Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 344

Chapter 344: Expert Demon? Fire In Your Face!

Li Yao wasn't planning to pull the Taiyi Lightning Railgun closer to the teleportation array of the demon clan. He was planning to launch the Taiyi Lightning Railgun at a distance of a thousand meters and annihilate the target like a sniper!

He was faced with two problems.

Firstly, there were quite a lot of ruins and skyscrapers in between the Taiyi Lightning Railgun and the teleportation array.

As a piece of sensitive magical equipment, the Taiyi Lightning Railgun was very prone to the changes of environment. Even a mosquito could trigger the electromagnetic lightning balls that it shot out.

Suppose the electromagnetic lightning balls were lucky enough to reach the target, their strength would be greatly undermined because of the overly long distance in between. The teleportation array might not be demolished at all.

At present, the demons defending the teleportation array regarded the barricade as a common one. They were not aware that a Taiyi Lightning Railgun was lurking in this place.

Once they noticed its existence, they would definitely not allow it to be fired for a second time.

Deep in thought, Li Yao calculated the current situation crazily.

The Taiyi Lightning Railgun hadn't been fired yet. Thirty super-compressed crystal cells were carried, which allowed it to be fired for ninety times.

The defense array and the flying sword formations, although all running of supply, still had a lot of magical equipment components that could be made use of.


Dozens of sharp thorns stuck out from the right hand of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit.

With a closer look, one would discover that they were actually dozens of extremely delicate maintenance tools.

Half a minute a later, Li Yao retrieved a lot of magical equipment components from the defense rune array and the flying sword formations.

Then, he gathered everyone's storm bolter and dismantled them into a hill of components.

There were several other magical equipment components inside his Cosmos Ring that he often used during modifications, including the components to assemble explosive magical equipment.

He took them all out, together five Hellfire-Lightnings, which were his all-time favorite both in training and in battles.

All the soldiers were dumbfounded, wondering what he was going to do with all the scraps.

Especially those Hellfire-Lightnings. How were they related to the maintenance of the Taiyi Lightning Railgun?

Li Yao pondered with his eyes closed. Bright gold structure graphs popped up translucently one after another in his brain and formed more complicated patterns.

Not just an enhanced Taiyi Lightning Railgun. There was also a neat explosive trap.

Half a second later, he opened his eyes suddenly. Two small explosions seemed to have taken place in his eyes, while his two hands turned into a cluster of gray mist.

With the enhancement of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, the speed of his hands was higher than ever.

His spiritual gas spurted out again from the 64 spouts of the crystal suit, condensing not two wings, but 64 tentacles helping his hands with the maintenance and modification of the magical equipment.

The magical equipment components as thin as hairs were lifted up by the spiritual gas like feathers and reassembled at an amazingly rapid speed.

Li Yao had seen Ding Yin, a master of refining, maintain magical equipment with spiritual gas before, which was a dazzling eye-opener for him.

This time, he had reached the same level as Ding Yin didhad

Maybe his actions were not as natural and fluent as Ding Yin's yet, but they had an additional air of brutality and confidence.

What the demon clan had wrecked was the aiming and targeting system of the Taiyi Lightning Railgun.

But Li Yao had pulled the Taiyi Lightning Railguns into pieces and reassembled them crazily. Ten minutes later, a hideous, abnormal animal was born.

With the huge number of components from the defense rune array and the crystal tank, Li Yao managed to build eight brackets and transformed the mobile Taiyi Lightning Railgun into a fixed one, with major improvements on the rail and the barrel.

Then, he changed the enclosed chamber which stored the crystal cells into an open one.

After that, he conjoined ten super-compressed crystal cells and refined them into an integral one with rune arrays.

Such crystal cells had been specially designed for Taiyi Lightning Railguns. They were several times larger than the crystal cells for ordinary railguns and storm bolters.

One crystal cell would be enough to trigger the Taiyi Lightning Railgun three times.

But right now, Li Yao had connected ten crystal cells together. What was going on in his mind?

"No worries."

Li Yao wasn't done yet. He was still busy working in the ruins nearby. He even dug out a few deep pits in some of the ruins. Nobody knew what he was doing under the pits.

Li Yao continued, "According to my calculation, after my enhancement and stabilization, the Taiyi Lightning Railgun will be strong enough to withstand the simultaneous explosion of the ten crystal cells.

"But naturally, the Taiyi Lightning Railgun would only be able to be triggered once. It will explode shortly after it is activated. In the meantime, since a lot of spiritual energy will disperse from the gaps, the power of the attack will be no higher than twice of the original.

"Therefore, I've changed the launch system into a remote-control one. You'd better find a shelter behind the ruins and bring your spiritual shield to maximum before you hear the signal to launch the attack.

"Retreat immediately after you do. You'll be safe when you're back to the West Ring Road. We've established a base there with a high-level Building Foundation Cultivator in charge.

"As for the ruins and building standing in the middle of the Taiyi Lightning Railgun's attack, don't bother them. I'll clear them away soon!"

Ten minutes later, Li Yao finished all the preparations. He whistled in exhaustion.

The bright pillar that the teleportation array sent to the sky was turning from ivory to pink. Blood streaks were appearing on it.

