Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 234

Chapter 234: No. 100

The atmosphere at the testing field was weird. All the students gathered together and whispered between each other, and their topic was, no doubt, Li Yao who was so extraordinary that knocked the chief instructor out the first day he entered the camp.

Although they were somewhat startled by Li Yao's amazing speed, they didn't think too much about it and merely regarded Li Yao as a speed-type Cultivator that lopsidedly focused on body moving techniques.

Many of them were already at the high level of the Refinement Stage. With an advanced body moving technique and the enhancement of the crystal suit, it was quite possible to run at supersonic speed and cause a sonic boom.

However, running at a supersonic speed for a moment and controlling the body at ease under it were completely different.

To dive into the supersonic state, a high level Refinement State Cultivator would be good enough.

But to maintain the combat abilities with self-control under the supersonic state, even many Building Foundation State Cultivator found it desirable yet unreachable.

Self-control always came first. A mature Cultivator wouldn't chase after extreme speed or strength that they couldn't manipulate.

Experienced fighters wouldn't allow themselves to stay airborne easily. Their legs wouldn't reach higher than their waist when they were kicking. All of this was to make sure they had absolute control over their body.

"An idiot that forgot all the common sense despite his speed."

Many people had already tagged Li Yao as such.

"It is understandable. A young man in his twenties and also a badass in his college like him must've heard enough praise and compliments to be overconfident about himself.

"Suddenly, it turned out that he had no talent in crystal suits whatsoever, and everybody in the field has witnessed his disgrace. He must've been so angry that he wanted to show off his best skill.

"But everything went wrong and caused such a mess!"

Some other people thought they knew what was on Li Yao's mind.

"He's going to suffer big time. The chief instructor doesn't seem to be a lenient man. He must be grinding his teeth and hoping to cut Li Yao into pieces right now. There won't be a day that goes by without Li Yao regretting what he did in the next three months!"

"Three months? He has zero talent and he just pissed off the chief instructor. I'm sure that his ass will be kicked out of here in a moment!"

Right then, Li Yao returned to everyone's eyesight, causing a commotion.

"What, he's already back from the med bay?"

"He's fully recovered from such a huge impact in such a short time? His body is so strong!"

"But he looks dumb. Is his brain injured?"

Li Yao heard none of it and walked to his own spot, only to be blocked by a tall thin figure.

He raised his head. It was Yuan Yeshi from Deep Sea University.

"Li Yao, I recant my previous declaration."

With faint mockery in his face, Yuan Yeshi smiled, "I just said that I would set you as my target and focus my full attention on you in the next three months in order to eliminate you at the first chance. Now I take it back.

"Because it never occurred to me that your talent could be so 'intimidating' and your performance so 'excellent' that even the chief instructor was put down by you with a single move.

"I can't bear to eliminate a gifted, outstanding freak such as yourself.

"On the contrary, I very much hope that you can stay in the camp for a while longer and make more 'miracles' to broaden my horizon!"

Yuan Yeshi was extremely delighted.

It felt like when he jumped into a swimming pool of cold water after three hours under the sun in a hot summer.

Seven years younger than his sister, Yuan Yeshi had been raised and taught by her.

He adored his sister from the bottom of his heart and regarded his sister as an invincible, inviolable goddess.

And his sister deserved his homage. She became a disciple of Jiang Sheng, the Supernova, before she reached 30. Later, she was admitted as a researcher in the Refining Department of Deep Sea University and became known as one of the Novem Stellae.

Yuan Yeshi was very proud of his sister's achievements.

But a few days ago, his sister brought up the name 'Li Yao' seriously and describe him to be a rare genius in refining who deserved great attention because he might become the biggest competitor of the Novem Stellae within the next couple of years.

Obscure hostility filled his heart.

Right now, this genius, talent, and archenemy of the Novem Stellae in the future that his sister had been talking about could only stand there stupidly and listen to his scornful berating. It felt

Nice! Nice! Nice!

While Yuan Yeshi was feeling nice, he suddenly noticed that Li Yao's eyes were moving up and down and clearly were not fixed on him. He raised his voice, "Hey! Are you listening?!"

Li Yao's eyelids shivered. A moment later, his unfocused eyes were focused again. He nodded slowly.

"Of course. You were saying that you would recant your previous declaration. Please. I'm all ears."


Yuan Yeshi was infuriated. His neck seemed to be thicker than usual and his face was so red that his blood seemed like to be oozing out of his orifices at any moment. Speechless for a while, he ground his teeth, "Anyways, good luck, Li Yao. I'm looking forward to your performance."

Pausing for a moment, he finally resorted to his last move. He tapped his head as if he just remembered it. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I forgot again. I shouldn't have called you 'Li Yao'. Now that the test is over and the ranks are out, I should've addressed you as 'No. 100'!"

"No. 100 means you're the tail ender!"

This remark finally grabbed Li Yao's attention.

The starry brilliance that was burning in his eyes made Yuan Yeshi's heart skip a beat.

"Which number are you?" Li Yao asked seriously.

Energized, Yuan Yeshi seemed to be taller and replied in great satisfaction, "No. 2!"

"What, judging from your look, you want to challenge me? Drop the idea now. You may be a genius in the world of refiners. But in the world of crystal suits, the gap between us is too large for you to confront me."

"Just a No. 2"

Li Yao was disappointed and didn't catch the latter half of the sentence. He shook his head, "I don't want to challenge a No. 2."

The starry brilliance in his eyes dispersed. He ignored Yuan Yeshi again and retreated to his own thoughts.

What he meant was obvious.

If he were to challenge someone, it could only be No. 1, the best candidate in the field.

He was not interested in the person in second place!

Yuan Yeshi felt his lungs were about to explode out of anger. He didn't understand where this tail ender's confidence came from. He was going to let it out when he noticed that there were more and more people coming close and watching Li Yao and himself like it was a show.

Yuan Yeshi frowned and glared at Li Yao, before he walked away unhappily.

Li Yao was still pondering, not because he wanted to annoy anyone, nor because he had a brain injury as many had expected.

It was because he was still in the euphoria of booming into the supersonic state in the crystal suit just now.

Every one of the pores on the body embracing the outside world, hot blood turning into steam through them, soul melting together with the crystal suit It seemed like a single blow would destroy the entire world. The feeling was just


"The crystal suit is really marvelous.

"This the first time I ever wore a crystal suit, and I reached a supersonic speed and knocked a Building Foundation Stage expert out.

"What will I be able to do after I've fully grasped the mysteries of the crystal suit?"

Li Yao was completely hooked by the thought. He replayed the moment of pleasure in his brain time and time again. There was no time to deal with guys like Yuan Yeshi.

No. 100, the tail ender?

It doesn't matter!

What's more important is not who's fastest off the start line, but who's the first to pass the finish line!

At that moment, Mao Feng returned to the testing field furiously, together with some twenty instructors.

All of the students hurried to stand straight as a spear and didn't dare look around.

Mao Feng's eyesight seemed to be filled with electricity. It swept everyone and finally stopped at Li Yao.

And the intensity of electricity increased exponentially.

"Everyone must bear your rank in mind. The training camp has arranged different instructors for you according to your specialties and level.

"Don't be hasty if your rank is relatively low.

"An elimination match will be held one month from today in which you will be given a chance to challenge the students who are above you and assume their rank!

"No. 1, No. 4, and No. 5, you are all aware of the basics and prefer agility and melee. Therefore, the training camp assigned Liu Bingqin to you. Instructor Liu!"

A dry and thin female instructor walked out from Mao Feng's back. She piped, "No. 1, No. 4 and No. 5, come with me!"

Her appearance caused a minor chaos in the field. Many people sighed with jealousy and resentment.

Instructors of the Thunder Training Camp were all renowned strong men in the world of Exos.

The female instructor Liu Bingqin, though only at the middle level of the Building Foundation Stage, was adept at using crystal suits. She once fought a demon king for 300 rounds without any sign of failure, thereby gaining her reputation. She was also the top instructor in the Outer Camp.

In everyone's amazement, the three students walked to Liu Bingqin's back excitedly and stood straighter.

"No. 2, No. 3, No. 6. You will go with Instructor Murong Yuan."

"No. 9, No. 11, No. 15 and No. 17"

"No. 78, No. 84, No. 86, No. 89, No. 92"

After a moment, all 99 students were sorted out and standing behind their respective instructors.

Li Yao was the only one left on the field. Everyone looked at him with a peculiar expression.

Mao Feng waved his hand and shouted, "Alright. You all know your instructor now. Go with them and start your training!"