Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 392

Chapter 392: A Month of Absorption!

Astonishing brilliance burst out from the eyes of the three Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators.

Being wounded was not a bad thing. On the contrary, it was a good omen that Li Yao had been immersed in the memory piece and that his mental power had started affecting his flesh and blood.

Memory transmission was a very advanced training method. His body was bound to be stronger when it recovered.

However, the speed of his recovery was indeed amazing

"Vulture Li Yao? Interesting. I've heard of the name before, but I didn't pay much heed to it. It appears that a son of no one who awakened his spiritual root and marched into the Building Foundation Stage on his own has indeed got something to him. Old Yan, congratulations! Another super genius from the Grand Desolate Plateau has emerged!" Sha Tianqing said with a smile.

Iron God Yan Ba only nodded his head slightly, but there was delight in his eyes.

As a Cultivator from the Marvelous Fist Sect, he was a native of the Grand Desolate Plateau.

The Marvelous Fist Sect was also one of the largest sponsors of the Grand Desolate War Institution. The two parties were closely in touch.

Many Hall Leaders and Elders of Marvelous Fist Sect were graduates of the Grand Desolate War Institution. Some of them were even its visiting professors.

Since Li Yao came from the Grand Desolate War Institution, he could be considered a native of the Grand Desolate Plateau, too. Now that he had picked Yan Ba's memory piece as his first choice and become immersed in it perfectly, Yan Ba was quite pleased.

Although Cultivators of the Heaven's Origin Sector had always stuck together under the tremendous pressure from the Blood Demon Sector, there was always competition among them.

Born and raised in the Grand Desolate Plateau, Yan Ba naturally hoped that Cultivators from his hometown could be as strong as possible. That way, the voice of the Marvelous Fist Sect would be louder in the world of Cultivators.

Yan Ba spoke to an assistant in a low voice.

"Call President Xiong Baili of the Grand Desolate War Institution for me. I want to know more about this Vulture Li Yao."

"Look! Yan Jun and a few other high-level Building Foundation Stage Cultivators have entered a 'deep dock' state. Injuries are appearing on their bodies."

Everyone was refreshed and resumed their work.

Speak of geniuses, all the 61 Orb Patrollers here were one-in-ten-thousand super geniuses.

Whether or not Li Yao could distinguish himself depended on the thirty days of training's outcome!

In the memory piece, the three-minute fierce battle had come to an end.

The volcano beast had collapsed to the ground, like a water container which had leaked everything inside because it had been stabbed hundreds of times. Red venom was flowing everywhere on the ground. Since the body of the beast had lost the enhancement of demonic energy, its venom started eroding its own body.

But the volcano beast had lost the strength to scream. It was not until quite a while later that it moaned feebly.

From a gap on its head, a silver-blood demon with red hair was spat out. It was the master of this volcano beast.

There was a hole the size of a bowl on his abdomen, through which one could see that his internal organs had been minced. His eyes were wide open, but there was no light in them whatsoever.

Iron God Yan Ba was standing on the horn of the volcano beast. Bloody wounds were everywhere on his body. His flesh and blood were being corroded by the venom, causing excruciating pain.

Li Yao felt everything.

Despite his tough body and sturdy nerves, it was so agonizing that Li Yao almost wanted to kill himself.

But he knew that this was the most critical moment. If he couldn't bear it and withdrew from the memory piece, all his previous effort would have been in vain.

He carefully recalled the changes of Yan Ba's every muscle, every vein, and every nerve. He analyzed Yan Ba's every tactical choice. He studied how Yan Ba exerted the most force in each punch and how he dissolved the heavy blows he suffered by the coordination of spiritual energy and body movement.

Although the battle only lasted three minutes, it was like an encyclopedia with information as vast as an ocean. Li Yao was fascinated by it and started reading it crazily.

After he didn't know how long, Li Yao felt that he was in a trance. Knowing that his mental power was running dry, he had to exit the memory piece unwillingly.

His consciousness returned to his own brain. Ou Yezi's memory tree was still flourishing. All the memory pieces were glittering like golden leaves.

Something weird happened!

Many streaks of light crowded toward the tree from various directions and condensed into a whole new leaf on one of the branches.

It was the memory piece of Iron God Yan Ba versus the volcano beast!

Li Yao immediately thought of something.

According to the staff of Occult Orbs Fellowship, only with the training facility from the Star Ocean Imperium at the cost of countless Heavenly Materials and Earthly Treasures could the Orb Patrollers read the memory pieces of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators deeply in a 100%-real simulated world.

Otherwise, a memory would be just a memory.

A common Cultivator wouldn't be able to re-enter their own memory years ago without the help of magical equipment.

For most people, they would forget most of the details of what had happened yesterday after a night's sleep.

But it was apparently different for Li Yao.

