Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 183

Chapter 183: Want to Kill Me? Taste The Hellfire-Lightning!

"Pop Pop Pop Pop Pop!"

Before the spiritual energy explosive shells burst, a series of firecrackers burst in the air around Li Yao, as though storm kept on coming from inside his body. On the either side of his torso, innumerable transparent plumes appeared as the two wings of spiritual energy were formed. When they spread, they tore through the air, emitting an eagle's cry.

Soul Igniting Law, Soaring Into Heaven in One Leap the falcon king soaring into the sky in one leap!

Li Yao released his soul completely, making his fire of life unscrupulously burn as he constantly broke through the limits and burst to his highest state possible!

Meanwhile, all the windows on the floor they were on instantaneously shattered, leaving fragments floating around in the air. Amid the energy waves, they were crushed into transparent particles which seemingly gathered around Li Yao to create a crystal armor.

"Refinement Stage's 3rd level?"

"Refinement Stage's 4th level?"

"Refinement Stage's5th level?"

None of them dared to believe their eyes, but their spiritual roots clearly perceived Li Yao's flames of life soaring, releasing light and heat which was already far beyond their level.

"He is truly in the 5th level of the Refinement Stage!"

No matter how many times Zhao Tianchong and Lu Tieshan swore again and again, no matter what inconceivable things had occurred with Li Yao, both of them would not find it strange, but this time, they were still

Left! Extremely! Shocked!

Li Yao was surrounded by spiritual energy wings that were visible to the naked eyes, while violent spiritual energy just like lava course through his blood vessels. Under the fierce explosion of spiritual energy, his brain activity tremendously exceeded the norm.

150% brain cell activity!

The entire world in Li Yao's eyes gradually became translucent as all things turned into nothing but constantly changing parameters.

200% brain cell activity!

The Six-Armed Naga disappeared and became a combination of parameters; body, vital points, speed, movement trajectory, everything turned into parameters!

250% brain cell activity!

All the parameters madly clashed with each other, lines intersected with each other, bullet trajectories fiercely moved up and down one after another, and finally combined together.

300% brain cell activity!


The Six-Armed Naga was completely locked.

No matter how the Six-Armed Naga moved, no matter how the thousands of parameters changed, Li Yao could always calculate the new bullet trajectory instantaneously. He was firmly locked onto the target!

331% brain cell activity!

Li Yao's entire body roared as his muscles rapidly expanded to the point that the highly flexible combat tights were taut to the extreme. They tore at a few places on his arms and chest, revealing the light gold, hard skin.

Suddenly, his gun exploded before him like a volcano as he ruthlessly fired a scorching crimson line of bullets at the Six-Armed Naga!

A sliver of disdain appeared in the blood-red eyes of Six-Armed Naga. It twisted and jumped, but as it tried to dodge the fire line...

It never imagined that the fire line seemingly had long eyes and would be tuned and re-adjusted instantaneously; it ruthlessly lashed out just like a red-hot iron whip. The strike's power was far more than it had imagined, a bloody flower burst at the Six-Armed Naga's chest!

Suddenly, the Six-Armed Naga's pupils shrunk into two lines as it emitted a blood-curdling scream and performed high-speed maneuvers in an effort to dodge.

However, no matter how the Six-Armed Naga dodged, the fire line, like a deep-rooted ulcer on the bones, was right on its tail. Having been continuously hit, its body was badly bruised. Its skin burst open and its flesh hung in shreds as it let out blood-curdling screams one after another.


Half of the trading hall was covered by the crazy onslaught of the Six Barrel Rotary Cannon, giving off the impression of hundreds of Thunder Palms simultaneously exploding.

Wherever the fire line went, everything was smashed into pieces!

For an entire half-minute, Zhao Tianchong, Lu Tieshan, Ma Jiao, Bei Jingjing...all of them dumbfoundedly watched Li Yao and his crazy onslaught, seemingly watching the arrival of a war god as it slaughtered everything in his wake!

