Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1750

Chapter 1750 The Supreme Emperors Excalibur Photon Phantom

725 in total. Judging from the files in the ward, they were mostly above the Core Formation Stage. Although the bodies are not controlled by themselves right now, according to Liu Wenshan, the so-called Fighting Spirits are absolutely capable of simulating the combat skills of top-tier experts as long as the computational ability is high enough because they are made by combining the essence of the moves, tactics, and teamwork of hundreds of thousands of battle-type Cultivators! Long Yangjun smiled casually.

She and Li Yao had established point-to-point communication through telepathic thought entanglement. So, there was no need to worry about Professor Mo Xuans invasion. The good news is that their bodies have been sleeping for too long. However great the bodies used to be, they are still definitely no match for strong warriors who train crazily every day despite all the stimulations of bioelectricity and the maintenance of high-nutrition liquids!

However, the defense rune array made of the dazzling whips of lightning surrounding District 01 seems rather tricky. We must be careful not to be caught by them!

Got it. Lets go. I really want to know how strong an elite warrior from the Nuwa civilization can be!

I would like to find out how terrifying the legendary Vulture Li Yao is when he is doing his best and breaking all his limits!

Li Yao and Long Yangjun looked at each other and smiled. Then, they did exactly the same weird movement.

They took off the crystal suits on their bodies!

In the darkness of the universe, where sunlight was darting gold swords toward the central area through the gaps among the enormous ball-shaped space stations, in front of the array of electric arcs that were as thick and ferocious as boas and the thousand lifeless soldiers of the army of ghosts, the broken crystal suits on Li Yao and Long Yangjun fell apart like colorful butterflies, and the pieces spread out into cosmic dust around them.

The two of them were only wearing thin mustard-seed combat suits. They did not even wear an oxygen circulation unit but were directly exposed to the vacuum of the universe.


Behind the two of them, all the soldiers of the federal army felt that their hearts were grabbed.

The soldiers were people after all. Most of them were even ordinary people whose spiritual roots had not awakened yet. They could only be turned into a cold, efficient war machine under the effective command in a strict battle formation.

The commanding of modern wars was highly dependent on the network system. Without the network, when the highest commander was absent, even an ace troop might turn into loose sand and collapse abruptly.

There was no need to mention the 414 troop, which was just an unknown regular troop!

There was not a habitable planet several lightyears around Hundred Flowers City. It was just a lone space metropolis. Even if the city did suffer the invasion of the Imperium, it would be a battle between the starships of the two parties that decided the final outcome of the war.

If the fleets of the federation failed, there was no force that could possibly stop the fleets of the Imperium from tearing Hundred Flowers City apart.

Therefore, it was meaningless to deploy strong ground troops in this place. The so-called 414 troop and its brother troops were merely security guards. Once the war broke out, their sole mission was to maintain basic order in the enormous metropolis!

The soldiers of the 414 troop had never dreamed that they would have to compete with experts who were once famous nationwide, although the experts had nothing but their shells left now!

After the soldiers entered space and clung to the silver balls like ants, having trouble to breathe under the double pressure of the cold universe and the enormous space stations, and especially after they discovered that Professor Mo Xuan had truly occupied District 01, controlled the automatic defense array that was meant to deal with the Imperium, and even sent out a thousand terrifying warriors to block the entire area, the previously hot blood of the soldiers turned into cold sweat. They looked at each other in bewilderment, not knowing what to say.

The soldiers of the federal army were not scared of death. However, charging at an elephant as ants in a battle that was destined to fail and expecting to be crushed into dust by the elephant without causing any damage to the enemy were not something that everybody was brave enough to do.

They were just ordinary people. They were made of flesh and blood. They had their emotions. They might shudder in fear with their mouths dry and their foreheads covered in sweat. They might imagine their miserable deaths when they were struck by the electric arcs later at the crucial moment. They might recall their families who were waiting for them anxious at home, which made them want to desert. They were just ordinary people!

They they needed the prospect of victory, hope of brightness, and an ear-splitting horn to make their hot blood that had been frozen by the universe to boil again!

Ahead of the federal army made by the ordinary people, Li Yao and Long Yangjun had already taken off their broken old crystal suits that they had been wearing previously. Then

New crystal suits, the most magnificent crystal suits inside their Cosmos Rings, darted out in dozens of streaks of dazzling brilliance as their fingers danced softly under their summon before the crystal suits were put on at a super high speed!

Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!

The state-of-the-art crystal suits that were in different styles but equally glamorous, as if they were made by pouring out all the stars in the galaxy, consumed the two of them instantly, transforming them into two dominating warriors!

