Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1751

Chapter 1751 I Can Fight 100000 Of Them

The soldiers of the federal army witnessed a scene that they would never forget.

It was like wind blowing away clouds and tigers jumping on lambs!

The seemingly magnificent, impenetrable line of defense was almost riddled with holes and falling apart the moment the two streaks of brilliant broke through it.

Even the thousands of electric arcs were hesitating and shivering, not knowing where they should strike.

That was because their enemies were too fast! Li Yao and Long Yangjun, two super Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators close to the Divinity Transformation Stage enhanced by the super crystal suits from the center of the cosmos, were too fast!

Most of the soldiers of the federal army could only capture vague brightness with their naked eyes. It was rushing into and out of the army of ghosts like smoke and flying like a ribbon. Then, a lot of crystal suits on the enemys side were already falling apart, utterly deformed, or exploding into enormous fireballs, with broken limbs flying everywhere. They all split apart and perished abruptly under the overwhelming spiritual energy, turning into lackluster space junk, which interweaved into abnormal swirls that turned into the battlefield into a bizarre painting.

It was not until they replayed the picture captured by the crystal cameras at a speed ten times slower than before that the soldiers finally saw how Li Yao and Long Yangjun raged in the army of ghosts unstoppably with their sabers and swords.

It was quite a weird feeling.

It was almost like Li Yao and Long Yangjun were from an amazing new world, where the speed was ten times faster, and they accidentally entered a slow world. All the Fighting Spirits nearby, no matter what dominating and renowned experts the battle shells under their control used to be, were targets that were absolutely motionless in front of them and completely at their mercy!

The two streaks of brilliance rushed all the way forward, leaving two paths of destruction made of fireballs behind them, as if they had torn an enormous wound on the universe with their unstoppable sharpness!


The high-frequency daggers pierced through three layers of spiritual shield easily, ripped apart a super alloy shield that was carved with dense defense rune arrays, and pierced into the chest of one of the Fighting Spirits without a sound. Before it was able to react, the bones on its chest were already shattered into pieces, and even the internal organs were shaken into a cluster of blood!

The high-frequency daggers were drawn out, and the wound caused by the super high-frequency vibrations quickly expanded. Because of the internal pressure, the blood and internal organs of the Fighting Spirit erupted like magma, only to be frozen into round, icy balls by the extremely low temperature in the vacuum of the universe, as if a blood red flower of ice was slowly blossoming.

Even a Fighting Spirit could not go on fighting when its body was entirely destroyed.

Right when it transformed all its waves into mental power, trying to assault Li Yaos brain, Li Yao had already opened his left hand in advance and focused a cluster of dazzling light, blowing up its entire head together with the prepared mental attack after one bombardment!

The entire process of combat was as fluent as a running river. It took less than 0.5 seconds from when the high-frequency daggers began to wave to the light cannons bombardment!

Li Yao clenched his burning left hand, feeling that every pore on his body had been expanded to the maximum. Sweat was running out like magma. He could not have felt more comfortable!

It had been a hundred years since he had last fought such a gratifying battle!

When he looked back, he noticed that the broken limbs, the debris of the twisted crystal suits, and the broken flowers of blood constituted a devastating path of death.

Not far away from him, Long Yangjun turned into dozens of shadows, each of which was surrounded by nine invincible auras of sword. The hundreds of auras of sword made up a meat mincer.

All the Fighting Spirits that were touched by her would be absorbed into the meat mincer ruthlessly and cut apart by the hundreds of auras of sword. It was even more miserable than to be killed by Li Yao!

Soon, the army of ghosts who were bold enough to block the two of them were all cleared. The Fighting Spirits nearby who should have been charging at them fearlessly were somewhat hesitant. They were all searching the database crazily and considering what kind of tactic should be adopted in order to cope with two monsters like Li Yao and Long Yangjun. But little information about feasible solutions could be found even in the enormous database that stored almost all the combat data of the Star Glory Federation from the past hundred years!

Those Fighting Spirits were all tilting their heads, as if their crystal processors had crashed. They fell into brief rigidness.

The Fighting Spirits that were responsible for remote attacks were still raining mystic rays, bullets, and flying swords toward the two monsters that even the database did not know how to deal with while hiding behind the defense array, causing messy ripples on Li Yaos and Long Yangjuns spiritual shields!

More than ten crystal suits seemed to be blocking their way valiantly, but on closer inspection, they were all weirdly stiff, with pale flames of spiritual energy popping out of the gaps of the crystal suits. When Li Yao and Long Yangjun brushed past them, they all exploded in brilliant sparks, as if they were welcoming the two of them!

