Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Different Roads

While spreading his hands, Li Yao said, "Of course, it is impossible for me to program a couple hundred battle tactics. From the beginning to the end, there was only one battle tactic, that was to assume the enemy would have misgivings about the powerful firepower of Tarantula and give up shooting, and instead choose to fight at close range.

"In close combat, the enemy's main point of attack would be the rear and upper part areas. Afterward, I preinstall two traps. When the enemy attacks from above, the Tarantula will promptly disengage the abdominal section and use the tail forged from the vertebral column of Mystic Wolf to launch a fatal attack. No more than that."

Jiang Shaoyang's pupils suddenly constricted as the paper cup in his hand was slightly crushed. He said, clenching his teeth, "You mean to say, you led me around by the nose from beginning to end? I unknowingly fell into your trap?"

Li Yao heaved a sigh and said, "The Tarantula is a freak that was hastily modified. Certainly, it will have fatal flaws. As long as it was a refiner with a little bit of insight, they would be able to see that it's clumsy, has slow speed, and very inflexible when turning around on the spot.

"How could I hide those things? They were simply impossible to hide.

"In that case, I did just the opposite and turned the flaws into traps. It's not that I was intentionally aiming for Wolf King but it was the only suitable tactic that I could come up in that moment. That's all.

"However, this tactic was only suitable for sneak attack. It was likely to succeed the very first time. Once the enemy had taken precautionary measures, this trick simply would not work."

Nodding, Jian Shaoyang pondered for a moment and said, "I guess, that's right. It's not that I can't afford to lose, but let's take the matter on its merit; if you let me craft a new Wolf King, and input today's battle data into the crystal processor and also let me program new battle tactics, then the outcome would be different for sure!"

"I believe you."

A smile appeared on Li Yao's face as he pursed his lips and pulled up a couple dozen blueprints from the crystal processor, "However, my Tarantula is incomplete. If you give me ten to fifteen days to craft it completely, then it also wouldn't be as horrid as today. Come, check it yourself!"

A majority of the time, the refiners were bored.

Usually, the refiners would be holed up inside the laboratory and refining workshop, completely immersed in the world of refining, their brains would be full of formulas, algorithms, and data. They would appear a bit cold. Even if others were talking to them, their reaction would be half a beat slow and would give off the impression that they are half-heartedly paying attention.

However, once they crafted a completely new magical equipment, they would be no different to a child who had assembled a new toy, they would always be eager to show it off.

The same was true for Li Yao. He was a guy who was introverted and presumptuous as well.

However, in the Grand Desolate War Institution, he could only show off to Yuan Manqiu and Jiang Wenbo, the veteran refiners.

But they were not from the same generation, there was a big generation gap. Even if they praised him with a few words, he would always feel a sort of distance between them and himself.

And among his peers, there were Ding Lingdang, Zhao Tianchong, and Lu Tieshan with whom he could enjoy, but they were martial arts fanatics. Even if he took out complex blueprints to show off to them, it was tantamount to giving flirtatious glances to the blind; there was little to no sense of accomplishment.

A rare encounter like today where he got to meet Jiang Shaoyang who was a top expert among his peers made Li Yao incredibly excited as he got to meet his match.

Li Yao believed Jiang Shaoyang could definitely see the exquisiteness of these blueprints.

Sure enough, with just two glances, Jiang Shaoyang was deeply attracted and even exclaimed, "Is this the ultimate form of Tarantula? It sure is formidable!

"You are planning on using Thundercloud Rock and Jade Red Gold to create a porous composite and forge a semi-circular armor, which would at least reduce the weight by 25% while ensuring the tensile strength and corrosion resistance of the armor. And you are also going to employ propulsion array glyphs for middleweight warbeast, which will greatly improve the speed and agility!

"And the acid sack in the abdominal section will be divided into four vesicles, which can hold four different kinds of fluids; acid, venom, napalm, and also super sticky saliva extracted from Bullet Dart Frog? Not bad! Once this saliva is shot at an enemy, it would be like stuck in a spider web. It will greatly affect the mobility, and the enemy will be at your mercy!

"The Tarantula with web, that's terrifying, that is truly terrifying!

"However, why is the ammunition cache in your Tarantula designed so big? It's large enough to carry four unit of crystals. Even if you use triple-mount heavy crystal railgun, it would be more than enough!

"Although it would improve the continuous combat ability, it would affect the speed. The loss outweighs the gains!"

Li Yao slightly smiled as he pointed at four array glyphs next to the ammunition cache as well as dozens of components connected to it.

As Jiang Shaoyang carefully observed, he crushed the paper cup in his hands immediately and blurted out, "Self-destruct system!

"You intentionally enlarged the ammunition cache and installed so many crystals, just so you can launch a suicide attack!"

As Jiang Shaoyang closed his eyes, dozens of blueprints, in the blink of an eye, integrated into a mighty Tarantula in a blazing battlefield.

If the design of the blueprints came to fruition, especially so many crystals, once the Tarantula exploded amid a horde of demon beasts...

Goosebumps exploded all over Jiang Shaoyang's body.

"Senior Brother Li, you should enter the Deep Sea University!"

Jiang Shaoyang said with excitement, "I heard, there is a bit of misunderstanding between you and some professors of Deep Sea University, but in my opinion, you are the craziest refiner!

"People like us can give up anything in pursuit of the best road of refining!

"What is a little misunderstanding? If you join Deep Sea University, you could put your talent to better use!