The two super crystal suits were indeed from the center of the cosmos.

With his identity as the captain of Team Red Lotus and the special representative of the Speaker, Li Yao had picked them out carefully from the warehouse of crystal suits on Firefly. Then, after days and nights of crazy modification and strengthening, at the cost of almost all the most precious units on Firefly, he had finally completed the two crystal suits.

Even the most ragged ship might still have some nails that could be of use. Firefly was carrying the rightful government of the Star Ocean Republic after all. Although its stock was incomparable to the Imperium or the federation on a strategic level, it was still not a problem to find two pieces of single magical equipment such as crystal suits!

The crystal suit on Li Yaos body was deep red. It did not carry too much remote magical equipment, but four coldly shining, high-frequency vibration daggers stuck out of elbows and knees!

They were the legendary melee magical equipment invented by the Supreme Emperor himself in the Star Ocean Imperium. They could trigger vibrations in a frequency dozens of times higher than modern vibration sabers. Through the tiny, uneven vibrations, it would be easy to destroy the targets spiritual shield and to greatly increase the metal fatigue of the strengthened armor, eventually disintegrating the targets structure from the molecular level!

When waving such high-frequency daggers, tearing spiritual shields would be as simple as tearing toilet paper, and cutting crystal suits would be as easy as cutting tofu. Even if faced with the super alloy armor of the warships, infiltrating them would be no more difficult than digging a hole at the beach!

Equipped with such marvelous blades, Li Yaos crystal suit had improved his performance in the melee combat to the maximum. Therefore, the name of the super crystal suit was the Supreme Emperors Excalibur!

Long Yangjuns crystal suit was as impressive as his.

It was a pure white, glimmering, swift, and slender crystal suit. At first glance, it seemed to highlight agility and speed.

However, behind the crystal suit, there were nine longswords that spread in a sector like the tails of a peacock!

Brilliance and electric arcs were flowing on the longswords. They extended all the way downward and dashed out of the crystal suits back, turned into nine long whips of light. The pale electric arcs were highly condensed, ready to attack like fatal vipers. They seemed to be of an even higher level than the blue electric net on the defense rune array before them!

As the electric arcs and the auras of the swords flashed, the hundreds of square meters around Long Yangjun seemed to be covered in a hazy mist. She seemed to be appearing at every point in the range simultaneously, and yet she seemed to have completely vanished into unsubstantial auras.

It was the Photon Phantom, a super crystal suit that had adopted the magical equipment units from the center of the cosmos and was carefully modified by Li Yao!

A fire could only be furious enough when the wind was strong. The more powerful a crystal suit was, the more spiritual energy it would demand to be driven. Such crystal suits could not be used by any random Cultivator, or even any random Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator.

However, after Li Yao and Long Yangjun, two unparalleled experts, put them on, the hunger and agitation deep inside the crystal suits completely awakened their soaring fighting will. Their muscles were bulging, their veins were expanding, and their blood and souls were burning. The strength that had been hibernating for decades and hundreds of thousands of years was entirely released!

Argh! Li Yao and Long Yangjun both roared furiously, like angry beasts that had woken up. Surging spiritual energy rose above from their crystal suits and spread out to all directions, turning into crazily dancing flames at first and two overwhelming giants that surrounded them later!

All the soldiers of the federal army behind them were dumbfounded.

Howhow is it possible?

Is this really happening? Such magnificent tides of spiritual energy! It is almost a cosmic storm!

Although they had blocked the external network, their spiritual energy probe devices were still operable. On the Combat Ability Detector, a standard gear for the federal army nowadays that was upgraded and modified from the Demon Beast Detector invented more than a hundred years ago, all readings were soaring madly and breaking the limits one after another!

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The crystal processors of all the soldiers were sending out ear-splitting alarms, warning them to immediately retreat and take cover.

The spiritual energy that was surging out of Li Yao and Long Yangjun had far exceeded their imaginations. All the readings indicated that it was more likely to be two main-force warships that had just been teleported to this place from the four-dimensional space than two Exos that were showing up in front of them!

Whatwhat level are the two experts at?

Many soldiers of the federal army knew that the two of them were in the Nascent Soul Stage. They had seen the battle videos of some Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators before, but they never saw such appalling tides of spiritual energy!

We will rush forward and destroy the lightning defense array first. Then, you can follow up!

Li Yao and Long Yangjuns voices, enshrouded by their spiritual energy, were sent to the crystal suit of every bottom-level commander like invisible octopi. Then, the two of them turned into two unstoppable streaks of brilliance and lunged at the army of ghosts!