Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1753

Chapter 1753 The Primeval God Sealing Cannon

Li Yao heard the Horn of Charge, too.

He had been a member of the federal army, too, in the age of the Old Federation!

In his younger years, before he went to the Blood Demon Sector to facilitate the union of the three Sectors, before he stopped Xiao Xuances scheme in the Flying Star Sector, before he tried to perish together with Skeleton Dragon on Boneyard, before his spiritual root was awakened, and before he encountered the beast tides on the Grand Desolate Plateau, he had heard the distant and yet familiar horns from the movies time and time again and seen the warriors with the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars emblems striding forward together with the Horn of Charge!

The horn, the picture, the emblem, and the faces that were blackened by blood and smoke but had eyes which were as glittering as before were deeply carved into his blood, too!

Li Yao grinned and laughed crazily without a sound.

A hundred years had passed. A lot of things had changed. But the federation was still the federation!

Li Yao did not hesitate anymore. The flames of spiritual energy that had already raged toward the stars seemed to have broken free from certain invisible shackles and began to expand and surge again. The space torpedoes within hundreds of meters were all decimated. However, the fireballs that they raised after being destroyed were suppressed by his spiritual energy and controlled by him to dart out, turning into a soundless wall of fire and creating an empty, blocked area for him and Long Yangjun!

Streaks of brilliance surged out of their Cosmos Rings again and condensed into magnificent armored parts in the vacuum. Electric arcs were dancing among the parts. They were soon attracted by the jumping spiritual energy on the two of them and jumped to them quickly!

This is

All the soldiers of the federal army far away activated their power rune arrays to the maximum. Dragging exhaust flames that were hundreds of meters long, they rushed at the space station like an overwhelming meteor shower.

The group of officers headed by Luo Qisheng was the strongest of all, boasting the few Core Formation Stage Cultivators in the troops. In the spirit of the blood of the strong should be shed first, they accelerated and ran toward the front of the meteor shower even though they were at the rear in the beginning. As the sharpest arrowhead, they sprinted at the lightning that looked like gigantic boas.

They had already been prepared to attract a few electric arcs for Li Yao and Long Yangjun in order to share their pressure even at the cost of their own lives.

However, when they were only one step away from the savaging range of the lightning defense array, they sensed that Li Yaos and Long Yangjuns spiritual energy, which had already been off the charts, was soaring yet again. Dazzling blade auras were flourishing in the middle of the space torpedoes and the army of ghosts, which was as awe-inspiring as the brightness released by two stars. Then, explosions erupted on their bodies, and countless fireballs condensed into two orange balls hundreds of meters in diameter, completely consuming the two of them!

Before the officers had a chance to scream, the two orange balls blossomed like a bud and then quickly withered like a flower. The two of them broke out of the core. Their previously shattered crystal suits had been utterly renewed. With the attraction force of the spiritual and magnetic field, countless strengthening plugins had been attached to them, making them even more elegant, magnificent, and powerful than before. Li Yao and Long Yangjuns bodies expanded to almost five meters, too!

They were Ares Extensions, plugins that could maximize the combat ability of the crystal suits before the Colossi were unearthed!

Luo Qisheng had seen a lot of experts who summoned the Ares Extension that could only be used once at the most perilous moment during his hundred years of service, but he had never seen such a unique model before.

The Ares Extensions that were attached to Li Yao and Long Yangjun were filled with profoundness, elegance, and strictness. The complicated spiritual stripes were in a vintage style. After the new plugins were added, the two of them looked like primordial warriors who had travelled through time from the primeval age to the present day!

Yes. The two Ares Extensions were made of pieces of primeval magical equipment from the Nuwa warship in the Ancient Sages Sector by Li Yao.

Remnants left after the fierce battle between the Nuwa Clan and the Pangu Clan were everywhere on the Nuwa warship. Because the warship was buried deep under the glacier, most of them were very well-preserved. A lot of the magical equipment still maintained part of their functionality despite the passage of hundreds of thousands of years.

Before Li Yao arrived at the Ancient Sages Sector, the natives of the Ancient Sages Sector already considered the primeval treasures as marvelous weapons. Qi Zhongdao, the nominal leader of all the Cultivators, was the most typical one of them, having refined the gravity controller of a starship into a piece of unique magical equipment that was invincible in the world of Cultivators.

Yan Liren had used three giant swords from the primeval era that belonged to the Pangu Clan or the Nuwa Clan to deal with the gravity controller!

Although the primeval treasures applied to Li Yaos and Long Yangjuns Ares Extensions were not as good as Qi Zhongdaos Heaven Flipping Seal in terms of performance, the gap was not very large. Perhaps nobody else in the entire Star Glory Federation could afford such extravagance as to consider the primeval treasures as one-time, expendable goods!

Therefore, Li Yao had named the Ares Extension made of the primeval treasures the Primeval Extension!

