The Armored Snapping Turtle felt as though its heart had been ruthlessly pierced by scorching hot dagger again and again.

Due to the sudden overwhelming pain, its long neck was completely stretched out of the turtle shell, as though half of the snapping turtle had crawled out from the turtle shell as it let out screams.

'It's now!'

From the very beginning, Li Yao had been concentrating the fire at the heart of the Armored Snapping Turtle just for this moment!

With a long howl, he burst forth with 3rd or 4th level of aura as his body doubled in its size. The vest, which was somewhat loose at the beginning, completely tightened; even the black combat suit was unable to conceal the clear and buffed up muscular limbs, and the skin that was exposed exuded a metallic gloss.

Tightly clutching the Heavy Vibrosaber in his hands, the bricks underneath his feet started to crack with "Crack Crack" noise as the fragments flew everywhere. The speed of cracking soared to the limit as the Heavy Vibrosaber drew a black stream, bursting forth with an indomitable aura that could even behead dragons and tigers as it ruthlessly hacked down!

Looking at his clenched teeth and ferocious and sinister appearance, it seemed as though this strike

could even behead Buddha!


The Heavy Vibrosaber was truly too fast; surprisingly it burst forth with a howling sound as though the flying sword was galloping. With the flash of the black stream, flesh, tendons, bones were all cut one by one, as though it was sweeping through a piece of tofu; it was not hindered whatsoever!


The Armored Snapping Turtle's humongous brain flew high into the sky, while blood like a fountain spurted as high as a two or three floored building, giving off the impression of a towering crimson tree that had suddenly appeared and withered soon after.

Its four sharp claws continued to shake, while the body, after losing its head, heavily fell down. Its towering iron tail struggled for a long while; however, it was unable to brush even half a hair of Li Yao, and finally, it helplessly crashed into the ground where it convulsed for a moment before it stopped moving.

The Armored Snapping Turtle's head slowly rolled over to Li Yao's feet. It still wasn't dead, gradually its turbid eyes filled with an intense surprise.

Until now, the middle-rank Demon Soldier still could not understand how it would so easily lose its life against such a weak human.

If it was a high-level Refinement Stage cultivator or Foundation Building cultivator; it could still resign itself to the destiny.

However, it died under the hands of a low-level cultivator who was weaker than itself; it was unwilling!


The Armored Snapping Turtle powerlessly wailed. Its mouth weakly opened and closed as it grimaced in pain at Li Yao.

Li Yao faintly smiled and unsheathed the saber as he picked up the Six Barrel Rotary Cannon and ammunition box before reloading and raising the gun to his chest.

The Armored Snapping Turtle finally realized what this "weak" human planned to do; its gray yellow eyes bloomed with a sliver of a panic-stricken and pleading look.

In front of Li Yao, this brutal demon beast even yielded, surrendered, and pleaded for mercy.

Li Yao gazed coldly as the six thick barrels were jabbed completely at the center of its flat end. Li Yao had exerted so much power that barrels were pushed half an inch inside.

Half of the face of the Armored Snapping Turtle was deeply indented, and its eyes that were closest to the barrels madly quivered as tears flowed out from fear.

Li Yao squeezed the trigger before a series of suppressed explosion resounded and the head of Armored Snapping Turtle exploded into pieces!


"Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep!"

The mini camcorder strapped on Li Yao's shoulder had completely recorded the entire battle process and had promptly transmitted it to the Wasteland Battle Network.

After the super large scale crystal processor had analyzed and computed, he soon received many credits.

In addition to cleaning a large part of the safe zone, he had killed an Armored Snapping Turtle that was obviously stronger than him alone, for which he was rewarded with bonus credits.

A series of crisp and sweet "Beeps" signified that hundreds of credits had fallen into his pocket.

Licking his lips, Li Yao happily started calculating.

"If I could earn 200 to 300 credits daily, would I not be able to earn 10,000 credits in one month?"

"Last semester, I painstakingly tossed around doing all sorts of things for half a year, and yet could only earn 1,000 points. I had never thought that by just carrying out a mission, hunting demon beasts, I would be finished in just one month!"

"Sure enough, combat is still the best, I have not only accumulated experience, I can earn a huge number of credits as well!"

Of Course, Li Yao also knew that as this beast tide, fortunately, erupted in the middle of the city, so that everyone had no choice but to fight in the streets, sparing him from many possibilities to fight a lot of Demon Soldiers.

In most cases, the beast tide would appear outside the city, and, as long as crystal warships were mobilized and carried out a wanton and indiscriminate bombing, it would soon be resolved.

Whereas, a wanton and indiscriminate bombing was often unable to deal with Demon General, Demon King level demon beasts. At this moment, he was unable to deal with "high-rank Demon Soldiers," and those demon beasts who were proficient in concealing techniques.

Therefore, he, even more so, had to be vigilant every second, while taking advantage of the fact that many Demon Soldiers were still on the ground; he must madly kill and rake in the credits!

Suddenly, a faint red silhouette quickly flickered far away, which had been very keenly captured by Li Yao.

His eyes lit up as he loudly let out cries and cheers, and again started rushing while carrying the Six Barrel Rotary Cannon.

Nearby, Zhao Tianchon gradually turned his head expressionlessly, taking a glance at Lu Tieshan.

"Why are you looking at me?"

Lu Tieshan complained as though he had suffered from injustice, "My words were Wow, there is an Armored Snapping Turtle in front of us, it has a thick shell and a terrifying defense, Li Yao, first you should use a heavy fire to suppress it a bit, didn't you hear as well?! I only ask him to suppress!"

"Your suppression can go to hell!"

Zhao Tianchong clenched his teeth: "The last few demon beasts, that had all been 'suppressed' by him were suppressed to ashes. If this goes on, all the credits will be sweep clean. We, two dignified experts of Hidden Dragon Hall, the strongest freshmen of Iron Fist Club and Chaos Edge Hall, would have to eat the ashes left behind his ass!"

"Why the hell are you still stunned, let's move quickly! If not, even the 'Flame-Spotted Leopard' will be blasted into ashes within half a minute!"