Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 1755

Chapter 1755 The Situation Looks Good

Chapter 1755: The Situation Looks Good!

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Are you alright?

Luo Qisheng jumped at the two of them in excitement, almost clutching Li Yao and Long Yangjun as life buoys. As an expert in the Core Formation Stage, he had known that the two of them must be very strong, but he did not expect them to be so strong. The world-blighting shot from Li Yao just now had almost blown up his heart too when it blew up the pivot of the lightning defense array!

Medic! Medic! Luo Qisheng roared through the broadcast magical equipment. Where are the medics?

Under the stormy fire support, a team of medics in white crystal suits with silver jars on their backs flew close from not far away. They looked at Li Yao full of admiration and reverence first before establishing a temporary defense array next to Li Yao and Long Yangjun and aimed the vacuum injectors, which were connected to the medicine jars on their back, at the two of them.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

Tremendous bright green gel spurted out and wreathed them without leaving any gap. The high-energy nutrition drugs and recovery drugs contained inside the gel quickly leaked into their pores, flowing, soothing and nurturing among the veins and nerves.

Li Yao felt as comfortable as if he were soaked in the most advanced medical cabin. Not only did the weird gel that looked like jelly boast the function of repairing the broken veins and nerves, it was also triggering a natural counterforce as he moved his hands and feet, giving the feeling that an expert masseur was at his service. His efficiency of absorbing the pills from the Ancient Sages Sector was significantly increased.

The modern war always highlighted the cooperation between Cultivators and ordinary soldiers.

The Cultivators were strong both as attackers and defenders. As arrowheads and edges, they could be invincible. Their biggest shortcoming was that the duration of their fight was too short, and they were unable to be engaged in high-intensity battles for too long. One moment of carelessness, and they might be besieged by the enemy after their spiritual energy ran dry. In the most extreme cases, even the best expert might be killed by a bunch of ordinary soldiers.

The ordinary soldiers were the very contrary. They were quite weak in terms of both attack and defense. However, as long as there were enough of them to form legions, they could provide stable damage output incessantly. The possible range and direction of the attack of the army would be greatly expanded.

Besides, one combat parameter was basically equal for everyone, which was the load and the storage space.

On a battlefield that was not under the influence of gravity, everybodys load, fuel, and crystals depended on their Cosmos Rings. Even the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators Cosmos Rings only had limited room, too, however spacious they might be.

It meant that, even if a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator had combat ability a thousand times higher than ordinary soldiers, it was practically impossible for one of them to carry more ammunition and crystals than what a hundred ordinary soldiers could.

More weapons, ammunitions, crystals, and various sorts of war magical equipment could evolve into complicated, unpredictable tactics, achieving an outcome that even a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator might not be able to accomplish.

The high-level Cultivators and the ordinary soldiers had their own advantages. The key to victory was to combine their advantages.

Getting to the bottom of it, the final outcome of a modern war, at least in head-on clashes that did not involve the mutual bombardment of starships, was mostly decided by whether or not the common soldiers on ones side could effectively consume the spiritual energy reserve, ammunitions, mental power, and duration of combat of the experts on the enemys side, and whether or not the experts on ones own side could be given the previous time to refill spiritual energy, recover the mental power, and cool down the magical equipment after they were greatly exhausted by the enemys common soldiers!

Luo Qisheng did a marvelous job in that regard.

It was because the 414 troop, as an ordinary troop without a special title, was exactly responsible for such a mission in the battlefieldto provide reinforcements and medical and fire support for the experts of the ace troops.

Chiliu! Chiliu! Chiliu! Chiliu!

Every pore on Li Yaos body was like a bottomless hole, crazily devouring the high-energy nutrition contained in the bright green gel.

The shivering, sticky jelly soon turned transparent before it became gray and crispy, falling off from his body and ending up as tiny dust.

Not bad! Li Yao grinned, his telepathic thoughts running to the medics like octopi. What is this weird stuff? It doesnt taste bad. Give me more!

The medics all looked at each other in bewilderment. They had drills with quite a few ace troops before, but never had they seen an expert who could suck the emergency medication gel so rabidly and cleanly.

The cluster of gel just now contained two units of recovery drugs, which were enough for an expert in the Core Formation Stage to rest for two to three hours inside!

What are you waiting for. Hurry up! Luo Qisheng almost could not wait to grab the medical spray gun and shoot at his life saver himself.

Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu!

This time, more than ten vacuum medical spray guns spurted at Li Yao at the same time, enshrouding him in a huge jelly almost five meters in diameter.