With the enhancement of the Primeval Extension, the two of them were truly like ravenous beasts from the primeval age. Their speed was further accelerated, and they charged into the crowd of the space torpedoes and the army of ghosts, leaving hundreds of blurred shadows behind them.

Their target was very clearthe pivot of the lightning defense array that Li Yao had found out by taking the blow passively just now!

The defenders soon realized what they were up to. Countless space torpedoes and warriors lunged at them fearlessly, trying to block their attack.

But how was it possible when they were faced with the reveal primeval force?

Break now!

Li Yao grabbed an enormous saber that was 17.7 meters long but with an aura that had been extended to hundreds of meters away, suggesting that it could slash a starship in half. Dazzling brilliance surged out like a tide, while Li Yao cut everything in front of his way in half, both the warriors of the army of ghosts and the space torpedoes!

Long Yangjun, on the other hand, chose almost a thousand flying swords. Those flying swords from the primeval age had been rusted and broken. However, after they were refined by Li Yao, some of the sharp pieces were still kept. The sharp pieces had now turned into the best bullets, which turned into a thousand streaks of gold brilliance under the control of Long Yangjuns powerful telepathic thoughts. Interweaving into a deadly net of swords, they pierced through the warriors and the space torpedoes!

It was the real hurricane of flying swords!

It was the best example of one against a thousand and a killing spree in space!

There was no doubt that such brutal attacks were draining their spiritual energy at a crazy rate, too.

However, they were backed by thousands of soldiers of the federal army. They were not fighting alone. What was there to be scared of?

What was most important right now was to destroy the pivot and shut down the lightning defense array so that the soldiers of the federal army would not die for nothing.

After clearing the debris in front of them, they could already see enormous swirls that were made of dazzling spiritual stripes on the surface of the space station.

The most glamorous, complicated part, which was defended by the most warriors of the army of ghosts, was where the pivot of the array was located.

The pivot of the array was also surrounded by rounds of defense arrays that were powered by a few large crystal reactors below the thick armor. Almost ten layers of spiritual shields which felt almost concrete were protecting the pivot of the array.

Sensing the trickiness of the two intruders, the intensity of the spiritual energy was upgraded by several levels by the defender immediately. Yellowish colors that were visible to the naked eye were spreading out. Affected by the force field, even the rune arrays inside the pivot of the array were almost twisted, making it look like a weird eye that was shooting out hatred and fear.

The army of ghosts and the space torpedoes were seething with impatience again, trying to block the channel of attack between them and the pivot of the array.

After consuming such a huge amount of spiritual energy, it had barely been possible for them to sweep through the enemy so overwhelmingly, too.

Now is the time! Li Yao bulged his eyes and bellowed, with blood flowing out of his eyes.

Long Yangjun sniffed. The thousand pieces of ancient flying swords emitted unbelievable brilliance again and turned into golden ribbons around them, hovering quickly within hundreds of meters as the best defense!

Li Yao raised his right arm high and moved his fingers quickly, forming a sign.

Inside the Cosmos Ring, six enormous flying swords, which used to be the weapons of the warriors of the Pangu Clan and the Nuwa Clan but had been utterly deformed after his modification, jumped out to the battlefield. The complicated spiritual stripes on them were illuminated one after another, and bright, orange colors entangled with each other, transforming them into six paralleled crystal rails!

It was a special railgun. A unique, super railgun that was luxurious enough to use primeval swords as the crystal rails and pieces of the primeval magical equipment as the cannonball!

Li Yao had named it the Primeval God-Sealing Cannon!

Attracted by the magnetic force, the Primeval God-Sealing Cannon slowly landed on the right shoulder of Li Yaos Primeval Extension.

Dozens of connection components immediately ejected from the right shoulder and the helmet of the Primeval Extension, allowing the great cannon to be completely melded with the armor. Li Yaos telepathic thoughts and spiritual energy were also able to flood into the great cannon from his right temple, triggering mysterious reactions with the pieces of the primeval magical equipment and the high-purity marrow crystals that were stored inside the great cannon!

Li Yao burnt his soul without bothering about anything, as if he was pouring his own soul into the great cannon!

Even the six crystal rails made of primeval swords seemed unable to shoulder the violent spiritual energy any longer and turned into translucent orange colors!

At this moment, everybody both on the enemys side and on their own side sensed the weirdness and magnificence of the great cannon. Even the weakest, most sluggish crystal processors were uttering ear-splitting alarms. High-energy reaction up head! Warning! High-energy reaction up ahead! Warning!

The army of ghosts and the space torpedoes were desperately running forward, trying to block Li Yaos route of attack with themselves.

There was already no time. Li Yao had already locked onto the pivot of the array with all his telepathic thoughts.

Even if the army of ghosts did reach him, they would not be able to stop the roar that he had accumulated for a hundred years.

Li Yao clenched his fists so hard that they turned into two black holes. The orange flames deep inside the great cannon were expanding like a sun before the Primeval God-Sealing Cannon was launched with the maximal damage!