Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1752

Chapter 1752 Horn Of Charge


Li Yao spat a mouthful of bloodstained saliva, which was immediately removed from the crystal suit by the liquid transfer tube next to his mouth. It was obliterated by the ripples of high temperature raised by the blasts before it was frozen into ice.

The attacks became more and more fierce.

Being bombarded by almost ten thousand space torpedoes incessantly was not an everyday feeling even for a crystal bomb maniac like him.

Of the thousand performance parameters of the Supreme Emperors Excalibur displayed on his retina, quite a few had turned gray, implying that the unit represented by the parameter had been completely destroyed.

The rest of the parameters had turned mostly dangerous orange and deep red colors. They were only one step away from the dead gray, which indicated the complete loss of function.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

The buffer unit on the left ankle was completely destroyed!

The venom filtration unit was completely destroyed!

The adjustment valve for the tubes on the right wrist was completely destroyed!

The high-frequency dagger on the right knee had surpassed the limit of fatigue and would be destroyed if it kept on vibrating. It had to be cooled down for twenty-seven seconds!

Different red layers popped up in front of Li Yaos eyes, as if the crystal cameras of the crystal suit had been covered in blood.

He seemed to hear his cerebral vessels exploding one after another and his boiling blood running out blatantly on the ravines inside his brain.

He could also hear the burning sounds when his scorching blood was vaporized by his brain cells that were even more scorching!

Monster Li! Long Yangjuns voice was sharp and high-pitched. Li Yao could totally imagine how furious she was. This equipment cannot survive much longer. Cover me. I need to change!

Wait Wait a moment

The Supreme Emperors Excalibur was wreathed by thousands of fireballs, like fire from the four-dimensional space that was burning a hole in the three-dimensional universe. However, Li Yao put on a cold smile while being tortured by the extreme temperature and the crazy tides of spiritual energy. His bloodshot eyes were filled with the brilliance of a predator, when he gazed at a certain point on the shell of the space station without blinking.

It seemed that he could not withstand the bombardment of the space torpedoes any longer. The first spiritual shield at the periphery of the Supreme Emperors Excalibur cracked and fell apart like glass. The main power rune arrays at the back of the crystal suit also released light that was as red as blood. The speed of the crystal suit plummeted, and he seemed incapable of controlling the trajectory of his flight and almost tripped himself over in the vacuum.

The lightning defense array, relying on the most advanced automatic aiming and attack system, and powered by the database that stored the combat data of the past hundred years did not let go of the rare opportunity to attack. A thousand electric arcs surged out of a certain point on the shell of the space station instantly like crazily dancing snakes, attacking the Supreme Emperors Excalibur in curves that were tearing the dark universe apart!

By the analysis of the Fighting Spirits based on the database, according to the slightly clumsy posture of the Supreme Emperors Excalibur right now, it would be hit by the lightning in 0.01 seconds.

Once it was bound by a hundred electric arcs, and thousands of space torpedoes nearby all came at the guy at the same time, even a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator might suffer a fatal wound!


The seemingly unavoidable attack of the hundred electric arcs missed their target because of the sudden dodge of Supreme Emperors Excalibur that was much more agile than anticipated. It was only hit by about ten lightning bolts. A whip of such an extent was not enough to deprive Li Yao of his ability to move. He could totally grit his teeth through it with his monster-like body build!

Found it!

Covered by his facial cover, Li Yaos left eye turned as red as blood when part of the primeval cells inside his body were fully activated. Even his pupils were entirely drained. With part of the demonized body, he took the blow of more than ten electric arcs the hard way. Then, he bellowed in excitement, almost spurting out the fury of the lightning that flooded into his body just now. The pivot of the automatic defense array is right there!

Yes. Taking the bombardment of thousands of space torpedoes, without even dodging the lightning strike of the automatic defense array, and pretending to be clumsy until the last moment was all for the purpose of figuring out the pivot of the automatic defense array, so that they could blow it up!

Now is the time! Li Yao roared, his voice even eclipsing the thunder. Change the equipment and attack!

In the places far away behind them, more and more airtight gates on the silver ball-shaped space stations were opened, spurting out white pillars of gas.

A lot of soldiers of the federal army crawled out of the gates under Luo Qishengs furious roars and after seeing the holographic pictures from Deep Blue Super Brain Hospital.

The moment they jumped into space, they saw such a blood-boiling and exciting scene!

Two crystal suits versus a thousand crystal suits plus almost ten thousand space torpedoes.

The bottom-level officers who were quick-minded and had already grown suspicious secretly when Hundred Flowers City entered the emergency state immediately understood everything.

