Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 326

Chapter 326: Merciless Counterattack

Although it was only one tenth of what supposed to a full-strength strike of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, the attack of the Heaven Splitters still caused the entire mountain to tremble.

A bright glow rose up to the sky like a volcano eruption. Thousands of sparks danced out of the giant tree of flames and dyed the foggy clouds into rosy dawn.

A cage between the sky and the earth with nowhere to run to.

Having no other choice, the two crystal suits had to do whatever they could. They dashed here and there and prepared for their last moves desperately.

The Sword Torrent Battlesuit seemed to be really drowned in a cascade of swords. Countless flying swords were drifting around the crystal suit, weaving a sword net that would mince everything it caught into pieces.

The Mournful Mist Battlesuit, on the other hand, turned into ten phantoms, which melted into the air simultaneously and turned into ten vague waves transmitting to various directions.

Ning Feng was not uneasy at all.

Like the most skilled fisherman, he did not hurry to draw back the fishing line the moment a fierce fish bit the bait. Instead, he played with the fish slowly and patiently, waiting for his prey to be exhausted at some time.

All the Vicious Bee Armed Shuttles flew close to the two crystal suits and formed a dragnet that was neither too tight nor too loose.

Their main purpose was not to destroy the two crystal suits, but to hinder them together with the beast puppets.

They would lock onto the two crystal suits and limit their space of activity with their attacks. Then, the Taiyi Lightning Railguns and Earthshaking Ordnance Penetrators would finish the two of them once and for all.

Under the calculation supported by Ning Feng's intimidating computational ability, every firing point on the crystal warship, every Vicious Bee Armed Shuttle, and every beast puppet together constituted a delicate killing machine which crushed towards the two crystal suits slowly yet firmly.

"Bad luck. Two crystal suits chose the same mountain to hide in and were snatched up by a single blow from the enemy at the same time."

Inside the commanding center, Cultivators from Star Nebula University looked horrible.

Since stealth and disguise were the Mournful Mist Battlesuit's specialties, they had had high hopes for its performance and thought that it would at least be able to survive ten hours.

But as it turned out, their crystal suit had been discovered after such a short amount of time.

Although the two crystal suits were fighting desperately and the Mournful Mist Battlesuit was not entirely exposed yet, the crystal warship had besieged the entire area, with the beast puppets and dozens of Vicious Bee Armed Shuttles obstructing every inch of space inside. Even a breeze wouldn't be able to get through.

However skilled the Exos were, it was hardly possible to break out of such an invulnerable blockade.

"Shangguan, these MP crystal suits were indeed well-crafted. They've survived three minutes under the bombardment of the crystal warship without being captured. Honestly, it is already beyond my expectations."

Ren Xingbei grinned.

It had been less than three hours, and two crystal suits were already a sure catch. His cheeks finally reddened a little bit.

The other officers of the Fifth Fleet were beaming with joy. Without the restriction of military rules, they would've burst out into laughter a long time ago.

Shangguan Ce's face was as solemn as usual. He remained still as if a statue.

Suddenly, a cold brightness shined in his eyes, as he sensed something and turned his head to the few pictures on the left bottom corner of the light beam.

The pictures there had been captured by the ten Vicious Bee Armed Shuttles that had been searching in the southeast area.

Abrupt changes were happening in the pictures!

In the depth of the forest, a gigantic fireball rose up slowly with earsplitting noises.

All the pictures shivered with the explosion. Twisted streaks appeared on them.

"Jamming magical equipment!"

Everyone in the commanding center exclaimed. They immediately shifted their attention to this previously unremarkable area.

At first, they did not understand why Ning Feng had deployed ten Vicious Bee Armed Shuttles to search the place.

Now, they realized that Ning Feng's instincts were truly astonishing!

Jamming magical equipment mostly released special metal powder after it exploded, which would corrupt the control chip of other magical equipment and impair it briefly.

All the pictures were full of streaks and flakes.

Actions of the Vicious Bee Armed Shuttle and the beast puppets were immediately dragged down.


One of the pictures captured the scene of a black, hideous crystal suit rising up from a muddy pond.

The magical equipment that the crystal suit was holding in hand startled everyone.

"What is that?"

Taking a deep breath, Li Yao locked onto a Vicious Bee Armed Shuttle that was charging at him with his burning soul.

Its speed, angle and trace had all been taken into consideration, before he calculated the best direction of shooting.

Two crystal cannons had flipped up on his shoulder, ready to fire at any moment.

The steel animal in his arms were roaring in a low voice out of bloodthirst.

Triple-headed Heavy Six-Barrel Vulcan Machine Gun!

It was Li Yao's self-made magical equipment for remote attacks!

Six-Barrel Vulcan Machine Gun was a common long-range attack magical equipment for crystal suits, armed shuttles, and crystal tanks.

Heavy Six-Barrel Vulcan Machine Gun was a deadly weapon refined based on the common Six-Barrel Vulcan Machine Guns, but with a wider caliber, a longer barrel and a more advanced and fully upgraded attack rune array.

Generally speaking, only heavy crystal suits, siege artilleries, or crystal warships would have the Heavy Six-Barrel Vulcan Machine Gun installed.

But Li Yao felt that it was not good enough. He refined three Heavy Six-Barrel Vulcan Machine Guns into one, and then nurtured it repetitively for several months by Blood Baptism. In the end, he finally crafted this Triple-headed Heavy Six-Barrel Vulcan Machine Gun which was directly linked with his blood and soul.

