Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 345

Chapter 345: Blood Saber!

The spiritual energy stored in the ten super-compress crystal cells had been condensed into one electromagnetic lightning ball whose explosion dyed the bloody sunset into a summer midday like a supernova outburst.

There was nothing but shades of whiteness in the world now!

The blanching blast covered an area of around a hundred square meters and savaged everything inside.

Hit by an attack equaling to a full-strength strike of a Core Formation Stage Cultivator, the low-level demon soldiers and demon beasts were eradicated without even being able to let out a dying scream.

Even the stronger demons fully equipped with the demonic plate armor who had just came through the teleportation array were also seriously damaged by the earsplitting thunder. Many of them collapsed with blood flowing all over their faces.

The demons at the periphery were lucky to survive the disaster. But they were greatly shocked. There were bruises on their bodies, too.

As for the one who suffered the most wounds, naturally, it would be


"Your highness!"

"Prince Ji!"

The survivors didn't have time to check their body status. They all gazed at the center of the supernova outburst in confusion and bewilderment.

The bright pillar there had warped and scattered into thousands of burning moths.

A pure while mushroom cloud assumed its place, which was surrounded by mysterious blue and deep purple electric arcs and rose up to the sky fluctuating in and out like a deadly, venomous jellyfish.


A grieving wail burst out in the middle of the smoke. The mushroom cloud shrank rapidly, until it was the size of a human and exploded.

Knowing that their leader was not dead yet, the surviving demons were greatly relieved.

The army of the Blood Demon Sector had relentless rules and was organized hierarchically.

The leader of a demon army was obliged to lead the charge. When the leader was killed, all his subordinates would have to continue on fighting until they died or the mission was completed. Otherwise, everyone would be sentenced to death as deserters.

These soldiers of the regular army of the Blood Demon Sector were as intelligent as human beings.

There were even several silver-blood demons in the crowd, whose computational ability was as good as that of many Cultivators and far better than the idiocy of the ordinary demon beasts.

Of course, they feared death much more than the ordinary demon beasts, too.

They quickly reacted and looked at the direction where the attack of the Taiyi Lightning Railgun came from.

Five black figures charged out of the smoke and, covering the distance of a thousand meters in the blink of an eye, reached the area in front of Li Yao aggressively.

"Mystic Skeleton?"

Two blurred words came from a creamy demon who had parotid glands growing on his neck.

Mocking smiles appeared on the face of all the five demons.

By the beast tide outbreaks and the infiltration through various channels, the Blood Demon Sector had learnt a lot about the news of the Heaven's Origin Sector.

Naturally, the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, which had been quite a hit recently, was within their sights.

The demons were well aware that the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was a MP crystal suit model designed for low-level Cultivators whose performances were just mediocre.

Those who were wearing Mystic Skeleton Battlesuits were mostly Cultivators at the Refinement Stage.

Li Yao turned around and ran away without any hesitation.

His reaction further supported the judgements of the five demons, who turned into five black shadows and surrounded Li Yao.

They were soon lured to the place where the Taiyi Lightning Railgun had just exploded.

The Taiyi Lightning Railgun was no more. The only thing that remained was an oval pit where hot smoke was bubbling up as if the place had just been hit by a falling star.

It was a common illusion that two cannonballs would not hit the same location, and that the place where an explosion just took place wouldn't explode a second time.

The demons never expected that Li Yao would set up a trap in this place.

That was why they were dumbfounded for a moment when the five Hellfire-Lightnings detonated in brilliant sparks.

The five Hellfire-Lightnings were not enough to deal too much damage to them. The best the bombs could do was to buy Li Yao one second.

One second was enough.

The noise of growling wind roared beside the ears of all the five demons.

All their hair and scales were erect in alarm.

The lizard that they'd been chasing seemed to have turned into a barbarous dinosaur in a moment!

The spiritual gas around Li Yao was condensed to the extreme; its color turned from bright gold into dense, deep gold, while Li Yao's speed broke its limit.

It was not entirely the power rune arrays' credit. Black Wing played its part, too.

Black Wing had been sealed by mysterious barriers which disabled it from attacking. After prolonged consideration, Li Yao finally figured out how he should make best use of Black Wing's crazy speed.

He had modified the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit and added a fixed alloy sheath on its back with air paths and stabilizer fins on both sides. Then, he put Black Wing inside the sheath.

With his telepathic thought, Black Wing would be fully activated and sped up, which would push the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit forward like a powerful booster, making the crystal suit much faster than any ordinary MP crystal suit, or rather, any ordinary crystal suit!


It was not until a gold laser passed by each and every of the five demons and hundreds of overlapped blurred shadows consolidated into the entity of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit that earsplitting noises ripped apart the air and rippled to the around.

The eyes of the five demons were dull, their tusks trembling. They attempted to activate their demonic equipment but failed no matter how hard they tried.

Half a second later, five heads flew up to the sky. Blood was spurting out of their necks like fountains.

Five dead bodies fell into the large pit resulting from the explosion of the Hellfire-Lightnings.

