Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Two Demon Generals? Die Now!

"Someone's following me!"

Li Yao bit his lips so hard that blood was flowing out.

The pain refreshed him and calmed him down.

"This is the edge of the Dark Desolate Domain. Neither a general-king level mutant lion dragon nor demons that are even stronger than it should appear in this place.

"The only reasonable explanation is that a powerful infiltration squad was hunting the mutant lion dragon, which led the squad to this place when the squad discovered me.

"They're afraid that I might expose them when I get out of the forest. So, some of them were sent out to kill me.

"But their main force must be still chasing the mutant lion dragon.

"In such a savage thunderstorm, a king-level demon beast such as the mutant lion dragon is not that easy to capture. It's not likely that they're giving up the hunting just for me."

"Therefore, my pursuers won't be numerous."

"Unfortunately, with the electric net formed by the Thunder Echo Wood, there's no way to fly in the sky. The communications have been jammed, too.

"At my current speed, it will take at least thirty minutes for me to get out of the forest, which is more than enough for them to catch up with me.

"Only by killing them can I avoid being killed."

There was coldness in Li Yao's eyes. He recalled the days when he was hunted by the gangsters in the magical equipment graveyard.

With death at his doorstep, he felt like his body was burning. Glancing around, he noticed a thorny bush and hid himself in it before covering it with camouflage cloth.

"Swoosh! Swoosh!"

One minute later, two figures flashed dozens of meters away from the bush and continued searching to the foot of the mountain.

The intense air of demon on their bodies alarmed Li Yao. Neither was the information displayed on the Demon Beast Detector very pleasing.

"Two demon generals? Good for you!"

Li Yao knew that the two pursuers wouldn't be delayed for long by his ploy. They must be experts in jungle hunting, and the only reason that they didn't discover him just now was because they thought he would try everything he can to get out of the mountain and didn't bother to check the place where his scent stopped.

But it wouldn't take long before they found out that he was hiding somewhere instead of running.

Li Yao was going to make best use of the time when they were stuck by their error.

Jumping out of the bush, he dashed in the direction where the two demon generals just came and went back into the depths of the mountain.

While he was rushing in the forest, he checked the magical equipment that he carried.

Thankfully, besides the crescent saber and the portable crystal railgun, he had brought a lot of miscellaneous escape magical equipment, in case there were any emergencies in the Thunderous Sound Mountain.

Moreover, out of the instinct of a lunatic bomber, he had also carried 50 Thunder Palms that were specially designed to work with crystal suits, as well as 10 Hellfire-Lightnings.

Ever since he killed that low-level demon general with a Hellfire-Lightning in the battle of Verdant Tarn City, Li Yao had developed a 'bad' habit. He couldn't enjoy his food or sleep tight at night without several Hellfire-Lightnings in his pocket during real battles.

"Come on, jerks. Let's do this."

Li Yao sneered. He scanned every plant in the forest looking for the perfect spot for an ambush while he was on the run.

Soon, he stopped at a place where there were more Thunder Echo Woods than any other place that he'd come by.


A shivering Iron Anteater hiding in a tree hollow was dragged out.

This demon beast looked like a small-size boar with an extremely long nose. It lived on the Iron Ants in the tree holes and had an amazing speed.


Li Yao pierced his saber into the bottom of the Iron Anteater.

The demon beast's long nose turned rigid and purple, and it started whining.

Li Yao took out a crystal box which used to be the container of the crystal railgun. He pressed it hard, and the shell of the crystal box was cracked. Then he tied the box to the back of the Iron Anteater.

Spurred by the pain from its bottom, the Iron Anteater fled deep into the forest the moment it was relieved to the ground, leaving a trace of blood and spiritual waves.

Li Yao glanced through trees, branches and bushes and drafted a deadly trap in his brain.

Ten minutes later, the two demon generals appeared from the darkness quietly.

They'd never expected that their prey would suddenly go backwards. However, there was no frustration in their eyes, but excitement, as if they had discovered an interesting toy.

Blood Hand sniffed. "He went to the left. I can sense the scent of blood vaguely, as well as some distant spiritual waves."

Night Owl blinked his dimly yellow eyes and shook his feathers. He remarked,

"That can't be right. This human being, although weak, is very shrewd. He got away from our perception just now, and it doesn't make sense that he exposes himself so easily right now. The scent of blood is superfluous, too. He is in a crystal suit, why on earth would he be bleeding?"

Blood Hand nodded. He squinted and sniffed more carefully. Then he concluded, "It's not human blood."

Night Owl grinned frighteningly.

"That means this human being wanted to give us a wrong impression that he was fleeing into the forest in this direction. But he should be aware that the ruse wouldn't fool us long and we would catch up with him eventually.

