Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 254

Chapter 254: Strong Desire to Survive

"Pa da!"

The fried carcass hit the ground and broke into pieces.

Li Yao walked to the dying wolf demon calmly.

The lower half of the wolf demon's body had been already shattered by the explosion in the swamp. He leaned the upper half of his body against a tree, shaking in great pain.

Never did he expect that two demon generals would be killed by a Refinement Stage Cultivator!

"You're dead for sure!

"Young Master Wang Ji won't let you go, wretched monkey!

"Young Master Wang Ji will kill you and all your companions after he tames the mutant lion dragon!"

Knowing that death was drawing near, the wolf demon declared in anguish.

Li Yao said nothing and stood ten meters away from the wolf demon. He fired the Shattered Star Bombarder nonstop, raining shells upon him.


The fur on Blood Hand's body stood up. Together with a thin shield formed by the remaining half of his battle armor, he was able to hold back the first few attacks.

A moment later, the shield exploded. The cannonballs reached him unstoppably and blew him into the trunk. After dozens of strikes, the wolf demon was no more.

Li Yao found himself too tired to go on any longer. At first, he was on one knees. Then he leaned forward uncontrollably. He felt that his body did not belong to him anymore. There was no strength at all. Hundreds of crystal bombs seemed to have detonated in his brain, making him unable to think.

This battle was truly dangerous.

Although he'd successfully killed the two demon soldiers with a series of traps and power of thunder, he had paid a high price, too.

Attacks from demon generals were not that easy to defend. Demonic energy of the wolf demon's strikes at the beginning had permeated into his body and caused inner injuries.

Had his body not been strengthened by the Thousand Tempering Hundred Refining technique, which made his defense ability much higher than common Refinement Stage Cultivators, his bones and organs would've already been broken into pieces.

The soul attack launched by the bird demon was also a hundred times more dangerous than the soul attack by the large-eyed ape in the Devil Flood Dragon Island.

Had his soul not been cleansed by Ou Yezi, whose remaining strength was protecting his brain, he would've become mentally deficient!

Although he won the battle in the end, he felt awful. An unknown fire seemed to be burning inside his body, making his mouth dry and his head dizzy. Deep down his throat, blood was trying to flood out one wave after another.

"No. I can't stay here for long."

Li Yao activated the healing rune arrays inside the crystal suit. A gentle green light flowed all over his body. Then he felt a prick on his spine, through which a lot of medical liquid was injected into his body.

Like a long-expected rain after a drought, the medical liquid was absorbed by his cells greedily.

Li Yao waited patiently.

As much as he wanted to rush off immediately, he had to wait for the medicines to suppress his injuries so that his combat ability could be partially restored.

Otherwise, there would be no chance that he could walk out of the Thunderous Sound Mountain alive.

Countless strong demon beasts were waiting to rip apart his crystal suit and devour him.

This place had the remaining scent of two demon generals. Common demon beasts wouldn't dare to come close.

Ten minutes later, preliminary treatment was completed.

Li Yao's brain was clearer. He struggled to rise up and checked the status of his crystal suit.

Thankfully, since he had always kept the critical parts of the crystal suit in mind, the wolf demon only managed to destroy the plug-in modules. Key components of the crystal suit were not affected.

However, some ancillary magical equipment had malfunctioned due to the corrosion of demonic energy and the intense impact.

"Young Master Wang Ji? He sounds like a big shot from the demon clan. Leading an infiltration squad to hunt a demon-king level wild beast in the Heaven's Origin Sector, he must be really strong.

"I need to find an instructor as soon as possible. We may be able to intercept this infiltration squad."

Despite the sharp pain, Li Yao didn't dare to stay any longer and rushed to the outside of the forest in the healing mode.

Three hours later

"Puff! Puff! Puff! Puff!"

Li Yao was breathing heavily after running for a long time. He felt his heart was going to burst out through the crystal suit at any time.

Shortly after he stood beside a Thunder Echo Wood and covered himself in camouflage with stealth rune arrays, a bunch of InfernoFenrirs, whose tails were burning in purple flames, passed by and leaped into darkness with scary howls.

Li Yao knew it was not good.

He had lost the way.

With the compass rune array inside his crystal processor, he could get out of the forest as long as he stuck to south.

However, the direction that the rune array guided was completely wrong, maybe because of the spiritual energy chaos under the extreme weather, or maybe because it had been interfered by the demonic energy in the previous fight.

Thunderous Sound Mountain was not a single mountain. It was the collective name for the hundreds of mountains that were very close to each other in the area.

While Li Yao thought he was coming close to the foot of the mountain, he was, in fact, moving towards the deep inside of the mountain and ended up in another highland.

There was no way to turn back now. Many strong demon beasts in the Thunderous Sound Mountain had got their eyes on him.

