Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 182

Chapter 182: The Bravest One Wins!

More than ten meters in length, the lower half of a giant python that was as thick as a bucket, an upper body resembling that of a human covered in snakeskin, and a total of six limbs with three fingers. Four of its limbs were close to the abdomen and were used to assist in crawling, while the remaining two were located on either side of the humanoid torso and each tightly clutched a blood-stained saber.

The Six-Armed Naga was a low-level Demon General; its strength was comparable to that of a low-level Building Foundation Stage cultivator. It was a demon beast with which six medium-level Refinement Stage cultivators who still had not reached their teens could not compete!


Just when everyone was perplexed as to what to do, Li Yao shouted, "This Six-Armed Naga is definitely grievously wounded!"

"If it wasn't injured, it would have long returned to the underground. If not, then what it is doing above the ground? Waiting for death?"

"Furthermore, we are simply not its opponent, and it could have killed us all long before!"

"If its injuries were light, it would have taken the opportunity to attack when we were fighting with the Mystic Chameleons. If that had happened, we would not have even had a 0.1% chance to win!"

"As it dared not attack us, it's quite clear that it must have a reason not to do so!"

"And as you can see, I have been talking for a long while, yet it did not attack. It must have internal injuries!"

At first, everyone was surprised for a moment before they pulled themselves together.

That's right, the Six Armed Naga was brutal in nature; had it not been grievously injured, it would have torn them into pieces long ago.

A fiery light that could simply burn a hole through the sky emerged from the depths of Li Yao's eyes as he said with teeth clenched:

"The moment the Six-Armed Naga appeared, it also put on an imposing and menacing appearance. It wanted to scare the hell out of us so that we would flee, and in the process of our escape, when we revealed our flaws, it would destroy us!"

"When two people meet on a narrow path, only the brave wins. This is our only opportunity, so instead of drawing back, we must step forward and fight with it."

"Either it will kill us, or we will kill it!"

Everyone took a glance at each other and saw flickers of flames burning in the depths of each other's eyes.

Li Yao was absolutely right. When placed on a field of death, one would fight to live[1]! Even if it was the Demon General, once its head was chopped off, would it not still die!?

Zhao Tianchong quickly glanced at the crystal processor before a sliver of ferociousness crept into his voice:

"The Spiritual Nexus is jammed, there is no signal. We can't even call for help, so it seems we have no choice but to fight with it!"

The Spiritual Nexus was the third greatest invention of the cultivation revolution, and since then the cultivation world had officially entered the information age, an era of networking. The cultivators could very easily transfer telepathic thoughts and send information through the Spiritual Nexus; it was an efficient and orderly way for the federation to come together.

In a protracted war with the mankind, the demon beasts were also constantly evolved. Many powerful demon clan experts, after paying the price of blood, had gradually grasped the demon technique of blocking the Spiritual Nexus.

In a demonic energy filled war zone, where flashes of lightning and peals of thunder burst forth and flames of war reached the sky, the Spiritual Nexus would most likely be jammed.




Li Yao and the three took the front line, meanwhile, Ma Jiao and Bei Jingjing quickly retreated towards the back, searching for the right position to shoot.

A newborn calf is unafraid of a tiger. Facing the all-powerful Demon General, except for the panic at the beginning, all five burst forth with excitement to fight, disregarding their lives and deaths entirely. Even if they died, they would still bite off a piece of meat from the Six-Armed Naga!


The Six-Armed Naga didn't expect these teenagers to be so brave; the ridicule in its eyes turned to hesitation.

Apparently, Li Yao's guess was right on the mark. The Six-Armed Naga was indeed grievously injured in the underground battle by an intermediate-level Building Foundation Stage cultivator. It had fled in panic for a few days to find a foothold, where it gathered a bunch of Mystic Chameleons as subordinates and ordered them to catch Green-Skinned Saber Mantises daily for it to consume. Originally, it thought that after recovering from injuries for a few days, it would sneak into the underground, and find an opportunity to return to the Blood Demon Sector.

