Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 222

Chapter 222: The Birth of the Sun

Next morning, at the military mess hall, thousands of examinees were having breakfast.

The Deep Sea University students occupied a corner. The atmosphere was a bit strange.

"Do you know, Jiang Shaoyang didn't sleep last night, he was just sitting on the roof!?" a student said in a low voice.

"I also saw. Moreover, after midnight, he was running along the roof edge at an amazing speed, like a maniac!"

Another student took over the conversation, shook his head immediately and said, sighing, "Jiang Shaoyang took a big blow. He was thoroughly defeated in public, which for someone as proud as him, who has carried the aura of a genius from childhood, was simply insulting. I am afraid he will never recover from this setback..."

Before he could finish his sentence, many people sensed a mass of burning hot aura approaching gradually. It felt as though they were inside a crafting furnace thousands of degrees hot. They were even unable to breathe.

The first student turned his head and gasped suddenly.

The second student turned his head and his eyes became so wide that they seemed bigger than the egg in his hand.

The third student turned his head and his hands shook, the entire bowl of tofu in his hands fell between his laps. At the beginning, he still didn't feel anything, only after two seconds did he stand up immediately with a shout.

This shout attracted everyone's gaze.

When everyone got to see who was there, they were completely flabbergasted. They became dumb as a wooden chicken.

It was none other than Jiang Shaoyang, but he was completely different from yesterday.

Yesterday, Jiang Shaoyang was like a star hanging high above the sky, he was lonely, cold yet proud, immersed in a world of his own. He didn't bother paying attention to people around him.

Watching his fellow students, the look in his eyes wasn't that of contempt but of complete disregard!

In contrast, at this moment, it seemed the shackles in the depths of his heart were broken, and the seals restricting his soul had been blown away. From inside to outside, every cell in his body was releasing an inexhaustible amount of energy, turning him into a blazing...sun!

That's right, it was the sun, the burning hot sun, incinerating everything in its path and nothing could stop its wild march!

No one among his fellow students dared to stand within a range of two meters of him.

A feeling emerged from the bottom of everyone's hearts, so long as they were within this range of two meters, they would be engulfed by him; even ashes would not be left behind.

Jiang Shaoyang took a glance at his fellow students' faces.

No one dared to look directly at Jiang Shaoyang. Everyone was thrown into panic.

Because they discovered that the look in Jiang Shaoyang's eyes was no longer that of indifference, but his eyes seemed to radiate a savage glint filled with hunger and intense murderous intention.

But the biggest change was undoubtedly...

"Shaoyang, did you actually shave your head?" a student cried out involuntarily.

Under the lights, Jiang Shaoyang's head shone brightly. His shiny, long, and black hair was missing; not a single hair was there to be found.

This fierce style and yesterday's fluttering long hair were simply like two different people.

Jiang Shaoyang dismissively glanced at the student who had just spoken, which forced the student to retreat two steps. Slowly and calmly, Jiang Shaoyang walked to the students who were chatting at the beginning, before stretching out a finger and shaking it, "You are wrong about one thing.

"I never carried the aura of a genius.

"I am a genius!

"This is one of the most basic facts that does not change just because I was defeated in a fight. Dark clouds occasionally cover the sun but the sun exists forever!

"Only those who pretend to be a genius, those ordinary people who only carry the aura of genius, would brood over a defeat in a contest.

"I am a true genius, how could stay down after a single defeat in a fight? The more frustrating it is, the more courageous I will become; I will get stronger and stronger in a fight.

"Because I'm sure, no matter how many times I face failure, I will win in the end for sure!"

Everyone had been deterred by his imposing attitude. A brief silence enshrouded this corner of the mess. Only after a while, someone asked, trembling, "Shaoyang, are you really okay? Did something happen?"

"Of course something did happen."

Jiang pursed his lips as a smile crept upon his face. "I broke through."


Everyone stood up.

"Failure is the mother of success, in the past, I never understood this sentence. Because from childhood, I have never truly experienced failure."

Jiang Shaoyang, in a not too fast and nor too slow manner, took out a bunch of small balls of steel from his pocket, each one no more than a millimeter in diameter. It was no different than clutching a handful of rice.

"Yesterday, when I suffered a crushing defeat and had a talk with Senior Brother Li Yao, only then did I realize my own flaws."

Jiang Shaoyang flicked his fingers ever so slightly yet dozens of steel balls nimbly jumped between his fingers and their speed got faster and faster by the minute, they were like dozens of streams of silver light dancing.

"Before, I'd set a few targets for myself, but those targets were too simple, too boring, and too easy to achieve. They simply didn't drive me to release 100% of my strength.

"It was me myself who had sealed my own true strength!"

Dozens of silver streams of light gathered into a silver ball of light, no one could trace their trajectory clearly. All one could hear were faint whizzing sounds, as though a small tornado had formed in the palm of Jiang Shaoyang.

"His hands are faster than yesterday!"

Everyone had only taken a few glances, yet they felt dizzy.

Even if it was someone with better dynamic vision, they were unable to capture the actions of Jiang Shaoyang.

"However, now, I have found a new target, and it is deserving of me to burn myself every minute and every second, and unleash 100% of my strength, no, 1000% of my strength!

