Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1754

Chapter 1754 A Shot After A Hundred Years


Li Yao felt that cracking sounds were echoing inside his brain again. The ancient memories that had been sealed for a long time were added with new gaps after being riddled with holes by Lei Yuqins attack. Mental power that was almost concrete surged out of the memory core and swept across the entire brain!

In the meantime, on his right shoulder, boundless spiritual energy flooded out like a supernova outbreak. The Primeval God-Sealing Cannon, the Primeval Extension, and the super crystal suit Supreme Emperors Excalibur were ripped apart by the violent aftershock at the same time and exploded on his body!

In just one moment, his mustard-seed suit was almost burnt to ash, and his skin was falling apart. His every muscle seemed to have been twisted brutally, and his every drop of marrow had turned into scorching magma. His internal organs were shaking violently like an earthquake!

The recoil of the shot was too powerful for even Li Yao, a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, to bear. He spurted out a mouthful of blood that was mixed with spiritual energy, which turned into eye-catching redness in the vacuum!

In exchange for such a great price, he launched a shot that could blow up the head of even a deity!

The soldiers of the federal army could only see a dazzling flash that seemed to be reestablishing the entire universe. The red torrents, made of boiling spiritual energy and molecular-level particles of the primeval magical equipment, were extended into a long, narrow red line several kilometers long within a moment before it hit the pivot of the lightning defense array precisely!

It was like a burnt, iron chopstick piercing into the eyeball of a huge monster. All the warriors of the army of ghosts and the space torpedoes in the path of the attack were shattered, vaporized, and obliterated. The multiple layers of the lightning defense array did not even stop the attack for 0.1 seconds before it dispersed into shining pieces of spiritual energy. Crimson brightness rose from the depths of the eyeball and expanded crazily, like a circular tide in an ocean that was hit by a meteor. Destructive tides were spreading on the shell of the space station. Wherever they reached, the rune arrays, the magical equipment units, and the automatic bastions were exploding and dying down in flames of various colors.

After only several seconds, the glittering shell of District 01 was replaced by dim, tinted colors, like an enormous glass ball that had been burnt!

The crazily dancing lightning around the space station previously began to cramp like the feet of a centipede that was struggling to live. After every cramp, the brightness and the range of the lightning would be slightly reduced. They degraded from dragons into boas, from boas into snakes, from snakes into earthworms, and eventually from earthworms into insignificant ants, dispersing in space amid flickering light!

The spiritual and magnetic field was completely disrupted because the thousands of electric arcs were gone at the same time. The perception rune arrays of everyones crystal suit were creaking, as if the sole eye of the giant monster was really blinded by Li Yao, which made it scream miserably in pain!

The entire automatic defense array crashed!

The power of a single shot was as invincible as that!

The heated battlefield was seized by a few seconds of weird silence after the shot.

Everybody was dumbfounded and sweating hard. They found it hard to believe their eyes, ears, and all the other sensory organs. They could not trust the estimated damage displayed on the probe magical equipment of their crystal suits, either!

The damage of the shot was even more powerful than the barrage of a triple main gun on a main-force warship. Was the guy really just a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, not in the Divinity Transformation Stage or even a higher level?

God God bless the federation!

When a lot of soldiers of the federal army stepped out of the space stations like headless flies into the cold universe, they were still filled with confusion, if not fear and desperation, because they did not understand what was going on and what they should do at all!

The orders from their superiors were not trustworthy. The extraterrestrial devils, which they had barely heard of for more than a hundred years, revisited the human world. The expedition army of the Imperium of True Human Beings was likely to assault the strategic locations of the federation at this moment, too. Troubles were arising both inside and outside, and everybody was panicking. To make matters worse, they lacked organization and leadership. Could there be a more terrible situation and a more perilous moment?

At that time, even the bravest, firmest, and most optimistic of them did not have the courage to imagine just a few hours into the future, which would certainly be unbelievably miserable and dark!

They were merely risking charging forward and fulfil their responsibility with their lives, driven by the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars emblem on their chests as well as the honor and instincts of soldiers!

When they saw the dense space torpedoes, the intimidating army of ghosts, and the crazily dancing lightning, nobody knew how to break through the impenetrable defense line!

They knew how to die, but they did not know how to win!

However, right now

Li Yaos shot gave them an answer and the hope of victory!

So, there is such an expert on our side supervising the situation. Weve got nothing to fear!

Isis he a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator? No. Ive seen the battle videos of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators before. Such a shot couldnt have been launched by a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. He must be in the Divinity Transformation Stage. He must be!

The fire support provided by the Nascent Soul Stage and the Divinity Transformation Stage has completely destroyed the lightning defense array. What are we waiting for? March forward. For the federation!

For the federation!

For the federation!

Wars could not be won by one or two experts.