When the shots stopped, Li Yao threw the Six-Armed Rotary Cannon as well as the huge ammunition case forward before he quickly ran to their side. Whereas, his companions had yet to react.

"Did...did you kill it?"

Ma Jiao asked in a quaking voice.

Having watched Li Yao's terrifying performance, Ma Jiao was completely sure that once this guy acted, he would become crazy; even if a mountain was blocking him, he would directly blast the mountain!

"What the hell do you think?! That's a Demon General!"

Blood seemed to be overflowing from the Li Yao's eyes, ears, and the corners of his mouth; his appearance was somewhat hideous. And, because he over-drafted his brain, he was not far away from having a Qigong deviation!

Stepping on the windowsill, Li Yao crazily roared:

"Hurry up, or youll never escape!"

Everyone woke from their stupor and carried their injured companions to the windowsill.

"Hiss! Hiss!"

The Six-Armed Naga behind them, whose entire body was badly mauled from the explosions, let out a series of despotic screams.

The Six-Armed Naga's condition was extremely bad. Its whole left arm along with the scapula was shot off and its heart had suffered serious injuries. If Li Yao could sustain the onslaught for another half-minute, maybe the Six-Armed Naga would have been killed.

Unfortunately, Li Yao had reached the end of his computing power. Even a second more and he would have suffered Qigong deviation on the spot!


Just as the Six-Armed Naga gave a chase, the interlacing exhaust pipes and lights on the ceiling came crashing down, right on top of the Six-Armed Naga's head.

It was nothing other than Li Yao's making; having known that he could not sustain his onslaught any longer, he intentionally diverted some of the shots at the last minute and broke the supports of the fixed pipes and light fixtures one by one.

Certainly, there was no way these things would crush the Six-Armed Naga to death, but it could stop it for a few seconds.

And taking advantage of these few seconds, Li Yao and the six jumped down from the seventh floor!

"Activate the spiritual energy shield with maximum power!"

In the air, amid the howling wind, Li Yao shouted in a high voice.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Everyone stimulated the spiritual energy of their body armor to the extreme before curved transparent shields were released one after another.


Finally, the Six-Armed Naga broke out from the twisted group of metal pipes. In a breath, it shot its way to the window.

Having been driven to madness, it lost its mind and seemed to not care whether it would be found by some high-level cultivator. Its brain was only filled with one thought and one thought only: chase these humans and kill them all!

At the very least, kill that kid who used the Six Barrel Rotary Cannon to seriously injure it!

Having thought this, the Six-Armed Naga resentfully took a glance at the cannon and the ammunition box thrown by Li Yao.

It had long seen this kind of weapon, all it could do was deal with those insignificant Demon Soldiers. Never had it imagined that such a weapon would cause it to sustain serious injuries!

At this moment, the Six-Armed Naga turned stiff. Suddenly, it sensed an incomparably sharp danger.

It was as though some peerless expert had broken space and appeared beside it.

Every scale on Six-Armed Naga's body shrunk as its terrified gaze swept everywhere for a long while before finally stopping on the ammunition case not too far away from it.


The Six-Armed Naga trembled as it let out terrifying shrieks.

Almost at the same instant, just as Li Yao was about to fall on the ground, he fiercely pushed his waist down.


The three floors of the stock exchange center were instantly enveloped in a sea of fire. Flames were shooting up from every window, giving off the impression of countless ferocious beasts angrily trying to escape only to be pulled back by some kind of invisible power. In the wake of the powerful explosion, everything inside the building was devastated.

Billowing hot waves just like six hammers ruthlessly impacted the six before they heavily crashed into the ground.

Even with the powerful physique of a cultivator, it was difficult for them to persevere. Ma Jiao and Bei Jingjing each spat a mouthful of blood; they had broken their fair share of bones.

However, at this moment, there was no time to take a breather.

"Hurry up!"