"Therefore, it's quite possible that his true purpose is not to run away, but to set up traps on this route and kill us."

The two demon generals looked at each other and sped up to the direction where the Iran Anteater had fled.

Passing by a place where the Thunder Echo Woods were extremely dense, Blood Hand smelled something and twisted his body weirdly to the above of a Thunder Echo Wood. He roared, "This is the place!"

Night Owl screamed and came to a halt. He shook his arms, unleashing almost a hundred grey feathers from his body, which flew into the woods like bullets.



The twenty Thunder-Palms deployed in the woods were triggered by the feathers and exploded at the same time. They melted into a giant fire ball and floated to the sky. The ball then was torn into pieces by the electric net over the forest.

At the same time, a scarlet figure dashed out of branches and ran away, only to be caught up with by the two demon generals who had been long prepared for his appearance.

It was exactly Li Yao!

Blood Hand howled horrifyingly. The red fur on his paws stood up like venomous iron needles. With a strong scent of demonic energy, he punched the back of the Bloody Blade Battlesuit hard.

The demonic energy, flowing through the needle-like furs, pierced Li Yao's spiritual shield and left deep traces on the battlesuit.

Night Owl shrieked, too. His dim eyes suddenly turned brighter than ever with a freezing coldness, which directly launched a soul attack penetrating through the crystal suit.

The prey in the Bloody Blade Battlesuit seemed to have been overwhelmed by terror from the soul attack and couldn't defend Blood Hand's attacks. In less than 10 seconds, the crystal suit was already on the verge of falling into pieces.


The prey seemed to be too scared to fight anymore and started running away in desperation, only to leave his back wide open for the two demon generals.

Blood Hand and Night Owl both grinned and sprinted.

However, right before their paws were able to push into the back of the Bloody Blade Battlesuit, the ancient crystal suit accelerated and miraculously dodged the deadly attacks with a perfect small-scale movement.

Blood Hand, Night Owl and Li Yao landed simultaneously.

It was not until they reached the ground that the two demon generals discovered that they had fallen into a swamp.

The swamp had used to be a muddy area and only became a temporary swamp due to the pouring rain. It had the same appearance as the ground nearby. One could never tell that it was a swamp without careful examination.

And as it happened, their prey was outside of the swamp.

Such a small swamp was far from enough to trap two demon generals. The best thing it could do was to delay them for about a second.

But during the one second when they were stuck in the swamp


Night Owl wailed and jumped out of the swamp up into the sky!

Blood Hand was slower than him. He didn't notice anything wrong until the volcano eruption in the swamp took place. His eyes were blinking in fear, but it was already too late.


This was Li Yao's real trap. He deployed thirty Thunder-Palms plus five Hellfire-Lightnings in the bottom of the swamp.

The ferocious spiritual energy surged in spasm and swallowed Blood Hand in a dazzling light ball.

The power of crystal bombs could be maximized in a swamp because of the limited space. Sturdy as Blood Hand may be, the bottom half of his body had been shattered and the upper half tossed away by the blast before falling to the ground. There was no indication of vital signs on him anymore.

Night Owl's legs were damaged, too.

But he had detected the danger faster and flown to the sky. Also, legs were not that important to him since he was a bird-type demon. He was ready to tear the sordid Refinement Stage Cultivator into pieces.


"Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!"

Right then, countless flash bangs with blaze rune arrays on them exploded among the branches around Night Owl, illuminating the place as if it were a bright day.

Night Owl's big yellow eyes turned grey like light bulbs that just cracked.


The portable Shattered Star Bombarder on the Bloody Blade Battlesuit fired dozens of heat streams instantly.

Night Owl roared. Although he couldn't see anything, he dodged the heat streams flexibly like a ghost and moved higher and higher.

"Wicked human! Don't count on that crystal railgun of yours too much!

"Once my vision is restored, I will tear you apart! I will"

Before he could finish his word


A lightning split the sky and thundered down. The Thunder Echo Woods reverberated and a brilliant electric net was formed.

Unconscious of his whereabouts, Night Owl stopped on a branch of the woods, which happened to be the center of the electric net.

Night Owl was electrocuted.

This was Li Yao's true purpose.

Use flash bangs to blind the demon general temporarily, fire the crystal railgun to disturb his senses of spiritual energy, then lure him to a higher place among the branches.

This way, even if he wasn't killed immediately, he would've been shocked by the electricity, and Li Yao would've seized the opportunity and performed the Thunderous Tornado Saber Art on him to cut him into pieces.

But Li Yao didn't need to act anymore since he'd died from electrocution instantly.