"Now that you are a registered refiner, there are many ways you can join Deep Sea University. You don't necessarily have to be a student.

"You can join Deep Sea University's laboratory as an assistant researcher directly. On one side you can study, on the other, you can research.

"We have a total of twenty-seven main laboratories, running hundreds of projects at the same time. If you applied, you'd be eligible to join any one of them!

"Come on, those students of Deep Sea University are like clay chickens and pottery dogs in my eyes. They don't even stir the slightest bit of fighting spirit in me. If you come over, we can exchange pointers, compete with each other, train with each other, we can advance a thousand li in one day!"

Jiang Shaoyang looked at Li Yao with an anticipating look.

Having remained silent for a long time, Li Yao finally shook his head and said, "You are wrong. Although initially, I refused Deep Sea University, which was also a freak combination of factors, I have persevered in the Grand Desolate War Institution until today and my feelings still haven't changed. And it's not because of a small misunderstanding.

"If it were someone else, I would definitely not say any more. But since it's you, you should be able to understand what I mean.

"It is indeed correct that the Deep Sea University is the best choice for a refiner from the materialistic point of view; floating mountains, teaching ability, academic atmosphere, inheritance... in regard to those things, other universities are unable to match them.

"However, I am more focused spiritually than materially. Or in your wordsfighting spirit!

"Only competing against a giant like Deep Sea University can my fighting spirit be aroused to the extreme. Every minute, every second, when I think of my presumptuous declaration, every cell in my body seems to flare up, releasing light and heat. I don't dare have the slightest intention to slack off, which makes me breakthrough my limits again and again!

"Surely, you have experienced this state. You should know, having entered this kind of state with soaring will to fight, how refreshing and wonderful it is!

"By joining Deep Sea University, standing shoulder to shoulder with this giant, I would see farther for sure, but I would inevitably slack some time because I would not be able to find a target and be able to make my will to fight madly burn every minute and every second!"

Jiang Shaoyang could not help but ask, "Why do you think there isn't any target?

"I want to get rid of Novem Stellae, then defeat experts like my uncle Jiang Sheng, Professor Xie Tingxian, Professor Zhu Yueqin. I want to surpass even HoD Chu Xiohong!"

"Someday, I will become the HoD of Deep Sea University's Refining Department!

"I don't have any interest in being the HoD, I just want to prove that I am the strongest at Deep Sea University!

"This is my path; this is my target!

"What do you think? Aren't you interested in walking this road together, we can compete after a few decades and see who can be the HoD of Deep Sea University Refining Department?"

"Not interested."

Li Yao shook his head as his eyes radiated with dazzling starry brilliance, "Deep Sea University was established centuries ago, its Refining Department already had a couple dozen HoDs, and in the future, it will continue to exist for millennials, there will be hundreds of HoDs.

"There are predecessors, and there will be successors as well. Even if you persevere in the end, you will only be repeating the path that others have already taken and do what hundreds of people can and will do.

"What's the fun in that?

"I will take a different road.

"Even if I am not the last one challenging the strongest king with the worst Refining Department in the federation, in the last five centuries, it has never been done!

"Only such a road is worth it for me to persevere till the end. Only such a cause can make me devote myself to it for as long as my life endures. Only such a target can make my will to fight soar to the limit, pay with 1000% of effort, and completely burn myself out!"

Jiang Shaoyang stood up suddenly, the stool tumbled backward as he shouted in a loud voice, "Have you wondered how small the probability of you ever being successful is!?"

Jiang Shaoyang's facial features were completely distorted. He was almost screaming.

"The smaller the probability, the more interesting it is."

Li Yao continued, "Life is a battle. Obviously, only by choosing the strongest enemy will it be exciting. The probability of winning against a three-year-old child is 100%, is that the battle you want?"

This sentence was the last straw, it completely defeated Jiang Shaoyang's spirit.

His face became pale and sat back down, but he had never noticed that the stool had already fallen and he fell flat on the ground.

"Are you ok?"

Li Yao was stunned. He bent over the table to look, but only saw Jiang Shaoyang lying flat on his back, looking towards the sky, with no intention of getting up. Every facial muscle on his face twitched, his eyes turned quickly, he seemed to mumble, like crying while smiling, "I understand, this is your big secret!

"Spirit, fighting spirit, will to fight!

"I grew up in the Deep Sea University's residential area for staff, magical equipment components were my toys, the repair workshop my paradise. Every day, most profound algorithms and theories would ring next to my ear!

"Materially, I am hundred times better than you, but I still suffered a crushing defeat!

"What I lack is the will to fight burning in my soul every second and every minute! You are right, you are totally right!

"Target, damn with this target!

"The target I set myself is much smaller than yours. Yes, yes, the Deep Sea University Refining Department already had twenty-two HoDs, one-hundred-and-thirty-five associate HoDs, even if I became one of them, what's amazing about that!

"No wonder, I am getting more and more bored. So, it was like this, the target I chose is too weak!"

Jiang Shaoyang behaved weirdly for a long time before the paleness on his face became ruddy in excitement as though he was burning.

Like a zombie, he stood right up, took a deep glance at Li Yao before suddenly turning around, flinging his long hair and running out.

Until he reached the end of the hallway, did a frantic shout came, "I have realized, I have finally realized!

"Thank you, Senior Brother Li!

"Tomorrow, tomorrow morning, I will come find you and have a duel!"

Goosebumps exploded all over Li Yao's body.

'Oh God, what in the bloody hell did this guy realized!'

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