But the splendid performance of the top-tier experts on the front line could indeed boost morale, tear apart the enemys most vulnerable part, and add a fatal weight onto the scale of victory!

The shot drained almost all of Li Yaos spiritual energy temporarily. He had lost the protection of the crystal suit and the mustard-seed combat suit, too. He floated in the cold vacuum like a block of rotten wood.

However, he was not frightened, because he clearly sensed that the tides of spiritual energy behind him that were a hundred times more powerful than him were already set on an unstoppable rampage!

The meteor shower made of the ordinary soldiers of the federal accelerated abruptly after a moment of hesitation, marching into the enemys crowd overwhelmingly!

The army of ghosts hesitated for a few more seconds than them.

The reason was simple. The army of ghosts were actually being controlled by the Half Intelligent Battle Telepathic Thoughts Amalgamations, an artificial intelligence supported by big data. They could only choose the appropriate tactics based on the situations that were stored in the database.

However, even the most enormous database could not have imagined that there would be such a crazily extravagant man who could afford building so many precious primeval treasures into a Primeval God-Sealing Cannon that could only be activated once!

Li Yaos craziness and magnificence was out of the databases bounds.

The warriors controlled by artificial intelligence were all cramping crazily, as if they were shuddering in fear under Li Yaos powerful cannon.

When they finally moved out of the infinite loop caused by data overflow, the soldiers of the federal army had already reached them!

The army of ghosts were obviously much stronger, but the battle shells under their control were bodies made of flesh and blood. Those bodies had slept in the medical cabins for decades, which had made their limbs somewhat wither.

Besides, even though the artificial intelligence could simulate the most delicate tactical movement based on the data, there were some things that it could never simulate.

For example, morale.

For example, spirits.

For example, the blood-boiling feeling motivated by the belief of victory, supported by the Horn of Charge, and summoned by the Rising Dragon of the Nine Stars flag!

In space, a soundless, deafening chaotic battle broke out.

The soldiers of the federal army, whose eyes were burning with passion, were bold enough to charge at the Fighting Spirits ahead of them, who were theoretically in the Core Formation Stage, even though there were only a couple of them, just to consume the spiritual energy of the Fighting Spirits and the durability of their crystal suits.

It was the tactic that the army of ghosts adopted to deal with Li Yao and Long Yangjun just now. But now, the federal army, which had greater numbers, implemented it on them instead.

Explosions were bursting out everywhere with broken sabers and swords. Translucent flowers of blood were blossoming only to be shattered the next second. The gory, chaotic battle covered the space station with a hazy, red veil!

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

As time went by, the messengers that Luo Qisheng sent out delivered the news to more and more districts. More and more local troops and the experts of the local universities, sects, and Exo Societies, who had already vaguely felt something, flew out of the airtight gates to check what was going on.

Paper could not wrap fire forever. No lie could deceive everyone forever.

More and more space torpedoes were remotely detonated. The swirls of spiritual energy they raised actually consumed a lot of warriors on their own side. The wound that was just torn by Li Yao and Long Yangjun had no chance to be healed at all. The defense line of the army of ghosts was showing signs of collapse!

Monster Li! Long Yangjun appeared by Li Yaos side. Her hands moved quickly and created an invisible spiritual shield, enshrouding Li Yao and protecting him from the low temperature and the vacuum.

Even Long Yangjun had never seen such a powerful shot before. The elite warrior of the Nuwa civilization could not help but eye Li Yao up and down and remark, Thats rather powerful, isnt it?

Of course, Li Yao said casually. I havent had a shot for a hundred years!

Theres no need to brag about yourself now. Hurry and refill yourself!

During the fierce battle, the two of them had blown up hundreds of Fighting Spirits together and had reached their limits. Had it not been for the cover and reinforcement of the federal army, they might have been drained by the army of ghosts.

Thankfully, the federal army was marching forward unstoppably. They had also carried a lot of pills from the Ancient Sages Sector that could quickly recover their spiritual energy. After the twelve top experts of the Ancient Sages Sector joined hands, they certainly had the rarest treasures in the world. Their pills were all the most fabulous medicines in the world!

Li Yao grimaced. There was no need to keep up an experts demeanor in front of Long Yangjun. He hurried to retrieve dozens of fluorescent pills whose cores were various colors from his Cosmos Rings and swallow all of them. The pills turned into scorching, cold, sweet, or bitter juices when they were still inside his throat. Then, they circulated inside his body, nurturing his internal organs and limbs. He could not help but moan in great satisfaction!

After dozens of streams of spiritual energy flowed three times around his veins, he was finally vigorous enough to focus the spiritual energy on his eyes and examine the damage that his previous shot had caused.

When he saw the dents on the surface of the space station that looked like craters, he was slightly dazed, too.

That shot does seem a bit too powerful,Li Yao thought to himself.