All the soldiers of the federal army could only think of one word after seeing the scene


Li Yao and Long Yangjun broke through the defense line quickly and flew toward the pivot of the defense array on the surface of District 01!

The automatic defense array was the most marvelous weapon to claim the lives of the soldiers. It would be a meaningless, suicidal mission to ask the federal army to march forward without destroying the array.

Only after the defense array was broken could the combat ability of the federal army be maximized to provide effective reinforcements for them!

Huchi Huchi Huchi

Inside the Supreme Emperors Excalibur, Li Yao was breathing heavily. There was no telling whether it was because he was tired or excited.

A war could not be won by a few Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators. Even the strongest Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator only had limited spiritual energy inside their internal organs and limbs. Even the most advanced crystal suit still had the problems of ammunition, durability, metal fatigue, and maximum working time.

Even if the enemy were nothing but harmless bread, one would still die of indigestion after having hundreds of pieces in a row.

After Li Yao and Long Yangjun slaughtered almost a hundred Fighting Spirits who were equivalent to experts in the Core Formation Stage in the blink of an eye, the performance parameters on the crystal suits, especially the durability of the high-frequency daggers and the intensity of the spiritual shield, were quickly plunging. There was no need to mention their own exhaustion.

Hoo! Li Yao, on the other hand, felt that all his veins were bulging to the maximum. His every brain cell was singing a battle hymn, and his bloodshot eyes were almost jumping out of his eye sockets. Too few. Too few. There are too few of them. This is not gratifying enough. I want to fight a hundred thousand of them!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

The intensity of the electric arcs before him was immediately improved to a higher level. Three electric arcs flashed past Li Yao and struck him.

Covered by the deep blue electric arcs, the four airtight gates on the surface of the ball-shaped space station were slowly opened like four bloody mouths.

Countless lifeless warriors of the army of ghosts and multiple times more battle puppets, like bees that had been infuriated, flooded out of their base. They congregated into four metal torrents and craned their heads at Li Yao and Long Yangjun.

Every metal torrent was at least ten meters in diameter. There was no need to mention their length.

Most of the battle puppets that made up the metal torrents boasted a round body and rough limbs that were full of magnetic flagella.

Instead of battle puppets, they looked more like space torpedoes that had been installed with simple power rune arrays and navigation units, allowing them to automatically follow and attach themselves to the target!

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Li Yao and Long Yangjuns crystal processors calculated the total number of the incoming weapons. Well, by rough estimation, although there might not be a hundred thousand of them, the number of the space torpedoes embedded with highly-explosive crystal cores certainly surpassed ten thousand.

Can you please watch your mouth in a battle if you know you are a jinx? Long Yangjun requested.

I was merely roaring to boost the morale while I was having fun in the battle. I didnt know that it would work out so effectively again!


The four metal torrents smashed at Li Yao and Long Yangjun at the same time.

The flagella that were dancing crazily around their bodies could automatically detect the spiritual shield. Like annoying caltrops, it was practically impossible to get rid of them once they were attached to the surface of the spiritual shield and interweaved with the magnetic field.

In 0.5 seconds, almost a hundred space torpedoes were already attached to them. Still more torpedoes blocked their zone of activity, sealing the thousand square meters around them without leaving any gap. The flagella of some of the space torpedoes even connected to each other while they were waving and turned into an overwhelming web.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Almost a thousand space torpedoes were detonated at the same time, raising furious tides of spiritual energy. Despite the defense ability of their crystal suits, both of them felt that their heads were dizzy and the world was shaking. Explosions were echoing inside their minds, too.

Soundwaves could not be transmitted in the vacuum. Therefore, it was not the sound of the exploding torpedoes but the sound of their feeble brains crashing against their hard skulls!


Blocked by the space torpedo in every direction, the two of them immediately lost most of their zone of activity. Now that their speed had dropped by thirty percent, the lightning defense array quickly locked onto them. Almost a hundred thick electric arcs struck the two of them hard, allowing them to taste the feeling of electric shock besides the immense blast of spiritual and magnetic waves!

It appeared that Professor Mo Xuans army of ghosts had already found solutions to deal with Li Yao and Long Yangjun after the brief battle just now.

There was no better way to deal with such unparalleled experts who could fight a thousand opponents on their way. The only possible solution was to drain them with the sheer advantage in numbers without sparing anything!

Li Yao felt that he was being collectively attacked by a hundred volcanoes.

The performance parameters of the Supreme Emperors Excalibur were plummeting as quickly as a tire whose valve core had been removed. It would soon be more unworthy than a farmers cleaver.

However, more and more warriors were rushing out of the airtight gates of the space station. After all, Professor Mo Xuan had taken away thousands of battle shells from Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital!