Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Thunder Palm

When seeing Li Yaos expression, Ma Jiao knew that he was letting his imagination go wild. Ma Jiao couldn't help laughing as he said:

"Though the theory is short, it isn't easy to truly cultivate it. Incisive understanding of various algorithms is needed, and one must also possess powerful computational ability and hand-mind coordination ability. There's no need for an amateur gunman like yourself to waste too much time in this field. In any case, you're just substituting in as a heavy firepower user for the moment. There isn't a high need for precision when it comes to your task of laying suppressive fire."

Li Yao's heart pounded and throbbed.

He was a refiner. He was no stranger to abstract, profound, and complicated algorithms. His computational ability was also higher than that of a normal close-combat soldier. As for his hand-mind coordination ability...

Under the Super Perceptive State, the grave issue of his hand and mind being uncoordinated had appeared. He had grit his teeth and trained past it quite painfully.

His hand-mind coordination ability absolutely surpassed his peers!

After a short mutter to himself, Li Yao asked:

"Fellow student Ma Jiao. You just said that there are two types of mystical abilities?"

"Not bad, the other two types of mystical abilities are Baptism and Soul Division."

Ma Jiao replied readily:

"The so-called Baptism is using various secret techniques to perform a second refining on an ordinary bullet. It lets the bullet connect with one's spirit, and the most commonly seen baptism is the Blood Baptism. The gunman's blood is used to baptize the bullet, increasing the spirituality of the bullet. Naturally, the gunman comes to have perfect command over the bullet, landing wherever he points."

He paused a bit before explaining further, "However, Blood Baptizing has enormous limitations, because it consumes way too much blood. It's impossible to refine all of your bullets using Blood Baptism, for we fire out hundreds of thousands of bullets a day. If each bullet were to be Blood Baptized, we would die of blood loss before even setting foot on the battlefield."

"Typically speaking, snipers like fellow student Bei Jingjing are more suited to using Blood Baptizing to strengthen the spirituality of their bullets. Every sniper bullet they fire has undergone Blood Baptizing of many years. Their bullets can curve and do all sorts of oddities."

"People like Chunyu Peng and I have slowly baptized a few ammo clips of Blood Bullets. Normally we hate to use them, but in critical moments where our lives are at stake, we will bring them out."

"As for Soul Division, when one opens fire, a strand of the soul is attached to the bullet. It follows with the bullet as the bullet gets fired, increasing the ability to control the bullet. It is much more powerful than typical telepathic manipulation."

"When cultivated to the peak, the bullet becomes equivalent to a clone. This mystical ability is too wonderful for words."

"However, it must be noted that for Soul Division, during the instant the bullet is just about to hit the target, one must perform a 'Soul Retrieval' and retrieve this strand of the soul. Otherwise, when the bullet explodes, this strand of the soul will scatter and dissipate as well, causing great damage to the gunman. If the damage to the enemy is 1000, then the damage to one's self is 800. It's a situation where both sides suffer."

Ma Jiao's words set off a wild surge in the bottom of Li Yao's heart.

Through endless days of bloody battle, he had discovered his weak point of having inferior attack power.

His absolute strength was excessive enough, his burst strength was high enough, and his ability to resist blows was strong enough.

But he didn't have a set of outstanding techniques. He was incapable of completely transforming his strength into destructive power.

This was the reason why he had to go through great amounts of calculations to use his Heavy Vibrosaber and Six Barrel Rotary Cannon; this was his only method to draw out his max destructive power in his current circumstances.

How could he not know just how utterly tiring and cumbersome it was to carry the Six Barrel Rotary Cannon and an entire giant crate of ammunition?

Even though he had enough physical ability to carry all of this, what if he could carry less ammunition? Wouldn't his speed increase?

If he could learn some super basic gun fighting techniques, it was super clear that his combat ability would increase. It was all good, whether it be carrying less ammo or switching to a lighter, more portable firearm. The margin for his tactical options would become much greater!

Calculations of the firing trajectory can be slowly tempered on a live battlefield. Dividing out a strand of the soul to control the bullet... this sort of mystical ability sounds difficult to the extreme the instant one hears it. This isn't something that could be learned in a short time. What's more, there's no place to learn it!

What about Blood Baptism, Blood Baptism?

Li Yao's heart stirred and he was wild with joy.

There were countless different types of Blood Baptism methods in the Hundred Smelting Clan!

The greatest experts of the ancient refiners would take their own blood and essence and assimilate them into their magical equipment. There were even legends of ancient sword forgers who, for the sake of forging swords, jumped into furnaces to forge swords with their bodies.

There were quite a few low level Blood Baptism techniques on the first floor of the Heavenly Refining Tower. Though they weren't sufficient to be used to baptize and strengthen magical equipment, baptizing a few small bullets to slightly strengthen their might should be more than enough, right?

"I've decided that next I will focus on blade techniques, shooting techniques, and even blood baptism techniques in cultivation!"

Li Yao was a refiner. Obviously, in battle, he had to walk the path of a massively equipped man and use all sorts of powerful magical equipment to engage in close-combat slaughter.

Whether it be close-combat magical equipment or long-range magical equipment, he had to be proficient in using them. Only in this way could he display his superiority to the maximum.

"We're heading out. Let's continue to slay the demon beasts!"

They had rested for half an hour. After a small hunting squad had sent a report back to the command center about the current situation and location, they continued to head forward!

"Rumble rumble!"

"Rumble rumble rumble rumble!"

Gold Phoenix Road isn't a street; it's a bustling area where high-rises stand in great numbers. Sounds of explosions and fighting came from all around.

