Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Three Jade Chips?

Having been caught by surprise by Zhao Tianchong's series of intricate analysis, Lu Tieshan opened his mouth to speak, but after a long while, he chose to keep it shut. Eventually, he could not help but lash out:

"Li Yao, this brat is truly insidious. What kind of environment did one have to live in to turn out so monstrous?"

Rubbing his face with force, Zhao Tianchong said, "We have seen his information, didn't we? From childhood, he grew up in the Magical Equipment Graveyard. From the time when he was seven or eight years old, he had to fight a battle of wits and strength with insidious and atrocious adult scavengers. Maybe, just for a half a piece of biscuit he had rack his brain and come up with twelve to thirteen interlocking plans, and only then could he seize said biscuit."

"Although you and I have experienced combat in the Wasteland, at most we have only faced demon beast on the level of Demon Soldiers. Even if they were intelligent, how could their intelligence be compared to humans?"

Lu Tieshan was rendered speechless. After a long while, his hot gaze turned towards the jade chip inside the remote-controlled shuttle as he muttered, "So, this is the real jade chip?"

Before he could get a clear picture completely, he didn't dare get close to the thing.

Because of jade chip bombs being smaller in size, the crystal that could be embedded had a limit. Thereby, it could not produce too strong a destructive power, unless it was infinitesimally close to the body, in which case, it could blast a Refinement Stage cultivator to death.

However, even if the jade chip bomb caused some injuries to the limbs, it would still be extremely troublesome. After all, the game would still continue afterward...

Peeking a glance at Zhao Tianchong, Lu Tieshan swallowed a mouthful of saliva, he was just about ready to take action.

But apparently, Zhao Tianchong guessed his intentions. Shaking his head, Zhao Tianchong said, "Not necessarily, I find the appearance of this jade chip still a bit weird.

"Just as I've spoken, the remote controlled shuttle started moving. It's rather apparent that it was done for it to be found by me intentionally.

"Search, continue searching!

"Wait, first take thirty people, divide them into three teams and send them to block the canyon by forming a line-up. All of them must be adept flying sword experts. Lu Tieshan, if you have someone who is rather agile - someone who specializes in agility techniques - you can also send them to join. Everyone must pay attention to blocking the sky!

"As for the remaining people, turn over every piece of rock that was within the range of dense smoke from a while ago, do not miss even a single piece of stone!"

Everyone shouted loudly in agreement before spreading out orderly and carefully started searching.

Sure enough, after ten minutes, an amazing discovery was made under a piece of giant rock.

It was the second remote-controlled shuttle disguised as a rock!

It seemed that Li Yao knew that the game was good as lost or perhaps he had already lost his consciousness from electric shocks. The remote-controlled shuttle was honestly lying under the rock; lying right there just to be caught by the others.

Lu Tieshan sucked in a cold lump of air.

"So, taking advantage of smoke, when our line of sight was blocked, he had not just placed one but two remote-controlled shuttles, did he? His hands sure are quite nimble!"

Zhao Tianchong squinted his eyes, seemingly quickly calculation a bit as he nodded and said, "It should be just two. He didn't have the time to place the third. Moreover, after having camouflaged as rocks, the remote-controlled shuttle is quite big. After having placed a hundred jade chips and two remote-controlled shuttles, his standard military backpack must have reached the limit, it would be impossible for him to carry the third.

"And it goes without saying that once we are aware of this tactic, placing one or two hundred is just the same, they will be discovered by us.


After Zhao Tianchong retrieved the jade chip from the second remote -controlled shuttle, Zhao Tianchong suddenly took an action which astonished everyone.

He lightly flicked the jade chip which everyone had been hell-bent on obtaining into the rocks.


Lu Tieshan was unclear of the reason why. In a moment, he was enveloped in an obvious murderous intention.

"Be patient!"

Zhao Tianchong calmly took a glance at him while he exerted force in his hands.

"Crack! Crack!"

To everyone's dismay, the second shuttle model was forcibly torn from the middle.

"What is this?"

Lu Tieshan was completely stupefied as he saw that within the interior of the second shuttle model was a small space, the small space held the third jade chip!

Lu Tieshan felt his entire body turn cold. His mind couldn't hold back but play a scene:

Everyone came to believe that they have seen through all of Li Yao's schemes and the jade chip placed inside the cockpit of second shuttle model was the real one. Subsequently, they threw the shuttle model and took the jade chip to the static-type crystal processor to check its authenticity.

Naturally, everyone's gaze was attracted by the hologram; and no one was concerned about an empty shuttle model.

At that time, the shuttle model suddenly started up and accelerated, and under everyone's stunned gaze, it soared out of the canyon!

As for the time, there were still three minutes remaining until Li Yao's so-called "death", but that was enough!

No wonder, he did not start this shuttle model until the last moment and pretended to be helpless, as if it was captured.

Originally, this was his final ace in the hole!

Lu Tieshan, who had been stunned for a long while, finally, heaved a sigh of relief.

"Whenever I am together with insidious freaks like you guys, I always feel I'm not putting my brain cells to enough use. Fortunately, in a true battlefield, you guys are my companions. If you guys were my enemy, I absolutely don't want to get anywhere close to you. I will just direct call the crystal warships and use their cannon to blast you all to death!"

Then, he added, "However, if it is Li Yao, I'm really not sure whether the main cannons of crystal warships could blast him to death!"

Zhao Tianchong bitterly smiled.