Slowly, the blood streaks intertwined and condensed into bloody shadows one by one.

The bloody shadows wriggled. Then they waved their arms and dashed out of the pink pillar.



One demon after another broke out of the pillar and leaped to the ground with intensive demonic energy.

These demons were obviously different from the demon beasts which had invaded in the city previously.

Their body size was very close to that of the human beings. Not many features of beasts could be found on them. Their countenance and eyes were filled with utmost cruelness that only belonged to the intelligent creatures.

They were wearing splendid armors and combat uniforms made of demonic plants. Compared with the battle armors of human beings, their clothes had much sharper edges, with piercing spikes everywhere. A chilly air of terror could be sensed from each and every one of them. It was evident enough that they came from an equally highly developed civilization.

Almost all the demons had opened up shields made of demonic energy to protect themselves. Many of them were carrying demonic guns that resembled storm bolters. Some of them were wearing demonic equipment in their ears which looked like communication magical equipment.

Li Yao could see that they belonged to the regular army of the demon clan who were far stronger than the loosely organized beast tides.

The newcomers didn't disperse immediately. Instead, they glanced at the surroundings on full alert.

Many demons were whispering spells and summoning all kinds of probe equipment.

Thankfully, the stealth ability of Neltharion was too advanced for them to discover its trace.

Li Yao shivered and knew that a big shot of the demon clan would be teleported by the teleportation array!

As he expected, blood streaks appeared in the bright pillar again a moment later, which tangled together and weaved into a crimson shadow.

But this time, the speed of the consolidation of the shadow was much lower.

Hundreds of blood streaks melted together. The color of the shadow was deeper and deeper. However, in the center of the shadow, silver brightness was beaming out, revealing the strong power of the blood of the shadow.

"Such a slow teleportation? He must be a real expert!"

Li Yao's head was dizzy, and his heart was beating fast.

The scale of the teleportation array and the strength of the one being teleported determined the speed of teleportation.

To put it simply, the larger a teleportation array was, the higher the energy consumption was; the weaker the one being teleported was, the faster the teleportation would be.

It was sort of like a hole one meter in diameter which could allow hundreds of mice to pass through in a very short amount of time.

But if a boar that weighed hundreds of kilograms wanted to cram in, it would be quite troublesome, and it was simply impossible for an elephant or a dinosaur to squeeze into the hole.

This was the reason why the super experts of the Blood Demon Sector, namely the demon emperors, had hardly ever invaded the Blood Demon Sector.

Since the 'holes' between the two Sectors were usually not large enough, they would need to pay a high price if they wanted to squeeze themselves in.

The teleportation array in front of Li Yao had a diameter no larger than two meters. It was one of the smallest teleportation arrays that the demon clan could create and was not suitable to teleport experts who had intensive demonic energy.

However, the giant teleportation arrays which were good enough to teleport them were often the priority targets of the Cultivators of the Blood Demon Sector. The experts of the Star Glory Federation had almost all gathered around the giant teleportation arrays and fought the experts of the demon clans there.

The demon being teleported in front him must've thought through the logic and decided that he would rather spend more time squeezing himself through the small teleportation array than face the fury of countless Core Formation Cultivators or even Nascent Soul Cultivators the moment he stepped into the Heaven's Origin Sector.

"Come on, scumbag!"

Li Yao had figured out the reason and couldn't wait any longer. Every cell inside his body was extremely excited. His bloodshot eyes fixed on the teleportation array through Neltharion.

The crimson shadow inside the bright pillar was denser and denser, as if it had become red ink. Finally, its four limbs protruded from the body like a fetus in the womb which was stretching.

"Shoot, now!"

Inside Li Yao's brain, the angles, positions and trajectories which had been calculated for hundreds of times were suddenly brighter than ever.

Four floating Vulcan Machine Guns appeared out of thin air again.

Two crystal cannons flipped up on his shoulder, too.

He crossed his fingers and rubbed his hands before opening them up, where a lotus seemed to have blossomed. A super-compressed brilliant ball was revolving inside his palms crazily.


Vulcan Machine Guns, crystal cannons, and Intensified Spiritual Blast were activated at the same time.

The rays of light from them mingled into an unstoppable drill which pierced into the ruins and skyscrapers before they revolved and ripped apart everything in their way. A straight tunnel of a thousand meters long was created between the Taiyi Lightning Railgun and the teleportation array!

Almost simultaneously, ten super-compressed crystal cells exploded. Their dazzling brilliance covered the Taiyi Lightning Railgun like an upside-down azure bowl. A small blue sun rushed out of the barrel with cracking noises and turned into a streak of blueness which embarked on the tunnel just created by Li Yao.

The magnificent scene looked like a super high-speed crystal train made of blue crystals which was roaring and charging through tunnels between mountains.

The Taiyi Lightning Railgun had fulfilled its duty. It exploded into pieces after a boom. Burningly hot scraps of steel were spluttering everywhere.

Fortunately, all the soldiers had kept distance from it and were prepared to retreat.

The quickly expanding electromagnetic lightning ball, on the other hand, hit the pink pillar heavily amidst the shocked exclamations of the demons on the ground.

At this moment, the demon inside the pillar had just extended one of his gold, shaggy arms out of the teleportation array.