Other hunting squads were engaging in bloody combat.

Everyone knew that this was their last chance. They wasted no second of time to train, sweep the area, and to rack up their meritorious military service!


There weren't many demon beasts left on the surface that possessed anti-air attacks. The armed forces of humanity could boldly fly in the skies above the cities in their flying shuttles and small battleships. They dropped one flickering and glistening metal crate after another down with enormous parachutes appearing above them. The crates swayed as they fell to the ground.


A large metal crate smashed to the ground not to far away from Li Yao and the others.

Li Yao advanced with large strides. He spread out his hand and pressed against the array glyph slightly infused with a blue glow on the large metal crate.

"Beep Beep!"

The array glyph turned green, a hissing noise sounded, streams of air spouted out from all sides of the metal crate, and the crate slowly opened.

The insides were packed to the brim with high-energy nutrition doses, clean water, ammunition, and close-combat weapons.

"Everyone quickly calm yourselves and replenish your gear. This supply crate is quite decent. They even sent us a hundred Thunder-Palms refined by the Dragon Tiger Sect!"

Li Yao's eyes lit up as he hung twenty Thunder-Palms on his combat vest and stuffed his ammunition box full.

The other people also replenished their ammunition, food, and water. Their original body armor was nearly exhausted of their spiritual energy, so they swapped to new ones.

The six people looked completely new a moment later. They went towards the depths of the Financial District to go killing.

After repelling two parts of the beast tide, they finally reached the core region of Gold Phoenix Road.

Quite a few financial companies had their headquarters here. The signs of banks, financial companies, and insurance companies hung on all the tall and large buildings to either side of them. They could vaguely see the the bustling activity of the past.

In the past, there were people coming and going; this was the center of the city, bustling with activity. Yet, now it had turned into a demon area where the chilly wind came in waves and the ghostly air was dense. The howls of demon beasts sounded out over and over, endlessly lingering in their ears.

Everyone's gazes gradually swept across the large buildings surging with demonic energy.

Explosions, roars, screams, and powerful spiritual energy waves came from some of these buildings. Clearly, some people had gotten here early.

"The most powerful demon beasts must be hiding in these buildings!"

"Which building are we choosing?"

"The bank or the insurance company?"

"Huh? This is..."

The gazes of the six people were simultaneously cast towards a large building. They all felt the powerful demonic energy coming from within.

"So its the stock exchange center!"

"No wonder, the demonic energy is this intense!"

"Wow, the green demonic energy is surging out from the broken windows to congeal into a layer of green miasma, firmly enveloping the entire stock exchange center!"

"There must be a lot of ruthless demon beasts that can kill through underhanded means hibernating within this stock exchange center!"

The six people glanced at each other and nodded their heads at the same time. They rushed into the stock exchange center after uttering low growls.

The first floor of the stock exchange center was a spacious and wide hall. Countless Green-Skinned Saber Mantises and similar demon beasts were gathered here.

These demon beasts' strengths were low. They didn't dare to go out and court death. They could only lie in wait within the large building.

Because they were short on food, they had actually started to kill each other.

Upon entering, Li Yao and the others just so happened to see a weaker Green-Skinned Saber Mantis get killed by its own kind. Seven, eight Green-Skinned Saber Mantises laid on its corpse, eating with great delight.

The Green-Skinned Saber Mantis with stomachs rumbling with hunger weren't willing to let go of their food even when they noticed the intruders. They tore off pieces of meat from the corpse of their companion before shrieking and pouncing onto Li Yao's group.

Li Yao and the others opened fire. Their crossfire was like three scarlet waves that instantaneously engulfed the Green-Skinned Saber Mantises completely, leaving not even dregs.

Upon hearing the gunfire, several hundred Green-Skinned Saber Mantises came rushing down from the second floor. Mixed among them were a few dozen Black Armored Saber Mantises, and at their rear were five Gold Armored Saber Mantises.

"Come then!"

Everyone glanced at each other, took out their Thunder-Palms without the slightest hesitation, and sent them to cleave and smash the skulls of the beast tide.

The Thunder-Palm was a secret equipment of the Dragon Tiger Sect. At first glance, it just looked like a pitch-black and unremarkable metal shell, but it was hiding intensely condensed thunder crystals and even a miniature Five Thunder Punishment Formation.

When it's set off, it would be like a field of small descending Thunder Tribulations.

From the perspectives of the demon beast, it was in no way inferior to punishment from heaven!

The Green-Skinned Saber Mantises were all fried and smashed to pieces. The Black Armored Saber Mantises had their skin and flesh split and rendered, blood and flesh flying all around. And even the Gold Armored Saber Mantises, under the chain of explosions from the several dozen Thunder-Palms, were dizzy and disoriented, staggering.

"Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill!"

Six people were like six fierce tigers with stomachs rumbling with hunger pouncing on a flock of sheep. They were like a hot knife through butter as they threw themselves straight to the Gold Armored Saber Mantises!

Li Yao remembered the words Ma Jiao had spoken earlier. He simply relaxed his control over the Six Barrel Rotary Cannon and increased his rate of fire. The jump of the muzzle of the gun increased in scope.

And Li Yao was in deep concentration as he carefully analyzed the trajectory of his own bullets.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Before his eyes, the entire world seemed to transform into a transparent blueprint. The distance between him and the demon beasts, the relative velocity, and the firing angle were all transformed into a series of data. Like a torrential downpour, the data cleaved into his cranium.

The countless data collided together in an instant to condense and form an incomparably clear trajectory that came extending perfectly straight out from the muzzle of his gun. It extended until it reached the dead center of a Gold Armored Saber Mantis' skull!