Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 33

Chapter 33: A Night of Unbearable Pain

Li Yao was still struggling against the steel barbell inside the squat rack. He bursted forth with all his energy to do the final set.

He didnt know that from the start, behind him in the dim corner of the room, an old bastard called the Degenerate of Cultivators and a fiendish bastard expert known as Fiend Blade were whispering to each other. They were discussing details on strength training for Li Yao with things escalating the more they discussed.


I did it! 10 sets of squats! Li Yao roared like a wild beast. His two eyes turned white as he fell straight back to create a bang!. The sweat around his body formed a large human figure on the ground!

With a fuzzy mind, he felt Sun Biao head towards him and feed him a medicinal pill the size of a small babys fist. When the pill entered his mouth, he didnt have the chance to chew before it transformed into an incomparable spicy, hot liquid that flowed down his throat into his belly.

Irritation. The irritation was too much. It was more irritating than eating an entire bowl of mustard. The spice caused Li Yaos eyes to overflow with tears that splattered everywhere. Suddenly, he leapt from the ground, jumping a meter high, Water! Water! Get me water fast!

Kid, how do you feel at the moment? Sun Biao asked with a beaming smile.

Huh? Li Yao blinked his eyes. He felt his body from head to toe and discovered something weird. The exhaustion and spent feeling in his body had actually been swept out, although his mouth was still filled with the incomparable, irritable spiciness. Every single part of his body contained an abundance of strength. His physical ability was restored back to his maximum state!

Today was just the opening appetizer. The true training begins tomorrow. Is there a problem~? Student Li Yao? Sun Biao snapped his fingers lightly, causing the training clothes on Li Yaos body to automatically be shed like the molting of a snake.

Li Yao was like a startled bunny, running to the entrance of the warehouse with only three steps. Only then did he look back and answer through gritted teeth, Of course, its not a problem. Ill still come back here tomorrow morning. You just wait!

Sure~! Sun Biao laughed nastily. He then spoke to himself in a low voice, The only thing is I fear that you wont even be able to get out of your bed tomorrow morning, you little monster!


8 PM. Li Yao arrived at the Militant Wolf Slayers Gym right on the dot. He was overflowing with confidence towards tonights three minute spar.

What a joke! He was able to grit through the pain and endure through that sinister, deceitful, despicable, shameless, cruel, and brutal Give Up. It cant be that he wouldnt to be able to endure through 3 minutes of the smiling clowns assault, right?

Only Looking at the strange smiling expressions that covered the smiling clown and bald gym owners faces caused him to feel a bit of nervousness in his heart.

These two good friends, with their smiling faces, were like two hungry wolves with rumbling stomachs. They looked at Li Yao as if he were a clean washed rabbit slathered with sauce. This look, in the eyes of Li Yao, caused Li Yao to feel that there was a gargantuan conspiracy being covered by their smiling expressions.

Is your belly hungry? Do you want to first eat a grand buffet? Look and see! Theres so many high-calorie military MREs. Go ahead and eat to your hearts content! laughed the bald gym owner.

After you finish eating, you can also use the strengthening drug bath! And you can also get a massage from a master masseur! This way, your stamina will be restored to your peak state! said the smiling clown.

You guys What are you plotting? Li Yao had cold sweat trickle down his forehead, feeling his danger senses tingling.

The smiling clown and the bald gym owner glanced at each other. They laughed involuntarily, saying, Its nothing! Theres absolutely nothing going on! How could we ever be plotting something? All we wanted was just to make sure youre brought to your best condition so that you can spar for a good five minutes!

Five minutes? The contract obviously says three minutes! Li Yao suddenly jumped up.

The smiling clown raised two fingers as he said, Twenty grand. All you need to do is endure through 5 minutes and I will give you twenty grand!


The night... felt absolutely endless.

