Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Center of Attention

While Team Lingering Wind was caught in their misery, Team Blue Bronze was rejoicing in their base on the top floor of the luxury hotel.

"Li Yao, had you not cracked the magical equipment left by the demons at the critical moment on our trip to Mystic Glacier, I'm afraid we would've all been buried under that planet's snow. You saved all our lives!" Hong Tong said cheerfully.

The other three members, except Ding Lingdang, had also changed their attitude toward Li Yao.

When they were training together, they had learnt of Li Yao's capability. However, since he was a newcomer, they had always feared that he might be a burden to the team in the Occult Orbs.

They'd even prepared quite a few contingency plans in case something went wrong with Li Yao.

As it turned out, not only was Li Yao tough enough to send the demons into chaos with Ding Lingdang, he was also courageous enough to unlock the magical equipment that the demons left in such a short time despite the threat of the Devastating Icy Revenant.

After going through life and death together, Team Blue Bronze had truly become united. The mutual trust among teammates was much stronger than before.

"Li Yao, you played a decisive role on the trip to Mystic Glacier. Therefore, when I was balancing the contribution points, I listed you as the MVP. According to tradition, you will get one third of the contribution points we earned, and the rest of us will divide the remaining contribution points evenly. You can take a look at your account now. There should be 37,000 contributions already," Captain Hong Tong announced.

Their contribution points did not just come from the Nine-holed Stones and the Soul Melting Crystals that they collected but had more to do with the Devastating Icy Revenant as well as the magical equipment that tamed it.

According to the rules of Occult Orbs Fellowship, since the demon clan summoned the Devastating Icy Revenant while they were alive, it was considered to be the property of the demon clan.

Then, Team Blue Bronze had taken over the Devastating Icy Revenant from the demons, which meant that it was their trophy and belonged to them without having to be shared with Occult Orbs Fellowship.

The target of such a rule was to encourage the Star Teams to attack the demon squad actively.

Otherwise, everyone would only be willing to carry out the collection missions which were easy and safe instead of missions that involved fighting and killing. That would go against the core purpose of Occult Orbs Fellowship.

Since it was a trophy, Team Blue Bronze could've kept the Devastating Icy Revenant and the magical equipment for themselves.

However, after discussion, they had realized that the Devastating Icy Revenant was too dangerous and out of their control. Once it was released, it would attack everything it met indiscriminately.

Besides, no one in Team Blue Bronze was good at controlling spiritual energy of the ice class. It was hardly likely that the power of the Devastating Icy Revenant would be best utilized with them.

Therefore, it was decided that it would be a better choice to sell them to Occult Orbs Fellowship for contribution points which could be used to purchase more practical magical equipment and Cultivation arts for the preparation of the big event in several months' time.

As a result, the Devastating Icy Revenant and the corresponding magical equipment was traded for more than a hundred thousand contribution points. Together with the reward of the Nine-hold Stones and the Soul Melting Crystals, and deducting the loss of a star shuttle, they earned about 110 thousand contribution points.

It was quite a large fortune for them. Even during the time when their former captain Yin Qingfeng had still been alive, such a large number of contribution points were still a remarkable achievement.

Li Yao scratched his head and said, somewhat embarrassed, "Captain, I think we should divide our revenue evenly. Everybody tried their best to make sure all of us survived the disaster. I wouldn't have been able to take the Devastating Icy Revenant down if I had been alone."

Li Yao meant what he said.

After the trip of Mystic Glacier, the importance of teamwork was clearer to him than ever before.

Scout, sniper, defense, attack, mental interference Every Orb Patroller was irreplaceable for the mission to be completed.

If he had been there by himself, he would've barely been able to collect any resources, if he survived at all.

Hong Tong waved his hand and said frankly, "No need to hesitate. This is the tradition of Team Blue Bronze. We've all agreed to this decision.

"Besides, we all have our savings, more or less. But you've already run out of contribution points since you are a newcomer. With the thirty thousand contribution points, you will be able to purchase things that you need for your Cultivation, which will be of great help for the team and our future missions, too!"

Pausing for a moment, he rubbed his hands in excitement. "I didn't expect you to be so capable. It appears that we can adjust our plan and apply for missions that are more dangerous but reward more contribution points!"

Li Yao thought for a moment and realized that it did make sense. Whatever remarkable performance he had offered, he was still at the beginning level of the Building Foundation Stage, the lowest in the team, after all. It would be for the best if he could improve his strength fast in case he became a burden for the team.

Making up his mind, he nodded his head and said unhesitatingly, "Alright. I will try to raise my Cultivation as soon as I can, so that Team Blue Bronze can be stronger and return to the top 10 of the Star of Ranks sooner!"

Li Yao was grinning while he was talking.

