Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 317

Chapter 317: Match in Lightning

In the moment of mess, only five crystal suits were not interfered with by the winged mines and flying swords. They caught up from various directions.

Sha Yucheng, Exo of the Sword Torrent Battlesuit, grinned hideously. With a telepathic thought, dozens of flying swords dashed out and hovered around him at an amazing speed with deep blue electric arcs dancing here and there, which looked like a mincing machine.

The first two crystal suits were not prepared for this. They stopped abruptly, only to be caught by the sword net and nearly cut into pieces.

The following three crystal suits bothered little about it. They rushed into the sword net as if it were nothing.


Several grey spiritual waves were released from the Mournful Mist Battlesuit, wreathing it like a grey mist without any gap.

It was weird that when the flying swords hit the grey mist, they started shaking violently as if they were drunk and missed their target. Not a single flying sword was able to hit the Mournful Mist Battlesuit.

The spiritual shield of the Tiger King Battlesuit was suddenly brighter than ever. It didn't do anything while the flying swords hit the spiritual shield with glaring sparkles, but its speed was not the least affected.

It had resisted the mincing of the sword net with nothing but its spiritual shield.


Driven by Li Yao, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit which seemed to be heavy and clumsy was like a tyrannosaur dancing gracefully on the tip of a sword. It shunned dozens of flying swords by twisting its body into inconceivable angles.

The few flying swords that it failed to dodge passed by the armor without dealing any damage because of fast small-scale body movements.

The three crystal suits cut into the middle of the sword net in different ways.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

The Mournful Mist Battlesuit launched mysterious and unpredictable soul attacks.

The Devil Destroyer Cannon on the chest of the Tiger King Battlesuit roared.

Two crystal cannons flipped up on the shoulder of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, too, unleashing furious spiritual energy.

Sha Yucheng, Exo of the Sword Torrent Battlesuit, was caught by the soul attack from the Mournful Mist Battlesuit and was dazed for 0.1 seconds.

Then, he felt scorching, almost unbearable heat in his back.

There was not enough time for him to jump away. He had to bring the spiritual shield of his suit to maximum, hoping to block the attacks.


The collective attack knocked Sha Yucheng over. The Sword Torrent Battlesuit leaned forward and fell on its face.

The Flying Crystal immediately took off and bounced forward like a lightning.

Li Yao was going to catch up with it, when an earsplitting shriek boomed in his ears, as if a Hellfire-Lightning had exploded right beside his ears.

He immediately felt a strong headache, with all kinds of hallucinations appearing before his eyes.

"Soul attack!"

Li Yao shouted in his mind. The Mournful Mist Battlesuit must've launched soul attack on Zuo Feijing and him when they were too busy attacking the Sword Torrent Battlesuit to notice anything else.

However, since his soul had been cleansed by Ou Yezi for multiple times, his soul was far more solid than any other Refinement Stage Cultivator's.

Shaking his head and taking a deep breath, he was back to himself again.

The Mournful Mist Battlesuit was hundreds of meters ahead of him, with the Flying Crystal in its hand.

With a cold smile, Li Yao stomped on the race track, ran off, and sped up crazily. Within a moment, the distance between them was shortened to twenty meters.

It was his favorite distance to launch an attack!

Almost at the same time, a gold laser caught up and dashed forward in parallel with him, even though it had set off much later.

It was the Tiger King Battlesuit!

Right then, the Mournful Mist was in the lead with the Flying Crystal under its control.

Mystic Skeleton and Tiger King were following closely.

The Sword Torrent Battlesuit had recovered from the previous strike. Retrieving all the flying swords it had sent out, it turned into an invulnerable iron hedgehog again.

The four crystal suits were at the vanguard.

All the other crystal suits were chasing them furiously from far behind.

Li Yao and Zuo Feijing looked at each other and were about to attack the Mournful Mist Battlesuit in front of them simultaneously, when it suddenly twisted weirdly in a dense smoke and

And split into seven!

Seven identical Mournful Mist Battlesuits, each of them holding a Flying Crystal, rushed forward in the same posture.

"Impressive hallucination skills!"

Hallucinations skills were not complicated. They were just vivid shadows formed by optical camouflage and 3D projections.

But the hallucination skills performed by the Mournful Mist Battlesuit were not simply shadows.

In Li Yao's probe magical equipment, seven light spots were blinking clearly.

"Even spiritual waves can be simulated? The jamming magical equipment inside the Mournful Mist Battlesuit is indeed marvelous!


Three bolts of lightning interrupted his thought. He squatted and accelerated into a vague smoke, dashing through the gaps between the lightning.

The four crystal suits had entered the second trap of the racetrack, the lightning zone!

The air in this zone would unleash high-intensity lightning unpredictably. If a crystal suit was to be accidentally hit by the lightning, it would risk being wrecked and eliminated out of the match immediately.

In order to avoid the lightning, Mystic Skeleton, Tiger King, and Mournful Mist all performed wonderful small-scale movements.

Of the seven Mournful Mist Battlesuits, only the real one was doing the movements, while the other six were simply mimicking it, which made them odd and easy to distinguish.

"Second from the left!"

Li Yao certainly wouldn't let go of such an opportunity. He located his target without any trouble and accelerated again. More than ten lightning bolts were dancing around him, yet all of them missed him as if he were insulated.

