Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 217

Chapter 217: Isn't This Too Brutal?

When Jiang Shaoyang's Wolf King whizzed into a green stream of light, everyone's attention had been grabbed by it.

At the beginning, the Wolf King wasn't that fast.

It easily dodged the oncoming streams of acid, stingers, and mystic lasers just by lightly swaying his body, as though it was a proud member of royal family.

Whereas the other Mystic Wolves that were also undergoing the test on nearby test channels were hit one after another and were letting out ear-piercing cries.

And as the frequency of attacks increased, the Wolf King also gradually became faster.

However, even when its speed had exceeded 30% of the other Mystic Wolves, it still maintained its elegant and leisurely demeanor. Its balance was impeccable; its smooth and elegant maneuvers dazzled the eyes of everyone as it dodged the continuous attacks.


"So fast, it is just like a lightning bolt!"

"At such high speed, how can it maintain such good balance and maneuverability!? It actually did a dozen maneuvers in such a closed space within one second and dodged all the attacks!?"

"Is-is this truly a Mystic Wolf?"

One after another, everyone marveled.

After having watched the shocking performance of Wolf King, they could not even bear to watch their Mystic Wolves.

Because as compared to Wolf King, their Mystic Wolves looked dead drunk, rolling on the ground.


With just a light tap of its limbs, the Wolf King easily crossed the marsh area within half a second.


Within a second, the Wolf King crossed the rugged rocky terrain, displaying its amazing ability to steer.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

During the high-speed run, the Wolf King simply didn't stop; meanwhile, the crystal railguns began to fire at the ten silver white balls floating in the air hundreds of meters away and struck right at the center!

When everyone believed that the Wolf King's speed had reached the limit, the wind-attribute array glyphs engraved across its body burst forth with azure flames, and the Wolf King's speed once again soared before it appeared before the final target in the blink of an eye!

This target was modeled after a liger-type demon beast. On the inside, its skeleton was forged from complex steel, on the outside, it was wrapped in a thick gel. The gel was also inlaid with many power sensors.


The Wolf King lightly pounced and ripped off a large part of the thick gel covering on the target's right shoulder.

After the gel covering had been torn, the scapula which was forged using complex steel cracked.

Seizing the momentum, the Wolf King came under the target, and jumped from below before ruthlessly biting at the target's throat and firing a sizzling stream of flame from its mouth thereafter. All of a sudden, half of the target's throat had been blown away.

The Wolf King, once again, ruthlessly pulled it until the millstone-sized head came off and fell on the ground where it continued to roll down on the ground for a long while.

At that moment, many of the Mystic Wolves were still struggling in the marsh area and rocky terrain.

The test crystal processor seemed to have been thrown off by the gorgeous performance of the Wolf King; it paused for a moment before a series of data was projected on the hologram.

"Speed limit, improved to 135%!

"Balance, improved to 129%!"

"High-speed shooting accuracy, improved to 121%!"

"Close combat ability, improved to 141!"


"The overall battle force, elevated to 133%!"

The three examiners, despite having watched Jiang Shaoyang's maintenance from the control room and known that all the components had been greatly strengthened which would certainly improve the Wolf King's performance...

However, their hearts were in turmoil after looking at such a dazzling data; for a long time, they were unable to calm their hearts.

This warbeast was worthy of the title "Wolf King". Its performance had already surpassed all the newly mass-produced Mystic Wolves.

Even if the experts of the Wolves Valley personally crafted the Mystic Wolf, where they didn't use incredible treasures, the subsequent Mystic Wolf crafted would also have a similar battle force.

"The Tenth Star title is too modest!"

Even Dong Liuqi, who was a critic of Deep Sea University, cried with emotions from the bottom of his heart, 'Just in his teens yet he possesses such a strength, I'm afraid that after ten years, even if he was called "First Star", he would be worthy of it!'

When the overall battle force of 133% was made public, the huge weapon test site went into an uproar before sinking into a strange yet heavy silence.

Everyone stared at one guy.

No, it was not Jiang Shaoyang...

It was Li Yao...

And his tyrant!

Even Jiang Shaoyang didn't care about his own performance. He kept on staring at Li Yao as though his gaze would even burn through a steel plate. His teeth deeply bit into his lips, to the point that his lips were about to bleed.

Li Yao was quite familiar with the thick and dense will to fight hidden within his gaze.

Because his eyes were also radiating a blazing will to fight.

At the end of second round, both of them were tied. This last round would decide who was going to win and who was going to lose!

The fourth round of test, began!

This time, whether it was the examinees who had just completed their test a moment ago or the examinees who had yet to finish their test...

Whether it was three examiners or the staff of the weapon test site...

Everyone was watching with their eyes completely wide opened. They were deadly staring at the Tarantula among the among the group of Mystic Wolves; the Tarantula was no different than a crane standing among a flock of chickens.

"What do you think, will the Tarantula display a shocking performance and surpass the Wolf King's?"

"Hush, don't talk, it's moving!"

As the Tarantula waved its eight legs, it started to crawl in an unstoppable manner.

Under the illumination of bright sunlight, the nails mounted upon its legs gleamed like eight slender maces, making everyone drew a lump of cold air; a faint chill ran down their spine.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

As the streams of acids, poisonous stingers, and mystic lasers came raining down...

Where the Mystic Wolves on other test channels dodged them one after another...

The Tarantula also made some dodging maneuvers in a lazy manner; each action seemed perfunctory.

After having the outer shell of the crafting furnace installed upon it, its weight had increased by a lot. It was impossible for it to do quick maneuvers like the Mystic Wolf.

A majority of acidic attack, poisonous stingers, and mystic laser fell directly upon the Tarantula!

"Swish! Swish!"