Luo Qisheng was right. Hundred Flowers City did have an accident!

Whos guarding at the periphery of that space station? Their spiritual energy is as powerful as the best troops in the country, but there is definitely not such a troop in the garrison of Hundred Flowers City!

Also, the highest alarm just now came too uncannily. Even if the Black Wind Fleet launched a full-scale attack, its highly unlikely that they would choose the Hundred Flowers Space Zone as the main target. Look. The edge of the space zone is peaceful and quiet. Theres no sign of two fleets that are engaged in fierce crossfire at all. Then, was it really necessary to issue the highest alarm and cast the entire city into chaos and paralysis?

Also, where did our commanders go exactly? We can only see their orders that are sent through the network and the communication channel, but we never saw them in person. Something must be greatly wrong here!

After the questions exploded inside their head, the soldiers of the federal army all bulged their eyes and felt coldness rising from their spine to their skull. They also came to the realization quickly that what was unfolding in front of their eyes could be a crucial battle that would decide the fate of the federation!

And at that moment, the battle was being fought by only two people!

Not good. They are not going to persist any longer!

Such an assault is too crazy even for the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage. They are faced with thousands of enemies, ten thousand space torpedoes and an entirely lightning fortress!

We have to reinforce them. We have to reinforce our Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators!


Looking at the thousands of electric arcs that were still spreading out among the ball-shaped space stations like a storm, the soldiers of the federal army were all anxious. A lot of them were deeply astounded by the tough performance of Li Yao and Long Yangjun and made up their mind to charge forward without considering anything. It would be good enough if they could destroy a few space torpedoes or attract a few electric arcs to relieve the pressure on the two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators!

Brothers from the garrison of Hundred Flowers City, this is a life-and-death battle for the federation. We are the rightful army of the federation. This is our battle! Luo Qishengs voice echoed through space in a hoarse, noisy, yet even more wild way through an old magnetic broadcaster that used to be applied on the resource planets. Are you going to just sit here and watch the warriors from a foreign land shed their last drops of blood for the federation?

We might not be as strong as the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators. We might just be ordinary people whose spiritual roots are not awakened yet. But our blood is as hot as that of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators. Our valor can rip apart the stars just like theirs!

A battle cannot be won by one or two experts. Look. Our Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators have been dragged into an exhausting fight. They are in dire need of our support. They need to get some precious rest and cooldown under our cover! At this moment, the future of the federation does not depend on them but each and every one of us!

Summon your courage, grip your weapons, listen to the call of the horn, aim and attack, and show the goddamn extraterrestrial devils that this is the federation!

When Luo Qishengs hoarse roars were still resounding as ripples of spiritual energy, a powerful, ear-splitting horn had penetrated the vacuum of space and flooded into the ears of every soldier. Everyone was unable to control themself, as if they had been punched right in the chest.

Today, because the tactical network was highly developed, and the main battlefield was the vacuum in space or the resource planets without atmospheres, a horn, as an ancient way of commanding to pass orders, was already outdated.

However, when every new soldier who joined the federal army received the education of its glorious history, they would be reminded how the federal army charged at the beast tides, the monsters, the most dangerous lands and all the formidable enemies standing in the way of the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars flag under the encouragement and guidance of such horn when it was just founded under the ideology of protect mankind hundreds of years ago in the Old Federation!

At that time, the soul stirring horn had its own name.

It was the Horn of Charge!

At this moment when the tactical network was probably invaded and compromised by the enemy, with dozens of magnetic broadcasters that were designed to send out all-covering messages in the vacuum, the ancient Horn of Charge was blown again!

This space zone had never been as hot as right now since the big bang.

The soldiers of the federal army of the new generation, other than during the history education or when playing certain ancient virtual games, had probably never marched forward under the encouragement of the Horn of Charge before.

However, when the Horn of Charge that had fallen quiet for a long time really echoed, their every muscle, every vein, and every cell was prepared to charge.

Some sounds did not need to be brought up time and time again because it had been carved into the deepest part of their genes as the memory of the blood!

Move forward, federal army!

Thousands of soldierssome of them ordinary fighters, some Refinement Stage Cultivators, and some Cultivators who struggled at the middle and bottom level of the Building Foundation Stage for decades without any promise of breaking into the Core Formation Stageroared at the same time together with the Horn of Charge.

There was no reason they could hear the voices of their comrades, but they clearly heard everyones deafening roars, which combined with the Horn of Charge into surging tides that were even more overwhelming than the lightning storm up ahead!

Toward the rumbling thunder, toward the dancing electric arcs, toward the destructive vortexes raised by the space torpedoes, and toward the intimidating army of ghosts, the federal army charged!