Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Dangerous Blood Saber Stealing

Two sabers turned into a red brightness and a blue one, which collided in the midair at a high speed, weirdly, without any sound.

Yet, the blood aura on Wang Ji's saber penetrated through the tornadoes and lightning caused by Li Yao's and continued slashing at him. The vague mist of blood was like a mirage which was utterly unpredictable. But its speed was higher than anyone could imagine.

The moment Li Yao lifted up his spiritual shield, he had been hit!


The blood saber which seemed to be unreal bashed him to the ground like a giant hand swatting a moth that was darting into the fire.

Thousands of tiny holes appeared on the surface of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit, where dirty bubbles were popping up as the crystal suit was being corroded by the blood mist.

Every drop of blood seemed to grow thorns. Every capillary seemed to have turned into the sharpest knife. Li Yao was in such agony that he was tempted to tear his chest apart and squeeze all his blood out.


He fell into the giant pit of the previous Hellfire-Lightning explosion heavily. More than half of his body was buried in the ground. He gritted his teeth and vomited, only to come up with nothing but sharp pain because a large cluster of burning bushes seemed to have stuffed his throat.

"Invisible and indefensible, attacking the blood directly. What a weird blood saber!"

The outcome of a fight between an expert Cultivator and an expert demon could be decided within one second.

Streams of extremely exotic force surged from the blood saber and looked for the gaps on the crystal suit like vipers.

Li Yao's heart shrank to the size of a date pit. For the first time, he felt that death was drawing near. The cracked land around him was as thick and dense as a moor, trying to swallow him into the abyss of hell.

The threat of death made his brain clearer than ever. His computational ability was activated to a new, unprecedented height.

With a telepathic thought, four Vulcan Machine Guns appeared and floated to the middle of Wang Ji and himself, before they fired at Wang Ji brutally. Twelve lines of bullets interweaved into a dense net of fire and went at Wang Ji's head.

Disdain beamed out from Wang Ji's bright yellow eyes.

"You want to stop me by bullets? Hilarious!"

The blood mist that enveloped him suddenly expanded, which devoured the twelve bullet lines and corrupted them rapidly.

Most of the bullets strengthened by spiritual energy exploded three to four meters away from him, their blaze entirely absorbed by the blood mist.

Some bullets made their way to the front of Wang Ji, but they were blown into pieces by Wang Ji's dense demonic shield before their rune arrays were able to function.

Taking the storm of bullets the hard away, Wang Ji stomped in the air, leaving a large area of cracks of the void. Then he lunged at Li Yao from above with the ferocious blood mist like a tiger attacking a sheep and a falcon snatching a rabbit.

Almost at the same time

The last trap that Li Yao deployed in the ruins was fully triggered!

The Taiyi Lightning Railgun carried thirty super-compressed crystal cells with it. He used ten of them just now to blow up the teleportation array of the demon clan.

Li Yao was too thrifty to simply throw away the remaining twenty crystal cells.

The explosion of the five Hellfire-Lightnings was just a cover for the twenty crystal cells.

No one had anticipated that Li Yao would set up a second bomb trap below an existent one. This was actually his real deadly move!

When he was preparing for the serial bomb trap, Li Yao didn't foresee that Wang Ji was coming.

However, in this battleground which was full of perils, large batches of demon generals or demon kings could appear at any time. He couldn't be more careful.

For the vulture who had grown up in a magical equipment graveyard, setting up a trap was as natural as breathing and drinking water were for him.

The angle of the twenty interconnected super-compressed crystal cells had been carefully adjusted, so that 90% of the spiritual energy contained inside would burst out to the sky when triggered.

This was also the reason why Li Yao charged at the enemy in the sky aggressively.

He was well aware that his strength was not enough to take the blow of Wang Ji and he would likely be smashed to the ground. After that, it was possible that his enemy would attack him from a high stance.

Everything was within his expectations, except for the toughness of the blood saber.

Twenty glaring brilliances darted up and slashed the sky like twenty sabers made of lightning, whose blue electric arcs mingled into a deadly net of blades.

Although most of the spiritual energy escaped in the air, the attack assembled by the remaining spiritual energy was still as powerful as an attack of a Core Formation Cultivator.

Never had Wang Ji expected that such a sordid, dirty trap was buried under exactly the same place where an explosion just took place.

He was fully focused on his attack and wasn't prepared for defense. Caught off guard, he had to condense the blood mist to protect himself.

"Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!"

For a moment, the electric arcs were dancing merrily in the air more brightly than ever, which immediately ripped the blood mist apart!


At exactly the same time, Neltharion, which had been lurking for a long time, sneaked to Wang Ji's back and revealed itself while it crashed at the back of his head brutally.

Wang Ji was from the Kingdom of Lion Butchers in the Blood Demon Sector. His bloodline could be traced back to the ancient lion demons. But, just like human beings, the back of his head was a vulnerable spot.

The acute pricking pain spread from the back of his head all the way to his spine. For the first time, Wang Ji felt that the situation was not under his control.

Gritting his teeth and risking his body being torn apart, Wang Ji broke the limit of speed and dodged the attack at the back of head closely.

For Cultivators and demons who were all made of flesh and blood, sometimes their strength was enough to allow them to reach a higher speed, but it was often too much for their body which was not sturdy enough.

Wang Ji suddenly activated and forced his body which was sprinting downwards to move to the left horizontally. As a result, a cluster of vaguely silver blood burst out from his body with cracking noises. Countless bones, veins and nerves had fractured in the super high-speed dodging movement!

