Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 255

Chapter 255: The Soul Stealer and the Lion Dragon Demon

The inside of the crevice was like a world of its own. It was a huge underground karst cave, full of winding passages and endless darkness; God only knows where they led to.

The cave was terribly cold, the water that was supposed to be dripping down the stalactites over his head was even frozen. In the surroundings, there were grayish vines that were squirming strangely, as if a den of snakes was dancing.

As soon as Li Yao drilled his way into the cave, he activated the stealth mode, thereby restricting his spiritual energy as much as possible. At the same time, he also covered himself up with a camouflage net and clung close to the cave walls, letting the vines wrapped around him.


After a moment, from the entrance of the cave came the thunderous sounds of beasts ramming into the cave, closely followed by an obnoxious smell that was capable of driving someone crazy. Whereupon, over a hundred demon beasts, squeezed their way into the cave!

In the darkness, the hundred or so demon beasts' eyes were particularly bright and scary.

The demon beasts seemed to understand that Li Yao was at the end of the rope and couldn't escape. Therefore, they were in no hurry to catch their prey. They sharpened their claws and fangs as they searched the cave inch by inch. Their eyes were filled with a bit of ragging and playful intent.

Nevertheless, Li Yao remained completely still, his heart burning with anxiety. Just when the claws of an Inferno Wolf was about to come in contact with him, a disastrous bout of killing intent that could tear everything apart finally surged out from the depths of the cave before a raging rainbow gradually appeared in his peripheral vision.

The Mutant Lion Dragon took the stage once again!

Li Yao heaved a sigh of relief, but in the next moment, his heart once again started palpitating.

Under the siege of over a hundred demon beasts, he was doomed for sure. And now the reason he escaped to the underground was that he wanted to lure the third power, the Mutant Lion Dragon to disrupt the current scenario and strive for a slim chance of survival.

However, would the Mutant Lion Dragon really do as he wished and have a conflict with these demon beasts?

Perhaps, the Mutant Lion Dragon's strength with his tyrannical would instantly kill these demon beasts, which numbered over a hundred, and then crush him to death like a little worm.

'The wild demon beasts are extremely territorial, they will annihilate every intruder unless there is not too big of a gap between both sides' strength!

'And this Mutant Lion Dragon was seriously injured during the battle earlier. Its strength has decreased a lot. Otherwise, it would not have fled underground in a flurry!

'As long as the difference between the strength of both sides hasn't reached the point so that the situation can be turned around, the Mutant Lion Dragon may clash with the wild demon beasts!'

At this point, Li Yao was filled with anticipation.

Taking a cursory glance at the Mutant Lion Dragon, Li Yao discovered that the Mutant Lion Dragon was somewhat smaller than the time when he saw the Mutant Lion Dragon for the first time, its body was covered in bruises, wings riddled with thousands of holes, its bright and shiny tail was also a bit dimmer. It had no trace of a Demon King's majesty.

Furthermore, there was also an extremely weird and devilish Kris 1 nailed right at the center of its forehead. The Kris kept on squirming as if it was a living thing, as if it was a small snake that wanted to drill into the brain of the Mutant Lion Dragon.

The strength of the Mutant Lion Dragon seemed to have been sealed by this Kris. Every time the Kris twisted, the Mutant Lion Dragon would feel a sharp heart-wrenching pain so that the Mutant Lion Dragon could not help but twitch continuously.

"Soul Stealer?"

Li You clucked his tongue secretly. The shape of this Kris, as well as the peculiar aura emanating from it, was somewhat similar to an evil weapon mentioned in the Hundred Smelting Clan records called 'Soul Stealer'. Once it drilled into the Mutant Lion Dragon, it could quite possibly steal its soul, and thence, the Mutant Lion Dragon could only obediently follow the command of the Soul Stealer's master.

"There is also an expert refiner in the demon clan!"

Under the attack of the Soul Stealer, the Mutant Lion Dragon was a lot weaker than Li Yao had imagined.

The Mutant Lion Dragon and the group of over a hundred wild demon beasts discovered each other at the same time.

At first, the wild demon beasts were shocked; their instinct was to turn around and flee immediately.

However, the extremely weak, unimposing manner of the Mutant Lion Dragon once again made them greatly confused. Soon after, they immediately discovered the peculiarity after looking carefully.

The wild demon beasts glanced at each other, their eyes flickering with fierce gleams, as they silently communicated with each other and came to a tacit understanding.

