Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 209

Chapter 209: The Tenth Star, Jiang Shaoyang!

While Li Yao stretched his body, he took a glance behind him out the corner of his eye.

Not far away from him sat two teenagers, one fat and one thin, no more than three to four years older than him.

The thin teenager had droopy eyes which subtly drifted from here and there; he appeared very shrewd. Just a moment ago, it was him who was speaking about Li Yao.

The slightly fat teenager, on the other hand, looked ignorant, like a bookish nerd who didn't care what was going on in the outside world.

On the chest of the two was the emblem of Star Nebula University.

The level of Star Nebula University's Refining Department wasn't low. Every year, many refiners from Star Nebula University would apply for registration.

Touching the back of his head, the slightly fat teenager foolishly replied, "I've heard of Jiang Shaoyang. Isn't he the guy who came to our university for the seminar representing the Deep Sea University just last month, during which the arrogant guys in our department were completely knocked out?! However, why do they call him the 'Tenth Star'? Isn't he just a freshman? Didn't he entered the university just last year, how come he is taking the Refiners' Registration Examination this year? Even a year hasn't gone by, ah!"

The thin teenager said in a natural manner, "He is called as such because he is a genius, otherwise, what would a genius be called?

"As for why he is called the Tenth Star, it's pretty simple. Have you ever heard of the group in the Deep Sea University's Refining Department called 'Novem Stellae'?"[1]

The slightly fat teenager nodded, "Of course, it's an academic group created by the nine True Disciples taught by Jiang Sheng of Deep Sea University's Refining Department. It almost represents the highest level among the new generation in the refiners' community!"

The lean teenager smiled and said, "You still don't get it, do you? Jiang Shaoyang had only entered the university for a year, but he had been personally taught by the Supernova Jiang Sheng. He is almost as good as the nine True Disciples. Therefore, he is called the 'Tenth Star', but at present, he is still young. Many people say that after ten years, he will definitely surpass the 'Novem Stellae' and become the best True Disciple of Supernova Jiang Sheng!"

The slightly fat teenager was caught by surprise as a look of astonishment covered his face before he said, "He's been personally taught by Supernova Jiang Sheng for just one year and he is almost as good as the 'Novem Stellae'? Damn, he is too good!"

After thinking for a moment, the lean fellow shook his head and said, "Strictly speaking, it's not just one year.

"Jian Shaoyang is the nephew of Jiang Sheng. He had followed Jiang Sheng since childhood and had been imperceptibly influenced. So, it is quite natural for him to begin refining already, and along with being taught in a systematic method for one year, it's nothing strange for him suddenly show some excellent results."

The fat fellow wiped his sweat as he said with a stupid smile on his face, "Fortunately, you explained this or I would have been unable to think straight and would think that these geniuses are ten times better than us, they only had to study for one year and they could match with us who have studied for three to four years; if you hadn't explained why, I'd have developed an inferiority complex! Hahaha!

"Oh, yea, you also spoke of another guy, is he someone who is on par with Tenth Star, Jiang Shaoyang?

"Li Yao, was it?"

"That's right, how come it sounds so familiar, let me think..."

"Li Yao, ah, that clown, right!"

Remembering something, the slightly fat teenager slapped his thick thigh as a shine covered his face, "That guy is considered as a unique piece of work in the refiners' circle. He actually wants to lead the Grand Desolate War Institution's Refining Department to challenge the Deep Sea University's Refining Department?! Hahahaha! Even our Star Nebula University's Refining Department that has invented the Spirit Particle Collider wouldn't dare to be so presumptuous as to challenge them."

"The ignorance is truly a bliss!"

"However, such hype has truly made him famous, and now, everyone in the academic circle of Nine Elite Universities knows that there is a character like him. I say, did he do it intentionally?

"However, as I recall, that clown made a fool of himself just last year, he should be just a freshman and has only been learning for almost a year, and yet he wants to take the Refiners' Registration Examination?

"If it's the Tenth Star, Jiang Shaoyang, taking the Refiners' Registration Examination is nothing as he is a nephew of Supernova Jiang Sheng and has been following him since childhood.

"But this guy has been in the worst Refining Department among the Nine Elite Universities for a year and he thinks he is on the level of the Tenth Star? Isn't he just making trouble?"

The Refiners' Registration Examination was extremely difficult. Generally, it was taken by senior undergraduates of the Refining Departments or those who had been pursuing the refining line of work for a few years to a decade; only after amassing a vast experience would they take the exam.

Like both of them, they had been studying refining in the Star Nebula University's Refining Department for four years. And only after having been thoroughly assessed by the university did they get the recommendation letter from the university.

Inside the examination hall, the examinees in their thirties and forties were large in number, there were even middle-aged examinees with white hair growing on their temples, apparently, some were even in their seventies and eighties.

"The Grand Desolate War Institute should be a university like ours. They should also use a recommendation letter system too. And only when the student reaches a certain level could he or she have the qualifications to take the examination, right? So, how could this guy take the exam?"

The fat teenager caressed his shiny face as he doubtfully asked.

The lean fellow mischievously smiled, "Others may not know but I know a senior grad studying in the Grand Desolate War Institution. According to him, it is because Li Yao can fight."

The fat fellow almost spurted out as he spoke in astonishment, "Can fight?"

The lean fellow nodded, "That's right, not only can he fight, he can beat the hell out of a couple dozen or even a hundred of his fellow students. In short, he is invincible in the same grade, he could even beat the hell out of the students of their Combat Department; he is an absolutely fierce fellow."

