Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Slaying a Deadly Demon


The sharp claw enveloped in purple electric arcs and blue fire raised crackling sounds like a piece of metal crashing into a stone. It had failed to pierce through!

The eyeball of the kraken was large and soft, which was its biggest weakness. How could it not prepare for it?

The moment before the Flash Claw fell down, the surface of the eyeball was covered in a layer of transparent membrane that protected the eyeball as if it were tempering glass.

The membrane seemed to boast extraordinary resistance against spiritual energy. No matter how furiously powerful the lightning and the fire were, they were not able to breach the defense at all and simply vanished after they reached it.

In the meantime, the frozen ocean was cracking under the kraken's brute force. Jagged, giant gaps appeared on the surface!

The kraken was breaking free in no time. The crimson eye was filled with disdain and abhorrence. Its mental attack stirred chaos within Li Yao's brain like burning iron needles.

Gritting his teeth, Li Yao turned his claw into thousands of blurred shadows, which were humming and appeared fuzzy.

It was vibrating at almost ten thousand times per second!

After the high-frequency vibrations, the first crack appeared in the membrane covering the crimson eye.

The interconnecting gaps on the frozen ocean were also expanding. In many places, the ice fell down into craters where seawater jumped up dozens of meters like fountains.

One of the kraken's tentacles had been freed from the ice. It was beating the ice crazily, hoping to break up more.

Right now, it was just a matter of speed!

The eye of the kraken was filled with contempt, while another two of its tentacles got out of the ice and joined with the first tentacle in ripping open the ice. The frozen ocean was shaking and would crumble in no time.

Yet, the confidence in Li Yao's eyes was not in the least diminished. He roared and poured all his spiritual energy into his left arm. Two gold rings at the front end of his right arm suddenly started revolving in opposite directions. The claw between them started swirling, too.

The Flash Claw immediately turned into a mincing machine that was vibrating rapidly.

Purple electric arcs, the blue fire, high-frequency vibration, and rapid revolution!

Under the effect of these four abilities, the defensive membrane outside of the crimson eye finally couldn't bear it any longer and broke into pieces after a cracking sound.

The Flash Claw pierced into the eyeball unstoppably. A balloon made of blood exploded over him.

The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit was showered by the strongly corrosive red liquid, which was eroding the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit. But it had no influence on the highly strengthened shell and the anti-corrosive layer whatsoever.

In less than one second, the crimson eye had been cut into pieces by the Flash Claw and collapsed.

The electric arcs and the blue fire even penetrated through the bottom of its eye into its brain.

The kraken was squeaking in desperation, while it extended its three tentacles to maximum and smashed the ice, spluttering the pieces of ice to everywhere.

With a cold smile, Li Yao pulled black his Flash Claw and folded it up, revealing his left hand.

Simultaneously, his right hand picked up the Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber. Then, his left hand joined with his right hand to draw the saber out and stab into the crimson eye of the kraken which had already been shattered.

Although the Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber was only two meters long, the blood aura from the saber flushed out into the surrounding ten meters, boosted by Li Yao's high spirit and fully activated spiritual energy, protruding directly into the depths of the kraken's soft brain.

Li Yao didn't just stop there. He twisted his saber brutally, as if he was trying to churn the brain of the kraken into a mess.

It was not until the fourth tentacle of the kraken, which was the closest one to him, was freed from the ice and slashed at him in blowing wind that he pulled his saber out and leaped three meters away.

Then he immediately summoned four Floating Vulcan Machine Guns from his Cosmos Ring, aimed at the giant blood hole more than one meter in diameter, and opened fire!

Frost bullets, flames bullets, corrosive bullets, explosive bullets All kinds of bullets that had been carved with powerful attack rune arrays and cleansed by a Blood Baptism rained upon the kraken, which was shaking under the attack nonstop.

Translucent, white liquid was flowing out of the holes in its body.

This was its real blood. The red liquid inside the crimson eye previously was only a medium to trigger the mental attack.

The kraken finally set itself free from the ice, but its head had already been blown to smithereens by Li Yao.

The soft body of the kraken turned rigid. The tentacles which had been waving crazily lost their momentum.

The kraken was on the brink of death, but a weird flame was burning brighter and brighter in the core part of the giant body.


One of the wrinkles on the head of the kraken suddenly split, from which a grey figure spurted out and floated in the air, while it eyed Li Yao with utmost odium.

This figure was more than two meters tall, with four limbs and one head. The facial features, although warped, was still distinguishable. There was no hair whatsoever around its body, only a layer of scarce scales.

"Beep! Beep!"

The crystal processor of the Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit immediately retrieved information about the demon.

"Sang Hang, the 2722nd on the Deadly Demons List!"

He was good at mental attacks and possessed remarkable skills to escape through water. More importantly, he was good at breeding biochemical beasts based on all kinds of strong sea animals.

To breed the so-called biochemical beasts, the fetus of strong demons, and sometimes even demon kings, would be chosen and modified through all kinds of secret arts.

After the biochemical beasts grew up, they would possess enormous physical strength as well as a powerful brain, but with little self-awareness. The only thing that they were born with were the natural instincts to hunt and survive that were no different than ordinary animals'.