The Mutant Lion Dragon's flesh had stronger demonic energy stored inside, then there was also the dragon blood, dragon marrow, demon core, all of which were incredibly rare heaven and earth treasures; far more precious and rare than the flesh of a Refinement Stage cultivator like Li Yao.

They weren't hunting for Li Yao so that they could elevate their strength by devouring Li Yao. No, their strength would improve by bare minimum only, it was just to vent their anger, that's all.

If they could drink the demon blood from the heart of Mutant Lion Dragon, or swallow the demon core, it would be greatly beneficial to them; just maybe, they could evolve as well.

In a flash, these wild demon beasts were halted between two choices, whether they should immediately retreat or put their lives on the line to launch an attack, try their luck.


While they were still making a decision, a colorful beam of light rushed into the horde of demon beasts before a claw exploded the brain of an Iron-Armored Mountain Pig, gauged its heart out and started chewing.

The Mutant Lion Dragon had taken the initiative to attack!

One could even say that these wild demon beasts had run out of luck. The Mutant Lion Dragon had been hunted by an infiltration squad of demon clan lead by Young Master Wang Ji for days and nights continuously. And as such, had amassed a lot of anger in its belly. At this time, the Mutant Lion Dragon was tyrannical to the extreme.

Furthermore, it had suffered grievous injuries, its strength had regressed, not to mention, the Soul Stealer had drilled into its forehead as well, sealing half of its power and corroding its soul; it was hurting so much that it hardly wished to live anymore.

Then, the wild demon beasts had simply delivered themselves into its jaws for it to have a delicious meal. As long as it could devour them one after another, some of its strength could be restored, allowing it to continue escaping or even launch a counterattack.

After all, the experts of the demon clan infiltration squad had also been injured by it. Their condition was no better than its own.




The wild demon beasts had gone mad completely!

All of them could see that the Mutant Lion Dragon wasn't planning on letting them off. Although the Mutant Lion Dragon was displaying its might, it was only strong from outside, that's all!

If they retreated, it would pick them off one by one!

However, they just might be able to acquire the demon blood and demon core if they fought!

Just as this thought flashed in wild demon beasts' mind who were born just for fighting, their beast blood started to seethe just as if a raging fire had been lit in their bodies as they rushed forward!


A centipede that was thicker than a python was torn to pieces under the Mutant Lion Dragon's claw before the centipede was ruthlessly thrown to the cave wall.

Nonetheless, just before it succumbed to death, the centipede sprayed a mass of yellow-brown mist that covered the eyes of the Mutant Lion Dragon.


A giant bear that was as majestic as a small hill and had its white fur at its chest form a ghost face diagram was ruthlessly hit by the Mutant Lion Dragon, breaking its bones into pieces.

But the giant bear's paw also heavily landed upon the ears of Mutant Lion Dragon, bursting forth with a thunderous bang, so loud that Li Yao who was hiding not too far away trembled with fear, and a buzzing noise rang in his ear.

Li Yao had completely covered himself with a camouflage net; as the saying goes, something is better than nothing. However, whether it was Mutant Lion Beast or the wild demon beasts, if they wholeheartedly searched for him, he would be discovered for sure.

However, both sides were engrossed in a bloody battle. All they could think of consuming the flesh and blood of opposite side, where did they have the time to take care of a Refinement Stage cultivator shrimp like Li Yao?

Li Yao, with light steps and softest movements of his hands, pushed the vines apart and made his way towards the cave entrance, sticking close to the walls.

As Li Yao raised his head to look, he secretly groaned.

Originally, a few wild demon beasts were worried that he would escape, therefore, they had blocked the cave entrance tightly.

Li Yao was helpless; all he could do was obediently curl up in a corner of the cave.

While he was pulling back, the battle had taken a strange turn.

The Mutant Lion Dragon and the wild demon beasts were surprisingly well-matched; both sides had sustained great loses!

In the blink of an eye, half of the wild demon beasts had actually been massacred by the Mutant Lion Dragon.

However, the demonic energy circling around the Mutant Lion Dragon also appeared to be dwindling, as if it was being squashed by a mighty storm.

The Mutant Lion Dragon was covered in bruises, bleeding from numerous wounds. A lot of wounds were also being corroded by poison which continued to seep into its body.

The remaining wild demon beasts became even crazier; they lunged towards the Mutant Lion Dragon without an ounce of fear of death, only trying to tear off a chunk of Mutant Lion Dragon's flesh.

'The strength of Mutant Lion Dragon has already fallen to lower than a middle-rank Demon General, and continues to fall at that!