After the fierce, soul-stirring fight just now, especially the gratifying shot at the end, Li Yaos strength that had stagnated for a hundred years was completely activated. At this moment, he was not wearing any armor. Even the mustard-seed combat suit was completely burnt up by the violent spiritual energy. His naked body was directly exposed to the universe, but he could not care less about it. While absorbing the high-energy nutrition materials inside the medical gel, he spurted out the dead blood and the waste gas inside his body from his pores, which produced a series of dense bubbles inside the jelly. At first glance, his body seemed to be completely boiling!

Despite the blockage of the medical gel, the cold vacuum, and the thick crystal suit, the soldiers of the federal army still felt an oppression that made it hard for them to breathe.

It was like a super enormous warship dozens of kilometers long was sliding past them slowly. Although they knew that the warship would not crash into them, they still felt that their mouth was dry, and their heart was pounding when they saw the endless body of the warship!

Next to Li Yao, Long Yangjun had absorbed the nutrition materials inside the gel, too.

She was now revealing herself as a female. Naturally, she could not be as free at Li Yao. Although she took off the broken crystal suit, she was still wearing the ivory mustard-seed combat suit. The tensile materials of the suit further highlighted her elegant curves.

After she absorbed tremendous nutrition drugs, undisguisable flames of spiritual energy were popping up from her mustard-seed combat seed, too. The previous damage and fatigue had mostly recovered.

Li Yao glanced at Long Yangjun and then observed the battle in front. Then, he nodded and said, The situation looks very good. It seems that we dont need to attack again

Shut up! Long Yangjuns telepathic thoughts crashed into him brutally. Just enjoy your meal and keep your mouth shut!

The elite warrior of the Nuwa Clan turned around and spoke to Luo Qisheng solemnly through telepathic thought transmission. The battle up head is going on very smoothly. By our estimation, Professor Mo Xuan cant have too many available forces under his control. The army of two to three thousand ghosts and the war puppets here are very likely all that he has.

Just now, we slew more than half of the army of ghosts. They have lost the enhancement of the lightning defense array, too. They are completely suppressed and will be surrounded very quickly!

The army of ghosts have been fighting for quite a while, too. With their bodies that have soaked for so many years in the medical cabins, they cannot weather through such a protracted battle!

The enemys defense line is about to collapse. Everything looks promising!

Colonel Luo, hurry up and discuss with the commanders of other troops regarding the battle plan after we break into the space station!

Huh Luo Qisheng narrowed his eyes. The super-large helmet on the specially-made crystal suit for commanders on his head helped him to analyze the situation with the highly-precise crystal cameras. Its true. If things go on like this, we will break into the space station in half an hour!

Hardly had he concluded his sentence when abrupt changes took place!

From the airtight gates where the space torpedoes and the army of ghosts flooded out, almost a thousand black iron balls flew out again!

Those iron balls looked like the hammers that the barbarian Cultivators in the age of ancient Cultivators were best at. Dense stings were all over their surface. Among the stings, countless metal whips that could extend and shrink like tentacles were shaking incessantly. They gave the feeling that they were some sort of weird germs that had been enlarged by billions of times!

Zi! Zi! Zi! Zi!

Deep blue electric arcs flowed out of all the iron balls. Instead of attacking the enemy, they produced a magnificent force field and attracted all the iron balls into one monolithic ball that was almost a hundred meters in diameter!

The technology to attract each other with the force field was similar to the plugging technology when the Ares Extension was applied. All the parts could be separated and combined freely, making it quite convenient to use them.

However, this time, after the enormous ball almost a hundred meters in diameter wriggled for a moment, it turned into a giant that was crouching and holding its arms. Then, it slowly stretched out its arms and legs and sat up in space, staring at the federal army on the opposite side coldly!

The big iron balls full of stings were the muscles and bones of the giant. The magnetic force that was flowing among the iron balls swiftly was its nerves and veins. When the giant completely stood up, it was more than two hundred meters tall!


Deep blue flames of spiritual energy were burning from the gaps of the iron balls that made up the giants face. It was like a living creature in space that was grimacing and roaring at the federal army.

The giants voice was inaudible in space, but everybody was able to see its roars, which were sweeping the federal army like blue, circular ripples. Wherever they reached, the soldiers of the federal army staggered as if they were drunk when they were affected by the attack!

It was mental attack of a very high intensity!

Bulging his eyes, Li Yao stared at the huge monster two hundred meters tall for a long time. Then, he turned back slowly and looked at Long Yangjun.

Long Yangjun blushed, which was quite rare for her. The veins on her temples bulged for a long time. Finally, she gnashed her teeth. I summoned the monster. I will take care of it!

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