"Lu Tieshan, don't you overestimate my intelligence, I did not see through any of Li Yao's conspiracy, I just relied purely on my hands to realize it."

"As a sword cultivator, our blade is everything. My hands have very keen perception, allowing me to easily distinguish between the weights of two different weapons."

"Appearance-wise, although the two shuttle models looked the same, the same is not true for their weights. There is a subtle difference between their weights, the second shuttle model is a tad bit heavier."

"Therefore, I felt that there was something wrong with the second shuttle model."

"After all, facing a terrible opponent like Li Yao, no matter how careful you are, it's not enough."

Having said that, Zhao Tianchong, without breathing another word, placed the jade chips between himself and Lu Tieshan, while his left hand grasped the hilt. He remained silent.

Lu Tieshan came to realize what was going on and he too turned silent, while he adjusted his breathing, recovering his stamina.

As for the remaining hundred people, they quietly chose to wait as the seconds and minutes went by.

They were all waiting for Li Yao's death!

After three minutes.

"Li Yao is dead!" Zhao Tianchong said with relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted off his mind.

"Li Yao is dead!" Lu Tieshan, wiping his head which was drenched in cold sweat. He had an urge to cry with joy.

"That monstrous guy is finally dead!"

"No matter how many sinister plans he had, all of them weren't cast out!"

Everyone burst into cries of joys. Yet, after a moment, everyone woke from their stupor and sunk into a strange silence.

In the blink of an eye, the hostility, in their sharp gazes, soared to the limit.

Since Li Yao was dead and the real jade chip had already appeared, then the next fight would be the final battle!

"Hold on a minute, just to make sure, why don't we check the authenticity of the three jade chips. If you are worried, you can bring another person. Two from your side, while I'll remain alone. The three of us will go together."

Noticing the ever-rising murderous intention between Lu Tieshan's eyebrows, Zhao Tianchong suddenly interjected.

After having thought of a bit, Lu Tieshan agreed, "Okay!"

Having been given a scare by Li Yao's schemes, again and again, they were still not sure where the real jade chip was, even though Li Yao was already dead. They just want to be more at ease.

What if it was the case of "when false is taken for true, true becomes false"?

Having brought a confidant with him, Lu Tieshan, along with Zhao Tianchong, went towards the base of Chaos Edge Hall.

The so-called "base" was just a giant circle painted using the white paint. Set around which was defensive arrays so that it would not be attacked. And in the center, a static-type crystal processor was placed.

In accordance with the rules of the match, one could try to seize the jade chip, but they could never destroy the crystal processor.

And in order to prevent the I/O interface of the crystal processor getting damaged, the crystal processors employed by both sides used very advanced non-contact-type telepathic thoughts transfer method.

When Zhao Tianchong placed the first jade chip atop the crystal processor, a light blue light flashed as the jade chip floated in the mid-air, while surrounded by countless octogram glyphs. Subsequently, one after another, transparent spirit threads gradually reached out from the jade chip and inserted into the crystal processor.


A beam of light shot from the crystal processor before turning into an enormous hologram in the mid-air.

At the center of the hologram was Li Yao's grinning face.

"Sure enough, it's a fake!"

The first jade chip turned out to be a fake. It did not come as a surprise to everyone, on the contrary, it brought a sense of accomplishment of having seen through Li Yao's scheme.

"Hello everyone, if you are seeing this message, then I'm already 'dead'. Hahaha, 1 vs 2,000, it was really difficult!"

In the hologram, Li Yao's laugh was quite simple-minded.

As though the series of insidious and cunning plans simply did not come from his hand.

Watching his slightly innocent face, Zhao Tianchong and Lu Tieshan gritted their teeth in hatred.

Li Yao forcefully coughed and continued, "The reason I'm leaving this message to everyone is to first congratulate everyone for finally defeating me, the 'evil expert', and second, I hope that you don't hate me.

"After all, this is just a game, a form of combat exercise. Even if I was dead, it's not that I'm really dead, right?

"In the society, there are plenty of people who are rather more insidious, cunning, and despicable than me!

"I'm just a fake evil expert, and if I can create such a chaos, kill so many guys, then what if it was a true evil expert?"

Zhao Tianchong and Lu Tieshan took a glance at each other. Coincidentally, they both said in their hearts, "Even if it was a true evil expert, he or she could not be as insidious as you!"

"Oh, right!" Suddenly, Li Yao though of something as he slapped his head and said, "If I'm right, you have intercepted my shuttle models in the canyon and now you should have arrived at the Chaos Edge Hall's base to check the authenticity of the jade chip, only then could you be watching this message.

"And just to be safe, the surviving strongest expert from both side should have come together to check the authenticity of the jade chip, am I right?

"So, brothers of Iron Fist Club, I advise you to be careful.

"Although Zhao Tianchong is not so scheming as me, at the end of the day, he is still a little bit more scheming than the muscle-brained guys of your Iron Fist Club.

"As far as I can say, from the get-go, he is likely to have set up an ambush at the base.

"After all, I'll be running towards the north, the canyon will probably be the final battlefield. And once you have obtained the jade chip, it would be quite right and proper to check the authenticity at the base of Chaos Edge Hall.

"At that time, as long as he ambushed you a few guys, it will be quite easy to kill an unarmed"

Li Yao had yet to finish his sentence before Zhao Tianchong's face turned pale as he let out a shout, "Attack!"

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Suddenly, the ground cracked as four beams of sword aura shot towards the vital points of Lu Tieshan!