'I've still got a chance!' shouted Li Yao in his heart as he carefully observed the weak points of Mutant Lion Dragon, while quietly recalling the saber technique cast by the Golden Core powerhouse, Long Wenhui in his brain.

He only had one chance, and he only had one card left as well. He must grasp the opportunity!


The Mutant Lion Dragon had also caught up with the last remaining Inferno Fenrir and was just about to tear it to death.

The Mutant Lion Dragon's strength had also fallen to unprecedented weakness, leaving it only at the level of a low-rank Demon General.

Whereas more than half of the Kris had penetrated its forehead as well, leaving only a bit of the handle outside. At first glance, it looked like a fiendish red dot.

The Mutant Lion Dragon's strength, stamina, perception, demonic power, all fell to rock bottom.

Li Yao took a deep breath as his brain cell activity jumped to 180%!




Super perceptive state, activated!

In the blink of an eye, the Bloody Blade Battlesuit was adorned with a crimson cloak, emitting a dazzling bloody brilliance.

Immediately after, Li Yao jumped out from the camouflage net and charged at the extreme limit of his speed. Every part of the crystal suit was making crackling sounds as if the suit was under a tremendous strain and could explode at any minute.


Six bloody beams of light shot out of the crystal railgun, flying straight towards the vital points of the Mutant Lion Dragon. At the same time, the saber cut through the air!

Immediately after, a white fog silently bloomed in the cave. After a brief moment, the sound of saber cutting through the air rang out!

This strike had surprisingly transcended the speed of sound!

Even though the Mutant Lion Dragon's strength had fallen to the level of a low-rank Demon General, the crystal railgun was unable to make the Mutant Lion Dragon pay heed to it. However, plunging towards the left side instinctively, the Mutant Lion Dragon landed right where Li Yao wanted; evidently, Li Yao had long calculated the position and angle accurately!

The saber strike which had been tearing through the air, thrust straight towards the heart of the Mutant Lion Dragon!

The entire scene felt as if the Mutant Lion Dragon was ruthlessly charging straight towards Li Yao's piercing saber which had broken through the sound barrier!


The saber pierced right into Mutant Lion Dragon, tearing its heart directly!

The Mutant Lion Dragon's eyes went wide. Just as it wanted to launch an attack, the Soul Stealer on its forehead drilled into its brain completely with a "whoosh".

In the blink of an eye, the Mutant Lion Dragon was struck with a chill; standing completely still, transfixed.

Its soul was in a fierce struggle with the Soul Stealer for the control of its body.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Yao pulled the saber out and back off.

After a moment, the Mutant Lion Dragon burst into howling in anger as it waved its claws madly, setting off winds that swept Li Yao before Li Yao was ruthlessly smashed into the cave wall.

Unfortunately, it was seriously injured; its strength had fallen, the wind was already like an arrow at the end of its flight.

Even then, this strike made Li Yao vomit blood and cracked his sternum, but it wasn't fatal.

The Mutant Lion Dragon was like a drunk dancing, it wobbled in the cave for a few steps before finally falling to the ground.

The rainbow-like gloss in its eyes dimmed gradually before they turn completely gray.

"I killed a King-level demon?"

Li Yao felt dream-like euphoria.

First, the Mutant Lion Dragon had been seriously injured by the demon clan infiltration squad and its strength had regressed to the level of a Demon General.

Then it fought a bloody battle with over a hundred wild demon beasts, as a result of which, its body was laden with wounds, losing a lot of blood quickly, and its strength fell once again.

Furthermore, half of its demonic power was being used to deal with the Soul Stealer nailed to its forehead. Even before its death, it was struggling with the Soul Stealer to gain control of its body, and as such, was unable to complete its final attack.

Only due to various coincidences could Li Yao get off so easily even before meeting Young Master Wang Ji.

"I wonder when Young Master Wang Ji discovers that the King-level great demon he so anxiously wanted to tame had been killed by an insignificant Refinement Stage cultivator and all of this happened because of his own plans, won't he go crazy?"

Li Yao pursed his lips as a smile crept across his lips.

Li Yao wasn't some broad-minded Buddhist practitioner. Since that Young Master Wang Ji wanted his little life, he would not act all polite for sure; either Li Yao would die or Wang Ji would die, there was no other way!

"Killing the Mutant Lion Dragon was the first step, now I have to escape from the hands of Young Master Wang Ji's infiltration squad!"

  1. A double-edged dagger with a wavy blade, like two serpents coiled around each other. You can look more about it at -

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