Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Astonished Nascent Souls

In the center of the underground training base, there was a gigantic control center where almost ten thousand blinking light beams were floating in the air.

Meng Weiyang, Sha Tianqing, and Yan Ba, three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, were observing the constantly-changing pictures solemnly.

In some of the light beams, the 61 Orb Patrollers were soaking in the strengthening drugs, holding their breath, and meditating.

The light beams around those ones displayed the status of their muscles, nerves, veins, and bones layer by layer as if the scenes had been shot using a fluoroscope.

Complicated data was pouring on still other light beams, which displayed the vital signs of the Orb Patrollers. They even included the change of hardness of the Orb Patrollers' cells.

If anyone went senseless, they would be treated within the next half second.

After all, transmitting memory pieces of Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators into the brains of Building Foundation Stage Cultivators could be really unsafe.

The process almost equaled to inputting the bloody battle memories of a seasoned special forces soldier into the brain of an infant.

The most likely outcome was not that the infant would be given abundant experiences, but that the infant would go insane on the spot!

Therefore, behind the three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators, dozens of Core Formation Stage Cultivators were working busily. Quite a few research-type Core Formation Stage Cultivators were paying close attention to the body status and the brain cell activities of the Orb Patrollers. A large batch of doctors, nutritionists, and training planners were also standing by.

Standing behind them was the higher-ups of the military and dozens of members of parliament, who were all experienced experts too.

Almost one fifth of all the troops of the Star Glory Federation had been deployed in this place.

The mission to Ultimacy concerned the destiny of the federation as well as the entire sector. If the Blood Demon Sector retrieved any planetary magical equipment, or even stellar magical equipment, everyone here would be screwed.

The dire consequences had prompted the federal government to invest all the resources available into the edification of the strongest Building Foundation Stage Cultivators in history.

"Dangerous. It's too dangerous. After one month of training, I'm afraid many of them will go crazy. The souls of some of them may be broken and get them killed instantly," Iron God Yan Ba said in a low voice, not expressing his emotions, but stating a fact.

Sha Tianqing, the bald, muscular man, replied calmly, "But the real elites will have an opportunity to truly distinguish themselves, too. There's no second way other than this that can improve the capability of a Building Foundation Stage Cultivator up to a peak that is unreachable in history.

"The exploration of Ultimacy is a risky mission in itself that will probably have an unimaginably high death rate. If they go crazy here, they can be given the best treatment quickly, but if they are incapable when they are engaged with the elite demons in Ultimacy, they will possibly be killed without leaving any traces."

"Old Sha is correct. As long as half of them can pass the test and devour three to five of our memory pieces, the odds of success of the mission will be increased by at least 17%," Meng Weiyang said factually. "As for the top experts at the Building Foundation Stage such as Yan Jun, they may even be able to absorb more than ten memory pieces. If so, they will be the key to victory in Ultimacy!"

Yan Ba nodded. The Building Foundation Stage Cultivators in the high level or at the peak, including Yan Jun, were their priority targets.

At this moment, 61 Orb Patrollers started selecting the memory piece that they wanted to read.

"Beep! Beep!"

Dozens of light beams were suddenly in red.

A Cultivator in the beginning level of the Building Foundation Stage was applying for a Level 2 battle-related memory fragment.

In order to produce the best Building Foundation Stage Cultivators for the mission to Ultimacy, the Cultivators of the Heaven's Origin Sector spared no effort. 24 Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators provided more than two hundred memory fragments in total.

Some of them were their daily training or research, while some others were battles that they had been engaged in.

But the memory fragments that involved battles were of different danger levels. Some of them were just scenes of them slaughtering low-level demon beasts like a lion hunting rabbits, which were relatively easier to take in. But some of them were the memories of them struggling on the verge of death after being besieged by formidable enemies.

According to the amount of information and the potential danger, the memory pieces were classified into ten levels.

Level-2 memory pieces were already hazardous enough.

The three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator looked at each other, but they didn't stop the Cultivator's reckless choice. They simply asked the doctors and the research-type Core Formation Stage Cultivators to focus more attention on the guy.

The mission of Ultimacy was the largest strategic gamble in the history of the Star Glory Federation. It was filled with uncertainties by itself.

If the Building Foundation Stage Cultivator wished to make a bold attempt, of course, they would fully support it. The choice was indeed a dangerous one, but if everyone retreated when they were faced with danger, how could they ever sail through the sea of stars and fight their way forward ten thousand lightyears away?

"Breathing, normal. Heartbeat, normal. Intensity of brain waves, normal. Functioning of spiritual energy, normal. Loading the memory piece!"

"Progress: 33% 46% 77%"

"Not good. The intensity of brain waves is growing way too fast. It's soaring out of the normal range!"

"His spiritual energy is too violent. It's a sign of loss of control over the body!"

"Breathing in disorder! Cardiac arrest! Nerve reactions partly lost! The brain has been damaged. We're losing him!"

"Hurry up, stop the memory transmission of Orb Patroller No. 33 and implement the No. 9 treatment plan! Prepare first aid!"

