Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 218

Chapter 218: The Tarantula vs the Wolf King

The test crystal processor operated at lightning fast speed before transmitting a series of performance parameters.

The values in the list for the Tarantula were unlike those of the Wolf King, for which all the values in the list were exceedingly high; the values were like a chain of mountains, sometimes high and sometimes low.

Several of the values were as high as a lofty peak that was towering into the clouds, while some of the values fell to the bottom; they were even worse than the average Mystic Wolves.

"Speed limit, reduced to 84%!"

"Balance, improved to 192%!"

"High-speed shooting accuracy, improved to 167%!"

"Stealth, reduced to 67%!"

"Defense, improved to 235%!"


"Overall battle force, unable to determine!"

After the test crystal processor emitted an ear-piercing noise, it stopped operating. A series of red characters popped out on the holographic screen, underneath which was another line of small text, "The difference between the test subject and the Mystic Wolf is too large, the system is unable to determine the overall battle force using the Mystic Wolf battle force evaluation programme."

The three examiners slightly frowned. They had never expected Li Yao to actually modify the Mystic Wolf to such an extent that even the crystal processor was unable to evaluate it.

After giving it a bit of thought, they realized it was right and proper. After adding multitudes of components from the crafting furnace, the Tarantula had already transformed from lightweight warbeast to middleweight warbeast. Whether it was the firepower or the modes of fighting, everything had been completely turned upside down. Ergo, it was indeed inappropriate to use the Mystic Wolf evaluation programme.

Now the question was, had the battle force of Tarantula reached the 90% of an ordinary Mystic Wolf?

"I think, the Mystic Wolf repaired by Student Li Yao is a failure."

After having paused for a while, Zhu Yueqin spoke first, "As a lightweight warbeast, its main objective is to perform reconnaissance missions, for which the speed and stealth are necessities. Not to mention, Student Li Yao disassembled the crafting furnace and used its component. Regardless of whether this conduct is in line with the norms of the exam or not, at the very least, doing this, Student Li Yao had removed the biggest advantage of the Mystic Wolf.

"It is true that the outer covering of the crafting furnace is strong enough to withstand high temperature and pressure, has a high resistance to corrosion, and is a very good armor material.

"However, why is such a good armor isn't applied to warbeasts and combat suits?

"Because it has a very serious flaw, it is too thick, too heavy, and too inept!

"Using this kind of material as armor would indeed improve the defense, but at the same time, it would increase the weight significantly. The armor would be like a turtle shell forged from iron and steel.

"Even worse is that the Magic Wolf originally was a lightweight warbeast. Its propulsion array glyphs are designed completely in light with the standard requirements of a lightweight warbeast. Even if Student Li Yao fortified the array glyphs, he didn't change the foundation; it is impossible to boost the propulsion force by a large degree.

"Using the propulsion array glyphs of a lightweight warbeast to move a turtle shell is tantamount to move a heavy cart with a pony.

"The end result is as you can see, it was very loud, slow, and although the eight-legged design guarantees stability, its steering isn't flexible at all.

"Such a warbeast is obviously unsuitable for reconnaissance missions. I am also very suspicious of its continuous combat ability.

"To sum it up, my conclusion is that Student Li Yao had failed in proper maintenance and should be judged unqualified.

"What do you both think?"

Zhu Yueqin looked at the two examiners with a calm look on her face.

After all, she was a master refiner with rich experience, a professor-level figure who quickly regained her calmness after having been stunned for a moment. She wasn't confused by the Tarantula's horrifying performance; she could see through the weak points of the Tarantula at first glance.

Her views were well-founded and convincing. If she wanted to make things difficult for Li Yao, at best, she could add some harsh adjectives regarding Li Yao, nothing more.

Li Yao was after all not some great Golden Immortal, it was impossible for him to modify a completely damaged Mystic Wolf into a perfect warbeast using most common materials, and that too within a span of ten hours.

If it was strengthened in some departments, it would obviously be weakened in other departments too. You can't have the cake and eat it too.

The moment he decided to use the components of crafting furnace to fortify the warbeast, Li Yao gave up on speed and stealth. He chose firepower and defense.

In addition, he was pressed for time. There was the issue of incompatibility between two different kinds of components. Under the disguise of the aggressive appearance of the Tarantula, many flaws had been concealed.

Originally, if Li Yao could use the ancient technique of forging, and further process the material, the parameters of Tarantula would be greatly improved too.

However, on one hand, there wasn't an anvil in the repair workshop for him to use the ancient techniques of forging, and he also didn't bring the Dark Star Rock.

On the hand, he wasn't willing to fully expose his own secrets under the public eye.

Therefore, he could not use the ancient techniques of forging and only used the most common forging techniques.

The Tarantula presented in front of everyone was just an incomplete product. It was just a lame giant, so obviously, there were some advantages and disadvantages.

"Professor Zhu, I disagree with your views," Yan Tianhe said.

"In the exam, the examinees were just asked to recover the warbeast, they weren't required to ensure that the warbeast should be a lightweight warbeast after the maintenance, and it should be able to carry out reconnaissance missions.

"The battle force is a comprehensive concept. You cannot look at just one or two parameters.

"After Student Li Yao completed the maintenance, the warbeast had already been modified to middleweight warbeast, it's very normal for it to have its speed and stealth worse than the lightweight warbeast!