For the intelligent silver-blood demons, they could enter the biochemical beasts and connect their brains together so that the biochemical beasts would become their weapons in a battle, and their capability would be greatly enhanced.

Such a method would not only endow them with tremendous physical strength, but it entailed no risk of the backlash when the demon beasts were tamed by mental attacks.

Biochemical beasts were to silver-blood demons what crystal suits were to Cultivators.

It was much more difficult to breed a biochemical beast. But once it succeeded, the product was often much more powerful than common crystal suits.

Sang Hang was an expert in breeding sea biochemical beasts whose name was on the Deadly Demons List. Naturally, he was wise enough to look for information on his opponent with the two information bugs which were wriggling beside his earholes.

Sang Hai's three round pupils suddenly constricted, as he gasped, "Vulture Li Yao, the 2833rd on the Stars to Destroy List!"

Sang Hai turned around and jumped at the ocean without any hesitation.

Although both of them were on each other's must-kill list and ranked in similar places, he had remained in the position for quite a long time, since his capability had more or less reached its limit.

On the other hand, Vulture Li Yao was a brutal guy who had just entered the list a few months ago. He had slain quite a few renowned experts of the Blood Demon Sector in the competitions in Occult Orbs.

Besides, most of his capability hinged on his biochemical beast. Right now, his sharpest weapon had been broken off. The battle would not be in his favor if it were to continue.

Within a moment, Sang Hai was only ten meters away from the ocean.

As long as he entered the ocean, with his brilliant skills of water escaping, he was confident that even a Core Formation Stage Cultivator wouldn't be unable to catch him.

But right at this moment, he suddenly felt that his body was lighter, and that he was about to lose balance.

All kinds of hallucinations were appearing in front of his eyes. He seemed to have become a small octopus which had been pinned to a chopping board and exposed to the scorching sun. The acute pain was beyond the description of any words.

Before he was able to get rid of the hallucinations, his body felt 72 dull pains caused by 72 deadly bullets which were rushing close from unpredictable angles.

Sang Hai deserved his name as a respected demon on the Deadly Demons List. Explosive sound waves were uttered from his mouth, which set all the bullets away off course momentarily.

His eyes suddenly blinked with intimidating brilliance. The illusions were torn to pieces immediately. 'Dummy' Ba Weiqi, who was hiding in the bottom of the ocean, vomited blood because of the intense mental counterforce.

In the meantime, his body twisted weirdly as if it was swimming in the sea even though it was in the midair. Then, he turned around and fled out of the area in which gravity had been changed by Hong Tong.

In only several seconds, the fatal attacks from three enemies had been resolved by him easily.

Yet, before he was able to feel proud of himself, he fainted and almost fell off from the sky.

"What's going on? I am bleeding!"

Sang Hai was greatly shocked.

He had been lurking in the center of the brain of the kraken. Although Li Yao's saber was too short to reach him, the blood aura had swept over his body.

Sang Hai had been complacent about his defenses. He wouldn't be bothered by it even if a real saber cut his body. Therefore, he didn't care about the sweeping blood aura at all.

But he didn't know that the blood aura of the Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber could trigger internal bleeding. Any living creature with a blood circulation system, be they human beings or demons, would be its victim!

He didn't feel anything wrong just now. But the dodging movements in order to avoid the three formidable enemies' attacks had almost exhausted his physical strength and mental power. The consequences of the previous injury were finally revealed!

0.1 seconds later, Sang Hai held back the bleeding by force and suppressed his dizziness.

But what he saw when his eyes were clear again were three dragon flames endowed with primitive, barbarian, and aggressive scents as if they'd crossed time and space from billions of years ago!


Running out of his strength, Sang Hai was hit by Ding Lingdang's 'Nona-colored Fire' precisely.

After appreciating the dragon fossil day and night and training in the extreme battles through the Demon Slaughterhouse, Ding Lingdang had decorated her 'Nona-colored Fire' with an intense prehistoric scent that was nothing like how it had been several months ago.

After the attack hit its enemy, the spiritual energy raged out unstoppably like a torrent.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

The 72 bullets that had been affected by Sang Hai's sound waves detoured and hit their target under the control of 'Shell' Leng Ziming's telepathic thoughts.

These bullets had been refined by Li Yao whom he had made the request of after buying a large batch of Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures. With his proficient gunfighting skills, the bullets were ten times powerful more than previously.

"Gold Dissection!" 'Shell' Leng Ziming bellowed. Gold electric arcs were spluttering among the bullets, before they were suddenly lengthened and pierced into Sang Hai's body like hundreds of sharp swords.

Sang Hai's struggling body suddenly turned stiff.

There was no time for him to take any preventative actions. The Mystic Skeleton Battlesuit had blinked behind his back. Exhaust flames as intimidating as tsunamis were gushing out from the power rune arrays. His speed and strength at maximum, the Boiled Blood Wind Slashing Saber drew an almost perfect red arc, passing by Sang Hai's neck in the blink of an eye!

The movement was so fast that the head stayed on the neck even though it had been cut off, which stopped the blood from spurting out. The brutality in the three eyes was completely gone.

The renowned demon Sang Hai on the Deadly Demons List had been killed by Li Yao and his teammates!

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