Wang Ji grunted. He gritted his teeth and, holding back his pain, groped his back, trying to clutch the weapon that had just attacked him.

But Neltharion simply released clusters of tiny electric arcs which stung his hand like needles before it ran away and vanished into thin air.

Wang Ji's full attention was fixed on the fleeing assassin. He didn't bother with the storm of bullets which were fired at his face for a second time.

Bullets were too slow and weak to deal much damage to an expert demon such as himself.

He was wrong.


In the middle of the storm of bullets, a silver bullet which was more than five times faster than the ordinary ones beside it pierced into his chest without him even recognizing what was going on.

"What's this?!"

Wang Ji's pupils constricted violently. A strange flower of blood blossomed where his heart was. More than half of his heart was nearly blown to pieces by the blast!

It was a special bullet refined entirely out of marrow crystals. It had been divided into four layers. The three layers in the back could boost the head of the bullet three times after they exploded one by one, so that the speed of the bullet would be maximized!

Marrow crystals were the essence of crystals.

After billions of years of tectonic movement under high temperature and pressure, thousands of crystals might be able to be condensed into one small marrow crystal. The spiritual energy stored inside of it was immeasurable.

Li Yao had refined nine bullets out of marrow crystals, before he carved 137 attack rune arrays on each bullet in the most delicate refining arts of the ancient times.

After that, he cleansed the bullets by melding the blood from his fingertip, the tip of his tongue, and that of his heart with them through Blood Baptism. Finally, they were deeply connected to him like the 'aura balls' in the ancient Cultivation world and were at his disposal like his own arms.

This was Li Yao's real killing move!

He was too smart not to know ordinary bullets would be far from enough to break Wang Ji's defense.

The reason why he was firing randomly was partly to reduce his enemy's vigilance, and partly to cover the existence of the marrow crystal bullet.

To hide a tree, the best place would be a forest.

To hide a bullet, the best place would be the storm of bullets incurred by four Triple-headed Heavy Six-barrel Vulcan Machine Guns!

The two explosion traps made by Hellfire-Lightnings and super-compressed crystal cells, the bullet storm from the Vulcan Machine Guns, the abrupt assault of Neltharion

All was meant to distract Wang Ji's attention for a moment so that he wouldn't notice that the marrow crystal bullet was coming at him!

His heart was not the only part that had been mostly blown up. Many of his other internal organs had been seriously wrecked, too. After a moment, Wang Ji's back boomed like a volcano eruption, where blood together with the flames resulting from the marrow crystal's explosion spurted out magnificently.

Such serious injuries were too much for him, although he was an expert demon of the Blood Demon Sector. Wang Ji's face was pale, where silver blood was flowing out from all holes.

A dead enemy is always better than a wounded enemy!

Li Yao roared. The ballistic trajectories of the four Vulcan Machine Guns were adjusted and focused on one point, before bullets raged out from them and slashed at Wang Ji's right hand like four heated lancets.

Wang Ji dodged out of instinct.

However, Li Yao was so fast that he reached Wang Ji's back after only one second. His battle saber savagely drew an almost perfect arc upward in the air.

More than half of Wang Ji's right hand was chopped off. His blood saber flew to the sky!

Wang Ji screamed miserably, as if his soul was going to be extinguished.

He didn't sound so wretched even when his heart was blown to pieces just now.

It seemed that the blood saber was an organ that was of paramount importance to him and was much more precious than his heart and his head.

After a shriek, Wang Ji exploded into a blood mist where black gas was popping up.

In the middle of the mist, a yellow brightness dashed to the far distance at an amazingly high speed, before it vanished into the derelict buildings in the ruins after a short moment.

Li Yao was going to chase after him, when the blood mist blocked his way as if it were a living creature.

In the middle of the blood mist, a blurred face slowly appeared, which belonged to, no less, Wang Ji who was on the run.

A hideous grin that even the ghosts at the deepest level of the hell couldn't possibly make appeared on the giant face, as it gnashed its teeth.

"You dare to steal my Red Jade Mist Mirage Saber? You are seeking your own death!

"Just wait for it!

"Very soon, I will find out who you are, before I skin you, mince you into pieces, and take back what's mine while stepping on your corpse!

"At that time, your soul will be extracted and locked into the Blood Soul Pearl by me, and I will savage you to the extent that you will think killing yourself right now is a better"

Before he finished his speech, Li Yao had triggered the four floating Vulcan Machine Guns and fired at the middle of the face in the blood mist.


"Enough trash talk," Li Yao scoffed. Then he looked at the so-called Red Jade Mist Mirage Saber.

Although it had lost connection to its master, it was still flying naughtily in the air. Now and then, blood aura would be released, indicating that it was still a fatal weapon.

Li Yao's hands quickly made a lot of gestures in the air with his unimaginably flexible fingers.

Many brilliant, octagonal runes appeared in the air.

For Cultivators at the peak of the Refinement Stage, they were already able to create runes with nothing but their own bare hands.


64 runes made of spiritual gas rushed at the blood saber.

Like the most cunning demon beast, Red Jade Mist Mirage Saber knew that something bad was happening. The edge of the saber shivered, and it was going to flee, when a black laser darting from the back of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit collided with it.

It was Black Wing!

Not only did the crash make Red Jade Mist Mirage Saber dizzy and disoriented, the spiritual threads on Black Wing also took the opportunity to tangle it.

64 spiritual runes crowded in and suppressed the blood aura on the saber.

Li Yao waved his hand and triggered his Cosmos Ring. He had finally got this weird, exotic blood saber!