"However, look at its attack and defense, especially after being implemented the turret design, the high-speed shooting accuracy, all of these values have substantially improved. They had surpassed the limit of a Mystic Wolf.

"And such good balance means that this warbeast could carry more offensive magical equipment.

"I think the crystal railgun can be changed into two three-mount turrets, one above and one below. And also, four mini-flying sword launchers can be installed, which would significantly improve its firepower. Allowing it to perform attacking missions rather than just reconnaissance missions.

"In my opinion, Student Li Yao made do with whatever was available. He made full use of available resources and successfully completed the maintenance operations. He should be judged qualified!"

Zhu Yueqin and Yan Tianhe, the two veteran refiners' gazes clashed in the air and seemed to be producing invisible sparks.

In the last few decades of Refiners' Registration Examination, disagreement between the examiners and clash of opinions had rarely been seen.

In this kind of situation, the opinion of the third examiner became, even more, important.

Dong Liuqi was rather at a loss.

He had been an examiner for almost a decade and never encountered such a scene.

Zhu Yueqin and Yan Tianhe's conclusions were well-founded.

From head to tail, the Tarantula was a complete freak. Whereas the "battle force" was more of a generalized concept. Except for comparison between the same type of warbeasts, it was difficult to say which was strong and which was weak when it was a comparison between different models, different weight class, and different combat purposes. Even more so, when judging to an accuracy of 90%, it was simply impossible.

The attitude of the two was like tit for tat. If they couldn't come up with convincing conclusions, it would certainly be difficult to make them give up.

Just as he was thinking, his gaze inadvertently fell upon not so far away Jiang Shaoyang and the Wolf King. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as a wonderful idea struck him. He smiled and said, "Hold your horses, you both are very correct. The weight class and combat purpose of Mystic Wolf repaired by Student Li Yao has obviously changed. And obviously, you cannot use ordinary Mystic Wolf battle force evaluation programme to judge its battle force.

"I've just the right way to roughly judge its battle force within a few minutes.

"We should find a Mystic Wolf and have the Tarantula fight with it!

"Of course, an ordinary Mystic Wolf would definitely won't work because many performance parameters, such as stealth, continuous combat ability, and the likes, may not be completely displayed in a fight.

"Not to mention, a middleweight warbeast can carry more crystals, have fierce firepower, and a stronger defense. It is very normal for it to defeat a lightweight warbeast in a frontal confrontation.

"And even if Student Li Yao won against an ordinary Mystic Wolf, I'm afraid neither of you would be convinced, right?"

Zhu Yueqin sneered, showing a dismissive smile.

But Dong Liuqi's next words made her smile froze.

"What about the Wolf King?"

"Don't we have the Wolf King whose overall battle force has reached 133%?

"If Student Li Yao's warbeast is able to beat the Wolf King in a frontal confrontation, there should be no doubt, right?"

This statement made the two examiners ponder for a long time.

"I agree," having repeatedly pondered for a while, Yan Tianhe accepted the offer.

"I object, " Zhu Yueqin said with an indifferent tone and an expressionless look on her face.

The other two examiners looked at her in astonishment.

Zhu Yueqin calmly said, "Don't think that I'm intentionally making things difficult for Student Li Yao. Due to my status, I can't go so far as to make things difficult for a kid; I am judging the matter as it stands, that's all.

"The Wolf King is too strong, the warbeast modified by Student Li Yao is simply unable to compete with the Wolf King. This suggestion is tantamount to bullying him. If this matter spreads, everyone will think that my Deep Sea University is a bully.

"Five minutes!

"Student Li Yao's warbeast would absolutely unable to handle the claws and fangs of Wolf King for five minutes!

"If it survives the five minutes, I will change my opinion and decides that he's passed!"


"The Tarantula and Wolf King are going to fight. Heaven and earth are going to collide!"

Just as the news broke out, it was like a lightning had struck the crystal warehouse. In the blink of an eye, the entire audience seemed to have been ignited.

Everyone was super excited. They could not wait to hug the three examiners tightly. They wanted to thank the examiners for being considerate and especially arranging such a highly anticipated battle!

After Li Yao and Jiang Shaoyang came to know of the examiners' decision, they were slightly surprised and in the blink of an eye, their mood had been replaced with that of extreme excitement.

The two of them looked at each other. Their gazes were like iron and steel, completely unshakable.

"By convention, it's time for some fighting talk, right?" asked Li Yao.

"Stop talking rubbish. Quickly fill the crystals and debug the warbeast. You have to unleash the strongest possible battle force!"

Jiang Shaoyang was so excited that even his voice was shaky. He could not wait to go to the prep deck and carry out the final round of debugging and filling of crystals.

Li Yao slightly smiled and also walked to another prep deck.

The remaining examinees distinctly divided into two groups.

Naturally, the examinees from the Deep Sea University clustered around Jiang Shaoyang.

Whereas the remaining examinees gathered around Li Yao's side.

Knowingly or unknowingly, they already came to believe, even if it was slightly, that this young man who was less than twenty years old, had the qualifications to challenge a giant like Deep Sea University.

After five minutes, along with the crisp sound of a crystal explosion, the fight between the Tarantula and the Wolf King began!

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