The defensive array glyphs engraved upon the Tarantula's armor suddenly lit up and released a hard spiritual energy barrier; blocking a vast majority of the attacks.

After penetrating the spiritual energy barrier with great difficulty, the remainder of the attacks seemed like an arrow at end of its flight; the attacks were simply insufficient to penetrate the thick armor.

Apart from the acid attack which left a few ugly traces on the armor, the poisonous stingers were simply deflected by the circular armor while the mystic laser beams just transformed into rising smoke; they weren't even able to pierce an inch inside the armor.

"Its defense is so strong!?"

"But of course, that's the outer covering of the crafting furnace, it is designed to resist high temperature and pressure, but also had a very high resistance to corrosion, so of course its defense will be strong!"

"The Wolf King's ability to dodge was improved to the limit, whereas the Tarantula is just dodging lazily and took most of the attack head-on!"

"How can it be compared? How do we tell which is more powerful?"

While the hundreds of people were screaming, the Tarantula took the tempest of attacks head-on and crossed the swamps and rocky terrain swaggeringly. Its slender legs similarly displayed their powerful ability to steer which is no way inferior to the Wolf King's, and maybe one could even say, it was better.

Next was the shooting range.

Ten silver target balls were floating about a couple hundred meters away.

Just a while ago, the Wolf King complete hit right at the center of the target, god knows how the Tarantula would...

"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!"

As the crystal eye took aim, the turret on the back of the Tarantula rotated flexibly and the dual-mounted mini-caliber crystal railgun started firing and its corresponding sound was even louder than the triple-mounted large-caliber crystal railgun.

The ten targets far away, in the blink of an eye, were covered in smoke.

"No! Way!"

"He actually modified the crystal railguns too and also engraved offensive array glyphs to improve the firepower of the crystal railguns!"

"This is completely unreasonable! The stronger the firepower of the crystal railgun is, the greater the consumption of crystals will be. The Mystic Wolf is a lightweight warbeast, how can it carry so many crystals? Just a round of fire would consume all the crystals; it would not be possible to fight continuously!"

"Idiot, just take a look at the Tarantula, from which angle does it look like a lightweight warbeast? At the very least, it is a middleweight warbeast!"

"Its center of gravity is low, its stability is good, and its design is quite convenient for an ammo storage. Maybe the coolant part at the abdominal region has been modified as an ammo storage!"

"Wow! Its firepower is about three to five time better than an ordinary Mystic Wolf! I wonder how good its accuracy is?"

As the smoke dissipated, everyone could not wait to look towards the target.

However, they didn't see anything.

The ten target balls had been completely blown away by the fearsome firepower of Tarantula.

All that left was some silver bits and pieces fluttering around like the petals scattered by a goddess from high heavens which soon were scattered away by the wind.


A pin-drop silence enveloped the entire weapon test site.

Everyone was rendered speechless. They didn't know how to describe their complex feelings.

Just a while ago, the Wolf King had taken 1.2 seconds to finish the battle; it was absolutely an instant kill.

How long would the Tarantula take?

The Tarantula once again lowered its center of gravity to the point that its abdomen was almost sticking to the ground, it gave the impression of an assassin moving stealthily in the darkness.

When it stealthily arrived about three meters away from its prey, it suddenly jumped into the air. Whereupon, all the blades at the end of its slender legs popped out and deeply pierced the target!

Suddenly, eight holes had been thrust out in the gel.

Whereas the nails mounted on the legs respectively caught a large part of gel, and when the legs were forcefully pulled out, they ruthlessly ripped a large part of the flesh, leaving behind eight horrifying wounds.

Such swift and fierce action had made many people's eyes twitch.

The next scene that transpired was absolutely shocking.

Unlike the Mystic Wolf, the Tarantula didn't follow up with a most orthodox line of attack and directly bit upon the throat, killing the prey in one attack...

Instead, it adopted an "execution" like mode of attack. First, it tore away the flesh before cutting off the prey's limbs, opened its belly and smashed its spine, afterward it tore the corpse into pieces using its eight legs!

It was an incomparably brutal mode of attack, which made everyone's scalp tingle. Everyone almost felt an intensely bloody stench assaulting their nose. When they looked at Li Yao, they had a strange look in their eyes.

Even Jiang Shaoyang had a very strange look in his eyes when he glanced at Li Yao. He could not help but ask, "Was it necessary?"

"The life force of a demon beast is rather powerful. Many demon beasts will continue to bite even when their heads have been cut off."

Li Yao lightly fiddled with his disheveled hair and explained, "I have carried out multitudes of modifications on the Mystic Wolf; its mode of attack is quite different from the past. Therefore, its attack mode needed to be reprogrammed.

"However, as the time was short, I didn't have the time to use the telepathic thoughts to programme all the modes of attack; I could only programme a 'complete destruction' mode.

"The so-called 'complete destruction' activates all the array glyphs to the limit, and once it encounters an enemy, it will attack with full force regardless of its consumption of crystals. The enemy would be reduced to nothing!"

Jiang Shaoyang was rendered speechless.

His Wolf King also had the "complete destruction" mode.

However, having looked at Li Yao's "complete destruction", he realized that his "complete destruction" was a f*cking "merciful" mode!

After fifteen seconds...

All that was left of the target were a few fist-sized pieces, and the skeleton forged from complex steel which had been completely twisted; it no longer resembled its previous appearance.

Finally, the Tarantula stopped attacking and let out a hissing sound as steam emerged from its body before it lay down and rested in satisfaction.

Looking at the messy test site, everyone was rendered speechless; meanwhile, their backs were completely drenched in sweat.

Many people glanced at each other as a question emerged from the bottom of their hearts at the same time, "Wolf King and Tarantula, both have completed different combat style yet they are equally powerful. Which one is weaker and which one is stronger, how will they compare?"

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