However, never had it imagined that it would encounter these pricks instead!

Although these kids cultivation was not too high, their firepower was quite powerful and they had good teamwork. If it wanted to kill all of them, it might have to pay a relatively large price. And if its old injuries relapsed, it would have to stay here and recover for three to five days.

Meanwhile, if, in a one in a million chance, the underground battle came to end, the remnants of the beast tide would withdraw to Blood Demon Sector, and it would die without a burial.

However, the six kids had powerful spiritual energy stored within their flesh and blood; if it could engulf them, it would help it recover early.

It was also impossible for the Six-Armed Naga to give up such a scrumptious piece of meat from its mouth.

Therefore, its plan was indeed the same as Li Yao had said; it wanted to scare the six and make them flee, then tail them and hunt them down.

Even if it was impossible for it to kill all of them, as long as it could devour two or three, it was sufficient for a while.

Never had it imagined that after Li Yao laid bare its plan, the kids would want a fight to the death, forcing it into a dead end.

The Six-Armed Naga fumed in anger. It could understand the human language; it knew it was none other than Li Yao who had foiled its plan. Its body shrunk before it fiercely shot its snake tail. "Whoosh!" Just like a spring that had been tightly pressed and then released, its tail shot at Li Yao with astonishing speed!

For Li Yao, it was as though a storm was blowing past his face. The subsequent wind made it impossible for him to open his eyes, whereupon he simply closed his eyes and only perceived the world through his telepathic thoughts. After his premolars almost broke from clenching, he tightly clutched the Windcutter, raised it above his head, and facing the vigorous gales, ruthlessly cleaved down!


This saber strike felt as though it was cleaving a speeding super fast crystal train.

The blade was suddenly adorned with cracks, while its tip also broke and flew away.

As though it was none other than Li Yao who was hit, he retreated a dozen steps in one go. His legs went numb as he fell down on his ass on the ground, spewing a mouthful of blood.

His hands, on the other hand, felt as though they had been deep fried in a seething oil pot for three minutes; on the surface, they were numb, whereas a drilling pain constantly spread out from the depths of his bone marrow.

Li Yao raised his hands to look. His hands were torn from the jaws of death; they were badly mutilated and were involuntarily trembling. He simply unable to hold the saber.

"A Demon General is actually so frightening!"

The Six-Armed Naga's narrow snake face revealed an incomparably shocked look as a somewhat deep slanted wound appeared on its left shoulder. It was even unable to operate its left arm a bit as the saber in its left hand fell on the ground.

Its topaz-like eyes turned cloudy, as though the killing intent in its eyes would materialize and ruthlessly shoot towards Li Yao.

Just as it twisted its body to ruthlessly strangulate Li Yao, Zhao Tianchong and Lu Tieshan charged in from left and right and attacked.

Zhao Tianchong's long sword issued "Wu Wu"-like sharp howls as the sword aura exploded to three meters in length, while the lightning surrounding Lu Tieshan's body got brighter as though he turned into huge spherical ball of lightning.

Both of them had their speed burst out to the extreme. Under the dizziness, Li Yao was simply unable to make out anything. All he saw was a mass of vague gray shadows stuck in a stalemate for three to five seconds before Zhao Tianchong and Lu Tieshan flew out while spewing blood, giving the impression of two withered rice sacks falling on the ground.

Only the hilt of his blade remained in Zhao Tianchong's hand, whereas Lu Tieshan's entire body was laden with terrifying, crisscrossed injuries. The beautiful tattoo on his body was a terrible mess; the gorgeous scene of lightning and thunder had completely dissipated. Occasionally, it would burst forth with tiny electric sparks, like a flickering candle in the wind which could be extinguished momentarily.

"Hiss! Hiss!"

The Six-Armed Naga issued a series of furious hisses.