Everyone saw from the light beam that water was splashing from the capsule inside the No. 33 training room. Someone was cramping inside. Two arms whose veins were bulging waved crazily in the air for a moment, before they fell into the liquid helplessly.

The hundred light beams monitoring the status of this Orb Patroller all turned red, while a blood red line popped up in the main light beam.

"Memory transmission, failed!"

Weak sighs could be heard all around the control center.

The special training had started for less than ten minutes, and an Orb Patroller had gone crazy. It was certainly not a good omen.

Yet, the three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were entirely emotionless. Even their eyelashes did not move at all. They stared at other light beams without any expression.

"Beep! Beep!"

Another hundred light beams were glittering in dangerous redness, in a frequency that was twice than previously.

Another Building Foundation Stage Cultivator had selected a memory piece that wassupposed to be unbearable for him.

What he selected was a Level-1 battle-related memory piece which was the riskiest of all!

Everyone in the control center gasped. All the doctors and research-type Cultivators started taking reactions according to the rehearsal.

"Focus on the No. 59 training room!"

"Attention, everyone! A memory transmission with an estimated failure rate of 95% is about to commence. Be prepared for possible brain injuries!"

"Memory transmission begins. Progress: 25% 59% 74%"

"Heartbeat rate, 338% of normal. Brain cell activity, 453% of normal. Both are still on the rise! Major fluctuations of spiritual energy! He is about to lost consciousness!"

"Brain cell activity, 588%! 689%! Growing, still growing!"

"Dear lord!"

"What Check the monitoring equipment right now and see if there's anything wrong with it. The data does not fit his vital signs at all!"

"According to the figures, Orb Patroller No. 59 should've gone into the vegetative state long ago! His brain should've been burnt to ash already!"

"His brain cell activity has been upgraded to 758%. Even many Core Formation Stage Cultivators would not be able to do that. But he is only a Cultivator in the beginning level of the Building Foundation Stage."

"Judging from the twitching of his nerve endings, he is in excruciating pain right now. But his breath and heartbeat are both stabilized at the 500% level and working in a normal state!"

"Memory transmission progress, 84% 95% The velocity is steady!"

"Memory transmission completed!"

"How could that be!"

"Every piece of data about the Cultivator indicates that he should be in a state of insanity. But he didn't go crazy. He entered the Level-1 battle-related memory piece and is absorbing it rapidly!"

The unimaginable figures changed the color on everyone's face. The doctors and specialists, who seemed to have everything under their control a moment ago, were in a flurry now.

The three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators stared at the light beam with their full attention. The series of data was hopping and glistening in the depths of their pupils.

"What's the name of Orb Patroller No. 59? Which sect is he from? Who are his parents?"

Soon, all the files on Orb Patroller No. 59 were filtered and projected to a new light beam, which was then enlarged by ten times so that everyone could see it clearly.

"Parents of Orb Patroller No. 59 are not Cultivators. He is an orphan, and he comes from the Grand Desolate War Institution!"

"His name is Li Yao!"

Li Yao was not aware that many people had been greatly shocked by his insane brain cell activity and his monster-like nervous system and that even a few Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were interested in him, because he had entered the memory piece of 'Iron God' Yan Ba's fiercest battle.

He had selected Yan Ba after thorough consideration.

Yan Ba had never used any kind of magical equipment. As the most obstinate 'body fundamentalist', he was the very opposite of Li Yao who was a skilled refiner and utilized magical equipment to secure victories.

Many of the memory fragments available for Li Yao included experts wielding their powerful magical equipment in battles. Several of them were even the scenes of the best refiners at the Nascent Soul Stage refining marvelous magical equipment.

However, Li Yao had been walking on the path of combining ancient methodologies with modern ones. A huge bunch of memory pieces from Ou Yezi had already been stored inside his brain. He did not intend to introduce memory pieces from someone else in case there were conflicts.

As a refiner who had crafted many kinds of powerful magical equipment before, he knew best the feeling when his magical equipment that he relied on turned unusable.

Ultimacy was an Occult Orb that no one had ever stepped on before. No one could foresee what kind of danger was lurking there. In those extreme conditions, he might lose all the magical equipment that he deemed necessary. He did not intend to just wait to be killed in such a scenario.

Therefore, he might as well swallow some memory pieces from the body fundamentalists based on his amazing body toughness and learn how to fight his battles without the help of any magical equipment!

The environment was blurred, all the details gone. He lost his body, while part of his soul was attached to Iron God Yan Ba. He could feel clearly Yan Ba's thoughts, tactical plans, and even his anxiety.

Torrents of information were on a rampage inside his brain.

Li Yao's brain had been expanded by the ocean of memory fragments from Ou Yezi. Absorbing memory pieces had become a daily routine for him, like eating and drinking.

The memory of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator pricked his brain. But he got used to it very quickly.

In front of him, or rather, in front of Iron God Yan Ba, was a hideous behemoth hundreds of meters long that looked like a huge mountain!

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