Remote shooting had always been Li Yao's weakness.

Now, with the furious firepower of the super Vulcan Machine Gun, he could make up for his deficiency as much as possible.


After months of Blood Baptism, the super Vulcan Machine Gun was almost part of his body now.

With a telepathic thought, three lines of bullets darted out from the machine gun and formed a net of destruction together with the ferocious spiritual energy fired from the crystal cannons.

The Vicious Bee Armed Shuttle never expected that Li Yao would dare to attack aggressively.

Besides, the flight system of the shuttle had been under inference, which limited its dodging ability.

Li Yao had been waiting for the perfect moment to shoot for too long to let it run away so easily.

"Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!"

Bullets and spiritual energy rained upon the spiritual shield of the Vicious Bee Armed Shuttle.

Under the savage attack of the super Vulcan Machine Gun, the spiritual shield of the shuttle broke up half a second later like an eggshell being hit by a giant hammer.

The humming sound from the Vicious Bee Armed Shuttle was louder than ever. It turned around and tried to run away, only to be bitten by the haunting fiery snake behind.

Several anti-gravity rune arrays and power rune arrays were blown to pieces immediately. The shuttle fell into the forest with a long exhaust flame.

Many trees inside the forest crumpled. Black smoke billowed everywhere.

This was the first Vicious Bee Armed Shuttle to be shot down since the beginning of the battle.

As a result, Li Yao was completely exposed and had been locked onto by the enemies.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

The remaining nine Vicious Bee Armed Shuttles sent out flying swords which turned into dozens of colorful lasers in the pouring storm and charged at him with deafening noises.

Li Yao bit his lips hard. The brilliance inside his eyes was even brighter than the lightning in the sky.

The super Vulcan Machine Gun roared nonstop. Almost twenty flying swords were blown to pieces before they were able to reach their target. The rest of the flying swords were interfered with by the bullets from the gun and missed their target, booming violently around him and splashing pebbles and mud to dozens of meters high.

Li Yao didn't even bother to look back. He continued on firing like a crazy devil.

Nine Vicious Bee Armed Shuttles dispersed smartly and drove the beast puppets to surround Li Yao from the flanks.

Two Mystic Wolves appeared above the waterfall over Li Yao's head.

Three Electric Whip Teethed Vipers sneaked close under the soil quietly like earthworms.

Two Shrieking Bats were fluttering frantically in the sky, unleashing harsh acoustic waves that were meant to distract Li Yao's attention from his target.


As the Mystic Wolves and the Electric Whip Teethed Snake lunged at Li Yao at the same time, they were all caught by weird electric arcs that appeared in the air out of nowhere and shocked into dizziness.

Li Yao had set up a circle of Silk Landmines.

Such magical equipment was a metal thread that was even thinner than hair, which was barely distinguishable when floating in the air under the cover of dark night and raging storm.

But with a telepathic thought, it could unleash high-voltage electric current momentarily. Even if it could not wreck the beast puppets instantly, they would still be paralyzed for a very short time.

That was enough.

Triple-headed Heavy Six-Barrel Vulcan Machine Gun firing at fixed targets at a close distance was a complete one-sided slaughter.

One second later, all of the beast puppets were blown into metal scraps that were smaller than fingernails.

Li Yao put the Vulcan Machine Gun on his back hurriedly, jumped out and ran away.

"Hum! Hum!"

The other nine Vicious Bee Armed Shuttles were too awed by his brutal behavior just now to come close. They hovered above his head and released more flying swords.

Dozens of beast puppets flooded in from all directions.

Controlling the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, Li Yao performed small-scale dodging movements.

After a series of dazzling actions, all the flying swords passed by him without hitting their target. The naturalness made it impossible to tell that it was the cheapest MP crystal suit in the federation.

In complete silence, everyone in the command center held their breath and watched Li Yao's show.

Ren Xingbei's relieved face was tightened once again.

A Mystic Wolf flashed out from the bushes and charged at Li Yao while the crystal cannons on its body were firing nonstop.

Li Yao kept the same speed without dodging. His spiritual shield took all the cannon fire, while his battle saber was unsheathed and cut the Mystic Wolf in half from head to tail.

"Hiss! Hiss!"

Two Electric Whip Teethed Vipers dashed out from darkness and tied his ankles insidiously.

Although they were stomped into pieces the moment they were discovered, the high-voltage electric current that they unleashed before their death still decimated the power rune arrays on the legs of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

Li Yao's speed plummeted immediately.

The encirclement made up by Vicious Bee Armed Shuttles and beast puppets drew closer and closer.

Li Yao's body suddenly blinked, before it vanished into thin air.

Three Mystic Wolves rushed to the place where he disappeared, only to discover a hole behind a rock where dense moss had grown.

Dozens of beast puppets immediately crammed into the cave and followed the traces of Li Yao closely.

The nine Vicious Bee Armed Shuttles hovered in the high above, monitoring the changes in the thousands of square meters nearby.

In the meantime, the information of the previous combat had been sent to Tide Berserker.

"The third rabbit's teeth are rather sharp!"

Ning Feng smiled and triggered his telepathic thought.

Two Taiyi Lightning Railguns turned their directions and aimed at southeast.

Four fully-charged Earthshaking Ordnance Penetrators were about to be launched, too!