That was more than thirty thousand contribution points! It was a huge fortune for anybody. Many kinds of powerful magical equipment that he had been dreaming about were all affordable to him right now.


Hong Tong continued, "Do you have anything that you want to buy yet? Do you need our advice?"

Li Yao licked his lips and nodded with a smile.

"There are indeed a few kinds of magical equipment that I'm interested in. Firstly, 'Seven Star Fire Dragon Grenade', which is a kind of powerful explosive magical equipment from the Star Ocean Imperium. Once it was triggered, it could fly to almost a thousand meters away and turn into seven explosive spots. In each spot, dragon-shaped fire will burst out, which are powerful enough to directly burn the souls of the demons into ashes!

"Secondly, 'Frigid Prison Grenade', another kind of explosive magical equipment. Similar to the Devastating Icy Revenant that we met, it will freeze almost a hundred square meters to below minus two hundred degrees while releasing a weird wind that can seal the internal organs of the demons directly!

"Thirdly, 'Illusive Venomous Grenade', still another kind of explosive magical equipment which can launch attack to the brain of Cultivators and demons. After they explode, the enemy will be put in the worst nightmare. However solid the soul of the enemy is, they will lose their consciousness briefly!"


Li Yao talked about almost ten different kinds of explosive magical equipment in a row, all of which had been retrieved from the Occult Orbs and were still too advanced for the Heaven's Origin Sector to provide.

Everyone was stunned. 'Dummy' Ba Weiqi muttered to himself, "Well well well. If we can gather enough of them, our firepower will be multiple times greater than it is right now. We might be even to invade the Blood Demon Sector!"

Li Yao smiled and said, "I'm not just buying the magical equipment because I want to use them. I'm more interested in dismantling them, study their design and structure, and see if there is any possibility for us to replicate them or mass-produce them.

"If the magical equipment inherited from the Star Ocean Imperium can be manufactured, the power of the federal army will be greatly improved!"

Everyone's faces turned even more pale, while they were eyeing Li Yao as if he was a lunatic. Ba Weiqi clicked his tongue and said, "You dare to disassemble and study the explosive magical equipment from the Star Ocean Imperium? That's crazy enough! But please don't do it in our home here. Our contribution points won't suffice if you blow this building up!"

Everybody laughed.

Hong Tong continued, "Li Yao, whatever you need to buy, just buy it. I can help you contact the refining workshop that has the most advanced facilities here. But I suggest you spare some contribution points. In a few days, a 'secret treasure exchange' will be held. This time, we've got plenty of contribution points in our pockets. We can go there and take a tour!"

"Secret treasure exchange?"

Li Yao's curiosity was immediately aroused. As a refiner, he wouldn't miss the opportunity to visit the largest secret treasure exchange in the federation for the world.

Two days later, in the secret treasure exchange held in the biggest convention center in Empyreal Star City.

Almost all the Orb Patrollers who were not out on missions had gathered in this place, partly to choose items that fit their need, and partly to get to know more people, make more friends, and strike more deals with potential partners.

"It's Team Blue Bronze!"

"I'm told that they've made a fortune! They earned 110 thousand contribution points out of a simple exploration and collection mission."

"I've seen the video clips. The new Team Blue Bronze had complementary personnel and professional tactics. They took down the demon squad made of more than ten demons without any trouble. Very impressive!"

"Indeed. Inferno Witch Ding Lingdang and Vulture Li Yao are only in their twenties, but they do not look like newcomers at all. Their attacks are brutal, and they are very confident!"

"True that. Vulture Li Yao dismantled and cracked a piece of magical equipment from the demon clan in less than five minutes!"

"This was the first time that they've ever cooperated, and they've already made such remarkable achievements. It seems that Team Blue Bronze is very likely to return to the top ten of the Rank of Stars!"

As the only team exclusively made of outside-world Orb Patrollers that had been in the top 5 of the Rank of Stars, Team Blue Bronze had always been paid close attention to by many teams.

Li Yao was not someone who liked to keep a low profile, either. No sooner had he entered Empyreal Star City than he beat Guo Yu up terribly, which was quite shocking news at the time and made him the focus of public attention.

Ding Lingdang and he were both under twenty-five. Although they were not the strongest of all the Orb Patrollers right now, their potentials were definitely among the top.

Many well-informed Orb Patrollers came close and greeted Team Blue Bronze, trying to become acquainted with them.

Many missions in the exploration of the Occult Orbs required several Star Teams to work together. A powerful and dependable team was definitely worth befriending.

Even the Star Teams made of Children of Occult Orbs were also eyeing them in amazement.

In the Occult Orbs, capability was everything. Children of Occult Orbs worshipped the strong more than common Cultivators did.

The accomplishments and capability of Team Blue Bronze had been appreciated by them, if not somewhat with respect.