Its body had dazzling lightning arcs wrapped around it, and the broken half of Zhao Tianchong's sword was deeply embedded in its chest. Finally, all the lightning arcs charged down the blade and into its body, running between its internal organs and causing it to be in unbearable pain. Under the stimulation of lightning arcs, its old heart injuries were just about to relapse!

Originally, the Six-Armed Naga was seriously injured, and its strength fell to that of a high-rank Demon Soldier. The five kids thought they were against the ropes and unleashed their strength to the extreme. The lightning arcs had coincidentally flowed into its body, which actually caused it to sustain serious injuries.

Before the Six-Armed Naga could respond, the two firearms cultivators also unleashed their final attack. A couple dozen quick gunshots sounding like incomparably short, sharp howls rang out as a couple dozen crimson streaks of light, dragging long streaks of flames and drawing strange arcs, hit the various vital points of Six-Armed Naga at inconceivable angles from all directions!

"Tuk-tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk-tuk!"

Tens of bloody fountains shot out from all over the Six-Armed Naga's body and shrouded it in a dense bloody mist. It seemed to have stopped struggling.

"How should we deal with it?"

The five had their hearts in their mouths.

Li Yao, Zhao Tianchong, Lu Tieshan, Chunyu Peng... the four were grievously injured!

In contrast, Ma Jiao and Bei Jingjing were out of blood bullets and were even running low on conventional bullets, which simply weren't enough to deal fatal damage to the Six-Armed Naga!

At present, the battle strength of the hunting squad had been pummelled down to less than 10%!

"Hissss, Hiiiissssss!"

Amid the bloody mist, a wail which seemed like a wail of doom, but also like a strange ear-piercing scream, as though wails of countless demon beasts were superimposed, rang out; when it rang in the depths of everyone's ears, it caused everyone to feel endless fear.

This was one of the inherent demon techniques of the Six-Armed Naga. Once it was cast, it would consume its life source, the demonic essence of the Six-Armed Naga, which would aggravate its injuries. Thus, it was reluctant to utilize it until a moment ago.

At this moment, the Six-Armed Naga's anger soared to the highest heavens; it became extremely mad. The demonic energy spread just like a flood. The Six-Armed Naga wanted to tear these brats into pieces by all means!


Having hit by the demonic technique, everyone had the same idea and involuntarily retreated towards the stairs as though they were hypnotized.

"Escape through the window!"

Li Yao's soul was firmer than that of his counterparts. Under the attack of Six-Armed Naga's demonic technique, he still remained clear-headed.

It was the seventh floor, and by virtue of the cultivators' tyrannical bodies, even if they jumped down, they wouldnt fall to their deaths; not to mention, it was much faster than taking the stairs!

Everyone woke a bit from their stupor by Li Yao and suddenly came to realize this.

Throwing the sniper rifle to one side, Bei Jingjing clenched her teeth as she somehow carried the unconscious Chunyu Peng.

Ma Jiao helped Zhao Tianchong and Lu Tieshan. Although the two were seriously injured, they weren't unconscious; they could still walk. The three with their arms on each other's shoulders tottered their way towards the window.

"Do escape?"

Amid the blood mist, the Six-Armed Naga issued a savage laugh with a very strange tone.

"Slither, Slither!"

Slithering with its blood-covered body, the Six-Armed Naga once again appeared before everyone.

Despite having one of its limbs broken, receiving a huge charred wound on its chest from the lightning, and being riddled with thousands of bullets...

The overflowing demonic energy only grew in intensity; its topaz-like narrow eyes were completely red as blood at this moment.

At this moment, it had finally madly mobilized its demonic essence despite the recurrence of its old injuries and burst forth with its true strength!

To retaliate against the Six-Armed Naga, under the push from the electrical array glyphs, the six barrels of the Six Barrel Rotary Cannon started rotating at high-speed, emitting a weak whirring sound.

This was the sign of the impending bulletstorm!