The Ghost Market was a dozen or so kilometers from the surface. The Upper Eastern District extended to include the villas on the artificial lakes. In the basement of one of the luxurious villas was

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A lash ripped through the air and deeply embedded itself into someones back. The sound of a whip striking was enough to cause ones hair to stand on end.

A giant with exploding muscles and dark hair all over his body gripped a whip that contained special pain-causing drugs. One whip after another lashed out ruthlessly, seemingly seeking to flay the still-living Helian Lie dead.

The wooden bar within Helian Lies mouth had already been bitten into a pulp. Surprisingly, Helian Lie had yet to scream even half a squeak. His gaze remained fixed ahead.

In front of Helian Lie was an enormous hologram. It played, over and over, the entire fight between Li Yao and Zhao Liang that had happened during the day at the 9th gym.

Helian Lies expression was that of a wolf and tiger. He wished with all his hate to be able to jump into the screen and eat Li Yao whole.

Do you know why youre receiving this family punishment? the towering iron giant spoke coldly behind Helian Lie. His voice was both sharp and piercing, a complete contradiction from his thick and buff body. It was a stark contrast.

According to father, its my fault. I shouldnt have stirred up trouble in public, causing our Helian family to lose face! Helian Lie snorted indifferently.


Helian Bas rage flared! A kick flew out that actually caused the torture rack to forcefully split, sending Helian Lie flying into the wall!

This powerful and heavy kick contained absolutely no mercy. Helian Lies skull collided directly into the wall, forming a crater in the granite adorned wall. Helian Lie fell to the ground. Blood spurted wildly from his mouth, even bringing three white thick teeth out of his mouth.

Helian Ba didnt even glance at Helian Lie while he walked over with large strides. His leather boots crushed, with strength, onto his sons face. He said each word with a stomp, Although its true that your father doesnt like you causing trouble in public, its because even though you stirred up trouble, you still lost that badly in that manner! I dislike that even more! A lion facing a rabbit still must use all his strength. Even if you were facing a piece of trash from the Common Class, you, a genius of the Important Class, should not have lowered your guard in that fashion. Keep in mind that any person who becomes your enemy is qualified for you to use all your strength. Do you understand yet?

Under... understand. I wont underestimate any opponents. I will absolutely get my revenge! Helian Lies skull echoed with creaks under his fathers military boots. Helian Lie howled with all his strength.

Helian Ba gave a cold snort, Think it over before doing anything. That old fart Sun Biao pulled the kid out of trouble. Be peaceful for this period of time. Dont give me any more trouble!

Helian Lies eyes suddenly bulged open as he cried out, It cant be that were letting it go like this? Dad, youre a board member of our school. Dont tell me that youre scared of that dead, retired old geezer Sun Biao? True. Ive heard that in his younger years, he was quite a fierce cultivator in the circle, but hes made too many enemies. He suffered a critical injury from an attack a dozen years ago. The strength he has left is no more than 1% of his peak, so he was forced to hide in Crimson Nimbus Second and act as an ordinary teacher. And right now, hes so old with many plaguing ailments. He could die any moment now! Do we really need to be this scared of him?

Helian Ba scowled. The weight of his foot increased by several factors. With a deep shout, he said, What do you know? A cultivator, in the end, is still a cultivator. Even if he only has 1% of his strength, even if he only has 1 second left to live, as long as hes not completely dead, we cannot lower our guard! Whats even more is, that this undying old man has said that he wont dedicate his life protecting the kid. He just wants us to give him a month of time. After a month, he will stand aside and do nothing Its a far too unspeakable action if I dont show him this tiny bit of face; after all, I am only a board member, not the chairman. Even if I am the chairman, I would still need to follow proper conduct as a cultivator of the circle. Otherwise, hatred may be born between me and another cultivator, one that will last until one of us dies. Death would be looming over my head every minute!

A month of time... Fine! I will wait a month then! Helian Lies handsome face was warped and twisted under the military boot. It was an expression of incomparable enmity.