Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 391

Chapter 391: Primeval Force!

The appearance of the mountain-like beast was between that of a living creature and that of an enormous rock. Rugged stones were everywhere on its black body. The shell between the rocks was scattered with crossing ravines, from which scorching venom was flowing. At first look, they seemed like magma from the underground.

What was more terrible was the ten or so black lumps growing on the two sides of the spine of the beast. They were fluctuating and spurting red venom with a temperature of thousands of degrees, as if dozens of volcanoes were erupting at the same time.

The hundreds of square meters nearby were a burning hell enshrouded in black smoke and pungent smell of sulfur.

This mountainous beast was a volcano beast!

It was impossible for such an appalling demon beast to be born naturally.

It was actually a biochemical beast that the demon scientists procreated based on dozens of strong demon beasts after thousands of years of evolution, mutation and metamorphosis.

Since the metabolism of their body was too fast and their life was burning too fast, a volcano beast could only live two to three years. Their brains shrank in size, too, resulting to their low intelligence. It was impossible for them to ever evolve into intelligent beings. They were nothing but destructive killing machines.

Destructive killing machines were the purpose of the human beings when they created demon beasts.

But what was ironic was that the almost perfect biochemical weapons were never successfully made until the demon race restarted the project.


The volcano beast roared astoundingly. The dozens of venomous lumps on its back sprayed poisoned magma. For a moment, the sky rained fire. Furious flames were burning everywhere on the ground while crackling, adding liveliness to the dead silent battleground.

Iron God Yan Ba, bare-handed, was confronting an opponent hundreds of times larger than himself.

Part of Li Yao's soul tangled Yan Ba and seemed to merge with him into one. Not only could he smell the stinky, hot air, feel the skin being burnt, and sense the spiritual energy careening unstoppably inside every nerve and every vein, he also knew Yan Ba's mental state, thoughts, and his undying fighting will.

Li Yao discovered that, faced with such a gargantuan beast, Yan Ba was actually absent-minded!

The thoughts of Yan Ba penetrated through the depths of the brain and traced back to the primeval point of life and even beyond, where he triggered the power of the bloodline that his parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and all earlier ancestors had passed on generation after generation to all the human beings, including himself.

Mankind did not appear out of thin air, nor was it a creature of any supernatural existences.

From monads at the beginning, to trilobites and nautili, to draconic sharks and Sarcosuchus, to Smilodon, mammoths, and oriental apes

On the path of evolution, human beings had broken limits time and time again, struggled against the ever-changing environment, and survived the apocalypse of thousands of falling stars which was supposed to wipe out all the living creatures. Only by doing so was the greatest species in the sea of stars crowned!

Draconic sharks, Sarcosuchus, Hydras, Tyrannosaurs The once unparalleled kings in the history of evolution were all the ancestors of the human race!

Just because human beings embarked on a new path of evolution by developing their brains, burning their spiritual energy, and creating all kinds of magical equipment and stopped resorting to brute force in a fight due to diminishing body size and physical strength, didn't mean their bloodline, which could be dated back to the prehistoric era, was gone.

The terrible force that once split the sky and earth against natural disasters was hidden in the deepest part of every cell inside the human body. It had been bequeathed to every human being and was never lost.

The so-called 'body fundamentalists' would trigger the deepest memories inside the cells and thus place themselves into the atavistic state. Then, they could blow out the primitive force that once belonged to Draconic sharks, Sarcosuchus, Hydras, and Tyrannosaurs.


Li Yao couldn't tell whether it was himself or Yan Ba, but the guy roared more wildly and violently than the volcano beast did with the seemingly delicate throat!

The world was collapsing before Li Yao. He seemed to have travelled back in time to millions, no, billions of years ago!

The desolate battleground was no more. He was placed in a hot, muggy antediluvian continent. Unfolding in front of his eyes was a giant ape more than ten meters tall whose hair was sticking up.

The ape was roaring to the dim moon and waving to the sky savagely.

After every punch, a cluster of gold brightness would be blown into the sky, stirring the air and shattering the clouds. Wind and thunder were echoing nonstop. The entire world was seething.

The land around it was all frozen, with dead bodies and ruins everywhere.

This was the ancestor of human beings challenging nature after surviving an apocalypse.

Then, Li Yao went further back to history. The gold-haired ape turned into a colossal tyrannosaur which had bloody horns on its head like a crown of thorns.

The tyrannosaur, together with its thousands of brethren, was gazing at the sky with their tiny eyes wide open inside a valley.

Thousands of meteorites poured down from the sky, riddling the sky with burning holes.

It was a level-2 apocalypse, and also one of the most disastrous catastrophes during the evolution of life.

Once the meteorites hit the earth, the surface of the planet would be flattened, all forms of life gone.


The tyrannosaur wearing the thorny crown opened its bloody mouth and spurted out clusters of colorful, shining balls which collided with the meteorites and crushed them into pieces.

Most of the pieces of the meteorites dissipated in the atmosphere. Few of them were able to land on the earth and the ocean.