Li Yao slapped a freezing glyph on his head to quickly cool his boiling brain down before the six, with their arms around each other, ran hundreds of meters in one deep breath. Finally, they could not hold on and fell to the ground, laying flat on their backs.


The spiritual nexus was online.

Zhao Tianchong sent a request for help right away.

In all directions, where there was nothing but buildings, there were also many battle squads who had noticed the explosion at the stock trading center. Several dozen cultivators rushed over at high-speed.

Everyone dumbfoundedly looked at the stock trading center.

The three floors were completely engulfed in fire which continued to spread upwards, painting the entire building red.

A black silhouette jumped out from the raging flames. It quivered atop the windowsill before it fell from the seventh floor. It was completely charred. And even before it could crash to the ground, it broke into four to five pieces in the air and breathed its last breath.

"T-that wouldn't be the Six-Armed Naga, right?"

"What the hell is going on? How the hell could there be such a powerful explosion?"

"Is it a bomb? Li Yao, you also carried such a powerful bomb? This bomb must be huge, right?! So where were you hiding it? How come I never saw it?"

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!"

Everyone turned their gaze at Li Yao.

"It's the Hellfire-Lightning!"

Lightly rubbing his temple, Li Yao explained with a tired look on his face. "When I was modifying the weapon case into an ammunition case, I realized that we would be fighting on the front lines and could get support anytime. Although two bullet belts were a bit insufficient, there was no need for an entire box of bullets."

"Wouldn't it be a waste if I brought so many bullets and didn't finish them? Not to mention the possibility that the barrel might even get overheated or damaged somehow?"

"So, I changed the ammo case into a double-layered structure. The outside had the bullets and the inside was a personally-modified super bomb created by combining ten Hellfire-Lightnings."

"Ten Hellfire-Lightnings?!"

Everyone was shocked as they gazed at Li Yao with a dreadful look in their eyes.

The Hellfire-Lightning was an explosive-type magical equipment specifically crafted by the army by connecting highly condensed fire crystals and lightning crystals in series by a special triggering array glyph.

It was true to its name; once it exploded, the blast was akin to lightning strikes and volcanic explosions!

However, the Hellfire-Lightning was huge and very heavy. Even though its power was quite strong, it was not suitable for a soldier to carry or throw at all.

It was mainly used as a landmine or utilized for blasting a fixed demon beast lair.

No one had ever thought that Li Yao would be crazy enough to carry ten of them together, and even more so, chain them together. It was truly crazy!

From the get-go, the Six-Armed Naga was seriously injured. Then, it had suffered a crazy bombardment from the Six Barrel Rotary Cannon for half minute, and then finally got to taste ten Hellfire-Lightnings at close range. It had truly suffered a wrongful death.


After they came to know the truth, everyone was drenched in cold sweat; they could not utter a single word for a long while.

Just the thought of themselves having been in such a close proximity to ten Hellfire-Lightnings was terrifying. And, if Li Yao's modification technique was even a bit worse, if the bomb happened to get set off, not even a single hair of them would have remained!

It was absolutely terrifying!

"Wh-What were you planning on doing with so many Hellfire-Lightnings? Had you long planned to deal with a Demon General?"

Ma Jiao stammered.

Li Yao smiled:

"No way! The reason I carried so many Hellfire-Lightnings was that if, and only if, I somehow ended up at a dead end, where I was surrounded by powerful demon beasts and had no room for escape, I could blow them."

"I am Vulture Li Yao. Although I may be a nameless newbie in the cultivation world who has insignificant strength, I am not so easy to kill."

"You want to kill me? No matter whether you were Demon General or Demon King, you would have to pay a fatal price!"

Everyone was rendered speechless. After remaining silent for a while, Bei Jingjing heaved a long sigh of relief as she whispered to Ma Jiao:

"When I first saw him, I could not believe that a guy who was carrying a Six Barrel Rotary Cannon and a Heavy Vibrosaber could infiltrate Gao Ye's command center and execute the Beheading Technique against a talented commander like him!"

"But now...I believe!"