Forty Millenniums Of Cultivation Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Who's the Best?

Inside the control center, thousands of light beams were radiating at the same time, capturing every corner of Thousand Mountains Domain.

The light beams displaying intense battles would be enlarged so that the details could be demonstrated more clearly.

The light beams that were showing combat Li Yao was engaged in were among the largest ones.

Six light beams were displaying his every movement from all possible directions.

On the summary light beam nearby, Li Yao's personal kills were soaring.

Three Four Six Seven

In half a minute, Li Yao had secured seven kills. The spiritual shields of many other middle-level Building Foundation Stage Cultivators were shattered to pieces after a single blow.

Even many high-level Building Foundation Stage Cultivators failed to resist against his rampageous attacks for longer than five seconds.

"Vulture Li Yao has absorbed sixty-eight memory pieces of Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators. It appears that he has understood them all. His combat ability has improved a lot!"

Knowing is totally different from doing.

Pouring the battle-related memories of a soldier from the special forces into the brain of a three-year-old does not mean that the three-year-old is qualified as a special agent.

The Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators had been worrying that Li Yao's crazy absorption was because of a mutation in his brain and that he would not be able to comprehend the essence of the memories.

But as it turned out, Li Yao's growth was beyond their wildest imagination!

Beaming with a smile, Meng Weiyang continued to say, "Old Sha, Li Yao's straight, piercing attack is clearly blended with the distinctive features of Quicksand. It is both brutal and savaging. All the spiritual energy is used to bring up the speed. There are no fancy tricks at all! Yet, the saber in his right hand brings me the same feeling as 'Moon Fiend' Qiu Xinghe once did. Senseless and bloodthirsty. He is trading his life for the enemy's life. It appears that he has analyzed and fully digested the memory pieces from both of you!"

'Sand' Sha Ziming nodded his head. Glancing at the data to the side, he smiled, too.

"Indeed. His combat efficiency is quite amazing, which even exceeds many high-level Building Foundation Stage Cultivators. His combat consciousness and tactical plans are very clear. The young man is quite smart!"

A high combat efficiency meant that one could slay the most enemies in the shortest amount of time with the least movements at the cost of minimum spiritual energy.

Cultivators often had to pay a high price by burning their spiritual energy. The longer they stayed at their peak state, the severer the consequences would be.

Therefore, the middle-level and high-level Cultivators always attached great importance to combat efficiency. If a battle could be finished in one second, they would never spend 1.1 seconds on it.

When a Cultivator reached the Core Formation Stage or the Nascent Soul Stage, if their combat efficiency was 1% higher than their opponent's, they might be able to stay in the best state for 0.1 seconds longer, and the 0.1 seconds would be enough to determine their life and death!

Therefore, if a Cultivator was relatively weak, he was not entirely unpromising as long as he boasted acute combat consciousness and high combat efficiency.

With the support of enough resources and the enlightenment of mentors, it was always possible for them to advance to a higher level.

However, if the combat efficiency of someone was really low, who simply squandered his spiritual energy and physical strength, their prospects were quite dim, regardless of how intimidating they seemed to be right now. It was very unlikely that they would become a real super expert.

Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators wouldn't waste their time and effort on such people.

Currently, Li Yao was just in the middle level of the Building Foundation Stage, but his combat consciousness was the most distinctive among the fifty-four Orb Patrollers.

His combat efficiency was just a bit lower than that of Yan Jun who was well acknowledged as one of the strongest Orb Patrollers at the peak of the Building Foundation Stage!

While the two Nascent Soul Stage Cultivators were talking, Li Yao's kills reached nineteen.

But there were more and more Orb Patrollers charging at him.

It was not because everyone hated him or was targeting him, but because the Orb Patrollers 'killed' by him would often drop a lot of magical equipment.

The Orb Patrollers came after the magical equipment like sharks which had smelled the stink of blood. When they noticed that Li Yao was bathing in the brilliant exhaust flames of various kinds of magical equipment, they naturally considered him to be a fat, delicious prey.

It was not until Li Yao slashed their spiritual shields to pieces that they realized that the prey was not fat, but fatal!

Twenty-one Twenty-three Twenty-seven

Li Yao's kills continued to rise, whereas his combat efficiency was as stable as ever.

However, the number of the times he got killed was growing, too.

In less than ten seconds, he had been killed six times.

When other Orb Patrollers were killed and entered the protective state, most of them would flee from the place of chaos.

But Li Yao simply roamed around the edge of the battlefield. The moment the protective state was over, he would rejoin the battle with a roar.

Frowning, 'Sand' Sha Ziming watched it for a while and shook his head disapprovingly.

"Li Yao's attacks are absolutely amazing. In comparison, his defense is not very satisfactory. There were several deadly attacks that he could've avoided, but they hit him precisely.