Outside of this valley, in and on thousands of other valleys, plateaus and oceans, countless dinosaurs were aiming at the meteorites in the sky and resisting the apocalypse with all they could.

Even if the apocalypse was supposed to destroy the planet, they would fight until their last breaths!

In the end, the level-2 apocalypse which could've disrupted the evolution of life was undermined by the dinosaurs, the dominators of the planet at the time, to a level-5 one. The natural environment was entirely reshaped, the climate got warmer, and all plants started mutating crazily.

The expert dinosaurs mostly perished in the disaster. The entire species gradually disappeared over the following millions of years.

But there were other creatures who survived the apocalypse and lived on.

The memory of the immense strength of the dinosaur race, however, was buried deep inside the cells and passed on to this day.

The picture changed again. Memories of the ancient times broke out continuously. Shadows of Draconic sharks, Sarcosuchus, Hydra Serpents and so on appeared in front of Li Yao's eyes one after another.

All the shadows were glittering with a gold brightness, unleashing incomparable supremacy from the long-gone past.

The dozens of intimidating shadows stood behind Yan Ba silently. After a moment, they turned into streaks of gold brightness and were absorbed by the pores all over his body.

Then, brilliance that eclipsed the sun beamed out from Yan Ba's eyes. The brute force kept in the depths of each cell was fully activated. His body suddenly expanded from an old man one and a half meters tall into a muscular giant more than three meters tall. The dark skin which was full of wrinkles seemed to be made of steel, but upon closer inspection, one would notice that it was actually the tensile skin resembling that on dinosaurs and Sarcosuchus.

The roots of human beings were in all extinct creatures. As primeval kings, the dinosaur race could be considered to be one of the earliest ancestors of the human race!

Right now, the power of the ancient bloodline took its full form inside the body of Yan Ba, an extraordinary body fundamentalist.

He crouched and jumped, leaving a giant pit more than thirty meters in diameter on the solid ground. The stones were compressed to such an extent that the bottom of the pit was as smooth as glass!


Yan Ba charged at the volcano beast at seven times the speed of sound!

Despite the appalling size, the volcano beast was not in the least sluggish. It waved its giant paw brutally downwards.


Inside the capsule in the training room, Li Yao's body convulsed violently. After a crack in his chest, blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth, while his eyeballs were flickering crazily.

In the control center, another two hundred light beams were manifesting Li Yao's body status. The anomaly was immediately discovered by someone, who exclaimed in shock, "Orb Patroller No. 59 is successfully docked with the memory piece. He has entered the 'deep dock' state. The brain cells are affecting the body construction!"

"He seems to have experienced a heavy blow in the memory. His ribs are broken. His internal organs are bleeding, too. The injuries are too severe for a Cultivator at the beginning level of the Building Foundation Stage!"

"Hurry up, medical team! Prepare to inject liquefied Great Revelation Pill, liquefied Dragon Scale Grass, liquefied Nine Turns Soul Reviving Pills! Watch his body status and prepare to forcefully wake him up. And brace for his insanity!"

Vivid imagination could alter reality; vivid imagination was reality.

This was a world where mental power could change and decide real beings.

Expert Cultivators in the ancient times, after finding a secret book of martial arts, often looked for a perfect residence in a natural paradise, where they would seclude themselves for as long as twenty years, doing nothing but sitting cross-legged on the ground and meditating every day.

When they appeared in public again, their capability would be greatly improved beyond everyone's expectations.

It seemed pretty unreasonable. If an ordinary person were to keep the same posture for several hours, their body would be paralyzed. They could barely stand up again, not to mention building up their strength.

Why on earth could Cultivators sit for twenty years and be entirely renewed during the process?

This was an instance where mental power altered reality.

When meditating, Cultivators might seem still, but their brain cell activity was 500%, 1000% and even more higher than normal. They cleansed their body with their mental power and excited their every cell into a super active state that was even more intense than when they were doing vigorous exercise.

Vigorous exercise required rest. But stimulating the cells with mental power could be done for decades without pause.

Together with the spiritual energy in the natural paradises, it was no wonder that their capability could be significantly improved.

It was exactly so for Li Yao's current state.

Although he was lying inside the capsule quietly, his brain cells were more active than those of many Core Formation Stage Cultivators when they were engaged in fierce battles.

Yan Ba's memory piece that he read had been treated as a real-life experience by his body.

His body was far less sturdy than that of a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator. Therefore, he suffered tremendous injury from the impact.

However, Li Yao's body was still robust enough. With the Art of the Swallowing Whale, a basic Cultivation art of the Hundred Smelting Clan from 40,000 years ago, it devoured all the food and spiritual energy particulates near him mercilessly like a black hole.

"The concentration of the recovery drugs is dropping fast. 68% of the liquefied Great Revelation Pill has been used up. Most of the ingredients have been absorbed by him!"

"The guy's breath and heartbeat are still stable despite the serious injuries. Even his brain waves show no fluctuations at all, as if the injury is nothing unusual!"

"His body seems quite hungry. Hurry up, inject elixirs in double dosage!"

"Hiss The broken bones and veins have started recovering!"

"What kind of monster is this guy?!"

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