Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Intensified Spiritual Blast!


The Six-Armed Naga was an adult demon who was at the peak of his life. He had been enlightened by the master demons with the secret arts of the Blood Demon Sector. Now, he was almost a middle-level demon general with amazing combat ability.

Faced with Li Yao's world-shaking slash, his eyeballs almost bulged out. The two limbs in the above crossed two sabers in front of his chest, hoping to resist Li Yao's attack. The two limbs in the middle formed a demonic shield where electric arcs were spluttering with the defensive demonic equipment, which was his second defense line. The two short and small limbs in the bottom, which were just appendages to help stabilize him while he was crawling, now picked up two coldly shining daggers and stabbed at Li Yao's abdomen silently.


The sabers crashed.

Both the humans and the demon beasts watching the fight heard an earsplitting explosion, as if someone had hammered them hard in the back of their head.

The Six-Armed Naga's sabers broke into pieces without any resistance. However, it did manage to block Li Yao's unstoppable saber briefly.

But the aura of wind and thunder on the edge of the saber was not stopped. It roared and charged forward at the neck of the Six-Armed Naga, tearing a twisted trace in the air.

The upper half of the Six-Armed Naga's body quickly folded backward like a switchblade. In the meantime, the demonic shield was raised.

The aura from Li Yao's saber rubbed against his demonic shield which seemed have been hit by lightning. Every scale on his body was standing up. He felt an overwhelming sense of pain all over his body.

The two poisoned daggers, which had been soaked in seven deadly poisons of the Blood Demon Sector that would melt the flesh and blood of human beings when they encountered the skin, hit the target precisely!

The Six-Armed Naga was overjoyed.

But the smile on the corner of his mouth was frozen to ice of horror before it was able to spread to his face.

The feedback from his daggers was very weird. He felt as if he had pierced into a cluster of fluffy cotton or a swirl that was too deep to measure.

The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit in front of him blurred, twisted and popped up like smoke.

"A shadow!"

The Six-Armed Naga felt dizzy. His tail was rattling and patting the ground uncontrollably while all the scales on it were shivering.

It was a sign that he was grasped by the utmost terror.

His two eyes narrowed into two slim lines, which were then filled with by a giant black figure.

The figure appeared in front of him abruptly, as if it had crawled out of thin air.

When he noticed it, the two hands of the black figure had opened and reached his abdomen where the human body and the snake body were connected.

"Intensified Spiritual Blast!"

Spiritual energy burst out from Li Yao's body.

The crazily expanding spiritual gas spurted out from the 64 spouts on the arms and the back of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and formed two giant wings that were more than ten meters long behind him.

After a moment, the dark gold wings of spiritual gas turned into thousands of streaks of brightness and tangled his two arms, where they revolved and transformed the two arms into giant, invincible drills.

The drills pierced into the abdomen of the Six-Armed Naga as easily as two heated iron chopsticks stabbing a piece of tofu.


Li Yao roared so loudly that the corners of his mouth were nearly torn. The spiritual gas which was burning in the extreme state revolved hundreds of times inside the body of the Six-Armed Naga and crushed every organ inside to a pulp, before it exploded in the back of the demon beast where it swept out in the shape of a sector.

Looking from the front, there were only two holes the size of fingers in the abdomen of the Six-Armed Naga. But when looking from the back, its entire back had been blown into pieces, and all the organs inside the body were nothing but a mix of meat and blood now.

It was an unparalleled spiritual gas manipulation skill named Intensified Spiritual Blast, one of the brutalist martial arts of the Combat Department of the Grand Desolate War Institution which could only be wielded by Cultivators who were no lower than the peak of the Refinement Stage.

The Six-Armed Naga's eyes were still bulging wide. The toughness of its body sustained him from being killed immediately. But there was nothing else he could do other than watching Li Yao picking up the battle saber which was falling to the ground.

Then he saw tornadoes rising up from the tip of the saber.

That was the last thing he saw before he fell into the abyss of nothingness.

One second later, the high and mighty Six-Armed Naga from a moment ago turned into burning fireflies, fleeing, struggling, dispersing, and disappearing in the tornadoes raised up by Li Yao's battle saber, as if it had never been born before.

Through the ashes of the Six-Armed Naga, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit walked forward slowly yet firmly. The ground was stomped into spider-net like cracks with his every footstep.

The beast tide was frozen like an ocean of minus a hundred degrees.

All the demon beasts were caught by a dead silence.

Even the antennas on the head of Electric Starry Snails were tightened to the extent that they were like two bones, unable to release any electricity at all.

As walking killing machines, the sole purpose of the low-level demon soldiers and the cannon-fodder demon beasts was to fight.

However, as living creatures, their instinct for survival had perceived how formidable the enemy was easily.

Purpose and instinct were pushing and pulling in their brains. Every demon beast had a confused expression on their face.

Li Yao didn't keep them in a dilemma for too long.

Above his head, four clusters of air suddenly twisted. From invisible swirls emerged four murderous steel demon beasts.

Triple-headed Heavy Six-barrel Vulcan Machine Guns, four of them. The shadowed tattoos on the barrels looked like the furs of a ferocious animal. The anti-gravity components and power rune arrays around them allowed them to float in the air and fire at the control of Li Yao's spiritual gas and telepathic thoughts with a full cover range of 360 degrees.