Under the pursuit of the demon beasts, he had absolutely no chance to change his direction. After getting rid of seven or eight waves of demon beasts, he was completely lost and arrived at the center of the Thunderous Sound Mountain where barely any human being had ever set foot in.

"These demon beasts have been stimulated by my blood and gone mad. They won't let me go easily!"

After a two minutes rest, Li Yao started running desperately again.

His body was exhausted, but his head was clearer than ever, like a burning torch, although running of fuel, was brighter towards the end.

To avoid being followed by the demon beasts, he even took a risk by moving forward by leaping between the branches of the Thunder Echo Woods. The electric net was literally at his fingertips as he went on.

Right then


An earthshaking roar echoed on a peak far away, as if a thunder had brewed on the ground and hit the sky.

Thunder in the sky were eclipsed and went silent for over half a second.

Li Yao was so astounded that he almost fell off the branches. He scanned the source of the roar with his crystal camera immediately.

The place where he was at was in a relatively higher altitude. Therefore, he discovered without difficulty that on the top of the mountain over there, giant trees were falling and clusters of lights were colliding with earsplitting noises.

"It must be the infiltration squad of the demon clan led by Wang Ji and the mutant lion dragon."

Bitterness grasped him. He didn't expect them to be so close to himself.

A combat that involved demon-king level beasts was too intense for a Refinement Stage Cultivator such as himself to meddle in.

He only wanted to run away.

But he was in the middle of hundreds of mountains, all of which looked exactly the same in a long distance. It was still raining cats and dogs with thunders and lightning. There was no way to tell which direction was which direction.

There was nowhere to run even if he wanted to.

While he was hesitating about what to do next, he heard several wolf howls. Looking down, he found dozens of purple lanterns glimmering dimly in darkness.

"Shua! Shua! Shua! Shua!"

Several InfernoFenrirs climbed up the tree at an amazing speed.

Deep inside the forest, many other demon beasts also sensed the scent of his blood and were coming close.

Having no place to hide or run away to anymore, Li Yao felt that the brutality in his blood had been triggered. He drew his crescent saber out of the sheath and went for the wolf pack.

Right then, lightning struck the ground, illuminating the electric net over the Thunder Sound Woods. With the terror of wind and thunder, Li Yao performed Thunderous Tornado Saber Art at its maximum capacity. Dozens of saber flashes slashed at the InfernoFenrir.

Wind blowing, thunder echoing, rain pouring, crescent saber crushing flesh and bones composed a battle hymn of destruction that played for a long time in the forest.

Li Yao didn't know how many times he had waved his saber, nor did he know how many times the healing rune arrays had been activated, although the medical liquid was already running out.

He even lost track of time, like he was back to the day when he was trapped by the dust storms, when his soul was burning crazily and his saber art was advancing remarkably, and when he was determined that he could slash anything in front of him into pieces.

Suddenly, there was nothing in his surroundings anymore. He had killed all the demon beasts around him, leaving a bunch of scattered, dead bodies.

But not very far away, another batch of demon beasts were closing in fast.

Li Yao turned around and start running without hesitation.

Hundreds of demon beasts that were after him gathered into a furious tide, ready to drown him.

The distance between them was shorter and shorter. Li Yao could even smell the foul stink of many of the demon beasts.

His spiritual energy had been brought to maximum. If it continued to be consumed at such a crazy rate, he might be able to avoid the fate of ending up in the stomach of a demon beast, but his brain would surely be burned to ash due to being overloaded.

Li Yao had never felt so close to death before.


A pure white leopard, with purple electric arcs between its paws, jumped at him and tumbled down the hill with him, only to be stabbed in the heart in the end.

Li Yao coughed. Blood swelled in Li Yao's throat, but he managed to force it back.

The blood was so sweet that it was almost bitter.

On the brink of death, for some reason, he thought of Ding Lingdang.

"I wonder what Sister Ling is doing right now. Training crazily, I suppose.

"I shouldn't have just left a selfie for her that day. There was so much more that I should've said but didn't.

"But, what should I say to her?"

The thought floated round in his mind for a while, but soon it was replaced by a strong desire to survive. Li Yao struggled to rise up and kicked the body of the leopard away. After a flash of saber, it was cut into two halves!

"The 'Vulture' is not going to be killed so easily!

"Whoever feels that he has lived long enough, be it the so-called Young Master Wang Ji or beasts like you, come on now!"

Right then, Li Yao noticed that a vague rainbow laser flashed in a hill and vanished into underground.


Li Yao felt that he was onto something. He rushed to the place where the rainbow laser disappeared.

As he expected, there was an unobtrusive crevice on the back of a rock covered by green moss.


Li Yao gritted his teeth and went into the crevice.

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