The fat teenager didn't know whether to laugh or cry as he repeatedly shook his head before speaking, "The Grand Desolate War Institution is worthy of being called the craziest among the Nine Elite Universities. This is too ridiculous, right? What does being able to fight have to do with refining? Just became he can fight, he can get the recommendation letter to take the Refiners' Registration Examination? He must be kidding!"

The lean fellow shrugged his shoulder, "Who knows? However, it is consistent with the style of Grand Desolate War Institution where the one who has the bigger fists gets more privileges."

"I'm curious, if Student Li Yao isn't able to do anything in the examination room, will he become crazy and ruthlessly punch the crafting furnace?"

They two gradually lowered their voice before suddenly bursting into a laughter after a short while.

Following which, the fat fellow, with a completely flushed face, stood up in excitement. Along the way, when he was passing by a food table with steaming dishes, casually picked up a piece of bread.

While eating, he set down next to another group of examinees from Star Nebular University and enthusiastically said, "Hey, do you know that our No. 19 examination hall is the most special examination hall this year? There are two unique examinees taking the examination here..."

Li Yao narrowed his eyes as he scratched his somewhat disheveled head. From the bottom of his heart, he was burning with eagerness.

Tenth Star?

Jiang Shaoyang?

Supernova Jiang Sheng's nephew, the best freshman of the Deep Sea University's Refining Department who could go head to head with "Novem Stellae"?

Li Yao truly wanted to have a bout or two with this genius!

Just as he was wondering, he suddenly heard noises coming from the entrance of the lobby.

A powerful, imposing aura like a big wave surging from the deep sea, spread everywhere, engulfing and submerging everything in its wake.

Hundreds of teenagers, wearing deep blue uniforms and Deep Sea University's emblems walked into the examination hall with their heads held high.

With every step they took, light shone on the creases of uniform which was reflected as hundreds of small, blue beams of light, making the lobby appear as though it was in the deep sea, bringing a strange yet calm and peaceful air to the lobby.

The lobby, which had been hustling and bustling, instantly quieted down.

Every examinee's gaze carried awe and envy as they looked at the marching blue team.

As though they were the protagonists of the day and the remaining people were just here to accompany them in the exam, nothing more nothing less.

"Just an examination hall has hundreds of examinees. I am afraid the Deep Sea University's students taking the exam in all the examination halls are numbered in thousands!"

"It is truly the holy land of refiners in name and in fact!"

Li Yao sucked in a mouthful of cold air. Despite being aware that the Deep Sea University's Refining Department was colossal, only now did he get a clear understanding.

These examinees were just the students of Deep Sea University, that's all.

There were still many graduates of Deep Sea University who failed to become a registered refiner and were also taking the examination.

When they saw students of their alma mater arriving, these graduated, one by one, went up to welcome and greet their juniors who they were acquainted with.

The lobby which was completely silent a moment ago, once again, became lively. However, this time, the hubbub was coming from the group of Deep Sea University.

Everyone seemed to have been suppressed by their imposing manner and even didn't dare to raise their voices.

Li Yao took a glance around and immediately came to notice that a quarter of the examinees were from Deep Sea University.

An overwhelming blue tide quickly spread through the entire lobby before the No. 19 examination hall turned into the turf of Deep Sea University.

The deep blue tide broke into a dozen small tides that moved towards the various waiting areas.

A long-haired, red-eyed teenager, surrounded by a couple dozen guys walked past Li Yao.

Originally, the long-haired teenager had arms crossed over his chest, but apparently, he seemed to have thought of something before he thoughtlessly raised his wrist to take a glance at the crystal processor.

Having seen all this, Li Yao's pupils suddenly constricted. All of a sudden, he sat right up, whereas his spine burst forth with faint "cracking" sounds.

As though a satiated, lazy cat, suddenly became hungry tiger that was ready to go down the hill to hunt.

Li Yao looked at the left hand of the long-haired teenager.

Seventy percent of any refiner's skill was in his hands. When a refiner trained his hands to the extreme, both hands would have extremely subtle changes depending on the how adept his or her hands were.

At such a close range, Li Yao came to discover that the subtleties of long-haired teenager's fingers were exactly the same as his hands.

"I'll be damned, he is just like me. He must have come into contact with magical equipment components during his early childhood, even before his bones has taken shape.

"So, his finger bones are different from others. He is certainly a super expert with astonishing hand speed, his speed may even surpass my...95%!"

Li Yao's response did not escape the eyes of the long-haired teenager.

The long-haired teenager slightly frowned as he casually took a glance at Li Yao.

When his gaze landed on Li Yao's hands, his pupils, in the blink of an eye, constricted to the needlepoint.

The long-haired teenager suddenly halted his steps, as though he had discovered an extreme treasure. Having observed Li Yao's hands with much attention, he turned his gaze and meet the feverish gaze of Li Yao directly.

When the gazes of the two collided with each other, it seemed as though two lightning bolts collided with each other.

The people behind the long-haired fellow were taken by surprise; they could barely halt their footsteps. Many of them even collided with each other as they exclaimed.

After half a second, the long-haired fellow retracted his gaze and slightly smiled before continuing on.

Li Yao licked his lips; he suddenly felt hungry.

But it was not his stomach that was hungry, it was his hands; his fingers that were suffering were intolerable hunger.

A senior student of Deep Sea University's Refining Department quickly came from behind and asked in a low voice, "Shaoyang, what's the matter?"

"It's nothing."

The slender fingers of Tenth Star, Jiang Shaoyang were just like Li Yao's fingers; they involuntarily twitched.

He calmly said, "Just saw an expert."

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TLN: [1] Novem Stellae - Meaning Nine Stars.