Before Ou Yezi's soul perished, his immense soul power had planted this memory tree in the depths of Li Yao's brain.

It was his biggest secret as well as his greatest treasure.

Was it possible that the memory tree could absorb new memory pieces even though they didn't belong to Ou Yezi?

'Does that mean I can train with the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators' memory pieces whenever and wherever?'

Li Yao was greatly amazed.

For other Orb Patrollers, this special one month of 'seclusion' might be the most precious days in their Cultivation life, because in one month, they wouldn't be able to make use of the memories of the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators without the support of the training facility from the Star Ocean Imperium.

But for Li Yao, he could utilize them repetitively in the future as long as he read them once now.

'It's officially decided then. I will try to absorb as many memory pieces as possible in the coming month!'

Li Yao opened his eyes and regained control over his body. He noticed his injuries but was not in the least bothered.

When fighting against Ding Lingdang, he had suffered much more serious injuries every few days.

Sometimes, when he was reading Ou Yezi's memory pieces, the mental power would feed the experience back to the body, too, leading to severe wounds even though nothing touched him.

He had gotten used to everything.

Li Yao jumped out of the capsule, wiped his body casually, and walked to the back of the training room.

Reading Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators' memory pieces would consume a lot of mental power for Building Foundation Stage Cultivators. They wouldn't be able to do it 24 hours a day.

Therefore, behind every training room, there were fully-equipped rehabilitation rooms, gravity rooms, meditation rooms, and gym rooms. The Orb Patrollers could take a rest and regain their mental power however they wanted.

Li Yao strode into the gravity room.

"Orb Patroller No. 59 had activated five times, no, seven eight times gravity even though his body had not fully recovered!"

"Hiss Does the guy not know what pain is? Other beginning-level Building Foundation Stage Cultivators would hardly be able to stand up with such serious injuries, and it would take them quite a few hours in the med bay before they could walk again!"

"His breathing and heartbeat are still stable. The broken ribs seem to have no effect on him at all!"

After exercising for two hours in the gravity room, Li Yao felt that he was mostly refreshed. He gobbled up a huge amount of high-nutrition food and drowned himself in the capsule again.

This time, he selected a new memory piece.

It still belonged to Iron God Yan Ba. But it was not a battle; it was reflection and meditation.


The world twisted in front of Li Yao's eyes again. Lights were changing rapidly while his consciousness sank to the deepest part of his brain through an immeasurable black hole into a brave new world.

He found himself in an extremely spacious underground cave. Almost a hundred giant fossils were scattering in the place, which were all primeval beasts of the antediluvian era.

Draconic sharks, Sarcosuchus, Hydras, Tyrannosaurs

The intimidating fossils hundreds of meters tall dwarfed the insignificant human being nearby.

Iron God Yan Ba sat cross-legged in the center of all the fossils, extending his telepathic thoughts like light smoke to the bones, claws, and teeth, while he sensed the primeval force of the ancient times.

Holding his breath, Li Yao started reflecting and meditating, too.

Days passed.

Li Yao devoured the Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators' memory pieces gruesomely like a hungry tiger chasing lambs.

Sometimes, he entered the memory of Iron God Yan Ba and fought fearsome enemies bare-handed with nothing but the primeval force buried inside his cells.

Sometimes, he entered 'Sand' Sha Ziming's memory, where he learnt that a grass or a branch could kill everything when its speed broke all limits.

Sometimes, he visited Meng Weiyang's memory. The battles between mental attack experts that seemed tranquil but not any less dangerous were demonstrated to him.

There were still more memory pieces. Li Yao spared none of them, especially when they belonged to Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators who were best at swords or sabers.

Half a month later, most Orb Patrollers absorbed no higher than five memory pieces, of which only one or two were battle-related.

After all, the information inside the battle-related memory pieces was too enormous for them digest easily.

Strong as Yan Jun may be, he had just absorbed 21 memory pieces.

In the meantime, Li Yao had already absorbed 49.

Even though he couldn't comprehend them all at once, he could store them on Ou Yezi's memory tree and study them later on.

One month later, it was the final day of the memory training.

Li Yao seized the last few minutes to work out in the gravity room.

Compared with one month ago, he was much thinner. His skin was pale, and his muscles were flattened. All his strength had been buried deep inside the cells.

Judging from his appearance, he looked somewhat like a scholarly, professional refiner.

But the number on the control menu gave his toughness away.

'Current setting: 20 times standard gravity!'

"Shua! Shua shua!"

Li Yao seemed to be standing still in the middle of the gravity room, but there were earsplitting sounds of air being torn apart.

Only the most advanced crystal cameras could capture his super-fast movements.

He was fighting against invisible demon beasts with the Demon Slaughterhouse.

After a short month, he had arrived at Level 33.

He was no longer faced with several demon beasts, but a boundless, ever-raging ocean of them!

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