Before Li Yao was able to take a breath to relive himself, his heart started palpitating.

Pressure hundreds of times heavier than that in the bottom of the Billowing Star Sea wreathed him. Invisible tongs bit his limbs and his neck.

The only thing that he was free to move was Neltharion in the sky.

By his telepathic thought in Neltharion, Li Yao discovered that the moment when he killed the five demons, a red brightness rushed out from the mushroom cloud created by the previous attack of the Taiyi Lightning Railgun and reached him in no time.

He wanted to drive Black Wing and the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit to run away, but the invisible force in the air jammed his magical equipment and his spiritual gas, making him unable to wield them fluently as he could.

He had been locked onto by the enemy.

'The expert demon still made his way here!

'What's this weird force?'

Li Yao was shocked and observed the new enemy through Neltharion.

Most parts of his body were enveloped in a thick mist of blood. His left hand was even made of the blood mist.

The head which was exposed to the air looked like a hybrid of a human head and a lion's. Yet there were several deep cracks on it. There was no nose on his face, but a black, enormous hole.

The shining gold hair had all stood up like needles. His face was twisted to such an extent that there was no telling if it was agony or fury.

'So this is the case! The teleportation was disrupted before his body was completely sent over.

'His left hand has not been teleported at all, which amounted to that I slashed it off!

'His internal organs can't have been all teleported successfully, either, which means that he is in the state of seriously injuries. His strength must be at the minimum!

'I still have a chance!'

The new findings immediately refreshed Li Yao.

The expert demon was seething with anger. He pointed his bloody saber at Li Yao and roared, "Never has anyone injured me, Wang Ji, like this! You will die, after I cut off the flesh on your body one piece after another!"

The name of the expert demon startled Li Yao.

'Wang Ji?

'Sounds very familiar!'

Li Yao didn't know many strong demons. After thinking for a moment, his eyes glittered.

He realized who his enemy was.

Back when he was in the Thunderous Sound Mountain more than one year ago, he had been engaged with an infiltration squad of the demon clan, which was mostly demolished by the explosion of the demon core of a mutant lion dragon that he set off. Not only did he make a great fortune thereafter, he also retrieved such an invaluable treasure, a Cosmos Ring.

It had been his first bucket of gold.

At that time, a dying demon general cursed him and told him that 'Young Master Wang Ji' would avenge him one day.

All things considered, the two Wang Jis might be the same person.

Li Yao smiled.

'Excellent. Let's conclude the unfinished hunting in the Thunderous Sound Mountain here!

'However, what's with his saber? It seems so ferocious!'

The blood saber in Wang Ji's hands seemed to be made of countless clean, transparent red crystals, yet it had a vibe of a living creature which was likely to lunge out at any moment, unleashing evil scents nonstop.

'This blood saber is definitely a piece of top-tier demonic equipment!'

Li Yao licked his lips.

There were many secret arts inside the Heavenly Refining Tower on how to identify magical equipment. Through staying in the Super Perception Cabin, Li Yao had extended his time spent in the Heavenly Refining Tower, to the extent that it would be many years in reality.

The classics on the ground floor had all been turned over and over by him. Naturally, his observation was keen and sharp.

This Wang Ji should've been a high-level demon general and very close to a demon king.

However, part of his body was left in the Blood Demon Sector. His strength had dropped significantly because of the serious injuries. The gap between them was not unacceptable.

But with this weird blood saber, Wang Ji had suppressed him overwhelmingly and locked onto him so precisely that he wasn't even able to run away.

'I want this blood saber!'

Li Yao was roaring crazily in his mind.

Ever since he'd become a Cultivator, he had always been using sabers as his weapon. In the recent half a year, he had fully grasped the saber art that Long Wenhui, a Core Formation Stage Cultivator, taught him previously. He had also selected a few courses in saber arts in the Grand Desolate War Institution. His own Thunderous Tornado Saber Art perceived in the dust storms was more than proficient right now.

The only thing that he lacked was a good saber.

Although he had embedded all kinds of Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures into his battle saber, he always felt that it was missing something.

It was the shortage that kept his battle saber in the tier of ordinary magical equipment and stopped it from being first-rate magical equipment.

If he could make a Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber out of the blood saber and his battle saber, his understanding of saber arts would be able to be best performed!

'Come on!'

Li Yao's brain seemed to have been filled with magma which was burning furiously. Without bothering with anything else, he charged aggressively at Wang Ji from below!

"Ant in the Refinement Stage, you don't know what you are doing!"

Young Master Wang Ji was grinning hideously. The nose of the Lion Clan had been large in the first place. Now that it was gone, the only thing that remained in the middle of his face was a deep hole, making him uglier than anything Li Yao had ever seen.

The blood saber was slashed down. A crimson brightness went at him rapidly.

The blood all over Li Yao's body seemed to turn into thousands of small bugs which were nibbling on his veins, making him unable to move at all.

"The blood saber can actually manipulate blood?"

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