The expansion of the storage space inside the Cosmos Ring enabled Li Yao to carry four pieces of such simple yet violent magical equipment with a huge amount of ammunition.

By the delicate manipulation of spiritual gas at the peak of the Refinement Stage, he was able to control the four floating Vulcan Machine Guns as if they were his own limbs.

Hence a slaughter began.

Every Triple-headed Heavy Six-barrel Vulcan Machine Gun spurted out three torrents of bullets in different colors, which crushed the beast tide into pieces without any trouble.

Frost, flame, and acid.

At first, through thermal expansion and contraction, the defense and structure hardiness of the target would be undermined to minimum by the first two kinds of bullets. Then, the acid bullets would corrode the target to a deeper level. Not to mention the blast and explosion of the bullets which were themselves destructive enough.

It was the best long-range attack pattern that Li Yao had tested out on Tide Berserker.

Even the thick and solid shell of a crystal warship was not enough to withstand the salvo, let alone the flesh and blood of the low-level demon beasts.

Li Yao at present was no longer the rookie he had been in Verdant Tarn City two years ago.

Although he was not an expert in gun-fighting, the strength of the peak of the Refinement Stage still allowed him to maintain the ballistic trajectory of the floating Vulcan Machine Gun in a straight line despite the enormous recoil.

Almost all the bullets hit into the same point when they reached their destination.

Many demon beasts had been blown into pieces before they even had time to think.

A storm of blood rained upon the long street.

Three minutes later, there was not a single living demon beast anymore.

The soldiers of the federal army were all stunned.

They'd seen stronger Cultivators before. But this was the first time they saw such a cruel, brutal one.

"Where is the Taiyi Lightning Railgun?"

Li Yao retreated the Vulcan Machine Guns and walked back to the soldiers.

This area had been under the interference of the demonic fog. The signal of the Spiritual Nexus was intermittent.

According to the intelligence sent through the Spiritual Nexus half a minute ago, there was no large troops of demon beasts nearby.

However, the teleportation array of the demon clan one block away had started functioning. It was estimated that a large batch of demon beasts would be transmitted over in no time.

Therefore, it had to be destroyed before that!

Same as fortresses of the human beings, teleportation arrays of the demon clan had solid defense outside of them, too.

With Li Yao's current strength, it was hardly possible to destroy the teleportation array, even with the enhancement of the crystal suit.

Only by a critical attack of the Taiyi Lightning Railguns which equaled to the full-strength strike of a Core Formation Stage Cultivator would he be blessed with a chance to blow it into pieces.

"The crystal tank carrying the Taiyi Lightning Railgun was hit in the face by a giant fireball which burnt a big hole on it. There are backup components. But the maintenance job is too challenging. I'm the only Cultivator here and I'm just at the beginning phase of the Refinement Stage. The rest of the soldiers here are all ordinary people. Repairing such complicated magical equipment is beyond our ability."

The captain, whose face had been blackened by smoke, said hesitatingly, "I'm afraid we need a refiner to fix it up."

Li Yao smiled, "As it happens, I'm a refiner."

Amidst the shock and disbelief of all the soldiers, he strode inside the barricade and started studying the Taiyi Lightning Railgun.

It was a Taiyi III model.

This model was different from the one that he met on the crystal train. It was the latest model developed five years ago.

The most groundbreaking point about this new model was that it lightened and minimized all its components, which improved the mobility of the weaponry and enabled it to be deployed on ordinary crystal tanks while keeping the same firepower as the older ones.

Since the components in the magical equipment were smaller in size, they were much more delicate than those in Taiyi II which was often loaded on crystal trains and crystal warships.

Looking through the broken shell, many components were as thin as hair. It seemed extremely tricky to repair them.

"Is he truly a refiner?"

"He can't be. How on earth can there be such a brutal refiner who can kill a demon general in a second before blowing the demon beasts on the entire street into pieces?"

The soldiers were all whispering to each other.

Pondering for a moment, Li Yao took off his helmet.

Obviously, such a young face startled the soldiers once more.

Li Yao's eyes paused on the backup components of the Taiyi Lightning Railgun briefly, before he glanced around and looked for everything that he could make use of.

Then, he whistled and summoned Neltharion from the Cosmos Ring.

One of his telepathic thoughts was attached to Neltharion, when it rose up to the sky and observed the battleground silently and stealthily in the demonic fog.

A thousand meters away from them, an ivory pillar pierced into the sky, which was fluctuating in a fixed rhythm as if it were breathing.

It was the teleportation array that they needed to destroy.

The teleportation array was surrounded by demon beasts that were apparently much stronger than those who were attacking the barricade.

A few even more intimidating scents were hiding in the ruins nearby.

They must've sensed the battle in the barricade here just now. But since their top priority was to defend the teleportation array, they didn't reinforce their compatriots.

It seemed that the demon that was going to be sent over by the teleportation array would be a big shot in the demon clan. Otherwise, they wouldn't have gone through so much trouble protecting it.

What should he do now?

Li Yao frowned.

It was not difficult to repair the Taiyi Lighting Railgun. The real problem was how to draw it close to the teleportation array.

If it were within 500 meters from the teleportation array, it would definitely be attacked by the demon clan. Of course, he could avoid the attacks easily, but the soldiers would not be so lucky and the Taiyi Lightning Railgun on the crystal train risked being wrecked.

It seemed necessary to modify the Taiyi Lightning Railgun a little bit.