"The moment I found this target, I could feel an invisible chain shackling my entire body breaking off. The energy which used to be hidden within the deepest recesses of my cells surged turbulently like the floodwater bursting the dike, and made me breakthrough in the blink of an eye!

"Senior Brother Li didn't lie to me, what he said was indeed true!"

Jiang Shaoyang shouted as the ball of silver light in between his fingers, suddenly broke into dozens of streams of light and shot towards the surroundings at lightning fast speed.

A lot of people were caught off guard. They stepped back instinctively to dodge but still believed the steel balls would hit them.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Shaoyang's right hand disappeared, in the blink of an eye, and transformed into a mass of faint mist that enshrouded dozens of high-speed, shooting steel balls completely.

His hands seemed to be magnetized as dozens of streams of light were sucked into his hand in the blink of an eye.

When he opened his palm, dozens of small balls of steel were revolved around and lightly collided with each other, making "ding ding" sounds.

"God-like hand speed!"

Everyone forgot to breathe as the same sentence circled around their brain.

"In one night, the limit of my hand speed has improved by 11.3%," Jiang Shaoyang said calmly as he put the balls of steel back into his pocket. He took a glance around and locked on to a target before walking towards the other end of the mess hall.

"Shaoyang, where are you going?" a fellow student could not help but ask.

Everyone was completely dumbfounded and amazed by Jiang Shaoyang's transformation in one night.

Jiang Shaoyang raised the corner of his lips, revealing his snow white teeth as he said, smiling, "This breakthrough of mine is all thanks to Senior Brother Li Yao. So of course, I'd better pay my gratitude to him and also while I'm at it...

"Let Senior Brother Li Yao have a taste of crushing defeat!"

Jiang Shaoyang's final words detonated the passion in everyone's heart. Every examinee from the Deep Sea University stood up immediately.

"Tenth Star! He truly deserves to have the name Tenth Star! In one night, he's become a new person; his strength had improved incredibly!"

"Jiang Shaoyang and Li Yao were almost on par with each other. Even the yesterday's defeat was mostly due to Li Yao's insidious tricks."

"Overnight, Jiang Shaoyang's hand speed has improved by 11.3%, how can Li Yao be his opponent? He will definitely be suppressed by Jiang Shaoyang!"

"Let's go and take a look!"

Jiang Shaoyang approached Li Yao step by step and followed him was a long line of optimistic people afar.

The military mess hall was huge. It could easily accommodate over ten thousand people at the same time. The two sides of the mess were separated by a few hundred meters. Li Yao was sitting at the corner of another side where he was thoroughly engrossed in his food. He did not care about the commotion taking place a few hundred meters away.

However, he also happened to be thinking about Jiang Shaoyang.

"Interesting guy. If he and I could compete occasionally, it would really improve our strength greatly!"

While squeezing the soy milk, Li Yao recalled the soul-stirring competition between the two.

The most memorable wasn't the duel between the Wolf King and Tarantula but the toothpick contest between the two instead.

"My assumption at the beginning might've been too conservative. The limit of that guy's hand speed might be more than 97% of mine. If he trained for a few more days, his hand speed could surpass mine!

"Interesting, it is really interesting. I am truly lucky to find such a rival among my peers. I will definitely train more madly than him, my hand speed absolutely cannot be any worse than his!

"But I wonder what's the limit of my hands' speed actually?

"Right, I have not used 'that' way for a long time to test the limit of my ultimate hand speed. Although it has no practical value, at least...

"It would let me feel refreshed a bit!"

Under the stimulation of Jiang Shaoyang, Li Yao's competitive heart was also eager for action.

Taking a deep breath, a huge complex and profound blueprint, dazzling digits, and intricate algorithms appeared in Li Yao's brain.

Which made him enter the Super Perceptive State within a second!

Brain cell activity 150%!

Brain cell activity 200%!

Brain cell activity 220%!

While testing hand speed, for both hands to not get cramped with some casual movements, the hand to eye coordination must be exquisite, only then would a series of actions be completed accurately.

After having entered the Super Perceptive State, the brain cell activity had improved by a tremendous degree, and naturally, his ultimate hand speed also rose.

In actual operations, this ultimate hand speed was of little to no significance.

Because after a few minutes of Super Perceptive State, his brain had to cool down for long period of time for it to return to its normal state. It was pointless for Li Yao to pursue super hand speed for a moment only to have his brain cool down for a few more minutes later.

This was just for fun, nothing more nothing less.

Li Yao controlled his brain cell activity at 220%.

This was the limit at which he could work smoothly.

If he raised it anymore, he would be unable to control at will.


As Li Yao lightly flicked his little finger on the table, a toothpick jumped out from the jar and in neither fast and nor slow manner rolled between his fingers.


As Li Yao drew a paper napkin and readily tossed it, the paper flew high in the air and fluttered down.

At this moment, Jiang Shaoyang came over. His gaze involuntarily fell upon the paper napkin.

"What does he want to do?" Jiang Shaoyang was confused in his heart.

A starry brilliance brighter than the sun flashed across Li Yao's eyes. When the paper napkin drifted to his side, he suddenly took action, the toothpick, like numerous lightning firing from his fingers, pricked hundreds of orderly holes on the soft paper napkin!


Jiang Shaoyang was completely stupefied.

"This monster's hand speed is at least 20% faster compared to yesterday's!"

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