Zuo Feijing had identified the target at the same time.

The Tiger King Battlesuit lunged at its prey like a hungry tiger. The full-speed charge of itself was as intimidating as the march of an entire legion.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them were already behind the Mournful Mist Battlesuit.

Their craziness seemed to be enough to tear Mournful Mist apart without them doing anything.

Feng Kai, driver of the Mournful Mist Battlesuit, was an experienced Exo. Now that he was aware that his opponents had seen through the disguises, he made up his mind and threw the Flying Crystal to the front with his full strength.

Li Yao and Zuo Feijing launched their attack simultaneously, not at Feng Kai, but at each other!

They were only five meters away from each other. Flying swords and crystal cannons were of little significance at such a short distance.

Li Yao suddenly kicked at Zuo Feijing's abdomen.

With the enhancement of the power rune arrays on the leg, the kick had almost reached the sonic speed.

A coldly shining spike stuck out from the tip of his foot.

It seemed that if the kick was to arrive at its destination, not only would the crystal suit that Zuo Feijing was wearing be broken through, Zuo Feijing's stomach would be ripped open, too.

Right then, two claws that were vibrating violently protruded on the back of Zuo Feijing's hand.

Zuo Feijing waved his arms and snatched at Li Yao's ankle.

Li Yao's kick seemed to be going to a dead end. Before it was to pierce through Zuo Feijing's abdomen, Zuo Feijing's tiger claws would mince his foot into pieces.

Li Yao scoffed. The crystal reactor on his back was burning furiously. Every power run array was brought to maximum. His leg folded miraculously like a switchblade and avoided the attack of the tiger claws. Then, at the same speed, he kept his legs bent and kneed Zuo Feijing's chest brutally.

Zuo Feijing roared and took the blow. In the meantime, the two tiger claws struck at Li Yao's ribs unstoppably.


The two crystal suits clashed.

Cracking noises were ringing in the waist of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, whose components were flying everywhere.

"Li Yao, how arrogant of you!

"Tiger King Battlesuit of Deep Sea University has been co-developed with Gold Armor Clan. Much of its design is based on the Mystic Turtle Battlesuit. Its defense ability is far beyond your expectation!

"You think you're tough? Idiot!"

After being hit by Li Yao, a shallow hollow had appeared the armor on Zuo Feijing's chest. But it did not affect the normal functions of the crystal suit. The fact that he was laughing right now seemed to be evident enough that his crystal suit suffered much less damage than his opponent's had.

With the counterforce of the collision, Zuo Feijing accelerated again and caught the Flying Crystal in less than five seconds.

Right then, he heard the sound of wind.

More exactly, the sound of tornadoes.

Desperate alarms were ringing inside the Tiger King Battlesuit. All the information in front of Zuo Feijing was bloody red.

The audience all exclaimed in bewilderment because they had seen something that was impossible to happen.

Hit by the tiger claws, the most distinguished melee magical equipment of the Tiger King Battlesuit, right in the critical part, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit regained balance only one second later and caught up with Tiger King, as if nothing had happened.

The destruction of so many magical equipment components seemed to have had no effect on the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit at all.

At this moment, several expert Cultivators realized what Li Yao was trying to do.

The reason why he attacked Zuo Feijing aggressively just now was to reduce Zuo Feijing's attention and to enlarge the distance between them, so that he could perform what he was best at

The saber art!

In lightning and thunder, Li Yao was only ten meters away from his opponent.

With the enhancement of the power of lightning in the air, Li Yao spun, unsheathed his saber, and slashed forward!

The heavy battle saber, which he'd spent half a month refining and could bring the speed to maximum by the air paths on its surface that were as delicate as flowers, turned into a shocking flash and tore the sky apart.

The Thunderous Tornado Saber Art!

The saber art that absorbed the mysteries of the martial arts of Long Wenhui, a Core Formation Cultivator, that had been created and improved in savaging dust storms, and that had slain tornadoes once before, first revealed itself ferociously in front of the world!

"So fast!"

"So intimidating!"

"So brutal!"

Those who witnessed the slash all shuddered in horror.

Although they were in two different worlds, they felt their hearts nearly stop beating, as if the slash could break through the boundary of worlds out of the light beams and land at their own necks.

Zuo Feijing didn't expect Li Yao's defense ability to be so good as to be able to take his attack and still launch such an unstoppable slash as if the damage on his crystal suit was nothing.

Li Yao had calculated his speed, strength, and angle too well. He chose the timing when Zuo Feijing just caught the Flying Crystal.

Zuo Feijing's attention was all focused on the Flying Crystal. He had nowhere to run and could only bring the spiritual shield of the crystal suit to the maximum for defense.

In the meantime, he thought of dozens of counterattack plans.

As long as he could take the slash, there were hundreds of ways he could turn around and cut Li Yao into pieces!


Li Yao's saber slashed into the spiritual shield of the Tiger King Battlesuit.

The seemingly solid spiritual shield was shattered into pieces like an eggshell, which had been broken through by the heavy saber without any trouble.

Astounded, Zuo Feijing gritted his teeth and, having no time to consider his demeanor anymore, leaned forwards until his body reached the ground. Then he dashed forward like a giant lizard.

The saber missed the target.

But the saber aura that had been condensed by the dancing lightning nearby followed him and hit his back like a haunting ghost.