"Besides, instead of escaping the battlefield as quickly as possible while he was in the protective state, he returned to battles again, which seems a little reckless to me. It is also inconsistent with his fighting style according to his files."

Iron God Yan Ba, on the other hand, was eyeing the light beams in appreciation. He smiled and said slowly, "He's doing it on purpose."

"On purpose?"

As a Nascent Soul Stage Cultivator, Sha Tianqing immediately drew a lot of conclusions after being reminded by Yan Ba. His eyes were gleaming, too, as he asked, "Do you mean he has been perishing together with his opponents after accurate calculations just in order to increase his kills by as many as possible?"

"The rules we set up dictate that the five teams with the most kills after an hour will win. One's death count does not matter as long as it does not surpass ten.

"It means that being killed once and being killed nine times are exactly the same.

"Right now, so many Orb Patrollers have gathered in the center of the world fragment. Even a random slash might hit several people.

"Li Yao has thought that through, and even at the cost of his own 'lives', he will slaughter as many people as he can.

"He must be aware that, after everyone retreats to the edge of the world fragment and reunites with their respective teams, it will be extremely difficult for him to continue butchering as smoothly as right now!

"Therefore, it is quite a bargain to trade his own 'lives' for kills. The most favorable outcome will be that all the six members of a team are killed nine times in exchange for triple or even quadruple scores!"

Iron God Yan Ba nodded his head.

"That should be it. Li Yao has understood the most critical part of the competition precisely, which is how to barter one's deaths for more valuable things at the highest efficiency!

"Remarkable. He is indeed remarkable!

"If Yan Jun was the biggest hope for the mission to Ultimacy in our plan, this Vulture Li Yao is the biggest surprise that we didn't anticipate!

"Although he is just in the middle level of the Building Foundation Stage, a meticulous mind can be as useful as powerful personal strength in Ultimacy."

Sha Ziming interrupted him. "Old Yan, look, your 'biggest hope' and your 'biggest surprise' are confronting each other!"

Yan Ba raised his eyebrow.


On two bizarre-shaped rocks in the center of Thousand Mountains Domain, where hot steam was still billowing up, Li Yao and Yan Jun, the best of all Orb Patrollers, were gazing at each other with a long distance in between.

After he killed two members of Team Thunder Soul momentarily, his on-fire performance finally attracted Yan Jun's attention.

Different from Li Yao who was armed to the teeth with a saber in his left hand and a sword in his right hand, there was nothing but a dagger in Yan Jun's hand, which was orbited by eight black, octagonal, iron blades with coldly-shining sharpness.

"Vulture Li Yao, I didn't know"

The scar on Yan Jun's face resulted in the constant jerking of his facial muscles, making him look cruel and hideous.

His voice was like a frozen iron block, both cold and tough.

"There are too many things that you don't know. Let's just get down to it. Time is precious!"

He had been informed that Yan Jun had advanced into the peak of the Building Foundation Stage.

In the junior year of his high school, he had witnessed Fiend Blade Peng Hai, his senior brother, burning his soul and marching to the peak of the Building Foundation Stage.

The dreadful scene where spiritual energy was raging like a tsunami had been etched into the depths of his brain.

At that time, Cultivators had been gods in his eyes.

God of war! God of killing! God of destruction!

Peak of the Building Foundation Stage had been an unimaginable level for him. Fiend Blade Peng Hai could've turned him into minced meat with nothing but his hair easily.

But today, he had captured the attention of another Cultivator at the peak of the Building Foundation Stage, and he was even capable enough to fight him with his best!

It was indeed intriguing and intoxicating!


Li Yao rushed forward like a black shooting star, only to fly backwards half a second later, barging into multiple rocks.

Yan Jun sniffed, not even bothering to look at him.

Suddenly, his eyelids twitched, while a narrow, long, red line appeared below his cheek. A drop of blood had zigzagged to the corner of his mouth like an earthworm.

Li Yao jumped out of the broken stones. Spitting out a mouthful of black blood uncaringly, he grinned.

Yan Jun licked the blood stain on the corner of his mouth slowly. His expression suddenly turned livid.

The blue scar through his left eye was glittering, as if a dragon was dancing on the right side of his face.


Yan Jun suddenly vanished into thin air, and in the next second, he had appeared behind Li Yao.

The brightness of his dagger cut Li Yao into pieces. But it was just Li Yao's gradually dispersing blurred shadow.

The real Li Yao had moved twenty meters away.

Before Li Yao was able to take a breath, the back of his head was prickling. He waved his saber and sword into a white, shining ball. Cracking noises echoed nonstop, while sparks danced to everywhere, as if his weapons were on fire.

Yan Jun's first appearance was a blurred shadow, too, just to make him relax.

In the meantime, the real Yan Jun had moved below him and locked onto him precisely!

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